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Knowledge Synthesis Grants—How will Canada continue to thrive in an interconnected world and evolving global landscape?

November 2016 Competition Awards


Applicant Sami Aoun Université de Sherbrooke
Title: La mise à contribution des nouvelles connaissances sur la radicalisation religieuse et le terrorisme domestique et importé au profit du vivre en commun canadien
Years: 1 Funding: $25,000.00


Applicant Bipasha Baruah Western University
Title: Identifying promising policies and practices for promoting gender equity in global green employment
Years: 1 Funding: $25,000.00


Applicant Jean-Luc Bédard Télé-université
Title: Admission aux professions réglementées: immigration, gouvernance du système professionnel et disjonctions institutionnelles. Analyse comparative, identification de bonnes pratiques et recommandations pour les professions réglementées au Canada.
Years: 1 Funding: $24,628.00


Applicant Stephanie Ben-Ishai York University
Title: Millennials and indebtedness: A knowledge synthesis on millennial debt, demographic change, and financial literacy
Years: 1 Funding: $25,000.00


Applicant Megan Boler University of Toronto
Title: Safeguarding democracies: An interdisciplinary synthesis of digital media studies and the politics of emotion to understand identity, belonging and trust in the post-truth media landscape
Years: 1 Funding: $24,118.00


Applicant Richard Booth Western University
Title: The importance of trust in the adoption and use of intelligent assistive technology by older adults to support aging in place: A scoping review
Years: 1 Funding: $24,920.00


Applicant Ryan Bullock The University of Winnipeg
Title: Global and local framings of Indigenous energy partnerships
Years: 1 Funding: $24,610.00


Applicant Wendy Cukier Ryerson University
Title: Social innovation: Shaping Canada's future
Years: 1 Funding: $24,342.00


Applicant Simon Dalby Wilfrid Laurier University
Title: Canada in a climate disrupted world
Years: 1 Funding: $24,866.00


Applicant Raywat Deonandan University of Ottawa
Title: Closing the Aboriginal education gap
Years: 1 Funding: $24,860.00


Applicant Frédéric Douville Université Laval
Title: L'impact des approches pédagogiques inclusives dans les programmes de baccalauréat en sciences infirmières : une revue systématique mixte
Years: 1 Funding: $24,987.00


Applicant Karen Foster Dalhousie University
Title: Finding a place in the world: Understanding youth outmigration from shrinking rural communities
Years: 1 Funding: $24,650.00


Applicant Viktor Freiman Université de Moncton
Title: Éduquer les jeunes Canadiennes et Canadiens à la citoyenneté numérique dans un contexte global : enjeux, défis, tendances, pratiques
Years: 1 Funding: $25,000.00


Applicant Denise Gastaldo University of Toronto
Title: Canadians in the global gig economy: Implications for public policy
Years: 1 Funding: $24,742.00


Applicant Martin Geiger Carleton University
Title: How will Canadian technology clusters continue to thrive and remain competitive in managing STEM migration for innovation and growth
Years: 1 Funding: $24,960.00


Applicant Patricia Goff Wilfrid Laurier University
Title: Intergrating Indigenous goals and concerns into the progressive trade agenda
Years: 1 Funding: $23,973.00


Applicant Lars Hallström University of Alberta
Title: Beyond infrastructure: Strategies to support adoption and realize benefits of broadband in rural Canada
Years: 1 Funding: $24,800.00


Applicant Nicole Jackson Simon Fraser University
Title: Russia and new patterns of conflict: Ramifications for NATO policy and action and implications for Canada
Years: 1 Funding: $24,990.00


Applicant Yasmin Jiwani Concordia University
Title: Virtual graveyards: Tracing race, gender and belonging in cyberspace
Years: 1 Funding: $25,000.00


Applicant Woo Jin Edward Lee Université de Montréal
Title: The state of knowledge about LGBTQ migrants living in Canada in relation to an emerging global LGBTQ rights agenda
Years: 1 Funding: $24,995.00


Applicant Florian Martin-Bariteau University of Ottawa
Title: L'état de la protection des lanceurs d'alerte au Canada et dans le monde global et numérique
Years: 1 Funding: $25,000.00


Applicant Bessma Momani University of Waterloo
Title: Synthesizing knowledge on rising global populism and on building Canadian resiliency
Years: 1 Funding: $24,977.00


Applicant Philomina Okeke-Ihejirika University of Alberta
Title: Addressing domestic violence in post-migration gender relations: A prerequisite for building sustainable, resilient immigrant communities
Years: 1 Funding: $24,981.00


Applicant Mathieu Ouimet Université Laval
Title: Interventions to promote electoral participation and political representation among marginalized populations in OECD countries: A systematic scoping review
Years: 1 Funding: $24,852.00


Applicant Ajax Persaud University of Ottawa
Title: Big data analytics: Accelerating innovation and value creation
Years: 1 Funding: $25,000.00


Applicant Snezana Ratkovic Brock University
Title: Supporting refugee students in Canada: Building on what we have learned in the past 20 years
Years: 1 Funding: $24,996.00


Applicant Geo Takach Royal Roads University
Title: Environmental leadership for Canada: Indigenous lessons on mixing oil pipelines and water
Years: 1 Funding: $23,526.00


Applicant Marie-Christine Therrien École nationale d'administration publique
Title: Barriers and facilitators in the implementation of urban resilience: Project to accomplish a meta-narrative systematic review
Years: 1 Funding: $24,960.00


Applicant Douglas Van Nort York University
Title: A systematic review of computational creativity practices across disciplines
Years: 1 Funding: $25,000.00


Applicant Mark Warren The University of British Columbia
Title: Hacking democracy: Digital threats to democratic elections and public opinion formation
Years: 1 Funding: $25,000.00