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[ 2023-09-26 ]

Insight Development Grants: 2018 Competition Awards

Newfoundland and Labrador
Nova Scotia
New Brunswick
British Columbia
Other (No primary affiliation)


Newfoundland and Labrador

Memorial University of Newfoundland
Attikpoé, Kodjo - Memorial University of Newfoundland $33,836
La littérature de jeunesse francophone d’Afrique subsaharienne : enjeux culturels et esthétiques
Charman, Caitlin - Memorial University of Newfoundland $24,012
Re-Imagining the Ocean: Atlantic-Canadian Sea Stories and Environmental Policy
Fantauzzo, Justin - Memorial University of Newfoundland $50,000
Long After the War: Malaria, Ex-Servicemen, and State Support in Post-war Britain
Fiset, John - Memorial University of Newfoundland $45,989
The Tower of Babel: The effect of linguistic ostracism on employee withdrawal and occupational health and safety
Geck, John - Memorial University of Newfoundland $41,886
Aveey, Dwayne - Memorial University of Newfoundland (collaborator)
Devillers, Rodolphe - Memorial University of Newfoundland (collaborator)
Spatial Literacy, National Identity, and Luxury Taste in Middle English Manuscripts: A Place-Name Analysis
Hall, Pam - Memorial University of Newfoundland $69,834
The Middle River: Making and Moving Knowledge in Miawpukek/Conne River, Newfoundland
Lewis, Leah - Memorial University of Newfoundland $69,731
Li, Xuemei - Memorial University of Newfoundland (co-applicant)
McLeod, Heather - Memorial University of Newfoundland (co-applicant)
The Hearthstone Studio: Public Art Hive as Space for Learning, Creativity, Exchange, and Wellness
Lynch, Nicholas - Memorial University of Newfoundland $45,390
Circular is Smart?: Building the Circular Economy in Canadian Cities


Nova Scotia

Acadia University
Mutlu, Can - Acadia University $65,482
Muller, Benjamin - King's University College at Western University (co-applicant)
Designing Border Security
Cape Breton University
Gilbert, Stephanie - Cape Breton University $60,223
Arnold, Kara - Memorial University of Newfoundland (co-applicant)
Kelloway, Edward - Saint Mary's University (co-applicant)
Mullen, Jane - Mount Allison University (co-applicant)
Women in leadership: The influence of stereotype threat and motivation for transformational leadership on leadership aspirations and emergence
Snow, Kathy - Cape Breton University $69,713
McAuley, Alexander - University of Prince Edward Island (collaborator)
Schmidt, Heather - Cape Breton University (collaborator)
Tootoo, Becky - University of Prince Edward Island (collaborator)
Ajurnaqtut Aniguinnasuut: Turning Grief into Empowerment
Wardley, Leslie - Cape Breton University $38,274
Hassanzadeh Amin, Saman - Ryerson University (co-applicant)
Assessment of efficiency in Ontario universities using data envelopment analysis
Dalhousie University
Adams, Michelle - Dalhousie University $55,110
Adesola, Abidemi - Dalhousie University (co-applicant)
Mason, Beth - Cape Breton University (co-applicant)
Eco-industrial development through shared value creation: applying socio-economic considerations to industrial symbiosis
Beazley, Karen - Dalhousie University $73,066
Noel, Paula - Nature Conservancy of Canada (collaborator)
Smith, Craig - Nature Conservancy of Canada (collaborator)
Investigating local knowledge of wildlife movement pathways in the Chignecto Isthmus for human infrastructure adaptation policy and planning for climate resilience
Chen, Jing - Dalhousie University $62,107
Fairness of Product Returns Policy in the Presence of Returns Fraud
Forren, James - Dalhousie University $60,000
Cavanagh, Edwin (Ted) - Dalhousie University (collaborator)
Nicholas, Claire - University of Nebraska - Lincoln (collaborator)
Materials and People: Social Characterization of New Materials in Architecture
James, Albert - Dalhousie University $42,007
Foster, Kenneth - Dalhousie University (co-applicant)
Sundararajan, Binod - Dalhousie University (co-applicant)
Role of social capital in entrepreneurial pathways of Atlantic Canadian family enterprises established between 1800 – 2016
Johnstone, Marjorie - Dalhousie University $25,085
Lee, Eunjung - University of Toronto (co-applicant)
From the Ground up: Exploring the Provision of Services for Homeless People Experiencing Mental Illness in Community Mental Health Centers in Ontario
MacLeod, Anna - Dalhousie University $67,327
Cameron, Paula - Dalhousie University (co-applicant)
Kits, Olga - Capital District Health Authority (co-applicant)
Kovacs, George - Dalhousie University (co-applicant)
Patrick, Lucy - Dalhousie University (co-applicant)
Tummons, Jonathan - Durham University (collaborator)
Cadaver as Practice: An Ethnography
Mbakogu, Ifeyinwa - Dalhousie University $69,611
Assessment of ‘Rescue’ and ‘Reintegration’ Activities from the Perspective of Child Survivors of Trafficking from Nigeria, Ghana, Benin and Togo
Nichols, Joshua - Dalhousie University $33,160
Hamilton, Robert - University of Calgary (co-applicant)
Global Indigenous Law: Historical and Contextual Approaches to Implementing the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
Numer, Matthew - Dalhousie University $58,818
McNichols, Nicole - University of Washington (co-applicant)
Rosen, Natalie - Dalhousie University (co-applicant)
Spencer, Rebecca - Dalhousie University (co-applicant)
Educational Technology and Research Design: An exploratory mixed methods study on predictors of undergraduate students' attitudes, opinions and beliefs on sexuality
Okoye, Dozie - Dalhousie University $30,868
Pongou, Roland - University of Ottawa (co-applicant)
Climate Change, Climate Shocks, and Conflict: Measurement and Evidence from Farmer-Herder Conflicts in West Africa
Sundararajan, Binod - Dalhousie University $69,738
Comber, Scott - Dalhousie University (co-applicant)
Ohreen, David - Mount Royal University (co-applicant)
Trifts, Valerie - Dalhousie University (co-applicant)
A Social Constructivist Approach to Teaching Business Ethics
Thomas, Ren - Dalhousie University $37,124
Moos, Markus - University of Waterloo (co-applicant)
Rental housing in Canadian cities: Barriers and solutions to implementation
Mount Saint Vincent University
Aubrecht, Katie - Mount Saint Vincent University $67,949
Brennan, Elizabeth - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Chandler, Eliza - Ryerson University (co-applicant)
Chivers, Sally - Trent University (co-applicant)
Dupuis, Sherry - University of Waterloo (co-applicant)
Fancey, Pamela - Mount Saint Vincent University (collaborator)
Gilbert, Mark - Dalhousie University (collaborator)
Hardie, Susan - Canadian Centre on Disability Studies (collaborator)
Hickey, Ellen - Dalhousie University (collaborator)
Keefe, Janice - Mount Saint Vincent University (co-applicant)
Kelly, Christine - University of Manitoba (co-applicant)
Mann, Jim - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Moody, Elaine - Dalhousie University (co-applicant)
Rice, Carla - University of Guelph (co-applicant)
Wilson, Kimberley - University of Guelph (co-applicant)
An Arts-Informed Relational Approach to Understanding Nursing Home Staff Dementia & Mental Health Literacy
Brady, Jennifer - Mount Saint Vincent University $64,780
MacCallum, Lindsey - Mount Saint Vincent University (co-applicant)
"Yours 'till the biscuits bounce": A Critical Feminist History of Home Economics in Canada's Maritime Provinces
Saint Mary's University
Milla, Joniada - Saint Mary's University $19,530
Selection in the Teaching Profession, Teachers’ Labor Market Dynamics and Student Segregation
Pietsch, Christian - Saint Mary's University $32,750
Kochetova-Kozloski, Natalia - Saint Mary's University (co-applicant)
A Dual-Process Model of Analytical Engagement in Auditing
Tastsoglou, Evangelia - Saint Mary's University $58,422
Freedman, Jane - Centre national de la recherche scientifique (collaborator)
Karagiannopoulou, Zacharoula - Panteion University of Athens (collaborator)
Petrinioti, Xanthi (Sandy) - Panteion University of Athens (collaborator)
Gendering Violence and Precarity in Forced Migration: Asylum Seeking Women in the Eastern Mediterranean
St. Francis Xavier University
Wright, Kailin - St. Francis Xavier University $34,034
No Baby, No Future: Performing Pregnancy Loss in Canada


New Brunswick

Mount Allison University
Beck, Lauren - Mount Allison University $73,832
Ionescu, Christina - Mount Allison University (collaborator)
Ragnow, Marguerite - University of Minnesota (collaborator)
Stregger, Elizabeth - Mount Allison University (collaborator)
Humanities Metadata Generation and Visual Literacy: Toward a Model for Text/Image Applied Studies
St. Thomas University
Baldwin, Clive - St. Thomas University $60,472
Spiritual identity, new religious movements, and alternative spiritualities
Fredericks, Erin - St. Thomas University $63,854
Raven, Stel - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Whynacht, Ardath - Mount Allison University (co-applicant)
Imagining liveable futures for queer, trans, and two-spirit youth: A community- and arts-based study
Lafrance, Michielle - St. Thomas University $59,769
Gouliquer, Lynne - Laurentian University (co-applicant)
Poulin, Carmen - University of New Brunswick (co-applicant)
Informal caregivers of older adults: Exploring the individual, social, and political context in New Brunswick
Tremblay, Tony - St. Thomas University $46,307
Analyzing the Narrative of New Brunswick Backwardness
Université de Moncton
Gaucher, Charles - Université de Moncton $69,600
Negura, Lilian - University of Ottawa (co-applicant)
Inclusion sociale et représentations de la surdité à Bengkala
Lamboley, Madeline - Université de Moncton $71,640
Rivest, Marie-Pier - Université de Moncton (co-applicant)
Problématiques coexistantes et vulnérabilité sociale : le cas des femmes francophones au Nouveau-Brunswick
University of New Brunswick
Burkholder, Casey - University of New Brunswick $65,457
Green, Dusty - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
LeBel, Sabine - University of New Brunswick (co-applicant)
Rogers, Matt - University of New Brunswick (co-applicant)
Resisting and Speaking Back to Historical Absences: Engaging Queer and Female-Identifying Pre-Service Social Studies Teachers in Cellphilming and Participatory Archiving
Dafnos, Tia - University of New Brunswick $54,829
From Protection to Resilience: Critical Infrastructure, National Security and the Canadian Settler-State
Lin, Hsin-Chen - University of New Brunswick $46,586
A cross-cultural comparison of consumer responses to brands' social media marketing activities
Tubb, Daniel - University of New Brunswick $54,919
Beckley, Thomas - University of New Brunswick (collaborator)
Gislason, Maya - Simon Fraser University (collaborator)
Halseth, Greg - University of Northern British Columbia (collaborator)
Nolin, Catherine - University of Northern British Columbia (collaborator)
O'Donnell, Susan - University of New Brunswick (collaborator)
Sax, Marieka - University of Northern British Columbia (co-applicant)
Buzz, Boom, and Bust: A comparative case study of the gendered impacts of the speculative phase of resource development in New Brunswick and British Columbia



Concordia University
Abashidze, Dato - Concordia University $36,208
McDonough, Kim - Concordia University (co-applicant)
Trofimovich, Pavel - Concordia University (co-applicant)
Interlocutor’s Gaze and Learning of Second Language Grammar
Amend, Elyse - Concordia University $51,000
The Canadian Data Journalism Project: current practices and future opportunities
Bothello, Joel - Concordia University $61,161
Charman, Andrew - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Organizational Resilience in Informal markets
Gavin, James - Concordia University $74,485
Hebblethwaite, Shannon - Concordia University (co-applicant)
Keough, Matthew - University of Manitoba (co-applicant)
What do professional coaches actually do with clients and to what effect? A study of coaches' interventions and client perceptions of impact
Ghabrial, Sarah - Concordia University $36,301
Those Who Burn: Border securitization and the governance of mobility between North Africa and Europe, 1848-Present
Hurl, Chris - Concordia University $62,561
Vogelpohl, Anne - University of Hamburg (co-applicant)
Brokering Infrastructures: Transnational Professional Service Firms and the Politics of Valuation in Canada and Germany
Janssen, Shauna - Concordia University $40,875
Hannah, Dorita - University of Tasmania (co-applicant)
Samson, Kristine - Roskilde University (co-applicant)
Performative Urbanism: Situating Critical Performance Design Practices in the City
Kwon, Ohjin - Concordia University $43,376
Kim, SunAh - Concordia University (collaborator)
How Do Consumer Search Sequences Help Predict Purchase Decisions?
Lyubimov, Alexey - Concordia University $37,670
Kochetova-Kozloski, Natalia - Saint Mary's University (co-applicant)
Pietsch, Christian - Saint Mary's University (co-applicant)
The Effects of Inspection Risk and Time Budget Pressure on Auditors’ Propensity to Use Specialists and Other Evidence Collection Decisions
Robinson, Ira - Concordia University $35,346
Brodeur, Patrice - Université de Montréal (co-applicant)
Gubbay, Sharon - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Rabbis and Imams in 21st century Montreal: their paths to the present, towards a shared future
Sobol, Kamila - Concordia University $32,930
The Motivational Impact of the “Lesser Evil”
Trudel, Dominique - Concordia University $55,561
De Maeyer, Juliette - Université de Montréal (co-applicant)
De Franklin Ford à @franklinfordbot : Une histoire médiatique en mouvement
Unger, Matthew - Concordia University $25,189
Legal Imaginaries, Accusation and the Politics of Recognition
Xie, Huan - Concordia University $54,368
Degan, Arianna - Université du Québec à Montréal (co-applicant)
Li, Ming - Concordia University (co-applicant)
Zhang, Jipeng - Southwest University of Finance and Economics (collaborator)
Motivations and Mechanisms in Voluntary Public Goods Provision with Polarized Preferences: Theory and Experiment
École nationale d'administration publique
Garakani, Tatiana - École nationale d'administration publique $71,997
Charest, Eric - École nationale d'administration publique (co-applicant)
Lee, Woo Jin Edward - Université de Montréal (co-applicant)
Morales Hudon, Anahi - Saint Paul University (co-applicant)
Traoré, Diahara - Université du Québec à Montréal (co-applicant)
Multiple identities of activists and the choices and strategies of social movements
École Polytechnique de Montréal
Armellini, Fabiano - École Polytechnique de Montréal $63,490
Integrating business ecosystems to the strategic technology planning at the firm level
HEC Montréal
Betschinger, Marie-Ann - HEC Montréal $63,948
Bertrand, Olivier - Fundação Getulio Vargas (co-applicant)
Moschieri, Caterina - IE Business School (co-applicant)
Negoita, Bogdan - HEC Montréal (collaborator)
Are Foreigners the Better CEOs?
Edwards, Gwyneth - HEC Montréal $54,434
Hébert, Louis - HEC Montréal (collaborator)
Labeau, Fabrice - McGill University (collaborator)
Langley, Ann - HEC Montréal (collaborator)
Rubineau, Brian - McGill University (collaborator)
The practice of strategy by Canadian women engineers
Rebolledo, Claudia - HEC Montréal $66,000
Parent, Daniel - HEC Montréal (co-applicant)
Adoption des emballages écoresponsables dans une perspective d’économie circulaire
Trempe-Martineau, Joé - HEC Montréal $59,878
Decety, Jean - University of Chicago (co-applicant)
Johnson, Kevin - HEC Montréal (collaborator)
From corporate psychopaths to emotionally exhausted managers: Definitions, modulators, ethical, and organizational outcomes associated with the empathic management spectrum
Institut national de la recherche scientifique
Leloup, Xavier - Institut national de la recherche scientifique $30,750
La lutte contre le logement insalubre sur le marché locatif privé: le cas d'un arrondissement de la Ville de Montréal
Treyvaud, Geneviève - Institut national de la recherche scientifique $74,956
Bernard, David - Université de Montréal (collaborator)
Francus, Pierre - Institut national de la recherche scientifique (co-applicant)
O'Bomsawin, Suzie - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Abaznodali8wdi : La route des paniers; histoire et cartographie de la pratique de la vannerie chez les W8banakiak entre 1500 et aujourd'hui
Van Neste, Sophie L. - Institut national de la recherche scientifique $66,275
Dufour, Pascale - Université de Montréal (collaborator)
Programmations et trajectoires d'engagement sur le transport collectif à Montréal
McGill University
Allan, Diana - McGill University $64,097
Enduring Exile: The Nakba as Lived Experience
Amodio, Francesco - McGill University $72,574
Hjort, Jonas - Columbia University (co-applicant)
Causes and Consequences of Firms' Requests for Changes in Trade Protection
An, Kwangjun - McGill University $47,234
Mitchell, Will - University of Toronto (collaborator)
Assessing the Role and Efficacy of Market Intermediaries: Law Firms as Brokers Between Startups and Venture Capital Firms
Auclair Ouellet, Noémie - McGill University $36,312
Drouin, Patrick - Université de Montréal (collaborator)
Tremblay, Pascale - Université Laval (co-applicant)
Literacy: The contribution of morphological structure and morphological awareness
Baccini, Leonardo - McGill University $64,473
Weymouth, Stephen - Georgetown University (collaborator)
Understanding De-industrialization: The Political Consequences of Mass Layoffs
Balan, Manuel - McGill University $64,069
Corruption under Left turn governments in Latin America
Dickenson, Victoria - McGill University $72,087
Garland, Jennifer - McGill University (collaborator)
Giuliano, Frederic - McGill University (collaborator)
Green, David - McGill University (collaborator)
Millien, Virginie - McGill University (collaborator)
Undescrib’d: Taylor White’s Paper Museum and the work of an Enlightenment naturalist
Erlich, Aaron - McGill University $62,089
Bagozzi, Benjamin - University of Delaware (collaborator)
Berliner, Daniel - London School of Economics and Political Science (collaborator)
Landry, Jean-Noe - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Palmer-Rubin, Brian - Marquette University (collaborator)
Studying Government Accountability and Responsiveness with Big Data on Citizen-Government Interactions
Geoffroy, Marie-Claude - McGill University $67,944
Ouellet-Morin, Isabelle - Université de Montréal (co-applicant)
Philippe, Frederick - Université du Québec à Montréal (co-applicant)
Short- and medium-term benefits of nature contact for adolescents' well-being
Gladhill, Charles - McGill University $43,902
Gender, Genre, and Lament in Roman Song
Harou, Aurélie - McGill University $72,457
Madajewicz, Malgosia - Columbia University (collaborator)
Magomba, Christopher - Sokoine University of Agriculture (collaborator)
Michelson, Hope - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (collaborator)
Fertilizer adoption, crop choice and the long-term diffusion of information
Holmes, Tove - McGill University $37,945
Humboldt’s Literary Visualization Strategies as Means of Scientific Knowledge Creation and Dissemination
Jao, Limin - McGill University $72,451
McDougall, Douglas - University of Toronto (co-applicant)
Designing more effective secondary school mathematics teacher education programs: The influence of content and sequencing for methods courses and practica on pre-service teachers’ beliefs
Jodoin, Sébastien - McGill University $64,793
Recognizing and Protecting the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in Efforts to Combat Climate Change
Kobiela, Marta - McGill University $70,996
Lin, Terry Wan Jung - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Examining the Development of Facilitation Practices and Noticing of Coaches of Prospective Mathematics Teachers
Koch, Jordan - McGill University $59,687
Chervin, Michael - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
St-Victor, Karl-André - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
The Housing Games: Tackling Exploitative Housing Practices through Sport and Physical Education
Konishi, Chiaki - McGill University $66,970
Hymel, Shelley - The University of British Columbia (co-applicant)
The assessment of school climate in secondary schools: A preventative approach to reducing bullying complemented by bystanders
le Polain de Waroux, Yann - McGill University $70,000
Abt, Maria - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Bid, Gasparri PICT2011 PICT2524 - Consejo National de Investigaciones Cientificas y Tecnicas (collaborator)
Brassiolo, Miguel - Universidad Nacional de Santiago del Estero (collaborator)
Coomes, Oliver - McGill University (collaborator)
Kuemmerle, Tobias - Humboldt University in Berlin (collaborator)
Uncovering social and economic transformations in deforestation frontiers of the South American Gran Chaco
Levitan, Joseph - McGill University $74,644
The Impact of Postsecondary Education on First-Generation Indigenous Students' Identities in the Peruvian Andes
Marshall, Zack - McGill University $57,988
Coulombe, Simon - Wilfrid Laurier University (co-applicant)
Duddy, Janice - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Gaudry, Sonia - St. Michael's Hospital (collaborator)
Greeley, Elayne - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Lalonde, Christine - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Lasker, Mohammad - Bangladesh Canada Association of Calgary (collaborator)
Lauscher, Darren - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Law, Edith - University of Waterloo (co-applicant)
Morton Ninomiya, Melody - Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (co-applicant)
Nicholson, Valerie - Simon Fraser University (collaborator)
Pooyak, Sherri - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Switzer, Sarah - York University (collaborator)
Turin, Tanvir - University of Calgary (co-applicant)
Watson, James - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Wilson, Ciann - Wilfrid Laurier University (co-applicant)
Worthington, Catherine - University of Victoria (co-applicant)
Yee, Derek - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Public engagement in research: exploring participatory research labour and employment roles, motivations, and outcomes
Obukhova, Elena - McGill University $25,498
Tian, Felicia - Fudan University (co-applicant)
Gender and job-information sharing through social contacts: A comparative study of the U.S. and China
Oswin, Natalie - McGill University $74,900
Pham, Thi Thanh Hien - Université du Québec à Montréal (co-applicant)
Pow, Choon Piew - National University of Singapore (collaborator)
Turner, Sarah - McGill University (co-applicant)
Hanoi, the next Singapore: Envisioning urbanism through the ‘Singapore Model’
Otto, Ross - McGill University $39,388
Using urban big data to understand when and why Canadians play the lottery
Papageorgiou, Theodore - McGill University $43,597
Kalouptsidi, Myrto - Harvard University (collaborator)
Maritime Trade and the World Economy
Racine, Sarah - McGill University $74,177
Sadikaj, Gentiana - McGill University (collaborator)
Why do some people act contrary to their own best interest when upset? Examining the influence of negative emotion differentiation on impulsivity
Riches, Caroline - McGill University $64,818
Baker, Beverly - University of Ottawa (co-applicant)
Thomas, Lynn - Université de Sherbrooke (co-applicant)
Toward Achieving Canadian Bilingualism: Investigating Language Teacher Profession Identity in Pre-service ESL and FSL Teachers
Schwartz, Daniel - McGill University $41,012
City Symphonies 1913-1931: Sound, Politics, and Avant-Garde Film
Szapor, Judith - McGill University $36,221
Horvath, Rita - Institute for Advanced Studies (collaborator)
Kelemen, Agnes - Central European University (collaborator)
Kovacs, Eva - Vienna Wiesenthal Institute for Holocaust Studies (co-applicant)
The numerus clausus in Hungary: antisemitism, gender, and exile a hundred years on
Vardouli, Theodora - McGill University $40,848
Architecture as Computation: Academic Research Networks and Mobilities of Technical Practices
Verner-Filion, Jérémie - McGill University $68,386
Bouchard, Stéphane - Université du Québec en Outaouais (co-applicant)
Koestner, Richard - McGill University (co-applicant)
Schellenberg, Benjamin - University of Ottawa (co-applicant)
Using virtual reality to develop and train stress management skills in athletes
Bourdages-Sylvain, Marie-Pierre - Télé-université $66,983
Côté, Nancy - Université Laval (co-applicant)
Denis, Jean-Louis - Université de Montréal (co-applicant)
Une sociologie du rôle des cadres intermédiaires dans les organisations en transformation : paradoxes et agencéité
Vieru, Dragos - Télé-université $62,615
Bergeron, François - Université du Québec (co-applicant)
Bourdeau, Simon - Université du Québec à Montréal (co-applicant)
Klein, Stefan - University of Münster (collaborator)
Schellhammer, Stefan - University of Münster (collaborator)
Exploring While Exploiting: The role of interorganizational IS in creating interorganizational ambidexterity
Université de Montréal
Bignami, Simona - Université de Montréal $44,100
Mapping the landscape of Indigenous households’ living arrangements
Boivin, Marie-Claude - Université de Montréal $51,300
Erreurs linguistiques, connaissances grammaticales et compréhension en lecture chez certains étudiants universitaires
Boni, Marta - Université de Montréal $53,893
Barra, Luca - Universita Degli Studi (Bologna) (collaborator)
Bégin, Richard - Université de Montréal (collaborator)
Gaudreault, André - Université de Montréal (collaborator)
Kitsopanidou, Kira - Université Sorbonne Nouvelle (Paris III) (collaborator)
Re, Valentina - Link Campus University (collaborator)
La série télévisée dans tous ses écrans. Enquête sur les formes et les plateformes des séries télévisées contemporaines
Chare, Nicholas - Université de Montréal $43,607
Investigating Animal Genocide: The cases of the Thylacine and the Newfoundland wolf
Chung, Ryoa - Université de Montréal $62,250
Eckenwiler, Lisa - George Mason University (co-applicant)
Hunt, Matthew - McGill University (co-applicant)
Vulnérabilité structurelle de santé et justice sociale. Étude de cas : les enjeux éthiques concernant la santé des réfugiés handicapés au Canada
Cormier, Anne - Université de Montréal $74,937
Adamczyk, Georges - Université de Montréal (co-applicant)
Chupin, Jean-Pierre - Université de Montréal (co-applicant)
L'architecture scolaire en centre-ville comme espace de recherche-création
Da Sylva, Lyne - Université de Montréal $45,282
Cardinal, Julie - Université de Montréal (collaborator)
Entités et identité dans les jeux de données du web sémantique : une exploration sémiotique des enjeux pour les milieux documentaires
Duchesneau, Michel - Université de Montréal $62,850
Une histoire des publics du concert à Paris 1870-1939
Gravel-Miguel, Claudine - Université de Montréal $56,226
Benazzi, Stefano - Università di Bologna (collaborator)
Hodgkins, Jamie - University of Colorado at Denver (collaborator)
Miller, Christopher - Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen (collaborator)
Negrino, Fabio - Universita degli studi di Genova (collaborator)
Orr, Caley - University of Colorado at Denver (collaborator)
Riel-Salvatore, Julien - Université de Montréal (co-applicant)
Strait, David - Washington University in St. Louis (collaborator)
Contextualizing the Upper Paleolithic burial from Arma Veirana
Habib, André - Université de Montréal $58,952
Paquet, Suzanne - Université de Montréal (co-applicant)
Therrien, Carl - Université de Montréal (co-applicant)
Le temps du retour : rétro, nostalgie, vintage. Entre cinéma, photographie et jeu vidéo
Halperin, Christina - Université de Montréal $74,974
Freiwald, Carolyn - University of Mississippi (collaborator)
Hruby, Zachary - Northern Kentucky University (collaborator)
Miller Wolf, Katherine - Indiana University (collaborator)
Morehart, Christopher - Arizona State University (collaborator)
New Arenas of Political Spectacle: Terminal Classic (ca. 820-1000 CE) Ballcourts from the Southern Maya Lowlands
Hubert, Ollivier - Université de Montréal $32,554
La violence interpersonnelle dans l'expérience canadienne au 18e siècle : à la recherche d'une éthique vernaculaire de la cohésion sociale en contexte colonial
Jolivet, Violaine - Université de Montréal $62,871
(Ré)investir La Havane. Mutations socio-spatiales et revalorisation urbaine dans les quartiers centraux de la capitale cubaine
Karsenti, Thierry - Université de Montréal $67,500
Bugmann, Julien - Université de Montréal (collaborator)
Collin, Simon - Université du Québec à Montréal (co-applicant)
Komis, Vassilis - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Laberge, Suzanne - Université de Montréal (co-applicant)
Leriche, Jérôme - Cégep de Sherbrooke (co-applicant)
Poellhuber, Bruno - Université de Montréal (co-applicant)
Roy, Normand - Université de Montréal (co-applicant)
E-sports : mieux comprendre les réalités des athlètes ou joueurs de ce sport virtuel
Lareau, François - Université de Montréal $35,205
Polguère, Alain - Université de Lorraine (collaborator)
La génération automatique de définitions lexicographiques
Larrue, Jean-Marc - Université de Montréal $68,455
Culpepper, Joseph - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Renée, Bourassa - Université Laval (co-applicant)
Du spectacle magique au numérique : espaces liminaires de l’authenticité
Lee, Woo Jin Edward - Université de Montréal $69,992
Ferrer, Ilyan - University of Calgary (co-applicant)
Lorenzetti, Liza - University of Calgary (co-applicant)
MacDonald, Sue-Ann - Université de Montréal (co-applicant)
Parent, André-Anne - Université de Montréal (co-applicant)
Social Work Graduate Field Education: Exploring the potential for transformative learning
Licha, Emanuel - Université de Montréal $59,732
Lopez, Luis - École nationale supérieure d'architecture de Paris La Villette (collaborator)
Vallet, Élisabeth - Université du Québec à Montréal (collaborator)
Cinéma documentaire et géopolitique : un projet pilote de collaboration
Merry, Lisa - Université de Montréal $68,625
Archambault, Isabelle - Université de Montréal (co-applicant)
Hanley, Jill - McGill University (co-applicant)
Mogere, Dominic - Mount Kenya University (collaborator)
Ruiz-Casares, Monica - McGill University (co-applicant)
Migrant Families with Children and Transnational Family Support
Ouellette, Nadine - Université de Montréal $65,806
L'accroissement remarquable de la longévité des adultes et ses déterminants socio-démographiques
Ozkan, Umut - Université de Montréal $50,398
Political Economy of Labor Market Reform in Emerging Economies
Paquette, Daniel - Université de Montréal $48,386
Dubois-Comtois, Karine - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (co-applicant)
Lemelin, Jean-Pascal - Université de Sherbrooke (co-applicant)
Plusquellec, Pierrich - Université de Montréal (co-applicant)
Empathie motrice et attachement parent-enfant
Rauh, Christopher - Université de Montréal $64,610
Using newspaper text for the prediction and measurement of economic activity
Rezzonico, Stefano - Université de Montréal $60,993
Croteau, Claire - Université de Montréal (co-applicant)
McIntyre, Julie - Université de Montréal (co-applicant)
Paul, Marianne - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (collaborator)
Trudeau, Natacha - Université de Montréal (co-applicant)
Verduyckt, Ingrid - Université de Montréal (co-applicant)
Utiliser le langage : entre compétences linguistiques, pragmatiques et méta-pragmatiques
Roy, Normand - Université de Montréal $62,749
Boucher, Andrée-Caroline - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Groleau, Audrey - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (collaborator)
Hirsch, Sivane - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (collaborator)
Karsenti, Thierry - Université de Montréal (co-applicant)
Larouche, Marie-Claude - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (co-applicant)
Morissette, Steve - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Petit, Benoit - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Poellhuber, Bruno - Université de Montréal (co-applicant)
Quirion, Steve - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Potentiel pédagogique et didactique de la réalité virtuelle au secondaire
Université de Sherbrooke
Beaudoin, Sylvie - Université de Sherbrooke $61,267
Desbiens, Jean-François - Université de Sherbrooke (co-applicant)
Lison, Christelle - Université de Sherbrooke (co-applicant)
Portrait des représentations sociales de formateurs et d'étudiants en formation initiale en enseignement quant à la notion de responsabilité
Koussens, David - Université de Sherbrooke $73,963
Les mouvements LGBTQ au Québec, des militants laïques d'un nouveau genre (1990-2017)
Maillet, Lara - Université de Sherbrooke $48,264
Blain, Samuel - Université de Montréal (collaborator)
Carrier, Sébastien - Université de Sherbrooke (co-applicant)
Duranceau, Marie-France - Université de Sherbrooke (collaborator)
Fortin, Marilyn - Douglas Mental Health University Institute (co-applicant)
Gottin, Thomas - Université de Sherbrooke (collaborator)
Goyer, Marie-Eve - Centre hospitalier de l'Université de Montréal - Pavillon Notre-Dame (collaborator)
Hyppolite, Shelley-Rose - Université Laval (collaborator)
Jacques, Marie-Claude - Université de Sherbrooke (co-applicant)
Landry, Marjolaine - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (co-applicant)
Lane, Julie - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Manceau, Luiza Maria - Université de Sherbrooke (collaborator)
Morin, Paul - Université de Sherbrooke (co-applicant)
Touati, Nassera - École nationale d'administration publique (co-applicant)
Gouvernance multiniveaux d'initiatives intersectorielles de proximité avec des personnes en situation d'itinérance: sortir du cadre et investir l'espace
Supeno, Eddy - Université de Sherbrooke $65,996
Bourdon, Sylvain - Université de Sherbrooke (co-applicant)
Dorceus, Sabruna - Université de Sherbrooke (collaborator)
Le Corff, Yann - Université de Sherbrooke (co-applicant)
Étude mixte des pratiques informationnelles sur la formation et le travail des personnes spécialistes en orientation
Thibault, Isabelle - Université de Sherbrooke $72,359
Laurier, Catherine - Université de Sherbrooke (co-applicant)
Tougas, Anne-Marie - Université de Sherbrooke (co-applicant)
Attitudes et comportements alimentaires problématiques chez les enfants : quels sont les facteurs psychosociaux impliqués ?
Université du Québec à Chicoutimi
Baron, Marie-Pierre - Université du Québec à Chicoutimi $43,410
Bizot, Dominic - Université du Québec à Chicoutimi (co-applicant)
Côté, Carole - Université du Québec à Chicoutimi (co-applicant)
Doucet, Manon - Université du Québec à Chicoutimi (co-applicant)
Sasseville, Nathalie - Université du Québec à Chicoutimi (co-applicant)
Développer des compétences professionnelles propre à la collaboration et l'identité professionnelle d'étudiants en formation initiale : mise sur pied d'un projet interdisciplinaire en adaptation scolaire et en travail social
Duquette, Catherine - Université du Québec à Chicoutimi $50,357
Fontaine, Sylvie - Université du Québec en Outaouais (co-applicant)
Lévesque, Stéphane - Université du Québec à Chicoutimi (co-applicant)
Monney, Nicole - Université du Québec à Chicoutimi (co-applicant)
Élaboration d’une progression des dimensions cognitives de la pensée historique des élèves québécois du primaire et du secondaire pour la conception d’épreuves certificatives
Ertz, Myriam - Université du Québec à Chicoutimi $74,513
Sarigollu, Emine - McGill University (co-applicant)
Étude des antécédents et des effets de renversements aux comportements d'échanges collaboratifs
Poitras, Marie-Eve - Université du Québec à Chicoutimi $66,521
St-Onge, Christina - Université de Sherbrooke (co-applicant)
La formation à l'évaluation des apprenants pour les évaluateurs de stagiaires
Université du Québec à Montréal
Amiot, Catherine - Université du Québec à Montréal $49,991
Exploring the association between pet ownership and psychological well-being: Do pets contribute to human well-being and if so, how?
Arroyo Pardo, Paulina - Université du Québec à Montréal $60,287
Dufour, Muriel - Université du Québec en Outaouais (co-applicant)
Manon, Alejandro - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Pozzebon, Marlei - HEC Montréal (co-applicant)
Les partenariats d'apprentissage : une réponse à un défi planétaire pour l'amélioration de la gestion des crises?
Audet, Geneviève - Université du Québec à Montréal $59,665
Desgagné, Serge - Université Laval (collaborator)
Lafortune, Gina - Université du Québec à Montréal (co-applicant)
McAndrew, Marie - Université de Montréal (collaborator)
Potvin, Maryse - Université du Québec à Montréal (co-applicant)
Intervenir en contexte de diversité ethnoculturelle : se raconter. Un projet de reconstruction et de théorisation de récits de pratique d'enseignants
Barbeau, Audrey-Kristel - Université du Québec à Montréal $39,835
Les effets de la pratique musicale sur le stress et le système immunitaire de musiciens amateurs de 50 ans et plus
Bardon, Cécile - Université du Québec à Montréal $54,827
Morin, Diane - Université du Québec à Montréal (co-applicant)
Saias, Thomas - Université du Québec à Montréal (co-applicant)
Valider empiriquement le concept opérationnel de « l’option suicide » pour comprendre les comportements suicidaires chez les personnes ayant une déficience intellectuelle ou un trouble du spectre de l’autisme
Beaulieu-Pelletier, Geneviève - Université du Québec à Montréal $41,864
Philippe, Frederick - Université du Québec à Montréal (co-applicant)
Psychological predispositions perpetuating status quo ideologies or radical activism: Do parent-related memories impact system justification and social mobilization?
Bédard-Goulet, Sara - Université du Québec à Montréal $64,601
Beyrouthy, Damien - Université D'Aix-Marseille (co-applicant)
Vinot, Frédéric - Université de Nice Sophia Antipolis (co-applicant)
L’événement de réception : entre perte et refus
Bérard, Cassie - Université du Québec à Montréal $70,948
Vers une théorie-pratique de l'excès de fiction : distorsions, disjonctions et déviations des lignes narratives
Boislard-Pépin, Marie-Aude - Université du Québec à Montréal $58,601
Boisvert, Stéfany - McGill University (collaborator)
Lavigne, Julie - Université du Québec à Montréal (collaborator)
Millette, Mélanie - Université du Québec à Montréal (co-applicant)
Pourquoi les adultes émergents inexpérimentés sexuellement sont-ils stigmatisés?
Boukala, Mouloud - Université du Québec à Montréal $75,000
Les perceptions et les pratiques de l’environnement par les personnes à mobilité réduite dans la ville de Montréal
Bourgeois-Guerin, Valérie - Université du Québec à Montréal $67,556
Côté, Andréanne - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Durivage, Patrick - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
MacKinnon, Christopher - McGill University (collaborator)
Sussman, Tamara - McGill University (co-applicant)
Van Pevenage, Isabelle - Centre de santé et de services sociaux Cavendish (co-applicant)
Wallach, Isabelle - Université du Québec à Montréal (co-applicant)
La souffrance psychologique chez les hommes âgés atteints d'un cancer incurable
Catala, Amandine - Université du Québec à Montréal $67,935
Vers la justice épistémique: Rendre possible l’agentivité épistémique aux marges
Clausen, Barbara - Université du Québec à Montréal $57,860
Engel, Deena - New York University (collaborator)
Wharton, Glenn - New York University (collaborator)
Wood, Catherine - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Keeping it Live: Performance Art between Archive and Exhibition
Deruelle, Benjamin - Université du Québec à Montréal $49,431
Bastien, Pascal - Université du Québec à Montréal (collaborator)
Bouchard, Carl - Université de Montréal (collaborator)
Matteoni, Olivier - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Sablon du Corail, Amable - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Criminalité et justice de guerre dans la France des guerres d'Italie (1494-1559)
Dicko, Saidatou - Université du Québec à Montréal $61,942
Lagneau-Ymonet, Paul - Université Paris-Dauphiné (Paris IX) (co-applicant)
L'économie politique des accords commerciaux transnationaux? Une analyse de cas du CETA
Doucerain, Marina - Université du Québec à Montréal $74,987
Gouin, Jean-Philippe - Concordia University (co-applicant)
Couple dynamics and adjustment among migrant couples in Canada
Duval, Hélène - Université du Québec à Montréal $57,846
Odier Guedj, Delphine - Université du Québec à Montréal (co-applicant)
Raymond, Caroline - Université du Québec à Montréal (co-applicant)
Danse adaptée aux besoins de tous les élèves: dispositifs didactiques et identitaires inclusifs
Fejzo, Anila - Université du Québec à Montréal $69,809
Chen, Xi - University of Toronto (co-applicant)
Deacon, Helene - Dalhousie University (co-applicant)
Laplante, Line - Université du Québec à Montréal (collaborator)
Nadeau, Marie - Université du Québec à Montréal (collaborator)
Rôle des connaissances morphologiques dans la compréhension en lecture chez les élèves francophones montréalais et torontois de la 4e à la 6e année du primaire
Foucambert, Denis - Université du Québec à Montréal $67,428
Emirkanian, Louisette - Université du Québec à Montréal (collaborator)
Redmond, Leslie - Memorial University of Newfoundland (co-applicant)
Entraîner la syntaxe pour améliorer la compréhension en lecture au secondaire
Fournier, Frédéric - Université du Québec à Montréal $51,152
Chapdelaine, Daniel - Université du Québec à Montréal (collaborator)
Charland, Patrick - Université du Québec à Montréal (co-applicant)
Potvin, Patrice - Université du Québec à Montréal (co-applicant)
Riopel, Martin - Université du Québec à Montréal (co-applicant)
Stockless, Alain - Université du Québec à Montréal (co-applicant)
Détermination des traces informatiques et des indicateurs d’apprentissage dans le contexte des laboratoires de science
Gérin, Annie - Université du Québec à Montréal $46,529
Le Musée de la Culture artistique (1919-1928) : Histoire intellectuelle et sociale d’une muséologie soviétique expérimentale oubliée
Gervais, Mathieu-Joël - Université du Québec à Montréal $61,561
Ziam, Saliha - Télé-université (co-applicant)
Évaluation d’une formation de l’INSPQ visant à mieux intervenir auprès de la diversité sexuelle et de genre
Guèvremont, Amélie - Université du Québec à Montréal $33,672
La présentation de soi à travers les marques sur les réseaux sociaux : le cas des adolescents sur Instagram
Guimond, Laurie - Université du Québec à Montréal $72,467
Driscoll, Nicole - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Irving, Melissa - St. Augustine School (collaborator)
Mark, Mary - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Masse, Marc-André - Commssion scolaire du Littoral (collaborator)
Monger, Karine - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Talbot, Caroline - Institut Tshakapesh (collaborator)
Migrations, nordicité et interculturalité : expériences croisées des nouveaux résidents et de leurs communautés d’accueil (Pakua Shipu et Saint-Augustin, Basse-Côte-Nord)
Haeck, Catherine - Université du Québec à Montréal $74,643
Connolly, Marie - Université du Québec à Montréal (co-applicant)
Corak, Miles - The City University of New York (collaborator)
Frenette, Marc - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Laliberté, Jean-William - University of Calgary (co-applicant)
Oreopoulos, Philip - University of Toronto (collaborator)
Education and the Intergenerational Transmission of Income
Hordyk, Shawn - Université du Québec à Montréal $70,000
Fraser, Sarah - Université de Montréal (co-applicant)
Macdonald, Mary Ellen - McGill University (co-applicant)
Nadeau, Lucie - McGill University (co-applicant)
Community-based bereavement support for Inuit living in Montreal and Nunavik
Jérôme, Laurent - Université du Québec à Montréal $66,604
Moar, Patrick - Tourisme Manawan (collaborator)
Le tourisme comme levier de développement et de souveraineté en milieu autochtone : histoire, pratiques et savoirs des Atikamekw de Manawan
Kane, Oumar - Université du Québec à Montréal $52,108
Al-Rawi, Ahmed - Concordia University (co-applicant)
Bizimana, Aimé-Jules - Université du Québec en Outaouais (co-applicant)
Changements climatiques et médias numériques. Une topographie mixte du hashtag #climatechange sur Twitter
Lafortune, Gina - Université du Québec à Montréal $39,352
Kanouté, Fasal - No primary affiliation (co-applicant)
Plante, Isabelle - Université du Québec à Montréal (co-applicant)
Exploration des effets croisés du contexte d’acculturation et du genre sur l’expérience scolaire et le rapport aux savoirs de jeunes d’origine haïtienne au secondaire
Leduc, Diane - Université du Québec à Montréal $72,138
Kozanitis, Anastassis - Université du Québec à Montréal (co-applicant)
Loye, Nathalie - Université de Montréal (co-applicant)
Stockless, Alain - Université du Québec à Montréal (co-applicant)
L’engagement cognitif d’étudiants de grands groupes universitaires en situation de e-évaluation
Lefebvre, Julie - Université du Québec à Montréal $46,902
Lefebvre, Hélène - No primary affiliation (co-applicant)
Étude de la réflexion sur l'action pédagogique d’enseignants novices et expérimentés à l'ordre d'études collégiales, secteurs techniques:les moments forts de la transformation des façons de voir et de faire le métier
Lemay, Lise - Université du Québec à Montréal $42,244
Bigras, Nathalie - Université du Québec à Montréal (co-applicant)
Lehrer, Joanne - Université du Québec en Outaouais (co-applicant)
Interactions de qualité dans les services de garde en milieu familial? Points de vue des practiciennes sur la question
Malaterre, Christophe - Université du Québec à Montréal $66,866
The First Principles of Chemical Evolution
Martin, Julien - Université du Québec à Montréal $61,316
Parenti, Mathieu - Université libre de Bruxelles (collaborator)
Toubal, Farid - Académie de Paris (collaborator)
Tax avoidance, market power, and corporate governance
Mayneris, Florian - Université du Québec à Montréal $59,498
Behrens, Kristian - Université du Québec à Montréal (co-applicant)
Land as a production factor: How much land do Canadian establishments use?
Meunier, Sophie - Université du Québec à Montréal $69,795
Coulombe, Simon - Wilfrid Laurier University (co-applicant)
Dagenais-Desmarais, Véronique - Université de Montréal (co-applicant)
Houle, Janie - Université du Québec à Montréal (co-applicant)
Lauzier-Jobin, Francois - Université du Québec à Montréal (collaborator)
Les déterminants du bien-être et de la détresse psychologique au travail des employés du secteur sans but lucratif
Michaud, Valérie - Université du Québec à Montréal $37,897
Moreau, Charlotte - Université de Liège (collaborator)
La gestion des ressources humaines dans les entreprises d'économie sociale : exploration des outils, pratiques et paradoxes
Monette, Sebastien - Université du Québec à Montréal $73,761
Cyr, Chantal - Université du Québec à Montréal (co-applicant)
Désinhibition sociale chez les enfants victime de maltraitance: Prévalence et facteurs de risque
Mottet, Eric - Université du Québec à Montréal $57,561
Lasserre, Frédéric - Université Laval (collaborator)
Les nouvelles routes de la soie chinoise, un atout géopolitique pour le Laos? Le cas du corridor indochinois
Niemeyer, Katharina - Université du Québec à Montréal $64,974
Al-Ghazzi, Omar - London School of Economics and Political Science (collaborator)
Anctil, Pierre - University of Ottawa (collaborator)
Garcin-Marrou, Isabelle - Université de Lyon (collaborator)
Lavallée, Guillaume - Université du Québec à Montréal (collaborator)
Une recherche exploratoire sur la médiatisation du « terrorisme » dans les médias d’information canadiens francophones et anglophones (1900-2000)
Ouellet, Guillaume - Université du Québec à Montréal $46,712
des Rivières-Pigeon, Catherine - Université du Québec à Montréal (co-applicant)
Labrecque-Lebeau, Lisandre - CIUSSS centre-sud-de-l'île-de-Montréal (collaborator)
Otero, Marcelo - Université du Québec à Montréal (co-applicant)
L’univers des représentations de l’autisme : productions, tensions et transformations
Pagé, Geneviève - Université du Québec à Montréal $71,223
Transformer les rapports de pouvoir dans les salles de classe : une étude exploratoire
Paradis, Alison - Université du Québec à Montréal $54,593
Cyr, Chantal - Université du Québec à Montréal (co-applicant)
Fernet, Mylène - Université du Québec à Montréal (co-applicant)
Hébert, Martine - Université du Québec à Montréal (co-applicant)
Conflict resolution in adolescent dating relationships: A comprehensive daily diary study of the contextual factors associated with dating violence
Payant, Caroline - Université du Québec à Montréal $52,749
Fortier, Véronique - Université du Québec à Montréal (co-applicant)
Jean, Gladys - Université du Québec à Montréal (co-applicant)
Second and third language learners: An in-depth analysis of metalinguistic abilities
Plante, Isabelle - Université du Québec à Montréal $59,431
Dandeneau, Stéphane - Université du Québec à Montréal (co-applicant)
Mercier, Julien - Université du Québec à Montréal (co-applicant)
Potvin, Patrice - Université du Québec à Montréal (co-applicant)
Développement d'instruments de mesure des stéréotypes de genre inconscients chez les élèves du secondaire
Rivard, Mélina - Université du Québec à Montréal $69,698
Aldersey, Heather - Queen's University (co-applicant)
Chatenoud, Céline - Université du Québec à Montréal (co-applicant)
Chiu, Chun-Yu - National Taiwan Normal University (collaborator)
Turnbull, Ann - University of Kansas (collaborator)
De l'intervention comportementale intensive précoce à l'école : évaluation de la qualité de la trajectoire de services chez les familles d'enfant ayant un trouble du spectre de l'autisme
Rizkallah, Élias - Université du Québec à Montréal $72,220
Chartier, Jean-François - Université du Québec à Montréal (co-applicant)
Meunier, Jean-Guy - Université du Québec à Montréal (co-applicant)
Méthodes de fouille de textes pour l’analyse des relations sémantique des représentations sociales dans les grands corpus
Saias, Thomas - Université du Québec à Montréal $55,660
Beauvais, Julie - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Boucheron, Laurence - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Poissant, Julie - Institut national de santé publique du Québec (collaborator)
Facteurs associés à l'attrition dans un programme gouvernemental de prévention précoce : deux études qualitatives
Schwimmer, Marina - Université du Québec à Montréal $53,747
LeVasseur, Louis - Université Laval (co-applicant)
Robichaud, Arianne - Université du Québec à Montréal (co-applicant)
Tardif, Maurice - Université de Montréal (co-applicant)
La culture du bien-être à l'école au Québec: quelles pratiques et quelles rationalités?
Tremblay, Ophélie - Université du Québec à Montréal $48,748
Drouin, Patrick - Université de Montréal (co-applicant)
Venant, Fabienne - Université du Québec à Montréal (co-applicant)
Identification, description et enseignement du vocabulaire transdisciplinaire en usage au primaire
Verret, Claudia - Université du Québec à Montréal $65,566
Bergeron, Geneviève - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (co-applicant)
Grenier, Johanne - Université du Québec à Montréal (co-applicant)
Massé, Line - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (co-applicant)
Roure, Cedric - Université Catholique de Louvain (co-applicant)
Recherche-action mixte sur les perceptions des enseignants et le développement des stratégies d’enseignement inclusives au regard de l’intérêt en situation des élèves en difficulté en éducation physique et à la santé
Villeneuve, Stéphane - Université du Québec à Montréal $38,653
Plante, Isabelle - Université du Québec à Montréal (co-applicant)
Cyberintimidation envers le corps professoral universitaire: fréquence, types et solutions
Zuniga, Michael - Université du Québec à Montréal $43,884
Mapping the effects of L2 task characteristics on learners' emotional experience in the classroom
Zwarich, Natasha - Université du Québec à Montréal $31,136
Analyse des pratiques d’évaluation de la performance en archivistique
Université du Québec à Rimouski
Letscher, Sylvain - Université du Québec à Rimouski $73,625
Beauregard, France - Université de Sherbrooke (co-applicant)
Berthiaume, Rachel - Université de Montréal (co-applicant)
Participation sociale et littératie des élèves sourds au Québec
Therriault, Geneviève - Université du Québec à Rimouski $74,978
Araújo-Oliveira, Anderson - Université du Québec à Montréal (co-applicant)
Charland, Patrick - Université du Québec à Montréal (co-applicant)
Vivegnis, Isabelle - Université du Québec en Outaouais (co-applicant)
Soutenir le développement professionnel des enseignants débutants au regard de leur épistémologie personnelle : investir la piste de l'arrimage entre les croyances et les pratiques dans la formation continue
Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
Adanhounme, Armel Brice - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières $64,964
Champion, Emmanuelle - No primary affiliation (co-applicant)
La citoyenneté corporative par l'acceptabilité sociale: éclairages de la socio-anthropologie du développement
Baudry, Claire - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières $74,996
Bégin, Jean-Yves - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (co-applicant)
Couture, Caroline - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (co-applicant)
Massé, Line - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (co-applicant)
Pearson, Jessica - McGill University (co-applicant)
Douance et performance scolaire : contribution de l’attachement et des relations adulte-enfant impliquées dans la régulation émotionnelle
Bergeron, Geneviève - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières $66,000
AuCoin, Angèla - Université de Moncton (co-applicant)
Fortier, Marie-Pierre - Université du Québec à Montréal (co-applicant)
Prud'homme, Luc - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (co-applicant)
La différenciation pédagogique dans une perspective inclusive au secondaire : étude de cas multiples dans quatre provinces du Canada
Cantinotti, Michael - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières $45,194
Jourdan-Ionescu, Colette - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (co-applicant)
Leclerc, Bernard-Simon - Centre de santé et de services sociaux de Bordeaux-Cartierville-Saint-Laurent (co-applicant)
Marcoux, Lyson - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (co-applicant)
Nkoum, Benjamin - Université catholique d'Afrique centrale (collaborator)
St-Pierre, Liette - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (co-applicant)
UCAC, ESS - Université catholique d'Afrique centrale (co-applicant)
Uwizeyemungu, Sylvestre - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (co-applicant)
Représentations des enjeux reliés aux données numériques confidentielles en contexte de formation clinique
Charles, Syliane - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières $58,944
La pertinence de la philosophie de Spinoza pour la psychologie contemporaine
Crispino, Frank - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières $70,587
L’occurrence des traces chimiques dans l’enquête criminalistique : une approche multidisciplinaire
Drolet, Marie-Josée - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières $74,978
Hamrouni, Naïma - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (co-applicant)
Hunt, Matthew - McGill University (co-applicant)
Williams-Jones, Bryn - Université de Montréal (co-applicant)
Poser de bons diagnostics des enjeux éthiques pour mieux soutenir les travailleurs et les organisations
Dubreuil, Philippe - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières $47,130
Optimiser la santé psychologique et la performance au travail par le développement des forces : exploration des facteurs de réussite
Duchesne, Louise - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières $61,235
Boucher, Normand - Université Laval (co-applicant)
Croteau, Claire - Université de Montréal (co-applicant)
Leduc, Véronique - Université du Québec à Montréal (co-applicant)
Letscher, Sylvain - Université du Québec à Rimouski (co-applicant)
La vie au travail des personnes ayant une surdité: enjeux de communication et exercice du droit à l’égalité
Hirsch, Sivane - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières $67,162
Audet, Geneviève - Université du Québec à Montréal (co-applicant)
Jeffrey, Denis - Université Laval (co-applicant)
Moisan, Sabrina - Université de Sherbrooke (co-applicant)
Le traitement des thèmes sensibles à l'école secondaire : pratiques d'enseignants d'histoire et d'éthique et culture religieuse
Monthuy-Blanc, Johana - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières $64,933
Bouchard, Stéphane - Université du Québec en Outaouais (co-applicant)
Drapeau, Vicky - Université Laval (collaborator)
Mathieu, Marie-Eve - Université de Montréal (collaborator)
Moreau, Nicolas - University of Ottawa (co-applicant)
Poulin, Caroline - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (collaborator)
Rousseau, Michel - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (co-applicant)
Roy, Normand - Université de Montréal (co-applicant)
St-Pierre, Liette - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (collaborator)
Toure, Fadel - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (co-applicant)
PIE-IC : Projet Immersif et Écologique de l’Image du Corps
Pichet, Isabelle - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières $68,781
Kluge, Dorit - Hochschule fur Wirtschaft, Technik und Kultur Berlin (collaborator)
Maës, Gaëtane - Université Charles-de-Gaulle (collaborator)
Le corps sensoriel dans les expositions d’art au 18e siècle
St-Amand, Annick - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières $71,736
Alain, Marc - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (co-applicant)
Nadeau, Danielle - Université Laval (co-applicant)
Simard, Marie-Claude - Université Laval (co-applicant)
Soutenir le développement et l'amélioration des pratiques professionnelles en protection de l'enfance, au bénéfice des enfants de 12 ans et moins manifestant des comportements sexuels problématiques
Touchette, Evelyne - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières $62,020
Berthelot, Nicolas - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (co-applicant)
Lemieux, Roxanne - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (co-applicant)
Investigation of the role of sleep quality during pregnancy in intergenerational transmission of maltreatment: a preventive intervention avenue?
Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue
Basile, Suzy - Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue $69,900
Asselin, Hugo - Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue (collaborator)
Guay, Christiane - Université du Québec en Outaouais (collaborator)
Kermoal, Nathalie - University of Alberta (collaborator)
Consolidation du lien au territoire des femmes autochtones par la grossesse et l'accouchement
Beauregard, Caroline - Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue $63,552
Caldairou-Bessette, Prudence - Université du Québec à Montréal (co-applicant)
Connecting to others through drawing: creative expression workshops for young immigrant children
Beauregard, Martin - Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue $23,300
Brailovski, Vladimir - École de technologie supérieure (collaborator)
Lachapelle, Jean-Jacques - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Pitre, Nicholas - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
La matérialisation du son comme trace et comme mémoire: une approche poïétique de l'archive sonore en impression 3D
Éthier, Benoit - Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue $74,930
Asselin, Hugo - Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue (co-applicant)
Coocoo, Christian - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Ottawa, Gérald - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Poirier, Sylvie - Université Laval (co-applicant)
Thom, Brian - University of Victoria (co-applicant)
Territorialités et cartographies autochtones: étude comparative des productions cartographiques des Atikamekw Nehirowisiwok (Québec) et des Coast Salish (Colombie-Britannique) dans le contexte des revendications territoriales globales
Morales-Perlaza, Adriana - Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue $28,030
Morrissette, Joëlle - Université de Montréal (co-applicant)
Le champ de l’évaluation scolaire en éducation : portrait des apports sociologiques
Université du Québec en Outaouais
Baillot, Aurélie - Université du Québec en Outaouais $69,991
Aimé, Annie - Université du Québec en Outaouais (co-applicant)
Bergeron, Stéphane Bergeron - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Bernard, Paquito - Université du Québec à Montréal (co-applicant)
Bouchard, Stéphane - Université du Québec en Outaouais (co-applicant)
Brunet, Jennifer - University of Ottawa (co-applicant)
Deraîche, Maryse - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Garneau, Pierre - Hôpital du sacré-coeur de Montréal (collaborator)
Langlois, Marie-France - Université de Sherbrooke (co-applicant)
Lanouette, Christian-Marc - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Rabasa-Lhoret, Remi - Université de Montréal (co-applicant)
Romain, Ahmed - Centre hospitalier de l'Université de Montréal (co-applicant)
Tchernof, André - Université Laval (co-applicant)
Facteurs associés à la gêne psychosociale causée par le surplus de peau suite à une perte de poids massive
Boucher, Mélanie - Université du Québec en Outaouais $59,070
Bénichou, Anne - No primary affiliation (co-applicant)
Langlois, Eric - Université du Québec en Outaouais (co-applicant)
Marchand, Marie-Ève - Concordia University (collaborator)
Montpetit, Raymond - Université du Québec à Montréal (collaborator)
Origine et actualité du devenir objet du sujet : se recréer au musée, dans les expositions
Pagé, Geneviève - Université du Québec en Outaouais $68,926
Chateauneuf, Doris - Université Laval (co-applicant)
Decaluwe, Béatrice - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Poirier, Marie-Andrée - Université de Montréal (co-applicant)
Mieux comprendre l'identité adoptive chez les jeunes de 14-21 ans adoptés en contexte de protection de la jeunesse au Québec
Riel, Jessica - Université du Québec en Outaouais $55,498
Lapointe, Marianne - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Lefrançois, Mélanie - Université du Québec à Montréal (collaborator)
Trottier, Mélanie - Université du Québec à Montréal (collaborator)
Étude multidisciplinaire du rôle du collectif de travail et des rapports sociaux de sexe dans l’activité de conciliation travail-famille de de métiers à prédominance masculine
Tardif-Grenier, Kristel - Université du Québec en Outaouais $69,747
Archambault, Isabelle - Université de Montréal (co-applicant)
Dupéré, Véronique - Université de Montréal (co-applicant)
Gervais, Christine - Université du Québec en Outaouais (co-applicant)
Salvas, Marie-Claude - Université du Québec en Outaouais (co-applicant)
Villatte, Aude - Université du Québec en Outaouais (co-applicant)
Soutien social et bien-être psychologique: regards croisés d'adolescents issus de l'immigration et des acteurs de leur entourage social
Vincent, François - Université du Québec en Outaouais $74,547
Béland, Sébastien - Université de Montréal (co-applicant)
Fontaine, Sylvie - Université du Québec en Outaouais (co-applicant)
Peters, Martine - Université du Québec en Outaouais (co-applicant)
Mesure de la compétence scripturale de garçons en contexte numérique : une étude de cas à visée didactique
Université Laval
Amedee-Manesme, Charles-Olivier - Université Laval $74,901
Inferring Implied Smoothing-Adjusted Risk Metrics from Actual Allocation to Real Estate
Auclair, Isabelle - Université Laval $68,665
Brière, Sophie - No primary affiliation (co-applicant)
Du plafond à la frontière de verre: comment institutionnaliser le genre dans les organisations de développement international et d’action humanitaire?
Barma, Sylvie - Université Laval $56,906
Cooper, Edward - Université Laval (collaborator)
Deslandes, Rollande - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (co-applicant)
Garneau, Jean-François - Commission scolaire des Premieres Seigneuries (collaborator)
Mercure, Jennifer - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Ruel, Geneviève - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Vézina, Jacques - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Modéliser, mettre en place et évaluer l’impact d’activités d’éducation à la santé dans le contexte de légalisation de la marijuana au Québec
Bastien, Célyne - Université Laval $50,000
Augmenter l'opportunité en sommeil afin d'améliorer la performance scolaire chez les cégépiens: une étude pilote ciblant les symptômes anxieux, dépressifs et les abus sexuels
Beaulieu, Suzie - Université Laval $66,940
French, Leif - Université du Québec à Chicoutimi (collaborator)
Reinke, Kristin - Université Laval (co-applicant)
Attitudes linguistiques à l'égard des nouveaux arrivants non francophones à Québec
Brivot, Marion - Université Laval $47,440
Gendron, Yves - Université Laval (collaborator)
Roussy, Melanie - Université Laval (co-applicant)
Ethical deliberation and internal audit quality in the Canadian public sector
Cellard, Caroline - Université Laval $69,046
Achim, Amélie - Université Laval (co-applicant)
Chagnon, Yvon - Université Laval (collaborator)
Nadeau, Danielle - Université Laval (co-applicant)
Nadeau, France - Centre jeunesse de Québec-Institut universitaire (collaborator)
Vachon, François - Université Laval (co-applicant)
COMPÉTENCE : COMpréhension des PrÉdicTEurs cogNitifs, biologiques et sociaux du fonctionnement des jeunes ayant vécu de la maltraitanCE
Coelho, Leandro - Université Laval $75,000
Dubé, Jean - Université Laval (co-applicant)
Évaluation de la durabilité des mobilités dans la Ville de Québec avec la mesure du coût total : un outil d’information et de gestion
Grandisson, Marie - Université Laval $60,000
Desmarais, Chantal - Université Laval (co-applicant)
Hamel, Christine - Université Laval (co-applicant)
Milot, Elise - Université Laval (co-applicant)
Pour des écoles inclusives des enfants présentant un trouble du spectre de l’autisme:  Projet pilote d’expérimentation d’un modèle de pratique s'appuyant sur la Réponse à l’intervention
Grignon, Julia - Université Laval $60,745
L'application extraterritoriale des droits humains en contexte d'opérations militaires extérieures
Hervé, Caroline - Université Laval $63,401
Femmes inuit, justice et harmonie sociale
Imlay, Talbot - Université Laval $31,887
Clarence Streit, Federal Union/Atlantic Union and the Marketplace of Ideas in the United States from the 1930s to the 1970s
Larose-Hébert, Katharine - Université Laval $50,532
Nault, Genevieve - University of Ottawa (collaborator)
Truong, Alexis - University of Ottawa (co-applicant)
Transition à l'âge adulte et trajectoires institutionnelles : repenser l'offre de services dans la communauté pour prévenir la marginalisation des jeunes adultes psychiatrisés
Lavallée, Sophie - Université Laval $53,710
Bélanger, Michel - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Boutonnet, Mathilde - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Halley, Paule - Université Laval (co-applicant)
Krolik, Christophe - Université Laval (co-applicant)
Maljean-Dubois, Sandrine - Centre national de la recherche scientifique (collaborator)
Truilhe, Eve - Centre national de la recherche scientifique (collaborator)
Actions en justice pour lutter contre le réchauffement climatique : possibilités et limites de diverses stratégies contentieuses contre les États et les entreprises, dans une perspective de justice climatique
Le Capitaine, Catherine - Université Laval $74,340
Hennebert, Marc-Antonin - HEC Montréal (co-applicant)
Lévesque, Christian - Centre de recherche interuniversitaire sur la mondialisation et le travail (co-applicant)
L'intégration des technologies numériques au sein des organisations syndicales : quelles contributions aux pratiques démocratiques?
Lessard, Julie - Université Laval $39,829
Chateauneuf, Doris - Université Laval (co-applicant)
Poitras, Karine - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (co-applicant)
Simard, Marie-Claude - Université Laval (co-applicant)
Entente sur mesures volontaires et placement de l'enfant : Portrait et expérience des familles suivies en protection de la jeunesse
Maldague, Xavier - Université Laval $67,500
TONUS : PC - Tracéologie prédictive, Outil NUmérique de Simulation pour la: Prédiction et Comparaison de traces sur des artéfacts préhistoriques en pierre taillée
Matte-Gagné, Célia - Université Laval $74,724
Le rôle du père dans le développement de l’enfant: une approche longitudinale et multidimensionnelle
Mercier, Élisabeth - Université Laval $33,564
Penser autrement le partage d’images intimes chez les jeunes : problème, discours et enjeux
Milot, Elise - Université Laval $58,562
Caouette, Martin - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (co-applicant)
Couture, Melanie - Université de Sherbrooke (collaborator)
Grandisson, Marie - Université Laval (co-applicant)
Raymond, Emilie - Université Laval (co-applicant)
Tétreault, Sylvie - University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland (co-applicant)
Expérimentation d’un programme de soutien à la participation sociale des familles avec un enfant présentant une déficience intellectuelle ou un trouble du spectre de l’autisme qui mise sur l'engagement d'étudiants
Mundler, Patrick - Université Laval $66,858
Parent, Geneviève - Université Laval (co-applicant)
Vrais et faux agriculteurs. Regards croisés sur l'identité professionnelle des agriculteurs québécois et les définitions juridiques du statut professionnel
Pierce, Tamarha - Université Laval $60,000
Da Costa, Deborah - McGill University (co-applicant)
deMontigny, Francine - Université du Québec en Outaouais (co-applicant)
Dubeau, Diane - Université du Québec en Outaouais (co-applicant)
Gervais, Christine - Université du Québec en Outaouais (co-applicant)
Vie militaire et coparentalité : défis et stratégies favorisant la résilience
Raymond, Emilie - Université Laval $61,344
Carbonneau, Hélène - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (co-applicant)
Collomb d'Eyrames, Olivier - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Leblanc, Steve - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Pelletier, Anne - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Séguin, Anne-Marie - Institut national de la recherche scientifique (co-applicant)
Ville inclusive et participation sociale des aînés ayant des incapacités : une cartographie des facilitateurs et des obstacles à la mobilité
Roy, Philippe - Université Laval $50,000
La réception du concile Vatican II par les catholiques traditionalistes
Samson, Mélanie - Université Laval $37,996
L'interaction des techniques de rédaction et d'interprétation des lois au Canada
Savard, Annie-Claude - Université Laval $64,820
French, Martin - Concordia University (co-applicant)
Kairouz, Sylvia - Concordia University (co-applicant)
Responsabilité et jeux de hasard et d’argent – promouvoir, prévenir et construire
Schomaker, Margaret - Université Laval $38,191
Dufour, Marie-Eve - Université Laval (co-applicant)
Pons, Frank - Université Laval (co-applicant)
Immigrant Integration in the Workplace: A Multi-Perspective Approach
Tremblay, Sébastien - Université Laval $68,994
Ouimet, Mathieu - Université Laval (co-applicant)
The role of cognitive heuristics in the decision-making of politicians: contextual and practical evidences
Yampolsky, Maya - Université Laval $58,978
Lalonde, Richard - York University (co-applicant)
Leanza, Yvan - Université Laval (co-applicant)
Lydon, John - McGill University (collaborator)
Zhou, Biru - McGill University (co-applicant)
Intimate racism against intercultural couples: the harmful role of racism from family, friends and romantic partners on couples' identification, belonging needs, and relationship quality



Brock University
Baird, Julia - Brock University $69,621
Jollineau, Marilyne - Brock University (co-applicant)
Plummer, Herbert - Brock University (co-applicant)
A comparative analysis of approaches to evaluating ecological outcomes from environmental stewardship
Clark, Jessica - Brock University $32,180
Scents of Change: smell and selfhood in modern Britain, 1880-1930
Dyer, Hannah - Brock University $50,004
Joynt, Chase - University of Chicago (collaborator)
Sinclair-Palm, Julia - Carleton University (co-applicant)
Drawing Queer and Trans Family: Understanding Kinship through Children’s Art
Fletcher, Timothy - Brock University $57,119
Gleddie, Douglas - University of Alberta (co-applicant)
Ní Chróinín, Déirdre - Mary Immaculate College (co-applicant)
Meaningful physical education: Testing a model for teaching and learning
Monk, Kimberly - Brock University $73,464
Beard, Colleen - Brock University (co-applicant)
Bonnett, John - Brock University (co-applicant)
Boyce, Joseph - McMaster University (co-applicant)
Pisaric, Michael - Brock University (co-applicant)
Visualizing past landscapes: Toward reengaging the local historic environment
Carleton University
Adrian, Melanie - Carleton University $47,741
Young and Muslim in Canada: Dancing the Poetics of Belonging
Blais, Julie - Carleton University $38,667
Pruysers, Scott - University of Calgary (co-applicant)
To run or not to run? An in-depth examination of the gender gap in political ambition
Burns, Rachel - Carleton University $42,727
Flourishing with diabetes: Understanding how positive psychological well-being promotes physical activity in adults with diabetes
Dorries, Heather - Carleton University $39,267
Red Rivers: Developing an Indigenist Political Ecology of Floodwater Governance
Gaucher, Megan - Carleton University $52,935
Temporary foreign workers, Canadian citizenship and the construction of "foreign" families
Gunnell, Katie - Carleton University $46,340
The effect of digital screen experiences on well-being and behaviour in young adults
Heidrich, Pablo - Carleton University $59,216
Lithium Development Impacts in Argentina, Bolivia and Chile
Hopfener, Birgit - Carleton University $50,173
Contemporaneity’s Transcultural Entanglements. Historiographic Interventions by Li Ran, Qiu Zhijie and Yan Xing
Lilly, Meredith - Carleton University $52,557
Go North, Young Tech Talent! The Influence of Canadian versus U.S. Skilled Foreign Worker Policies on Global Firm Location
Mallett, Alexandra - Carleton University $65,594
Irlbacher-Fox, Stephanie - Carleton University (collaborator)
Governing Energy System Change in the Canadian Arctic: Alternative Sources of Innovation in Communities?
Siddiqi, Daniel - Carleton University $29,310
Asudeh, Ash - Carleton University (co-applicant)
Compositional Constraint-Based Lexical Realizational Morphosyntax: A Preliminary Investigation
Sobers, Candace - Carleton University $68,207
Rethinking Liberation: African Independence and the Making of the Twentieth Century
Huron University College
Acres, William - Huron University College $67,983
'Pious Objects': Discourses of Power and the Mohawk Institute at Brantford, 1827-1997
Dumas, Tara - Huron University College $56,008
Davis, Jordan - University of Southern California (collaborator)
Ellis, Wendy - King's University College at Western University (co-applicant)
Maxwell-Smith, Matthew - Western University (collaborator)
Sereda, Matthew - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
What Happens When Adolescents "Lie for Likes"? Predictors and Adjustment Consequences for Deceptive and Normative Like-Seeking on Social Networking Sites
King's University College at Western University
Hannah, Erin - King's University College at Western University $66,984
Trommer, Silke - University of Manchester (co-applicant)
She Trades: Gendering Global Trade Governance
Lakehead University
Burnett, Kristin - Lakehead University $38,977
Wong, Angie - York University (co-applicant)
A Community-Based History of Calgary's Chinatown, 1890-1997
Cohen, Miriam - Lakehead University $50,548
Defining the Role of Trust Funds to Provide Reparations for Victims of International Crimes: a Comparative Analysis
Murphy-Oikonen, Jodie - Lakehead University $57,090
Chambers, Lori - Lakehead University (co-applicant)
McQueen, Karen - Lakehead University (co-applicant)
Unfounded Sexual Assault: Women's Experiences
Parker, Barbara - Lakehead University $68,630
Burnett, Kristin - Lakehead University (co-applicant)
Skinner, Kelly - University of Waterloo (co-applicant)
Post-secondary Student Food Insecurity: Experiences of International and Indigenous students in Northern Ontario
Petrunia, Robert - Lakehead University $44,100
Huynh, Kim - Bank of Canada (collaborator)
Rodrigue, Joel - Vanderbilt University (collaborator)
Voia, Marcel - Carleton University (collaborator)
Learning-by-Exporting under Credit Constraints
Sanders, Thomas - Lakehead University $59,075
Puddephatt, Antony - Lakehead University (co-applicant)
The Social Meanings and Identities of People Diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome
Laurentian University
Côté, Isabelle - Laurentian University $50,855
Damant, Dominique - Université de Montréal (co-applicant)
Goodman, Lisa - Boston College (collaborator)
Lafortune, Louise - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Lapierre, Simon - University of Ottawa (co-applicant)
Monastesse, Manon - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Développement d'outils méthodologiques et pratiques pour évaluer les pratiques d’intervention axées sur la sécurité et l'empowerment des femmes victimes de violence conjugale
Miville, Serge - Laurentian University $67,286
Souvenirs d’une crise : le conflit scolaire de Sturgeon Falls (1968-1972)
Pedri, Celeste - Laurentian University $66,640
Ogichidaakwewag: The Lives and Stories of Northwestern Anishinabe Women Through Photographs
Pinard, Emilie - Laurentian University $74,071
Casault, André - Université Laval (collaborator)
Colaco, Luis - Université Lusophone de Guinée-Bissau (collaborator)
Kane, Mouhamadou NAbi - Collège universitaire d'architecture de Dakar (collaborator)
Construire sur les traditions : savoir-faire et innovation dans l’architecture vernaculaire au Sénégal et en Guinée-Bissau
McMaster University
Bannerman, Sara - McMaster University $53,896
Jin, Dal Yong - Simon Fraser University (collaborator)
McKelvey, Fenwick - Concordia University (collaborator)
Algorithmic Imperialism and Canadian Cultural Policy
Brueggemann, Bettina - McMaster University $53,722
Mahone, Zachary - University of Toronto (co-applicant)
Entrepreneurial Portfolio Choices with Aggregate Risk: Theory, Empirics, and Implications for Policy
Denis, Jeffrey - McMaster University $47,253
Skead, Mary - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Azhe-mino-gahbewewin: Identifying Indigenous Priorities for Reconciliation in Kenora, Ontario
Duggan, Ana - McMaster University $24,015
Dhody, Anna - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Hicks, Robert - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Jenner's Legacy: uncovering the origins and dissemination of smallpox vaccines in the 19th-20th centuries
Glavin, Paul - McMaster University $37,329
Regional Economic Determinants of Canadians’ Transitions into Precarious and Entrepreneurial Self-Employment
Hollander, Dana - McMaster University $55,326
Brafman, Yonatan - Jewish Theological Seminary (collaborator)
Halberstam, Chaya - King's University College at Western University (co-applicant)
Lavery-Yisraeli, Yonah - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Lehman, Marjorie - Jewish Theological Seminary (collaborator)
Neis, Rachel - University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (collaborator)
Talmud and Philosophy: Toward a Redefinition of the Role of Rabbinics in Jewish Studies
Marwah, Inder - McMaster University $32,588
Evolution Against Empire
McKnight, Brent - McMaster University $56,920
Honig, Benson - McMaster University (co-applicant)
Veenstra, Kevin - McMaster University (co-applicant)
Mainstreaming Social Responsible Investing: A retail investing exploration
Neville, François - McMaster University $47,653
A Configurational Examination of The Corporate Opportunity Structure for Social Activism
Norman, Mark - McMaster University $44,623
Ricciardelli, Rosemary - Memorial University of Newfoundland (co-applicant)
Wilson, Brian - The University of British Columbia (co-applicant)
Sport and Physical Recreation in Ontario Youth Detention Centres: A Comprehensive Investigation
Quail, Christine - McMaster University $66,642
Quilting Culture: Towards a Critical Understanding of Quilting Communities and Practices in the Digital Age
Sajed, Alina - McMaster University $65,712
Third Worldism revisited: anti-colonial connectivity and the politics of national liberation
Shore, David - McMaster University $58,885
Teaching one-on-none: Do audiences increase the educational quality of lectures?
Tazhitdinova, Alisa - McMaster University $50,833
Benzarti, Youssef - University of California, Los Angeles (collaborator)
The Effect of Various Forms of Taxation on Trade
Veenstra, Kevin - McMaster University $44,080
Exploring the Fraud Triangle's Third Dimension: Rationalization as Revealed by CEO/CFO Verbal and Visual Cues
Watts, Vanessa - McMaster University $49,558
Hooks, Gregory - McMaster University (co-applicant)
McLaughlin, Neil - McMaster University (co-applicant)
An Indigenist Sociology of Knowledge: Indigenous social lives in Indigenous studies, sociology and political science (1895 and beyond)
Zhou, Yun - McMaster University $50,038
Uber vs. Taxi: Impact of the sharing economy on the traditional industries
Nipissing University
Zou, Ping - Nipissing University $58,719
Bai, Chris - University of Toronto (collaborator)
Cai, Hongmei - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Chen, Hao - University of Toronto (collaborator)
Chen, Mary - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Chen, Wen - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Cheung, Tony - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Liu, Lichun - University of Toronto (co-applicant)
Sidani, Souraya - Ryerson University (co-applicant)
Wang, Wei - Toronto Western Hospital (collaborator)
Getting Older in A New Country (GOLDEN Phase One): A Pilot Mixed-method Study on Immigrant Women’s Menopausal Experiences in Canada
OCAD University
Men, Immony - OCAD University $48,346
Bartula, Mikolaj - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Davila, Patricio - OCAD University (co-applicant)
Community-based Visualization in Skatepark Planning
Queen's University
Airton, Lee - Queen's University $66,568
Kirkup, Kyle - University of Ottawa (co-applicant)
"Gender expression" under construction: How school boards are shaping Ontario's newest human rights category
Baines, Beverley - Queen's University $40,837
Sapiano, Jenna - Queen's University (collaborator)
No Rights Are Absolute: the legacies of three Chief Justices
Bisung, Elijah - Queen's University $64,893
Dickin, Sarah - Stockholm Environment Institute (collaborator)
Kuuire, Vincent - University of Toronto (co-applicant)
Kuusaana, Elias Danyi - University for Development Studies (collaborator)
Luginaah, Isaac - Western University (co-applicant)
Martin, Dery - Coalition of NGOs in the Water and Sanitation Sector (CONIWAS Ghana) (collaborator)
Mobilizing coping resources of households for urban water security in Sub-Saharan Africa
Bjorkman, Bronwyn - Queen's University $32,512
What we had used to say: perfects and past habituals in Canadian English
Camargo Plazas, Pilar - Queen's University $54,297
Aldersey, Heather - Queen's University (collaborator)
Duhn, Lenora - Queen's University (co-applicant)
Kirova, Anna - University of Alberta (collaborator)
Pare, Genevieve - Queen's University (collaborator)
Tranmer, Joan - Queen's University (collaborator)
Thriving in Canada:  Learning from the (photo) Voices of Immigrant Women Engaged in Action Research to Improve Access to Health & Social Services
Cameron, Sally - Queen's University $48,265
Little Wanderers: the British Home Children in Canada
Chakrabarti, Abhirup - Queen's University $62,371
Why do firms violate environmental laws?
Jacobson, Jill - Queen's University $44,550
Hauser, David - University of Southern California (co-applicant)
How Does Participant Prospection and Non-Naïveté  Affect The Reliability and Robustness of Results?
Kelly, Lisa - Queen's University $55,010
Police Powers in Canadian Schools
Lind, Stephanie - Queen's University $48,499
Triggering Our Collective Memory:   How Tropes in Video Game Music Create Immersion
Marshall, Carrie Anne - Queen's University $61,000
Barbic, Skye - The University of British Columbia (co-applicant)
Gewurtz, Rebecca - McMaster University (co-applicant)
Kirsh, Bonnie - University of Toronto (co-applicant)
Lysaght, Rosemary - Queen's University (co-applicant)
Roy, Laurence - McGill University (co-applicant)
Generating a Theory of Boredom & Meaningful Activity Participation Among Adults Experiencing Homelessness
Pelstring, Emily - Queen's University $63,267
Zaiontz, Keren - Queen's University (collaborator)
The Sistership of Spectral Technologies
Pyper, Jamie - Queen's University $52,595
“You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”: Investigating a new learning model for secondary school preservice mathematics teacher preparation
Sartor, Michael - Queen's University $46,936
Medicine that works and tastes good also: The anti-corruption programs of multinational corporations
Royal Military College of Canada
Chouinard, Stéphanie - Royal Military College of Canada $47,000
Le fédéralisme des juges : une étude comparée de la jurisprudence en matière de droit linguistique et autochtone au Canada
Ryerson University
Anderson, Miriam - Ryerson University $68,958
Women's Social Networks and Peace Promotion
Bociurkiw, Marusya - Ryerson University $74,326
Lenette, Caroline - University of New South Wales (co-applicant)
Marchevska, Elena - London South Bank University (co-applicant)
Finding Home: Housing, Migration & Research Creation
Farrar, Jonathan - Ryerson University $51,550
Berger, Leslie - Wilfrid Laurier University (co-applicant)
Zhang, Lu - Ryerson University (co-applicant)
Choosing between RRSPs and TFSAs: An economic and behavioral investigation
Graben, Sari - Ryerson University $66,846
Cameron, Angela - University of Ottawa (co-applicant)
Morales, Sarah - University of Ottawa (collaborator)
Gender and Impact Benefit Agreements
Halinski, Michael - Ryerson University $48,870
Youth joblessness: An investigation of the interdependence of student-parent dyads in the job search process
Hamer, Naomi - Ryerson University $56,150
Murnaghan, Ann Marie - Ryerson University (co-applicant)
Curating the story museum: Transmedia practices, participatory exhibits, and youth citizenship
Keramati, Abbas - Ryerson University $45,965
The Effects of Business Intelligence and Analytics on Firms’ Performance Considering the Role of Readiness Factors: An Integrated Simulation-Experimental Design Approach
McCartney, Shelagh - Ryerson University $69,168
Finlay, Judy - Ryerson University (co-applicant)
Lawrance, Keith - Windigo First Nation Council (collaborator)
McKay, Michael - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Rizzo, Saverio - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Recording Our Truth: Documenting change and visioning the future in Nishnawbe Aski Nation
Nolan, Jason - Ryerson University $70,960
Jenson, Jennifer - York University (co-applicant)
Thumlert, Kurt - York University (co-applicant)
Missing modalities: Learning, communicating and making sense of aroma
Okafor, Oliver - Ryerson University $64,041
Farrar, Jonathan - Ryerson University (co-applicant)
Punishing in the public interest: An empirical examination of retributive justice and tax compliance
Oulahen, Greg - Ryerson University $24,729
Sandink, Dan - Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction (collaborator)
Flood hazards, environmental rewards, and the reproduction of risk
Valliere, Dave - Ryerson University $37,549
Stambouli, Jamel - HEC Montréal (co-applicant)
Investigating Cultural/Religious Influence on Immigrant Entrepreneurs
von Kriegstein, Hasko - Ryerson University $52,183
Scott, Kristyn - Ryerson University (co-applicant)
Antecedents and Outcomes of Business Ethics Denial
Wang, Yu - Ryerson University $48,217
Luo, Yao - University of Toronto (co-applicant)
Understanding Rolling Admissions
Zolfagharinia, Hossein - Ryerson University $74,369
Nikoofal, Mohammad Ebrahim - Ryerson University (co-applicant)
Collaborative Transportation in the Trucking Industry: A Case of Information Asymmetry
Saint Paul University
Armstrong, Laura - Saint Paul University $64,473
Bellehumeur, Christian - Saint Paul University (co-applicant)
Manion, Ian - University of Ottawa (co-applicant)
Cultivating Resilience in Gifted Children through a Music-Based Educational Approach to Build Meaning, Community Connectedness, and Well-Being
Bilodeau, Cynthia - Saint Paul University $71,942
Bellehumeur, Christian - Saint Paul University (co-applicant)
Gazzola, Nicola - University of Ottawa (co-applicant)
Koszycki, Diana - University of Ottawa (co-applicant)
Savard, Réginald - Université du Québec à Montréal (co-applicant)
Theriault, Anne - University of Ottawa (co-applicant)
Informing pedagogical practices for training graduate psychotherapy students: A look at the role of the positive psychology framework in the supervisory context
Western University
Benson, Alex - Western University $55,971
Woodley, Hayden - University of Prince Edward Island (co-applicant)
Do great followers make great leaders? Disentangling the traits valued in followers and leaders
Booth, Richard - Western University $63,430
McMurray, Josephine - Wilfrid Laurier University (co-applicant)
Strudwick, Gillian - No primary affiliation (co-applicant)
Social robots in the home: Exploring the influence of intelligent non-human agents on human behaviour in domestic environments
Centivany, Alissa - Western University $57,017
Vergne, Jean-Philippe - Western University (co-applicant)
Smart Tractors and Agrohackers: Computerization, Copyright and the “Right to Repair” Movement in the North-American Farming Industry
Gardiner, Rita - Western University $63,065
Chisholm, Jennifer - Lakehead University (co-applicant)
MacQuarrie, Barbara - Western University (collaborator)
Viczko, Melody - Western University (co-applicant)
Translating policies into practices: Tracing the embodied affects and institutional effects of Ontario’s sexual violence policies on two university campuses
Goode, Miranda - Western University $56,670
Cotte, June - Western University (co-applicant)
Humanizing debt reduction approaches through an investigation of community, emotion, and well-being
Montgomery, Allison - Western University $60,803
Lyon, Thomas - University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (collaborator)
Robertson, Jennifer - Western University (co-applicant)
An Integrated Dynamic Model of Misleading Corporate Environmental Communication
Monzani, Lucas - Western University $64,928
Crossan, Mary - Western University (co-applicant)
Towards a framework of commitment to lead: Exploring individual, team, and organizational outcomes
Neeganagwedgin, Erica - Western University $45,314
Opini, Bathseba - The University of British Columbia (co-applicant)
Elders and Knowledge Keepers in schools: Learning from the heart
Neil, Nicole - Western University $66,613
Puvirajah, Anton - Western University (co-applicant)
An Exploration of an Informal Learning Context on STEM Engagement and Social Skills Development in Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
Persson, Martin - Western University $33,800
McWatters, Cheryl - University of Ottawa (co-applicant)
The Stable Money Association: The Performativity of Economic Models
Prapavessis, Harry - Western University $63,000
Less Couch, Less Grouch: Investigating the Relationship Between Sedentary Behaviour and Subjective Well-Being
Stanley, Kate - Western University $50,155
Varieties of American Pedagogy
Trent University
Davis, Lynne - Trent University $65,593
Denis, Jeffrey - McMaster University (co-applicant)
Hiller, Chris - Conrad Grebel College (co-applicant)
Lavell-Harvard, Dawn - Trent University (co-applicant)
For the Long Haul: What We Can Learn from Long-Term Indigenous-Settler Alliances
Keefer, Katrina - Trent University $72,505
Ladly, Martha - OCAD University (co-applicant)
Lovejoy, Paul - York University (collaborator)
Ojo, Olatunji - Brock University (collaborator)
Rehberger, Dean - Michigan State University (collaborator)
Sani, Abubakar - Umaru Musa Yar’adua University, Katsina State, Nigeria (collaborator)
Decoding Origins: Using body marks to discover African identities during the slave trade
University of Guelph
Adekunle, Bamidele - University of Guelph $72,544
Filson, Glen - University of Guelph (co-applicant)
Asymmetric Information in the Halal Food Market
Annen, Kurt - University of Guelph $60,534
Democratization and Economic Growth
Breen, Andrea - University of Guelph $62,271
Chalmers, Heather - Brock University (co-applicant)
Charles, Grant - The University of British Columbia (co-applicant)
Stamatopoulos, Vivian - University of Ontario Institute of Technology (co-applicant)
Young Carers Coming of Age: Examining Transitions to Adulthood in the Context of the Caregiving Relationship
Broll, Ryan - University of Guelph $70,546
Overcoming Bullying and Cyberbullying: A Social Ecological Analysis of Resilience Among Bullied and Cyberbullied Youth
Calvert, Kirby - University of Guelph $67,300
Sherren, Kate - Dalhousie University (co-applicant)
Smithers, John - University of Guelph (collaborator)
Energy transition and rural transformation: placing the 'rural' in energy transition management
Gagné, Karine - University of Guelph $61,287
Amid Icy Ruins and Insecure Futures: Climate Change, Expertise, and The Infrastructure of Citizenship in Zanskar
Grogan, Louise - University of Guelph $30,996
Indigenous Cultures, Extractive Colonialism and Human Capital in Indonesia
Johnson, Craig - University of Guelph $67,242
Tuaza, Luis - Universidad Nacional de Chimborazo (collaborator)
Forest conservation, Indigenous self-determination and climate change: An empirical analysis of Ecuador's Socio Bosque program
Lassou, Philippe - University of Guelph $57,498
Awuah-Werekoh, Kwasi - Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (collaborator)
An examination of government accounting in addressing systemic shortcomings within financial governance of public procurement
Lewis, Stephen - University of Guelph $62,470
Heath, Nancy - McGill University (co-applicant)
Whitley, Rob - McGill University (co-applicant)
Participatory video as a method and means of voice and advocacy in the context of self-injury
Mosby, Ian - University of Guelph $53,678
Subjected to Colonial Science: Mass Clinical Trials, Prairie Tropical Medicine, and Ethics of Amebiasis Research on Treaty 6 First Nations, 1964-1973
Newby-Clark, Ian - University of Guelph $46,971
Daydreams: Delineation, Measurement, and Correlates
Snow, Andrew - University of Guelph $36,044
Governing Naturopaths in Canada: Policy and Practice
University of Ontario Institute of Technology
Frederick, Tyler - University of Ontario Institute of Technology $65,101
Howes, Carol - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Karabanow, Jeff - Dalhousie University (co-applicant)
Kidd, Sean - Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (co-applicant)
McCarthy, Bill - University of California, Davis (co-applicant)
Vanderheul, Julia - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Understanding the connection between interpersonal relationships and pathways through homelessness for young people
Leo, Jennifer - University of Ontario Institute of Technology $57,040
Baker, Joseph - York University (co-applicant)
Fraser-Thomas, Jessica - York University (co-applicant)
Knibbe, Knibbe - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
McReynolds, Stuart - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Wattie, Nicholas - University of Ontario Institute of Technology (co-applicant)
Community-based sport education program: Examining positive youth development in adolescent elite student-athletes
Li, Jia - University of Ontario Institute of Technology $70,799
Biemiller, Andrew - University of Toronto (collaborator)
Cunningham, Todd - University of Toronto (collaborator)
Demmans Epp, Carrie - University of Alberta (collaborator)
Geva, Esther - University of Toronto (co-applicant)
Peters, Kyle - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Snow, Catherine - Harvard University (collaborator)
A multidisciplinary approach to developing and evaluating a mobile technology-supported, culturally responsive vocabulary intervention for Aboriginal students
Perry, Barbara - University of Ontario Institute of Technology $68,786
Stein, Matthew - University of Ontario Institute of Technology (co-applicant)
Antisemitic hate crimes in Canada
Zhu, Hui - University of Ontario Institute of Technology $54,182
Pension Deficits and Financial Distress in an Innovative Environment
University of Ottawa
Alschner, Wolfgang - University of Ottawa $69,700
Seiermann, Julia - United Nations (collaborator)
Skougarevskiy, Dmitriy - European University at St Petersburg (collaborator)
Multilateralizing “WTO-extra” Issues: A Computational Analysis of Rule Convergence in Preferential Trade Agreements
Brodeur, Abel - University of Ottawa $44,776
On the Economic Causes and Consequences of Terrorism
Brooke-Smith, James - University of Ottawa $49,614
Experimental Humanities: Literature, Pedagogy, Utopia, 1768-1847
Brown, Stephen - University of Ottawa $60,811
Fisher, Jonathan - University of Birmingham (collaborator)
Foreign Aid and LGBTI Rights in the Global South: International and Local Dynamics
Bruckert, Christine - University of Ottawa $56,021
Workplace Violence and Elementary School Educators in Ontario
Chelli, Mohamed - University of Ottawa $43,402
Ben Amar, Walid - University of Ottawa (co-applicant)
Corporate Water Performance, Market Valuation and Cost of Equity Capital
Chen, Qiu - University of Ottawa $65,372
Ding, Shujun - University of Ottawa (co-applicant)
Li, TieMei - University of Ottawa (co-applicant)
Impact Investing by Private Foundations
Cotnam-Kappel, Megan - University of Ottawa $74,101
Hagerman, Michelle - University of Ottawa (co-applicant)
Digital Literacies Learning in Francophone and Indigenous Minority Communities: Collaborating to Understand and Address Digital Skills Needs
Ferland, Benjamin - University of Ottawa $38,789
The responsiveness of Canadian elected representatives to their constituents: a field experiment
Huggins, Christopher - University of Ottawa $35,402
Kinyondo, Abel - University of Dar Es Salaam (collaborator)
Mutsukunde, Faustin - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Collaborative governance and dispute resolution in the mining sector in the great lakes region of Africa
Kurtovic, Larisa - University of Ottawa $36,767
Watersheds: Postsocialist Infrastructure and the Politics of Water Supply in Postwar Bosnia-Herzegovina
Lavecchia, Adam - University of Ottawa $45,528
Gilraine, John - New York University (collaborator)
Optimal Minimum Wage Policy: Theory and Evidence
Lehalle, Sandra - University of Ottawa $65,776
Dans l'ombre des prisons et pénitenciers canadiens : les proches de détenus et l'expérience carcérale élargie
Maloney, Erin - University of Ottawa $62,300
Impact of parents' math attitudes and homework helping on children's success in mathematics
Marques, José Carlos - University of Ottawa $32,191
Boghossian, Johnny - Université Laval (co-applicant)
Unsealing their fate: An examination of the Canadian government's fur industry defense program
Marschke, Melissa - University of Ottawa $66,493
Vandergeest, Peter - York University (co-applicant)
Work in Fisheries: Explaining unacceptable labour conditions in an exceptional sector
Martin-Bariteau, Florian - University of Ottawa $55,124
Les secrets et les lanceurs d'alerte dans un monde numérique
Moffette, David - University of Ottawa $70,053
Bruckert, Christine - University of Ottawa (co-applicant)
Jama, Sadia - Ottawa Hospital Research Institute (collaborator)
Snow, Lindsay - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Marginalized Communities in Ottawa: Experiences with the Police
Ott, Dennis - University of Ottawa $57,582
Brunelle, Marc - University of Ottawa (collaborator)
Mathieu, Éric - University of Ottawa (collaborator)
Incomplete Questions in French: Implications for the Theory of Ellipsis
Ouellet, Anne-Marie - University of Ottawa $54,915
Bussières, Nancy - Université du Québec à Montréal (collaborator)
Mettre en scène des personnes plutôt que des personnages : perspectives éthiques et esthétiques d’une tendance dramaturgique contemporaine
Perron, Amélie - University of Ottawa $68,183
Holmes, Dave - University of Ottawa (co-applicant)
Jacob, Jean Daniel - University of Ottawa (co-applicant)
Larose-Hébert, Katharine - Université Laval (co-applicant)
Encounters with service providers as mediators of transitions out of homelessness: An Intersectional Study
Quaid, Jennifer - University of Ottawa $67,021
Sentencing Organizational Offenders: Building a Creative Sentencing Framework
Stalcup, Meg - University of Ottawa $67,018
Viral Conspiracies: An Anthropology of Rumour, Media, and Emerging Infectious Diseases in Brazil
Straehle, Christine - University of Ottawa $44,490
Asylum, Refuge and Justice - An Ethics and Political Philosophy of Refuge
Tippett, Christine - University of Ottawa $69,090
Milford, Todd - University of Victoria (co-applicant)
Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) in early childhood education: Possibilities and challenges
Vieira Velloso, Joao Gustavo - University of Ottawa $53,362
Sentence severity and deportation: mapping criminality and collateral consequences of punishment at the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada
Watson, Jada - University of Ottawa $58,870
Vellino, André - University of Ottawa (collaborator)
Gender Representation in the Country Music Industry, 1944-2017
Yazbeck, Myra - University of Ottawa $56,900
Khaled, Mohamad - University of Queensland (collaborator)
Makdissi, Paul - University of Ottawa (co-applicant)
Contributions to the measurement of socioeconomic inequalities
University of Toronto
Ansloos, Jeffrey - University of Toronto $68,965
Gaertner, David - The University of British Columbia (collaborator)
Liu, Sam - University of Victoria (collaborator)
Rethinking Social and Political Dimensions of Indigenous Mental Health with Indigenous Social Media
Banerjee, Ananya - University of Toronto $66,398
Gucciardi, Enza - Ryerson University (co-applicant)
Guruge, Sepali - Ryerson University (co-applicant)
Wigle, Jannah - University of Toronto (co-applicant)
Exploring the Influence of Migration on Diabetes among Sri Lankan Immigrants through an Intersectional Analytical Framework
Bernard, Seth - University of Toronto $69,180
Fleitmann, Dominik - University of Reading (collaborator)
The Formation of the Economy of Roman Italy: Latium, Etruria, and Samnium, 500 - 200 BCE
Berrey, Ellen - University of Toronto $68,645
Hanna, Alex - University of Toronto (co-applicant)
U.S. and Canadian Anti-Racism Student Protests, 2012-2016
Blake, Liza - University of Toronto $43,021
Choose Your Own Poems and Fancies: An Interactive Digital Edition and Study of Margaret Cavendish’s Atom Poems
Burke, Lydia - University of Toronto $44,153
Navas Iannini, Ana Maria - University of Toronto (collaborator)
Could this be a Place for Us? A Community-Level Analysis Exploring the Engagement of Children from a Low-Income Community with a Local Science Centre
Charise, Andrea - University of Toronto $40,270
Novel Remedies: Literature, Health, and the Creative Recovery of the Humanities
Chasteen, Alison - University of Toronto $66,001
Tagliamonte, Sali - University of Toronto (co-applicant)
Sociolinguistic and psychological impacts of language in later life
Childress, C. Clayton - University of Toronto $72,262
Schneiderhan, Erik - University of Toronto (co-applicant)
Drafting Change: The Visions and Revisions of Nelson Mandela
Chmielewski, Anna - University of Toronto $38,498
Canadian and Global Trends in Socio-economic Segregation between Schools, 1964-2015
Cohen, Nicole - University of Toronto $49,008
Gender, Race, and Work in Digital Journalism
Cortinois, Andrea - University of Toronto $69,143
Gastaldo, Denise - University of Toronto (co-applicant)
Mayell, Stephanie - University of Toronto (collaborator)
Stewart, Suzanne - University of Toronto (co-applicant)
Wong, Josephine - Ryerson University (co-applicant)
Fractured Families, Fractured Communities: Comparing the Lived Experiences of Temporary Foreign Workers and Indigenous People Relocating from Rural to Urban Areas, in Canada
Dacome, Lucia - University of Toronto $60,809
Healing Slaves: Health, Medicine, and Slavery in Early Modern Italy
Dyrda, Sebastian - University of Toronto $30,977
Kaplan, Greg - University of Chicago (collaborator)
Rios Rull, Jose Victor - University of Pennsylvania (collaborator)
Home Base: A comprehensive macroeconomic perspective of living arrangements of young adults around the world
Enright, Theresa - University of Toronto $63,794
Art in Transit: The Cultural Politics of Infrastructure
Fu, Diana - University of Toronto $66,524
Thought Control and Gender Politics in Authoritarian China
Goldman, Jim - University of Toronto $48,493
Cziraki, Peter - University of Toronto (co-applicant)
How do boards dismiss CEOs? The informational role of financial markets and financial innovation
Gu, Jiaying - University of Toronto $40,077
Unobserved Heterogeneity in Structural Dynamic Discrete Choice Models
Hampton, Alexander - University of Toronto $38,220
Environmental Spirituality in the New Nature Writing
Hemmasi, Farzaneh - University of Toronto $52,450
Barker, Joshua - University of Toronto (collaborator)
Jimenez, Gabriela - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Toronto Music City: The View from Kensington Market
Hewitt, Jim - University of Toronto $51,642
Reid, Mary - University of Toronto (co-applicant)
Reid, Steven - University of Toronto (collaborator)
A new approach to Ontario's problems with elementary school mathematics
Hughes, Sara - University of Toronto $54,292
Learning from the Flint Water Crisis: Measuring and Mapping Urban Water Stress
Kaplan, Sarah - University of Toronto $48,201
Fosbrook, Bretton - University of Toronto (collaborator)
Working beyond the gender binary: Designing quantitative research strategies that reflect gender identities and expressions for workplace data
Kempf, Arlo - University of Toronto $48,366
Bascia, Nina - University of Toronto (co-applicant)
Implicit Bias and Teacher Professional Practices at the Individual and Institutional Levels: Investigating Mitigation and Elimination Practices in Secondary Schools
Khapko, Mariana - University of Toronto $41,179
Dargnies, Marie-Pierre - Université Paris-Dauphine (Paris IX) (collaborator)
Haas, Marlene - Cornerstone Research (collaborator)
Zoican, Marius - Université Paris-Dauphine (Paris IX) (co-applicant)
Speed and Market Structure in the Digital Age
Kiang, Michael - University of Toronto $41,560
Girard, Todd - Ryerson University (collaborator)
The relationship between religiosity and neural markers of meaning prediction
Kilroy-Marac, Kathleen - University of Toronto $58,462
Dwelling in Possibility: Tiny Houses as conduits for material, social, and ethical transformation
Kleber, Pia - University of Toronto $57,410
Budde, Antje - University of Toronto (collaborator)
Dickinson, Sven - University of Toronto (collaborator)
Rokeby, David - Ryerson University (collaborator)
Sadeghi, Shiva - University of Toronto (collaborator)
Trojanowska, Tamara - University of Toronto (co-applicant)
An Exploratory Research in the AI-Mediated Arts
Kuuire, Vincent - University of Toronto $60,482
Arku, Godwin - Western University (co-applicant)
Goitom, Mary - York University (collaborator)
Wilson, Kathi - University of Toronto (co-applicant)
Exploring the transnationalism-integration nexus: a study among Nigerian and Eritrean immigrants in Toronto
Logie, Carmen - University of Toronto $65,784
Daniel, CarolAnn - Adelphi University (collaborator)
Newman, Peter - University of Toronto (co-applicant)
Parker, Richard - Columbia University (co-applicant)
Exploring Grassroots Knowledge and Coalition Building Across Sexual Rights Social Movements
McArthur, Victoria - University of Toronto $46,332
Damsel in this Dress
Miles, Andrew - University of Toronto $54,314
A Theoretical and Meta-Analytic Review of Research on Moral Socialization
Miller, Jeanne - University of Toronto $63,540
Montgomery, James - University of Cambridge (collaborator)
A Transmission History of al-Jahiz's Book of Animals
Murray, Sarah - University of Toronto $64,242
Pratt, Catherine - Western University (co-applicant)
The Archaeology of State Failure: Ancient Aegean Society and Economy in 12th century BCE East Attica
O'Neill, Kevin - University of Toronto $73,000
Transnational Clerical Sexual Abuse in Latin America
Plaks, Jason - University of Toronto $57,924
Chasteen, Alison - University of Toronto (collaborator)
Job, Veronika - Dresden University of Technology (Technische Universitat Dresden) (collaborator)
Implicit Theories of Willpower: Identifying Costs and Benefits for Older and Younger Adults' Cognition
Samson, David - University of Toronto $74,913
What is human sleep? A global, comparative investigation of sleep in traditional societies
Sayle, Timothy - University of Toronto $50,840
Canada in the Atomic Age: Unlocking the Nuclear Vault
Schneiderhan, Erik - University of Toronto $68,740
Elrick, Jennifer - McGill University (collaborator)
Raddon, Mary-Beth - Brock University (collaborator)
Crowdworthy? Crowdfunding for Health Care and Education in Canada
Shu, L H - University of Toronto $65,500
Donmez, Birsen - University of Toronto (collaborator)
Lockwood, Penelope - University of Toronto (collaborator)
Combining social psychology and engineering interventions to reduce automobile idling
Silver, Michelle - University of Toronto $38,409
Aging, Embodiment, and Sports: Canadian elite athletes navigating retirement
Super, Gail - University of Toronto $64,752
Precarious Penality on the Periphery - crime and punishment in South Africa’s informal settlements
Tafarodi, Romin - University of Toronto $65,210
Online communication as a platform for deliberative dialogue: The importance of social presence, anonymity, and the imagined audience
Tian, Xu - University of Toronto $47,383
The Macroeconomic Implications of Financial Frictions and Agency Frictions
Yang, Liyan - University of Toronto $51,110
The Real Effects of Central Bank Projections: Theory and Evidence
University of Waterloo
Austen, Veronica - University of Waterloo $25,830
Artful (Un)Belonging: Expressing Racialization through the Visual Arts in Contemporary Canadian Literature
Bilodeau, Annik - University of Waterloo $50,556
“El arte como martillo”: Political Street Art in Contemporary Mexico
Carter, Angela - University of Waterloo $64,011
The Politics of Keeping Fossil Fuels in the Ground: Building and Testing Comparative Theory in Major Producing States
Cordonier Segger, Marie-Claire - University of Waterloo $44,712
Promoting the Sustainable Development Goals through Respect of First Nations Treaties in Canada
Dagtas, Mahiye - University of Waterloo $49,337
Religious Assemblages: An Ethnographic Study of Refugee-Minority Relations along the Turkish Syrian Border
Deman, Jonathon - University of Waterloo $18,183
Counting Claremont: Sexuality, Subversion and Symbolic Capital in Comics’ Longest Single-Author Run
Denison, Stephanie - University of Waterloo $64,676
The development of social causal reasoning in infancy: Using others' emotions to direct behaviour
Dodd, Warren - University of Waterloo $66,102
Cole, Donald - University of Toronto (co-applicant)
Lau, Lincoln - University of Toronto (collaborator)
Liu, Jennifer - University of Waterloo (co-applicant)
The role of social capital in navigating the social welfare system among income poor households in the Philippines
Evans, Stephen - University of Waterloo $45,765
Urban damage and civilian life loss in RAF bomber command area attachs on German cities 1942-45
Fulfer, Katy - University of Waterloo $49,618
Gardiner, Rita - Western University (co-applicant)
From Rootlessness to Belonging: An Arendtian Critique of the Family as a Structure of Refugee Assimilation
Hulan, Shelley - University of Waterloo $34,222
Panja, Shormishtha - University of Delhi (collaborator)
Bearing the Cupboard for the World: The Literature and Rhetoric of Food Scarcity in Late Colonial Canada and India
Janes, Craig - University of Waterloo $74,321
Liu, Jennifer - University of Waterloo (co-applicant)
Mukonka, Victor - Zambian National Public Health Institute (collaborator)
Njungu, Mwimanenwa - Copperbelt University (collaborator)
Mining Contradictions: Reconciling Gender, Mining and Governance in Zambia under Canada's Feminist International Assistance Policy
Johnson, Peter - University of Waterloo $69,732
Uncovering the Benefits and Challenges to Direct Citizen Editing of Government Geospatial Data
Juutilainen, Sandra - University of Waterloo $68,194
Freeman, Bonnie - McMaster University (co-applicant)
Hanning, Rhona - University of Waterloo (co-applicant)
Manson, Heather - Public Health Ontario (co-applicant)
Yessis, Jennifer - University of Waterloo (co-applicant)
Truth Telling: Gardens, farming and food experiences at the Mohawk Institute Indian Residential School
Keleta-Mae, Naila - University of Waterloo $35,253
Black and Free in the 21st Century
MacDonald, Shana - University of Waterloo $47,839
The Personal is Aesthetic: The Formal Politics of Feminist Film and Media
Momani, Bessma - University of Waterloo $68,151
Testing Resiliency to Right-Wing Populism
Nguyen, Vinh - University of Waterloo $41,696
Pay It Forward: Circuits of Refugee Solidarity in Canada
Pittman, Jeremy - University of Waterloo $74,428
Crafting a new type of conservation governance in Canada
Przybylski, Maya - University of Waterloo $57,383
Reclaiming the Smart City: Advancing Architects’ Role in Shaping the Built Environment Through Richer Engagement with Soft Materials
Quilley, Stephen - University of Waterloo $62,753
Johnson, Sherry - York University (collaborator)
Lederman, Anne - York University (collaborator)
Lynes, Jennifer - University of Waterloo (co-applicant)
Sparling, Heather - Cape Breton University (co-applicant)
Veblen, Kari - Western University (collaborator)
Vinodrai, Tara - University of Waterloo (collaborator)
Waldron, Janice - University of Windsor (collaborator)
A Pattern Language for Traditional Music and Sustainable Communities
Quinlan, Andrea - University of Waterloo $74,233
Assembled and Forgotten: An Examination of Forensic Sexual Assault Kit Backlogs in Canada
Reid-Musson, Emily - University of Waterloo $36,272
Strauss, Kendra - Simon Fraser University (co-applicant)
Family farms as exceptional workplaces: ideals and impacts on vulnerable workers
Wilkins-Laflamme, Sarah - University of Waterloo $47,667
Beaman, Lori - University of Ottawa (collaborator)
Beyer, Peter - University of Ottawa (collaborator)
Bibby, Reginald - University of Lethbridge (collaborator)
LeDrew, Stephen - Memorial University of Newfoundland (collaborator)
Mossière, Géraldine - Université de Montréal (collaborator)
Thiessen, Joel - Ambrose University College (collaborator)
Tomlins, Steven - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Surveying Millennials’ Non-Religious Homophily and Social Distance
Zhu, Kejia - University of Waterloo $63,624
Schulz, Martin - The University of British Columbia (co-applicant)
Knowledge Sourcing of Organizational Rules
University of Windsor
Habibov, Nazim - University of Windsor $48,662
Fan, Lida - Lakehead University (co-applicant)
The origins of life satisfaction in Canada
MacArthur, Laura - University of Windsor $35,719
Gender, Genre, and Power in the Theatre Blogosphere
Scharoun Benson, Sara - University of Windsor $69,090
Increasing our knowledge of social and motor skills in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder to help better understand participation in social activities
Voronka, Jijian - University of Windsor $66,995
Chandler, Eliza - Ryerson University (co-applicant)
Guta, Adrian - University of Windsor (co-applicant)
Logie, Carmen - University of Toronto (co-applicant)
Vasey, Adam - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Producing service user counternarratives to homelessness in Windsor's downtown core
Zhong, Ligang - University of Windsor $50,983
Ursel, Nancy - University of Windsor (co-applicant)
Corporate Governance and CEO Turnover: Evidence from Unionization and Merger Withdrawal
Wilfrid Laurier University
Amaya, Diego - Wilfrid Laurier University $60,940
Kalimipalli, Madhu - Wilfrid Laurier University (co-applicant)
Wei, Jason - University of Toronto (co-applicant)
Understanding corporate governance effects through option markets
Chen, Kai - Wilfrid Laurier University $69,904
Jha, Ranjini - University of Waterloo (co-applicant)
Kalimipalli, Madhu - Wilfrid Laurier University (co-applicant)
The effect of stock index revisions on credit markets
Coulombe, Simon - Wilfrid Laurier University $60,044
Contandriopoulos, Damien - University of Victoria (co-applicant)
Newmaster, Sharon - Waterloo Region District School Board (co-applicant)
School and family engagement in the positive education of newcomer students: An innovative project-focused sociogram approach to explore the wellbeing goals and aspirations of students, parents and school staff
Gottardo, Alexandra - Wilfrid Laurier University $74,990
Chen, Xi - University of Toronto (co-applicant)
Ferreira, Aline - University of California - Santa Barbara (co-applicant)
Koh, Poh Wee - Florida State University (collaborator)
Schwieter, John - Wilfrid Laurier University (co-applicant)
Steele, Jeffrey - University of Toronto (collaborator)
Wood, Eileen - Wilfrid Laurier University (collaborator)
Language experience and linguistic skills among multilingual learners in higher education
Liang, Lindie - Wilfrid Laurier University $62,261
Brown, Douglas - University of Waterloo (co-applicant)
It’s About Time: Moving Toward a Dynamic Temporal Framework of Leader Mistreatment
McCaig, Brian - Wilfrid Laurier University $38,384
Pavcnik, Nina - Dartmouth College (co-applicant)
Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and the transition to adulthood: education, work, marriage, and fertility
Morris, Martin - Wilfrid Laurier University $57,876
Indigenous Performance Art, Spirituality and Politics in Post-Secular Democratic Contexts: Case Studies of the Maori Peoples
Plach, Eva - Wilfrid Laurier University $30,942
The Seagoing Cowboys Set Sail for Poland: People, Animals & Place, 1945-47
Rambukkana, Nathan - Wilfrid Laurier University $41,157
Exploring Digital Intimacies in the Emergent Field of Platform Studies through Haptics
Sawchuk, Dana - Wilfrid Laurier University $42,130
With Their Own Eyes, In Their Own Words: Exploring Older Women's Use and Understanding of Women's Magazines
Simonetto, Deana - Wilfrid Laurier University $62,235
Hannem, Stacey - Wilfrid Laurier University (co-applicant)
Football, Family & Concussions: An examination of families experiences with traumatic brain injuries in the Canadian Football League
York University
Ben-Ishai, Stephanie - York University $49,191
Ramsay, Iain - University of Kent at Canterbury (collaborator)
Access to Bankruptcy: A Study of Military NINA Debtors
Buiani, Roberta - York University $44,303
Emergent: coping with complex phenomena
Bunch, Martin - York University $75,000
Victor, Peter - York University (co-applicant)
Wackernagel, Mathis - No primary affiliation (co-applicant)
Developing the Ecological Footprint Research Initiative
Burghardt, Madeline - York University $51,846
Benegbi, Mercédes - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
A difficult life: The impact of thalidomide on Canadian families
Cortes, Matias - York University $61,229
Tschopp, Jeanne - Ryerson University (co-applicant)
Changes in Wage Inequality and Job Polarization: Understanding the Role of the Firm
Dossou-Yovo, Angelo - York University $52,233
Makani, Joyline - Dalhousie University (co-applicant)
Crowdsourcing and entrepreneurial opportunities: Towards a framework for opportunity recognition and development
Elliott, Denielle - York University $65,513
Kraljii Gardiner, Elee - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Wolf-Meyer, Matthew - State University of New York at Binghamton (collaborator)
Neurological Imaginaries: An Ethnography with/of Arts, Affect, and Brain Injuries
Epstein, Iris - York University $68,992
Barker, Donna - University of Toronto (collaborator)
Dadashi, Nastaran - George Brown College (collaborator)
Da Silva, Celina - York University (co-applicant)
Faloutsos, Petros - York University (collaborator)
Jennings, Anita - George Brown College (co-applicant)
Mihailidis, Alex - University of Toronto (collaborator)
Peisachovich, Eva - York University (co-applicant)
Smith, James - York University (collaborator)
The landscape of practice placements for students with disabilities: A participatory-design approach
Farley, Lisa - York University $60,734
Chang-Kredl, Sandra - Concordia University (co-applicant)
Garlen, Julie - Georgia Southern University (co-applicant)
Sonu, Debbie - Hunter College (co-applicant)
A Multi-Site Study on Teacher Conceptualizations of Childhood: Memories, Artefacts, and Cultural Tropes
Kipping, Matthias - York University $68,950
The changing global landscape of management consulting: Exploring the rise of India
Langlois, Ganaele - York University $33,771
Amin, Munira - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
MacHenry, Rachel - OCAD University (collaborator)
Pruska-Oldenhof, Izabella - Ryerson University (collaborator)
Sharma, Sarah - University of Toronto (collaborator)
Communication Beyond Words: Textile and Social Change
Liegghio, Maria - York University $57,480
Sdao-Jarvie, Katherine - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Sloos, Renee - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Crisis responses, policing and police encounters with psychiatrically "at-risk" children and youth
Murray, David - York University $39,572
Still Poz, Still Queer, Still Here: Long Term HIV+ Queer Men in the Age of Treatment (1996-2018)
Parker, Lana - York University $47,846
What is the Role of Literacy Education in a Post-Truth Era?
Peisachovich, Eva - York University $62,218
Appel, Lora - York University (co-applicant)
Beharry, Melesa - York University (collaborator)
Da Silva, Celina - York University (co-applicant)
Epstein, Iris - York University (co-applicant)
Gal, Raya - York University (co-applicant)
Nelles, Laura Jayne - Mount Sinai Hospital (collaborator)
Popovic, Celia - York University (collaborator)
Shachak, Aviv - University of Toronto (co-applicant)
Simulated person methodology as an experiential education approach: a study of student experiences and impact on professional development
Rousseau, Audrey - York University $67,834
Documenter le phénomène des femmes et des filles autochtones disparues et assassinées au Québec: Une cartographie des mémoires anishinabées pour éduquer les coeurs et honorer les disparues
Shubert, Adrian - York University $50,932
Cothran, Boyd - York University (co-applicant)
Vessel of Globalization: the Worlds of the Edwin Fox, 1853-1905
Topak, Ozgun - York University $52,451
Governing Refugees by Vetting
Tungohan, Ethel - York University $66,857
Permanently Temporary? An Analysis of Discourses and Policies on Temporary Foreign Work in Canada from 1973 to 2016
Tusikov, Natasha - York University $65,834
Goodman, Nicole - Brock University (co-applicant)
Haggart, Blayne - Brock University (co-applicant)
Spicer, Zachary - University of Toronto (co-applicant)
Governing Knowledge and Data in Smart Cities



Brandon University
Farrell, Alysha - Brandon University $61,665
A Walk Through the Void: Adolescent Drug Use in Rural Communities
Herron, Rachel - Brandon University $56,257
Allan, Jonathan - Brandon University (co-applicant)
Roger, Kerstin - University of Manitoba (co-applicant)
Waddell, Candice - Brandon University (co-applicant)
Changing rural masculinities and mental wellness: A Prairie case study
The University of Winnipeg
Gavrus, Delia - The University of Winnipeg $42,701
The Magician From Montreal: A Biography of Wilder Penfield
Miller, Peter - The University of Winnipeg $27,072
Sports: Between Hellenism and Modernity
Moore, Aaron - The University of Winnipeg $59,734
Comparing the politics of urban development in two suburban cities: Institutional difference and the myth of suburban ennui
Shukla, Shailesh - The University of Winnipeg $62,623
Henry, Carol - University of Saskatchewan (collaborator)
Settee, Priscilla - University of Saskatchewan (collaborator)
Thompson, Shirley - University of Manitoba (collaborator)
Weaving Indigenous food knowledges and perspectives for food Security and community resilience: Case Studies from Manitoba
Stroud, Tom - The University of Winnipeg $63,528
Buchli, Ines - York University (co-applicant)
Murphy, Gayle - The University of British Columbia (co-applicant)
Utilizing BOS Method Effector Patterns as a Mechanism for Emotion Control in Contemporary Acting
University of Manitoba
Alexandrin, Elizabeth - University of Manitoba $54,565
Ballanfat, Paul-Albert - Académie de Lyon (co-applicant)
Mystical Messianisms and the End of Religion
Buchanan, Sean - University of Manitoba $66,786
Ruebottom, Trish - Brock University (co-applicant)
Toubiana, Madeline - University of Alberta (co-applicant)
Turchick Hakak, Luciana - University of the Fraser Valley (co-applicant)
Uber'ing away stigma: The impact of sharing technology on stigmatized occupations
Charron, Andrea - University of Manitoba $27,833
Lilly, Meredith - Carleton University (collaborator)
Canada’s Use of Economic Sanctions: Still Symbolic?
Fenton, Lara - University of Manitoba $58,694
Luprypa, Samara - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Teetzel, Sarah - University of Manitoba (collaborator)
The Gender Project: Using drag performance to explore gender identity with transgender youth
Hande, Mary Jean - University of Manitoba $64,840
Marcelino, Diwa - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Migrant Care Work and the Geopolitics of “Aging in Place” in Canada
Li, Fabiana - University of Manitoba $64,430
Who Owns Quinoa? Extending Food Security and Intellectual Property Rights from Peru to the World
Mann, Janelle - University of Manitoba $42,566
Skolrud, Tristan - University of Saskatchewan (co-applicant)
Unintended consequences of fuel ethanol: market competitiveness and climate change
Perry, Adele - University of Manitoba $36,977
Connecting the Fur-Trade and Transatlantic Slavery, 1821-1865
Peyton, Jonathan - University of Manitoba $47,232
Energy Imaginaries: Legacies of Unbuilt Megaprojects in Canada's North
Tamtik, Merli - University of Manitoba $38,701
Deer, Frank - University of Manitoba (co-applicant)
Indigenous Youth Entrepreneurship in Winnipeg, Manitoba
Torrie, Virginia - University of Manitoba $43,765
Farm Insolvency Law During the 1930s and 1940s: An Empirical Study of the Farmers' Creditors Arrangement Act in Manitoba and Ontario



Athabasca University
DeGagne, Alexa - Athabasca University $48,316
The changing relationship between LGBTQ people and police organizations in Canada
Vallee, Mickey - Athabasca University $34,578
Voice Assistants and the New Human/Computer Intimacy: An Instrumental Case Study
Concordia University of Edmonton
Caufield, Catherine - Concordia University of Edmonton $39,813
Our Canada: Jewish-Canadian Women Writers
Grant MacEwan University
Milne, Emily - Grant MacEwan University $67,445
Wotherspoon, Terry - University of Saskatchewan (co-applicant)
Examining Indigenous Family/School Relationships and Schooling Initiatives in Edmonton Alberta
Mount Royal University
Lexier, Roberta - Mount Royal University $64,100
The Lewis Family Business: Eighty Years of Left-Wing Activism
NorQuest College
Goble, Erika - NorQuest College $36,853
Kezema, Terri - NorQuest College (collaborator)
Sayer, Leslie - NorQuest College (collaborator)
Moral Distress among Post-Secondary Educators: a Pilot Study
University of Alberta
Arnhold, Anja - University of Alberta $74,917
Nadasdi, Terry - Alberta Foundation for the Arts (collaborator)
Speech prosody of new vs. shared information in Canadian English
Breitkreuz, Rhonda - University of Alberta $66,982
Are mothers opting-out? Exploring underemployment among mothers with preschool children
Dahlke, Sherry - University of Alberta $67,400
Baumbusch, Jennifer - The University of British Columbia (collaborator)
Davidson, Sandra - University of Alberta (co-applicant)
Fox, Mary - York University (collaborator)
The Conundrum of Learning to Work with Older People: A Descriptive Case Study of Social Learning in Nursing Education
Di Stasio, Maria - University of Alberta $73,985
Harley, Jason - University of Alberta (co-applicant)
Konishi, Chiaki - McGill University (co-applicant)
Gay-Straight Alliances in High Schools: A Closer Examination of Youth Participation and Well-being
Galovan, Adam - University of Alberta $44,848
Bradbury, Thomas - University of California, Los Angeles (collaborator)
Carroll, Jason - Brigham Young University (collaborator)
Ledermann, Thomas - Florida State University (collaborator)
Schramm, David - Utah State University (collaborator)
Applying a Strong Relationality Framework to Relationship Science
Gareau, Paul - University of Alberta $69,765
Dumont, Marilyn - University of Alberta (collaborator)
Gaudet, Janice - University of Alberta (collaborator)
Jobin, Shalene - University of Alberta (collaborator)
Kermoal, Nathalie - University of Alberta (co-applicant)
Supernant, Kisha - University of Alberta (co-applicant)
Métis Kinscapes: Researching Métis Relations and Peoplehood at Lac Ste. Anne, AB
Goodman, Karen - University of Alberta $37,500
Archie, Billy - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Dutton, Jessica - Aurora Research Institute (co-applicant)
Geary, Janis - University of Alberta (co-applicant)
Josie, Paul - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Nukon, Verna - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Quilty, Douglas - University of Alberta (collaborator)
Storr, Evelyn - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Developing collaborative research to identify the impacts of Helicobacter pylori genomics research on northern Canadian Indigenous communities
Guptill, Christine - University of Alberta $58,215
Ackermann, Bronwen - University of Sydney (co-applicant)
Cooper, Karyn - Democracy Education Network (collaborator)
Roduta Roberts, Mary - University of Alberta (co-applicant)
Visentin, Peter - University of Lethbridge (co-applicant)
Wijsman, Suzanne - University of Western Australia (co-applicant)
Sound Performers Canada: Impact of a blended learning course for occupational resilience in post-secondary music students
Haggerty, Kevin - University of Alberta $66,100
Corrections in the Time of the Opioid Crisis
Hannigan, Timothy - University of Alberta $58,581
Briggs, Anthony - University of Alberta (co-applicant)
Hand, Mark - University of Texas at Austin (collaborator)
The Cultural Holes of Entrepreneurial Ecosystems
Jiang, Yuanyuan - University of Alberta $59,986
Johnston, Charlotte - The University of British Columbia (collaborator)
Pfiffner, Linda - University of California, San Francisco (collaborator)
Rogers, Maria - University of Ottawa (co-applicant)
Understanding parent and teacher cognitions related to parent-teacher collaboration
Lounsbury, Michael - University of Alberta $55,000
University Sustainability and Institutional Complexity
M Coraiola, Diego - University of Alberta $65,417
Board Membership and Art Philanthropy
Milburn, Trelani - University of Alberta $63,687
Talking Families
Nkuiya, Bruno - University of Alberta $61,015
Regional fisheries management organizations under climate variability: the case of spatially connected fisheries
Oriola, Temitope - University of Alberta $63,639
Knight, Andy - University of Alberta (co-applicant)
Failure to detonate: Gender and inchoate suicide missions
Thomas, Jesse - University of Alberta $58,824
Wei, Hua - Zhengzhou University of Light Industry (collaborator)
Zhang, Beizheng - Zhengzhou University of Light Industry (collaborator)
Ink and Oil: Canadian and Chinese Collaborative Perspectives on Nature and Culture
van Kessel, Cathryn - University of Alberta $57,348
Teacher Education, Diversity, and Worldview Threat
Zheng, Yao - University of Alberta $34,324
Parenting and adolescent development in daily life
University of Calgary
Banerjee, Pallavi - University of Calgary $66,265
A Comparative Intersectional Analysis of the Resettlement Process and Integration Paths of Syrian and Rohingya Refugees in Canada and the US
Bergeron, Marie-Andrée - University of Calgary $36,161
Les reconfigurations de la prose d'idées féministe depuis Dirty Plottes (1988-1991) jusqu'à Le principe du cumshot (2017) : une diversification des pratiques, des discours, des publics
Burns, Ryan - University of Calgary $53,655
The Politics of Knowledge Representation in Open Data and Smart Cities
Chu, Man-Wai - University of Calgary $74,675
Shanahan, Marie-Claire - University of Calgary (co-applicant)
Measuring Cross-Curricular Competencies using Digitally Simulated Science Laboratories
Climie, Emma - University of Calgary $64,224
Dimitropoulos, Gina - University of Calgary (collaborator)
Landine, Jeffrey - University of New Brunswick (collaborator)
McLuckie, Alan - University of Calgary (co-applicant)
Schachar, Russell - University of Toronto (collaborator)
Szeto, Andrew - University of Calgary (collaborator)
Strength and Stigma in Individuals with ADHD
Exner-Cortens, Deinera - University of Calgary $65,134
Owens, Julie - Ohio University (co-applicant)
Pawluk, Chris - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Roberts, Gregory - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Saah, Rebecca - University of Calgary (co-applicant)
Diffusing the Daily Report Card: Exploring the Utility of an Innovative Coaching Model to Support Dissemination of an Evidence-Based Resource in Canadian Elementary Schools
Fast, Victoria - University of Calgary $58,383
Accessible Mobility: Getting Around in the Smart City
Griep, Yannick - University of Calgary $61,365
Vantilborgh, Tim - Vrije Universiteit Brussel (co-applicant)
Psychological contracts as dynamic networks of mutual promises and obligations
Hidaji, Hooman - University of Calgary $53,975
Gopal, Ram - University of Connecticut (collaborator)
Patterson, Raymond - University of Calgary (collaborator)
Third parties and flow of information on the Internet
Hogan, Mél - University of Calgary $27,980
Storing Genomic Data: New Media-Historical Contexts for “Coding Life”
Keller, Jessalynn - University of Calgary $36,330
"This Pussy Grabs Back:" Anti-Trump Resistances Across Feminized Media Cultures
Kopala-Sibley, Daniel - University of Calgary $64,452
Understanding parenting: Examining interactions between children's genes and temperament and their parent's temperament in predicting parenting behaviours
Koskinen, Yrjo - University of Calgary $65,000
Choi, Kyoung Jin - University of Calgary (co-applicant)
Uncertainty and Incentives for Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Laumonier, Lucie - University of Calgary $58,176
Families in Fifteenth Century Languedoc: Norms, Customs, Transgressions
Lee, Yeonjung - University of Calgary $65,410
Bierman, Alex - University of Calgary (co-applicant)
Penning, Margaret - University of Victoria (co-applicant)
Venturato, Lorraine - University of Calgary (co-applicant)
Whitmarsh, Luanne - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
The Complexity of the Caregiving Outcomes: Understanding the Role of Social Statuses and Social Resources
Lightman, Naomi - University of Calgary $54,148
Good Gingrich, Luann - York University (co-applicant)
Kiziltan, Ümit - Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (collaborator)
Sorting and Shaping: The Dynamics of Labour Market Exclusion for Female Migrant Care Workers in Canada, 1980-2014
Maier, Ralph - University of Calgary $24,928
Oss-Cech Chiacchia, Maria - University of Calgary (co-applicant)
Renaissance Cross-Cultural Resonances: The Making of MS. Magl. CL XIX. 109
McGrath, Daniel - University of Calgary $54,730
Campbell, Tavis - University of Calgary (co-applicant)
The Leisure and Social Determinants of Electronic Cigarette Use among Young Adults
McKay, Benedict - University of Calgary $66,810
Colque, Gonzalo - Fundación TIERRA (collaborator)
Food sovereignty and neo-extractivism: limits and possibilities, convergences and contradictions
Paris, Elizabeth - University of Calgary $74,210
Hare, Timothy - Morehead State University (collaborator)
Peraza, Carlos - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
The Marketplace of Mayapan: Archaeological Investigations into Economy and Power
Pierson, Ryan - University of Calgary $46,205
Prophet-Wizards in the Commons: Re-Examining Vachel Lindsay's Film Theory for the Digital Age
Rudd, Annie - University of Calgary $44,334
Unseen Observers: Histories of the Candid Photograph
Skordos, Dimitrios - University of Calgary $74,993
Successes and failures of children’s reasoning with language
Tuxhorn, Kim-Lee - University of Calgary $64,274
Learning to Love (or Hate) Globalization: The Role of Information in Trade Policy Preferences
Walls, Matthew - University of Calgary $69,762
Kapustka, Katarína - Academy of Sciences Czech Republic (collaborator)
Pauknerová, Karolína - Charles University (collaborator)
Pedersen, Mikkel - University of Cambridge (co-applicant)
Pokorný, Petr - Charles University (collaborator)
A Molecular Perspective on Hunter-Gatherer Creativity in the Mesolithic of Northern Bohemia
Zwicker, Jennifer - University of Calgary $69,448
Arim, Rubab - Statistics Canada (collaborator)
Dutton, Daniel - University of Calgary (co-applicant)
Kohen, Dafna - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Lach, Lucyna - McGill University (co-applicant)
Nicholas, David - University of Calgary (co-applicant)
O'Grady, Kathleen - Concordia University (collaborator)
Who benefits from government disability financial support? An assessment of how disability benefits support caregivers of children with severe disabilities in Canada at different incomes.
University of Lethbridge
Cooley, Dana - University of Lethbridge $71,200
To Hear a Shadow
Giroux, Monique - University of Lethbridge $28,550
Bringing Métis Music Home: A Repatriation Project
Granzow, Kara - University of Lethbridge $57,230
Dean, Amber - McMaster University (co-applicant)
Settler Colonial Place-Making in Alberta: Sexualized Violence, Extractivism, Cowboy Culture
Hughes, Bryn - University of Lethbridge $27,323
The Effect of Style on Musical Syntax
Leween, Jackson - University of Lethbridge $73,496
Foster, Stephen - The University of British Columbia (collaborator)
Lewis, Jason - Concordia University (collaborator)
ManyGuns, Linda - University of Lethbridge (collaborator)
IIKAAKIIMAAT: Indigenous Arts and Transdisciplinary Praxis
MacDonald, Adriane - University of Lethbridge $44,391
Dann, Stephen - Australian National University (collaborator)
Navigating Paradoxical Tensions with Sense-making Tools: A Study of Lego Serious Play for Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships
Pras, Amandine - University of Lethbridge $74,000
Bell, Adam - University of Calgary (co-applicant)
Clemens-Seely, James - The Banff Centre (collaborator)
Olivier, Emmanuelle - Centre national de la recherche scientifique (collaborator)
Practices and social aspects of the 21st century recording studio
Shin, Duckjung - University of Lethbridge $31,536
Behnam, Donya - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Enoh, Jackson - University of Lethbridge (collaborator)
Konrad, Alison - Western University (co-applicant)
Woodwark, Meredith - Wilfrid Laurier University (collaborator)
Human Resource Management as a Social System within an Organization
Smither, Devon - University of Lethbridge $37,892
The Whitney Women and American Modern Art, 1905-1930
Tajbakhsh, Alireza - University of Lethbridge $61,962
Agricultural Supply Chain Management: Perspectives of Sustainability-Conscious Policy-Makers in Canada
Wiltshire, Jocelyn - University of Lethbridge $54,712
Ansari, Mahfooz - University of Lethbridge (co-applicant)
Williams-Whitt, Kelly - University of Lethbridge (co-applicant)
The Dark Side of Leadership: Correlates and Consequences of Dark Political Skill in the Workplace
Young, Julie - University of Lethbridge $38,641
Good Gingrich, Luann - York University (co-applicant)
Contested border crossings: Assessing the impacts of Canadian refugee deterrence policies and practices



St. Thomas More College
Konshuh, Courtnay - St. Thomas More College $21,875
Intercultural Exchange in the Germanic Migration Period, Kent, England
Smith, Charles - St. Thomas More College $48,981
Paré, Daniel - University of Ottawa (co-applicant)
Free to Express Yourself Off-Duty?: Workplace Discipline in the Age of Social Media
Yuzwa, Zachary - St. Thomas More College $50,166
Old Words, New World: Reading the Past and Writing the Other in the Latin Literature of New France
University of Regina
Matheson, Ian - University of Regina $29,128
MacCormack, Jeffrey - University of Lethbridge (co-applicant)
Building Comprehension with Graphic Text: An Examination of the Meaning-Making Process for Students
Miller, Andrew - University of Regina $64,980
McNab, Miriam - First Nations University of Canada (collaborator)
Weenie, Angelina - First Nations University of Canada (co-applicant)
Wilson, Wanda - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Reconnecting people, land and language in an Indigenous cultural landscape
Novotna, Gabriela - University of Regina $56,161
Funke, Oba - University of Regina (co-applicant)
Gebhard, Amanda - University of Regina (co-applicant)
Hogarth, Kathy - University of Waterloo (co-applicant)
Luhanga, Florence - University of Regina (co-applicant)
McNeil, Barbara - University of Regina (co-applicant)
Experiences of Racialized Students in Education, Nursing, and Social Work University Programs in Saskatchewan
Osmond-Johnson, Pamela - University of Regina $59,498
Cappello, Michael - University of Regina (co-applicant)
Dwyer, Kyran - Canadian Association of Principals (collaborator)
Lamoureux, Kevin - University of Manitoba (collaborator)
Lindeman, Carlana - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Leading Reconciliation Education: The Strategic Advocacy of School Principals in the Prairies
Pennycook, Gordon - University of Regina $48,730
The everyday consequences of analytic thinking
Rogers, Randal - University of Regina $34,679
Wilderness of Mirrors: Spies and Queer Subjects in Visual Culture
University of Saskatchewan
Androsoff, Ashleigh - University of Saskatchewan $46,873
A History of Harmony: Integration and Independence among Saskatchewan Doukhobors, 1899-2019
Lee, Damien - University of Saskatchewan $70,000
Coburn, Veldon - McGill University (collaborator)
Horn-Miller, Kahente - Carleton University (co-applicant)
Innes, Robert - University of Saskatchewan (collaborator)
Jerch, Michael - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
The Failure of Section 10: Narrating Three Decades of  Indian Band Membership Policy, 1985 to Present
Michler, Jeffrey - University of Saskatchewan $72,698
Slade, Peter - University of Saskatchewan (co-applicant)
Wu, Steven - Purdue University (collaborator)
Approximation in Complex Pricing Mechanisms
Moore, Dwayne - University of Saskatchewan $32,878
The Causal Exclusion Problem
Okoko, Janet - University of Saskatchewan $47,504
Hyshka, Wendy - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Prowse, Patricia - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Tilbury, Shauna - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
School leadership preparation: Developing programs that ameliorate cognitive dissonance and build cross-cultural understanding with newcomer families
Robson, James - University of Saskatchewan $68,852
Strategies for Building Inclusivity in Mexican Forest Commons
Squires, Vicki - University of Saskatchewan $57,528
London, Chad - University of Saskatchewan (co-applicant)
Interrogating Implications of Adopting the Okanagan Charter: Gauging Impact on
Stewart, Jesse - University of Saskatchewan $62,145
Documentation and archiving of Media Lengua: A rare mixed language spoken in the Ecuadorian Highlands
Thompson, Scott - University of Saskatchewan $62,326
Unmaking Indians: Tracing the Governmental Root Causes of Stereotypes Regarding First Nations, Inuit and Metis Peoples in Canada
Walsh, Megan - University of Saskatchewan $64,871
Arnold, Kara - Memorial University of Newfoundland (collaborator)
Carleton, Erica - University of Saskatchewan (co-applicant)
Addressing stereotype threat for women in leadership: The role of mindfulness


British Columbia

Adler University - Vancouver
Kajner, Tania - Adler University - Vancouver $32,269
The Impact of Community-engaged Scholarship on Formal and Informal Governance in Institutions of Higher Education in Canada
Emily Carr University of Art + Design
Frid-Jimenez, Amber - Emily Carr University of Art + Design $52,452
Ascher, David - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Slade, Kathy - Emily Carr University of Art + Design (co-applicant)
Smith, T'ai - The University of British Columbia (co-applicant)
Reading Charisma: Aesthetics and Politics in the Age of Artificial Intelligence
Kwantlen Polytechnic University
Bernstein, Daniel - Kwantlen Polytechnic University $48,253
Connolly, Deb - Simon Fraser University (co-applicant)
Dror, Itiel - University College London (collaborator)
Confirmation bias for forensic audio evidence
Langara College
Zrill, Lanny - Langara College $41,000
Halevy, Yoram - University of Toronto (co-applicant)
Measuring and Modeling Attention
Royal Roads University
Das, Runa - Royal Roads University $52,332
Duncan, Judy - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Lee, Marc - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Martiskainen, Mari - University of Sussex (co-applicant)
Energy deprivation in everyday living: Estimating, profiling, and escaping energy poverty in Canada
Lokanan, Mark - Royal Roads University $58,764
Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada's Enforcement Performance
Prasad, Ajnesh - Royal Roads University $58,389
Fernando, Dulini - University of Warwick (collaborator)
Determinants motivating diaspora entrepreneurs to return to country of origin
Takach, Geo - Royal Roads University $73,116
Antoine, Asmanahi - Royal Roads University (collaborator)
Interweaving Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Arts-Based Research Towards Environmental Reconciliation
Simon Fraser University
Cooper, Elizabeth - Simon Fraser University $40,063
After the smoke clears: The enduring significance of arson-as-protest for young Kenyans and their politics
de Rooij, Eline - Simon Fraser University $67,506
Foos, Florian - King's College London (collaborator)
Becoming a politically involved citizen: How experiences in countries of origin and social interactions with family and friends shape immigrants’ political attitudes and behaviour
Droumeva, Milena - Simon Fraser University $40,675
Johal, Am - Simon Fraser University (collaborator)
McDougall, Katelyn - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Radicchi, Antonella - Technische Universität Berlin (collaborator)
Soundscapes of Liveability: Exploring the design of the liveable city
Fourot, Aude-Claire - Simon Fraser University $71,340
Refugees and Mechanisms of Governance at the Municipal and Metropolitan Levels: A France-Canada Comparison
Girme, Yuthika - Simon Fraser University $70,862
“Loving You Is Work”: Does Buffering Peoples’ Insecurities Deplete Relationship Partners?
Lesage, Frederik - Simon Fraser University $74,976
Smith, Richard - Simon Fraser University (collaborator)
Software skills in the Media Manifold
Minami, Masahiro - Simon Fraser University $61,070
Field Feasibility and Acceptability Testing of Action-Based Psychosocial Reconciliation Approach in a Post-Genocide Rural Community in Rwanda
Parent, Amy - Simon Fraser University $68,495
Sidaxgat'ini?hl Gagoodi? (Our ability to strengthen ourselves, our hearts through the wisdom of our language and our own way of life).
Peacock, Claire - Simon Fraser University $60,296
Morin, Jean Frederic - Université Laval (co-applicant)
Withdrawing From Common Goods: Exiting International Environmental Agreements
Smith, Julia - Simon Fraser University $47,116
Fang, Jennifer - Simon Fraser University (collaborator)
The political economy of Chinese engagement in Eastern African tobacco industries
The University of British Columbia
Alviarez, Vanessa - The University of British Columbia $52,700
Multinationals, Off-shoring and the Future of Work: New Evidence from Global Production and Employer-Employee Microdata
Babel, Molly - The University of British Columbia $66,264
Pritchard, Robert - The University of British Columbia (co-applicant)
Documenting Urban and Rural Accents in British Columbia
Baldauf, Markus - The University of British Columbia $57,950
Garlappi, Lorenzo - University of British Columbia Press (co-applicant)
Does Climate Change Affect Real Estate Prices? Only If You Believe In It
Baylis, Patrick - The University of British Columbia $54,250
Estimating global preferences for environmental amenities from social media
Beaudry, Jonas-Sebastien - The University of British Columbia $65,131
Toward a Theory of Equality Rights for People with Disabilities: Overcoming Two Problems with the Social Model of Disability
Bedi, Robinder - The University of British Columbia $58,508
Amundson, Norman - The University of British Columbia (collaborator)
Kealy, David - The University of British Columbia (co-applicant)
Possible Selves: Investigating the Nature and Extent of Identity Change for Individuals with a History of Alcohol Addiction
Ben-David, Shelly - The University of British Columbia $74,343
Feddersen, Owen - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Gawliuk, Mike - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Graham, John - The University of British Columbia (co-applicant)
Munson, Michelle - New York University (co-applicant)
Oelke, Nelly - The University of British Columbia (co-applicant)
Service utilization among youth: Testing a novel decision-making framework
Berg, Stephen - The University of British Columbia $38,535
Bradford, Brent - Concordia University of Edmonton (co-applicant)
An Investigation into the Physical Activity Levels of Children in Outdoor Early Childhood Environments
Byers, Michael - The University of British Columbia $52,200
Who Owns Outer Space? International Law on the Final Frontier
Cox, Daniel - The University of British Columbia $37,634
Distress Disclosure in Cyberspace: A Study of Social-Cognitive Processing During Crisis Intervention
Déchaine, Rose-Marie - The University of British Columbia $69,730
Arppe, Antti - University of Alberta (co-applicant)
Daoust, François - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Dufresne, Monique - Queen's University (co-applicant)
Ratt, Solomon - First Nations University of Canada (co-applicant)
Reinholtz, Charlotte - Queen's University (collaborator)
Creating language resources for Plains Cree via multi-purpose virtual web-based corpora
Douglas, Jennifer - The University of British Columbia $61,584
Conceptualizing Recordkeeping as Grief Work: Implications for Archival Theory and Practice
Douglas, Scott - The University of British Columbia $61,176
Cheng, Liying - Queen's University (co-applicant)
Doe, Christine - Mount Saint Vincent University (co-applicant)
Alternative Pathways: Examining the Impact of English for Academic Purposes on the Undergraduate Experiences of Students from Linguistically Diverse Backgrounds
Forneris, Tanya - The University of British Columbia $61,650
Arthur, Peter - The University of British Columbia (co-applicant)
Gainforth, Heather - The University of British Columbia (co-applicant)
Lowton, Michelle - The University of British Columbia (collaborator)
Academic Resilience in post-secondary education: Using an innovative biofeedback approach to help students learn how self-regulate their stress response
Gadermann, Anne - The University of British Columbia $73,664
Guhn, Martin - The University of British Columbia (co-applicant)
Hymel, Shelley - The University of British Columbia (co-applicant)
Schonert-Reichl, Kimberly - The University of British Columbia (co-applicant)
How do changes in victimization and social relationships predict students' wellbeing and academic outcomes?
Gagne, Monique - The University of British Columbia $49,576
Edwards, Ben - Australian National University (co-applicant)
Gadermann, Anne - The University of British Columbia (co-applicant)
Guhn, Martin - The University of British Columbia (co-applicant)
Janus, Magdalena - McMaster University (co-applicant)
Understanding the developmental well-being of refugee children in Canada and Australia
Geary, David - The University of British Columbia $52,287
Buddhism and heritage diplomacy in North India: Inter-Asian contexts and connections
Gulati, Sumeet - The University of British Columbia $61,250
How will Canada’s National Carbon Tax influence Household Emissions and Expenditures?
Hastie, Bethany - The University of British Columbia $65,515
Collective Representation for the Precarious Workplace
Hristov, Jasmin - The University of British Columbia $70,776
Barrientos, Claudia - Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales - Guatemala (collaborator)
Guardado, Karina - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Meza Elvir, Dina - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Violence and Land Dispossession in Central America
Hunt, Sarah - The University of British Columbia $67,202
Ambers, Geraldine - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Dick, Brianna - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Ogilvie, Chaw-win-is - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Reawakening Networks of Justice in Everyday Expressions of Indigenous Law: Decolonial Approaches of Coastal Women
Huot, Suzanne - The University of British Columbia $67,218
Creese, Gillian - University of British Columbia Law Review (co-applicant)
Veronis, Luisa - University of Ottawa (co-applicant)
Cultural encounters: Examining the role of community spaces in the participation of French-speaking immigrants and refugees in Vancouver
Jakobi, Jennifer - The University of British Columbia $74,908
Cherkowski, Sabre - The University of British Columbia (co-applicant)
Exploring Girls’ Success in STEM: A Positive Organizational Perspective
Kandlikar, Milind - The University of British Columbia $69,980
From climate risk perception to adaptation: Creating better tools for risk communications research
Kim, Hun - The University of British Columbia $67,740
Redeveloping Socialism: Urban Geographies of Transnational Finance and Expertise in Southeast Asia
Klein, Peter - The University of British Columbia $24,800
Tworek, Heidi - The University of British Columbia (co-applicant)
Innovation at the Nexus of Academia and Journalism: How Researchers and Journalists Collaborate to Counter Digital Disinformation and Propaganda
Li, Xiaojun - The University of British Columbia $51,384
Causes and Consequences of Public Misperceptions for Canada’s Domestic and Foreign Policies
Lo, Chih-Shen - The University of British Columbia $64,567
Tan, Yuen Sze Michelle - The University of British Columbia (co-applicant)
Re-envisioning gifted education: A policy analysis in the context of a new curriculum in BC
Locke, Sean - The University of British Columbia $65,279
Duquette, Brad - City of Kelowna (collaborator)
Jung, Mary - The University of British Columbia (co-applicant)
Martin Ginis, Kathleen - The University of British Columbia (co-applicant)
Understanding disengagement from community-based sports and exercise programs: Reframing cognitive errors
MacKenzie, Scott - The University of British Columbia $21,041
Subject to Necessity: The Law of Scarcity in British Culture, 1726–1834
Mason, Glenda - The University of British Columbia $62,200
School-aged Children's Speech Development in Complex Words
McCarty, Matthew - The University of British Columbia $50,855
Egri, Mariana - Babes-Bolyai University (collaborator)
Rustoiu, Aurel - Romanian Academy (collaborator)
Apulum Roman Villa Project
Nimmon, Laura - The University of British Columbia $68,926
Cristancho, Sayra - Western University (collaborator)
Decision-making, negotiation, and power in small interdisciplinary teams: Insights from chronic respiratory disease care
Parkins, Ilya - The University of British Columbia $53,101
The Feminist-Wedding-Industrial Complex? Love and Capital in Feminist Digital Wedding Media
Park, So Eun - The University of British Columbia $46,297
Pay-What-You-Want Pricing for Digital Goods
Parra Perez, Alvaro Gonzalo - The University of British Columbia $44,998
Accounting for Firm Entry
Peck, Jamie - The University of British Columbia $74,546
Zhang, Jun - University of Toronto (co-applicant)
Hong Kong at the edge
Perla, Jesse - The University of British Columbia $68,834
Pflueger, Carolin - The University of British Columbia (co-applicant)
Szkup, Michal - The University of British Columbia (co-applicant)
Debt Overhang and Over-Investment
Qian, Yue - The University of British Columbia $67,950
Online Dating in Canada: An Immigrant-Native Born Comparison
renwick, Kerry - The University of British Columbia $69,657
Bangsund, Ashley - Royal Roads University (collaborator)
Valley, Will - The University of British Columbia (co-applicant)
Wittman, Hannah - The University of British Columbia (co-applicant)
Mapping the critical food literacy landscape: Understanding the capacity for food literacy education to support food systems transformation
Schaller, Mark - The University of British Columbia $19,300
Kinship, Conservatism, & Culture: Three Systematic Theory-Building Projects
Schmader, Toni - The University of British Columbia $64,350
Martiny, Sarah - University of Tromso (co-applicant)
Van Laar, Colette - Katholieke Universiteit of Leuven (co-applicant)
A Cross-National Study of Men's Interest in Communal Roles and Careers
Squires, Munir - The University of British Columbia $74,908
Kinship Taxation and Worker Effort
Ungureanu, Manuela - The University of British Columbia $38,604
Petrescu, Cristina - University of Bucharest (collaborator)
Vasile, Cristian - Romanian Academy (collaborator)
Confounding Freedoms: Academic Life at a Sovietized University and the Perks of Translation during Communism
Vellutini, Claudio - The University of British Columbia $54,141
Entangled Histories: Opera and Cultural Networks  between Vienna and the Italian States, 1815-1848
Wang, Yanwen - The University of British Columbia $60,000
Wu, Chunhua - The University of British Columbia (collaborator)
Drivers Labor Supply, Earnings, and Surge Pricing
Wu, Amery - The University of British Columbia $51,111
Stone, Jacob - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Young, Richard - The University of British Columbia (co-applicant)
Discerning Dimensions in Natural Discourse Big Data to Inform Career Guidance
Zhang, Gaoheng - The University of British Columbia $51,967
Early 20th-Century Mobilities, Communications, and Networks Between Italy and China
Zheng, Xin - The University of British Columbia $60,100
Determinants and Consequences of the Private Meetings between the Regulator and the Regulated: Evidence from the Private Meetings between Publicly-Traded Firms and the Chair of the Securities and Exchange Commission
Thompson Rivers University
Fournier, Bonnie - Thompson Rivers University $66,494
Brown, Betty - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Christianson, Tracy - Thompson Rivers University (co-applicant)
Estrela, Candice - College of the Rockies (collaborator)
Joe, Lori - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Moody, Mark - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
What Can We Learn From Rural Youth? A Community-Based Participatory Research Study
Haverila, Matti - Thompson Rivers University $74,600
McLaughlin, Caitlin - Thompson Rivers University (co-applicant)
Viskovich, Julio - Thompson Rivers University (collaborator)
Development of an online brand community model: The role of the product, participant and country of origin
Park, Andrew - Thompson Rivers University $70,702
Spicer, Valerie - Simon Fraser University (co-applicant)
Tsang, Herbert - Trinity Western University (co-applicant)
Developing an Interactive Framework and Crime Analytics for Public Safety Using the City of Vancouver as a Model
Sykes, Katie - Thompson Rivers University $53,550
Pavlovic, Marina - University of Ottawa (co-applicant)
Salter, Shannon - The University of British Columbia (collaborator)
Thompson, Darin - No primary affiliation (collaborator)
Access to Justice Through Public-Centred Design: The Civil Resolution Tribunal as Case Study
University of Northern British Columbia
Andrews, Nathan - University of Northern British Columbia $71,552
Bennett, Nathan - The University of British Columbia (co-applicant)
Gray, Noella - University of Guelph (collaborator)
Sumaila, U. Rashid - The University of British Columbia (collaborator)
Converging Pressures and Slippery Livelihoods: The Dynamics of Oil Extraction, Fisheries, Community Well-being and Ocean Governance in Ghana and Mexico
Groulx, Mark - University of Northern British Columbia $46,280
Gaudreau, Kyrke - University of Northern British Columbia (co-applicant)
Low-carbon Resilient Northern Cities: Advancing practice in Canada's near-north through integrated evaluation
University of Victoria
Anderson, Tim - University of Victoria $35,118
Duff, Patricia - The University of British Columbia (collaborator)
First-generation postsecondary international and refugee students in Canadian universities: A language socialization perspective
Liu, Sam - University of Victoria $74,961
Mueller, Ulrich - University of Victoria (co-applicant)
Powell, Sean - UVic Industry Partnerships (collaborator)
Rhodes, Ryan - University of Victoria (co-applicant)
Evaluating the Effects of a Smartphone Education Program on Student Learning and Well-being
McNally, Kirk - University of Victoria $44,772
De Man, Brecht - Queen Mary, University of London (collaborator)
Gilbert, Robb - University of Calgary (collaborator)
Seay, Toby - Drexel University (collaborator)
Thompson, Paul - Leeds Metropolitan University (collaborator)
Tzanetakis, George - University of Victoria (collaborator)
Creating Capacity for Research into Sound Recording and Music Production
Thom, Jennifer - University of Victoria $72,964
Investigating Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students' Mathematics in Mainstream Classrooms
Whitinui, Paul - University of Victoria $61,748
Allan, Billie - University of Victoria (co-applicant)
Antoine, Asmanahi - Royal Roads University (collaborator)
Hancock, Robert - University of Victoria (co-applicant)
Hobenshield, Sharon - Vancouver Island University (collaborator)
Loppie, Charlotte - University of Victoria (co-applicant)
McIvor, Onowa - University of Victoria (collaborator)
Ormiston, Todd - Camosun College (collaborator)
Rhodes, Ryan - University of Victoria (collaborator)
Thomas, Robina - University of Victoria (collaborator)
Developing an Indigenous Cultural Safety Training Impact Assessment Tool in Higher Education Settings
Xu, Ke - University of Victoria $53,081
Is high frequency trading all about speed?


Other (No primary affiliation)

Koski, Alissa $34,493
Clark, Shelley - McGill University (co-applicant)
Le Bourdais, Céline - McGill University (collaborator)
Child marriage in Canada
Lynch, Meghan $11,000
Mah, Catherine - Dalhousie University (co-applicant)
Testing an innovative methodology that incorporates public perceptions into research
Pelletier, David $51,077
Bélanger, Alain - Institut national de la recherche scientifique (co-applicant)
Laplante, Benoît - Institut national de la recherche scientifique (co-applicant)
Les dynamiques conjugales au Canada de 1981 à 2016 et l'impact des réformes du droit de la famille
Pila, Eva $65,550
Kowalski, Kent - University of Saskatchewan (co-applicant)
Sabiston, Catherine - University of Toronto (co-applicant)
“Weighing in” with self-compassion: Understanding and alleviating weight stigma in sport
Quintal-Marineau, Magalie $54,537
Dawson, Jackie - University of Ottawa (collaborator)
Dowsley, Martha - Lakehead University (co-applicant)
Exploring work and identity dynamics in Nunavut
Rice, Kathleen $54,161
Webster, Fiona - University of Toronto (co-applicant)
Migration, Mines, and Marginalization: An Ethnography of Transformation in Ontario Resource Towns
Ruiz, Rafico $56,770
Arctic Infrastructures: Telecommunications, Transit Zones, and Connection in Apex, Nunavut
Schellenberg, Benjamin $69,160
Gaudreau, Patrick - University of Ottawa (co-applicant)
Verner-Filion, Jérémie - McGill University (co-applicant)
Passion for Sport and Well-Being: The Impact of Savouring Positive Events
Sutherland, Shelbie $38,781
Rule, Nicholas - University of Toronto (co-applicant)
How the drive to learn about social categories facilitates implicit generalizations across development
Sylvester, Benjamin $50,100
Conroy, David - Pennsylvania State University (collaborator)
Gilchrist, Jennifer - University of Toronto (co-applicant)
Sabiston, Catherine - University of Toronto (co-applicant)
Spice up your (sporting) life: Understanding the relationships between positive emotions, perceived variety and behaviour in adolescent sport.