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Date published: March 20, 2020

Joseph Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarships—Master's Program: December 2016 Competition Awards

Applicant Administering Organization Application Title Amount
Ackerman, Clinton J. University of Regina Creative music program for at-risk youth  $17,500.00
Agrawal, Katyayni  University of Saskatchewan Resilience in university: Learning experiences of graduate students with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder  $17,500.00
Ahmari, Seyedeh Hedieh  Royal Roads University The impact of visiting a national historic site on foreign-born citizens' sense of belonging  $17,500.00
Ahmed, Rana  McGill University Exploring the lived experiences of North African immigrant parents with Québec's child welfare system: Understanding the fear and anxiety around youth protection involvement  $17,500.00
Aird, Bria  Ryerson University Beyond stormwater: Decentralized approaches to municipal wastewater treatment  $17,500.00
Akhbari, Rouzbeh  University of Toronto Reading the Gulf: Anatomy of petro-violence and Abadan's worker settelments  $17,500.00
Albert, Laura  Simon Fraser University Dancing against empire  $17,500.00
Alilovic, Lea  York University The real beast: Gendered violence on Mexico's La Bestia  $17,500.00
Alix-Surprenant, Manuelle  Université de Montréal Structures alternatives à l'adoption internationale : études de cas au Cap-Haïtien, en Haïti  $17,500.00
Allard, Dane T. The University of British Columbia The people who tell good jokes: Locating Métis communities in Canada 1900-1960  $17,500.00
Allen, Jeffrey J. University of Toronto How the time burdens of commuting and employment dissuade post-secondary students in the Greater Toronto Area from travelling to their University campuses  $17,500.00
Allidina, Suraiya  University of Toronto Individuation and prejudice in competitive intergroup contexts  $17,500.00
Allison-Goodfellow, Carrie L. Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University Multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary arts  $17,500.00
Alzubaidi, Abdullah S. University of Alberta The difficulties of electoral reform in Canada  $17,500.00
Amaral, Emma M. University of Toronto Investigating the impact of the truth and reconciliation commission report  $17,500.00
Amédée, Laetitia M. Université du Québec à Montréal Relation entre les fonctions exécutives, la régulation émotionnelle et les conséquences de l'agression sexuelle chez les enfants d'âge scolaire  $17,500.00
Amjad Hafeez, Aleena  University of Alberta Parental socioeconomic status and children's post-secondary educational trajectories: The role of extracurricular activities in high school  $17,500.00
Ampleman-Tremblay, Sandrine  University of Toronto Analyse de la responsabilité des policiers canadiens en tant qu'auteurs ou participants à des crimes sexuels  $17,500.00
Anderson, Jean-Christophe M. University of Ottawa Égalité des conditions et nécessité historique : le problème de la philosophie de l'histoire chez Alexis de Tocqueville  $17,500.00
Anderson, Thomas  Université Laval L'interprétation hégélienne de la tragédie grecque : une perspective sur la crise de la modernité  $17,500.00
Andreotti, Bruno  The University of British Columbia Making lexical denotation visible: Mitigating the effects of potential lexical loss in online dictionary production involving endangered languages  $17,500.00
Andrus, Adrienne V. McMaster University Voice artists: Orientalized and fully human narrative voices in contemporary fiction  $17,500.00
Anthonisen, Grailing A. McGill University La Tunisie martyre: Examining the development of Tunisian nationalism in the twentieth century  $17,500.00
Appiah-Kubi, Edna  York University Including the excluded disability, accessibility, and development in Ghana, West Africa  $17,500.00
Arbuzova, Natalia  University of Toronto Science textbook analysis: A focus on teaching and learning from the perspective of educational psychology  $17,500.00
Armstrong, Joshua P. University of Victoria Rethinking the cyberqueer: Looking back and moving forward  $17,500.00
Armstrong, Valerie  St. Francis Xavier University Reconciliation in Canada through Indigenous customary law  $17,500.00
Arnatt, Mary R. University of Calgary Constructing identity in the Canadian film industry: A media industries studies analysis of a Canadian film production company from 1976-1986  $17,500.00
Arnold, Lauren M. The University of British Columbia Cumulative impact information and environmental assessment decision-making in the Mackenzie Valley, Northwest Territories  $17,500.00
Arsenault, Michelle  Université de Moncton Indicateurs de suivi de progrès en thérapie et changements dans le bien-être des clients  $17,500.00
Ascough, Hannah  Queen's University Story time: Engaging with the structure of development narratives  $17,500.00
Asrani, Vashisht  Ryerson University Ideological and threat predictors of religious and diet-based prejudice in Canada  $17,500.00
Asselin, Pierre-Marc  Université du Québec à Montréal Pour en finir avec les dualismes : la figure de la frontière chez Don DeLillo  $17,500.00
Aubry, Philip-Emmanuel  Université de Montréal Libéralisme social et libéralisme économique chez Max Weber  $17,500.00
Audet Paradis, Fanny  Université Laval L'activation de la délinquance durant l'enfance - perspective de la criminologie développementale et des parcours de vie  $17,500.00
Auffrey, Vincent  University of Toronto Le corps américain : déterré, approprié et examiné XIXe siècle  $17,500.00
Avery, Teresa L. University of Toronto Digging deeper into online discussions: Instructor and student perspectives  $17,500.00
Ayoob Khan, Fathima Hana  University of Toronto Picturing the unknown: Fantastical descriptions and illustrations in medieval Islamic travel literature  $17,500.00
Ayoub, Mariam  University of Toronto Life transitions of Two Spirit youth  $17,500.00
Baba, Nedda  York University Marginalization, participatory art, and utopian worldmaking  $17,500.00
Bagonza, Frank D. York University Girls' education: Exploring the effects of poor education among refugee women in Uganda  $17,500.00
Bahia, Jasmeet  The University of British Columbia The online battleground: The use of social media by extremists, vigilante groups, and the state  $17,500.00
Bahmanipour, Aileen  The University of British Columbia Cross section of map  $17,500.00
Bailey, Allison T.M. University of Calgary Bodies of violence: An analysis of gender, crime, and punishment in Medieval France  $17,500.00
Baird, Natalie K. University of Manitoba Using participatory art-making to document Inuit traditional knowledge of changing ocean dynamics in Pangnirtung, Nunavut  $17,500.00
Baird, Tieghan  University of Alberta Breadth vs depth: Understanding lexical development in children  $17,500.00
Baker, Carleigh D. The University of British Columbia Colonialism and the canoe: How social justice warriors displace Indigenous perspectives  $17,500.00
Baker, Joseph L. Carleton University Martin Heidegger and the question of philosophy  $17,500.00
Balazadehjavidiani, Maziar  OCAD University Futures of journalism and user experience of news  $17,500.00
Balcombe, Erka J. The University of British Columbia Urban museums and civic engagement  $17,500.00
Baldo, Amanda N. University of Toronto Re-settling economic immigrants in Rural Ontario: A collaborative initiative  $17,500.00
Bannister, Sarah  University of Calgary Creating a spark: A practice-as-research project integrating science and theatre to arouse curiosity about the natural world  $17,500.00
Baptiste, Anne D. Concordia University Relationship identification in adolescents: Its development, role in relationship longevity, and role in dealing with breakups  $17,500.00
Baril, Danny  Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue Étude des relations entre les agents de la Gendarmerie royale du Canada et les Inuit de l'île de Baffin de 1922 à 1954  $17,500.00
Barkman, Janna M. University of Toronto Ecojustice education as culturally relevant and responsive pedagogy for Indigenous students  $17,500.00
Barone, Alexandra C. Simon Fraser University The minor problem with medical assistance in dying in Canada  $17,500.00
Barr, Caolan  University of Toronto Water relations: Dams, intersectional violence and decolonial geographies in Treaty 3 Territories  $17,500.00
Bartleman, Claire  The University of Western Ontario Abstract painting from craft: Shifting perspectives in contemporary formalism  $17,500.00
Beaudoin, Emily  McGill University Exploring the challenges for learning disabilities in science education  $17,500.00
Beaudry, Hélène  Université du Québec à Rimouski Description des pratiques des enseignantes du préscolaire 5 ans au regard de la lecture interactive à haute voix d'albums documentaires  $17,500.00
Beaulieu, Noémie  Université de Montréal Le concept de soi sexuel est-il prédicteur du bien-être sexuel et conjugal chez les couples adultes de longue durée  $17,500.00
Beaupré, Andréanne  Université Laval Les symptômes dépressifs du père et le développement socio-affectif de l'enfant : le rôle médiateur des comportements paternels  $17,500.00
Beauvais, Charles-Auguste  Institut national de la recherche scientifique Demande de bourse à des fins de recherche sur l'impact de la mobilité des familles sur la perception qu'ont les enfants de leurs espaces de vie  $17,500.00
Bédard-Fiset, Alexis  Université Laval Poétique de la chronique dans le courrier des États-Unis : les cas de Pierre-Joseph-Olivier Chauveau et de Régis de Trobriand 1840-1860  $17,500.00
Bedard-Lessard, Jordan  Université de Sherbrooke Enjeux de la professionnalisation de l'action bénévole dans la lutte contre la maltraitance matérielle et financière envers les personnes aînées  $17,500.00
Bédard, Samuel  Université du Québec à Montréal La communauté et le territoire d'Anticosti dans les représentations sociales de ceux qui l'habitent  $17,500.00
Bedard, Theresia E. Carleton University The embodiment of the female psychopath  $17,500.00
Bélanger, Anne-Marie  Université Laval Les sonates pour piano de Mozart en tant que récits : une approche narratologique de la performance pianistique  $17,500.00
Bélanger, Catheryne  Université Laval Le rôle des valeurs dans l'établissement d'une hiérarchie matérielle des droits fondamentaux  $17,500.00
Belanger, Mariel J. The University of British Columbia The Earth reclaimed her: A continued journey  $17,500.00
Bélanger, Marie-Soleil  Université de Montréal Les tonneaux du Machault, épave française échouée dans la baie des Chaleurs  $17,500.00
Bélanger, Roxane  Université Laval L'exploitation sexuelle des jeunes : une perspective criminologique du proxénétisme au Québec  $17,500.00
Belford, James D. The University of Western Ontario Expression and representation: Descerning the phenomena  $17,500.00
Béliveau, Marie-Eve  Université de Sherbrooke Liens entre l'attachement et le bien-être chez les célibataires de la population générale : le rôle médiateur de la solitude  $17,500.00
Bellamy, Shaun M. University of Toronto Self-contained performance systems for electronic music  $17,500.00
Beni, Stephanie  Brock University Pedagogies that promote meaningful experiences in elementary physical education  $17,500.00
Benoit, Aryn A. University of New Brunswick An examination of the relationships between attachment, how we see and treat ourselves in difficult times, and sexual pain  $17,500.00
Bentley, Elena  University of Toronto Silenced bodies: Disability in Victorian Gothic inset narratives  $17,500.00
Berendt, Karl  University of Alberta Dietary reconstruction at Tel Azekah, Israel  $17,500.00
Berezowski, Victoria R. University of Toronto Revolutionizing sex assessments using 3D technology  $17,500.00
Bergeron-Dumaine, Hugo  McGill University Analyzing Vaughan Williams: Purpose, principles and problematics  $17,500.00
Bergeron, Sarah  University of Ottawa Demande de bourses d'études supérieures du Canada au niveau de la maîtrise  $17,500.00
Bergstrom, Veronica  University of Toronto The Christian's dilemma: An investigation of Christians' level of trust toward theists and non-theists  $17,500.00
Beribisky, Nataly  York University Review study of effect sizes in psychological journals  $17,500.00
Bernicky, Shanice  Concordia University Type 4: Discrimination in mainstream Montréal hair salons  $17,500.00
Bernier, Emmanuel  Université Laval La monnaie de carte dans l'espace rural laurentien sous le Régime français  $17,500.00
Berry, Gabrielle J.M. The University of British Columbia Abortion comedies: Representations of abortion in Grandma and Obvious Child  $17,500.00
Berton, Katherine M. McGill University Creating community: Strategies for longevity in community based green spaces  $17,500.00
Berube, Michelle  University of Ottawa Esprits et esuwa : le son et le chant dans la guérison Wachiperi  $17,500.00
Bérubé, Patricia  Université de Montréal Vers une muséographie numérique : l'impression 3D en tant que dispositif de traduction auprès de publics malvoyants  $17,500.00
Bessey, Meredith A.T. Mount Saint Vincent University Mapping structural barriers and policy solutions to food insecurity among university students in Halifax, NS  $17,500.00
Betke, Tyla  University of Saskatchewan Indigenous mobility and sovereignty along the Canada-U.S. Border, 1882-1917  $17,500.00
Bigelow, Brooke  Lakehead University Validity of the level of service inventory-revised (LSI-R) risk tool with Indigenous offenders  $17,500.00
Bird, Danielle R. University of Saskatchewan Indigenous women and the criminal justice system: Tradition, culture and community reintegration  $17,500.00
Birlain D'Amico, Daniella  McGill University Making experiential education more culturally relevant for Indigenous high school students  $17,500.00
Bizier-Lacroix, Roxanne  Université de Sherbrooke Le rôle modérateur de la victimisation dans les quartiers sur l'association entre la victimisation à l'école et la réussite scolaire des élèves en transition vers le secondaire  $17,500.00
Blackman, Tyler A. University of Victoria The making of an extractive regime: Shale gas in Northeastern British Columbia  $17,500.00
Black, Meagan J. The University of British Columbia Because one is an l and the other isn't: Learning disabled as lived social and emotional reality  $17,500.00
Blackmore, Laura M. University of Ottawa The (r)evolution of memory: Dieppe veterans' perspectives on the raid  $17,500.00
Blackstone, Pamela L. University of Victoria An investigation of pedagogical approaches used in a French university French-as-a-second-language program: Instructor and student perspectives  $17,500.00
Blais-Dowdy, Emmélia  Université du Québec à Montréal Étude de cas sur le mouvement pour la protection du lac Kipawa : un espace de transformation des relations entre autochtones et allochtones  $17,500.00
Blais-Laroche, Antoine  Université Laval Les discours de la consolation de Rousseau à Chateaubriand  $17,500.00
Blanchard, Marianne  Université Laval Construire l'heresie aux XIe et XIIe siecles : le role des images et des lieux de culte  $17,500.00
Blaquiere, Shanae  Concordia University The dediatization of charismatic Christianity in Canada  $17,500.00
Blier-Langdeau, Caroline  Université de Montréal Mères porteuses : une conception occidentale du corps maternel  $17,500.00
Blouin, Marie-Michelle  Université de Sherbrooke La transition à la maternité : exploration des attitudes en regard au corps en cours de changement  $17,500.00
Blouin Rondeau, Elizabeth  Université Laval Vivre à Quebec au temps de l'industrialisation : la vie quotidienne au XIXe siècle selon la culture matérielle retrouvée à l'Ilot des Palais  $17,500.00
Boara, Shaughna E.M. York University Sensing sound, noticing noise: Selective listening and human interactions with soundscapes  $17,500.00
Bois, Cassandre  Université Laval Le rôle émancipateur du récit autobiographique chez Simone de Beauvoir  $17,500.00
Boivin, Marie-Pier  Université de Sherbrooke Étude exploratoire sur des liens réciproques entre le bien-être psychologique au travail, la résilience comme trait de la personnalité et la performance de tâche  $17,500.00
Boldyreva, Elena  University of Toronto Experiential learning in science and environmental education outside classrooms: Investigating the role of zoos, conservation centres, and aquaria  $17,500.00
Boni, Christopher  York University A Weekend at Hilles thesis short film  $17,500.00
Bonk, Devin  University of Toronto Investigating the effects of ritual in team sports  $17,500.00
Bonneville, Véronique  Université du Québec en Outaouais Polyvictimization of adolescents in Ontario Child Welfare Services  $17,500.00
Borrowman, Laurel  Royal Roads University Print ain't dead: The niche magazine's viability in a digital era  $17,500.00
Borsk, Michael G. Queen's University Misssing missionaries: The role of religion at Upper Canada's gift exchanges 1815-1843  $17,500.00
Bosisio, Myriam  Université de Montréal Association entre l'intimité et le bien-être sexuel au sein de couples de la population générale  $17,500.00
Boucher, Émile  Université de Montréal Le statut du droit de la guerre dans le conflit syrien  $17,500.00
Boudreau, Wyatt F. University of Alberta The impact of climate change policy on marginalized communities in Alberta  $17,500.00
Boulé, Jessica D. University of Guelph Understanding the lived experiences of older LGTBQ+ Canadians: A proposal to develop inclusive research and policy agendas  $17,500.00
Boulton, Kaylee  Wilfrid Laurier University Predicting future feelings: The effect of discussion on affective forecasting  $17,500.00
Bourassa-Bédard, Vincent  Université de Montréal Étude pilote : données préliminaires sur les manifestations d'accès lexical chez des enfants typiques en contexte de narration  $17,500.00
Bourges, Antoine  York University Bail hearing: A short film about the Toronto mental health court  $17,500.00
Bourget, Ariane  Université du Québec à Montréal La réconciliation des paysages : texte dramatique, suivi d'une réflexion sur les applications des esthétiques jazzistiques dans le cadre d'un processus de création interculturelle  $17,500.00
Boutilier, Chelsea R. University of Calgary Terrorist propaganda through social media  $17,500.00
Bouverat, Mackenzie C. University of Toronto Causation, justification and intentional action: Are justified intentional acts subject to the laws of natural causation  $17,500.00
Bouvier, Noelle  University of Saskatchewan Self-determination through municipal-Indigenous collaboration: An examination of co-production, co-existence, and co-governance in two Prairie cities  $17,500.00
Boyer, Geneviève  Université de Montréal Les rituels spontanés de deuil collectif : le cas des attentats terroristes de Paris  $17,500.00
Braconnier, Marie-Joëlle A. Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières Validité sociale du programme Évaluation Intervention Suivi (EIS) en contexte de milieu de garde et de réadaptation  $17,500.00
Brandon, Skye M. University of Saskatchewan Historical research informing artistic decisions  $17,500.00
Brar, Tajdeep  University of Toronto The environmental movement and leaded gasoline: A complex combination  $17,500.00
Brenan, Julia L. Memorial University of Newfoundland Community archaeology and memories on Birch Island  $17,500.00
Brethour, Miranda E.M. University of Ottawa A comparative study of Holocaust memory in Poland, the Netherlands, and Ukraine  $17,500.00
Breton, Marie-Pascale  Université Laval L'expérience vécue des usagers des services de médiation sociale au Québec  $17,500.00
Breuer, Amit A.G. York University Gatherings: A short documentary film about the parallel efforts of two women peace activists in Beirut and Jaffa, respectively  $17,500.00
Brigden, Kirby  University of Saskatchewan Sexual violence policies at Canadian universities: Fulfilling legislative requirements or meeting survivors' needs  $17,500.00
Bristow, Julia A.M. University of Victoria Syrian Refugee crisis: Canadian immigration and Islam in the popular media  $17,500.00
Britton, Emily  University of Waterloo An intervention to promote healthy relationship function among Individuals with low self-esteem  $17,500.00
Brock, Tegan M. University of Saskatchewan Towards informed environmental decision-making among Indigenous communities and a Crown corporation in Saskatchewan's boreal north  $17,500.00
Brooks, Matthew  Concordia University The American dream in Canada: The photograph as hybrid reality and the influence of American culture on Canada's post-war material culture  $17,500.00
Brophy, Kyla  McGill University Exploring the narratives of young adults with chronic health conditions and/or disabilities transitioning to adulthood and adult health care  $17,500.00
Brown, Collin J. Queen's University Dynamic analysis of Canada's medical tax credits and supplements  $17,500.00
Brown, Kayla  Saint Mary's University A longitudinal study of transformational leadership: The impact of locus of control and perceived organizational support  $17,500.00
Brown, Marida C.D. University of Manitoba Building a better future: Learning from the history of hydroelectric development in Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation  $17,500.00
Brownrigg, Erik D. York University Interventions in Derridean ethics  $17,500.00
Brown, Shannon C. Queen's University Remembering otherwise: The construction and control of left history in postwar Canada  $17,500.00
Brunet, Natalie  University of Toronto The effect of changes to public consultation approaches on citizen engagement in the policy development process since 1989  $17,500.00
Bruni, Carissa  University of Toronto Jewish Koine or Italian transcription: Judah Romano's rendition of Dante's divine comedy  $17,500.00
Buchanan Dee, Brendan  The University of British Columbia User-friendly public transit: A design guideline for human-centred transit stations  $17,500.00
Buckley, Meaghen L. Concordia University Articulations of the body: Improvisation and the relationships between movement and speech  $17,500.00
Budyk, Andrew L. University of Manitoba Existential space: Designing an archive of collective memory  $17,500.00
Buffie, Jordan J.M. The University of British Columbia Not a dime's worth of difference: The influence of false equivalence journalism on public opinion  $17,500.00
Buisman, Sarah J. University of Toronto Teaching diverse musics: Strategies for respectfully teaching world music  $17,500.00
Buliga, Elena  University of Calgary The impact of cross-group friendships on international students university experiences in Canada  $17,500.00
Burrows, Crystal D. University of Prince Edward Island Community-owned wind power: A wind-wind solution for PEI?  $17,500.00
Burt, Graham J. Wilfrid Laurier University War and faith: Canadian chaplains and soldiers in the First World War  $17,500.00
Butler, Cameron M. York University Swamped in heteronormativity, bogged down by capitalism: The history of Canadian wetland policy and management  $17,500.00
Cabecinha-Alati, Sarah  McGill University The relationship between parental emotion regulation and emotion socialization: Implications for childrens social-emotional development  $17,500.00
Caires, Ricardo  Université de Montréal Les relations d'amitié dans les groupes militants d'étudiants racisés : leurs rôles dans la socialisation et la conscientisation des militants et militantes ainsi que dans les luttes menées  $17,500.00
Callanan, Andreae  Memorial University of Newfoundland Exhibit: Identity, nationalism, anxiety, and display in Newfoundland and Labrador  $17,500.00
Calof, Ethan J. University of Victoria Giving voice to chaos: Jewish literature in late imperial Russia (1903-1917)  $17,500.00
Cameron, Laura P. The University of Winnipeg Indigenous knowledge and climate change: Towards a deeper understanding for collective action  $17,500.00
Cameron, Michael H. Dalhousie University Possessed by Genius: William S. Burroughs as Deleuzian ethicist  $17,500.00
Cameron-Steinke, Bryna L. University of Toronto Medieval environmental history: Farmers, monks, and marshlands  $17,500.00
Campbell-Such, Julia  Queen's University Images of history carved in wood: Reconciling preservation with the ritual life of totem poles  $17,500.00
Campbell, Tara C. OCAD University The future of urban social interaction: Designing interactions to connect communities  $17,500.00
Campbell, Tiffany M. University of Alberta It's about time: Discourses of reconciliation and the re-construction of history in Canada  $17,500.00
Campeau, Kathryn  University of Toronto Differentiating human skeletal remains through EDXRF  $17,500.00
Cantin, Marie-Pier  The University of Western Ontario Negotiating ethics in contemporary anthropology  $17,500.00
Cantin, Mélynda  Université du Québec en Outaouais L'appropriation du pouvoir d'agir des enfants en pédiatrie sociale communautaire : étude qualitative s'intéressant à la perspective des intervenants et des enfants  $17,500.00
Cardy, Andrew  Wilfrid Laurier University Canadian military history: The development of Canadian Special Operations Forces as a result of combat experiences during the First and Second World Wars  $17,500.00
Carew, Jenna N. Lakehead University Health care, reproductive services, First Nations, and the state in Northwestern Ontario, 1969 to 2000  $17,500.00
Cariès, Ricardo  Université de Montréal Les relations d'amitié dans les groupes militants d'étudiants racisés : leurs rôles dans la socialisation et la conscientisation des militants et militantes ainsi que dans les luttes menées  $17,500.00
Carlson-Strain, Miranda D. Memorial University of Newfoundland Tattoos and identity in LGBTQ communities  $17,500.00
Carmona, Nicole E. Ryerson University Emotion regulation on campus: Emotional reactivity and interpersonal functioning in sleep deprived students  $17,500.00
Carneiro-Policarpo, Sarah  Queen's University In their best interests: A critical discourse analysis of the sixties scoop  $17,500.00
Caron-Torti, Brenda  Saint Paul University Anxiety disorder and surrender: An in-depth look in to the act of surrendering as an essential link to the enhancement of the understanding of anxiety  $17,500.00
Carreau, Francis L. Université de Montréal La référence temporelle au futur : lexicalisation, computation et variation  $17,500.00
Carr-Rollitt, Mark  University of Prince Edward Island An island studies approach to Caribbean cultures through rhythm  $17,500.00
Carter, Trystan  The University of British Columbia Drake: Settler-Indigenous relations and the Vampiric Colonial Enterprise in Early Canada  $17,500.00
Catherall, Robert  The University of British Columbia Planning for the innovation economy: Lessons from Seattle and San Francisco  $17,500.00
Caza, Valérie F. Laurentian University Spontaneous language abilities in school-aged children born prematurely  $17,500.00
Cecil, Holly  University of Victoria More inconvenient truths: Climate change documentaries and cinematic geopolitics  $17,500.00
Chabot, Rose  McGill University Political inclusion of ethnic minorities in Latin America  $17,500.00
Chafe, Jackson  University of Ottawa Influences of counselling coursework and internships on counsellor personal relationships  $17,500.00
Chaffai-Parent, Shana  Université de Montréal Demande de bourse d'études supérieures pour le réalisation d'une maîtrise en droit avec mémoire  $17,500.00
Champagne, Lysandre  Université du Québec à Montréal L'improvisation musicale : une pratique sociale significative dans le processus de subjectivation et les liens de solidarité des musiciennes jazz de Montréal  $17,500.00
Champigny, Claire M. York University Academic and socio-emotional outcomes in children with cognitive deficits  $17,500.00
Chaney, David  McGill University Vancouver's affordable housing crisis: A canary in the coal mine of the Canadian housing market  $17,500.00
Chang, Jie  Concordia University Emotional acculturation and its implications to well-being - investigating underlying mechanisms of acculturation  $17,500.00
Chan, Jackie W. Lakehead University The untapped potential of traditional martial arts programs for student well-being  $17,500.00
Chan-Kent, Alysha S. University of Calgary Parental divorce: The experience among second generation Chinese-Canadian women  $17,500.00
Chan, Samantha  York University Romantic stress and depressive symptoms in emerging adulthood: Moderating role of relationship-specific attachment  $17,500.00
Chan, Sharly  University of Toronto Canadian privacy advocacy groups and Bill C-51  $17,500.00
Chappell, Ellen N. Dalhousie University The potential of urban permaculture to increase nature exposure and environmental education for children and to provide other ecosystem services within cities  $17,500.00
Chaput, Talisha R. University of Alberta Stable isotopic analysis of ancient dietary health and stress in the Cis-Baikal Region, Siberia  $17,500.00
Charbonneau, Brooke D. University of Guelph Interview deception and post-hiring attitudes and behaviours  $17,500.00
Chard, Danielle J. Vancouver Island University The role of mothers in poverty as leisure facilitators  $17,500.00
Chartrand, Josee  University of Alberta Reflections of society through live performance costume  $17,500.00
Châtelain, Marc-Antoine  University of Toronto Impacts du système québécois de places subventionnées en garderie sur le développement des enfants : allocation optimale des places en garderie et qualité de l'offre de services de garde  $17,500.00
Cheing, June M.W. University of Alberta The impact of a bilingual school program on the model of generational heritage language loss  $17,500.00
Chemanedji, Salim  HEC Montréal Implantation réussie des ERP entreprise resource planning : le rôle de la réingénierie des processus d'affaires  $17,500.00
Chen, Alexander Y. The University of Western Ontario Enhancing art song recital through thematic natural imagery  $17,500.00
Cherkesly, Isabelle  Université de Montréal Le mariage au Canada au 19e siècle : une analyse de démographie historique comparative  $17,500.00
Chiasson, Ross  Trent University The popularity of evil and the elusiveness of good: An exploration of morality across multiple mediums of contemporary popular fiction  $17,500.00
Choy, Alexander J. University of Calgary Help seeking in Chinese Canadian post-secondary students: What helps and what hinders  $17,500.00
Chrostowski, Megan E. The University of British Columbia Inclusive education for the 21st century: Supporting educators  $17,500.00
Chu, Alanna  University of Toronto Effects of roadway warning signs and prolonged wakefulness on distracted driving  $17,500.00
Chubbs, Colby  The University of Western Ontario Hegel and concrete universality  $17,500.00
Chudzia-Conde, Elena  University of Ottawa Le paradoxal ethos des personnages de Meursault et de Haroun dans l'Étranger d'Albert Camus et Meursault, contre-enquête de Kamel Daoud  $17,500.00
Chung, Erika W. York University Comic fans and fandom: Issues of race, gender and class  $17,500.00
Cimon-Paquet, Catherine  Université de Montréal L'influence des relations parent-enfant sur la qualité de sommeil des enfants d'âge scolaire  $17,500.00
Clapperton-Richard, Adèle  Université du Québec à Montréal Figures historiques dans l'enseignement de l'histoire au Québec 1948-1976 : une perspective genrée  $17,500.00
Clare, Stephen  McGill University A social-ecological systems analysis to investigate institutional and political drivers of tropical forest loss in Panama  $17,500.00
Clarke, Rebecca M. The University of British Columbia Rewriting Berg's Lulu: How staging can inspire a feminist reading of the femme fatale  $17,500.00
Clifford, Jonah H. University of Victoria Cynicism and refugee resettlement  $17,500.00
Cloutier-Deschênes, Clémence  Université de Sherbrooke Femmes, police et résistance à la Nouvelle-Orléans dans la période antebellum, 1811-1820  $17,500.00
Cloutier, Jessica R. University of Ottawa The security practices of biological citizenship amongst women in post-disaster Fukushima, Japan  $17,500.00
Cloutier, Meagan N. University of Calgary Female employees in constituency offices: Satisfied behind the scenes or hoping for more  $17,500.00
Cloutis, Geneva A. University of Waterloo Towards an Indigenous-specific engagement process in environmental assessment  $17,500.00
Cochrane, Dana M. Simon Fraser University The victim and offender link: Examining the role of anxiety, depression, and substance abuse  $17,500.00
Cockcroft, Daniel  University of Alberta Social semiotics and collective myth-making in live stream culture  $17,500.00
Cockrell, William G. Queen's University Property-owning democracy in the 21st century: Testing John Rawls's theory of a just political economy  $17,500.00
Cockshutt, Rosemary L. Queen's University Occupational choice into the agricultural sector in Canada  $17,500.00
Colasanto, Marlena  University of Toronto Parenting interventions to address child exposure to domestic violence  $17,500.00
Colclough, Jenna M. The University of Western Ontario Examining the role of women in the Cult of Dionysos in the classical and imperial periods  $17,500.00
Collette, Frédérique  Université de Montréal L'écriture de la honte chez Violette Leduc et Annie Ernaux  $17,500.00
Colley, Lindsay C. Ryerson University Social and environmental impact measurement and capital markets  $17,500.00
Collings, Evangelian  University of Calgary Can machines have good judgement  $17,500.00
Comeau, Natasha S. University of Toronto The media's role in perpetuating harmful stereotypes of gender-based violence  $17,500.00
Confesor, Valaine E. Nipissing University Impact of deselection in school sports on sports participation of elementary school-aged children  $17,500.00
Connolly, Lindsay I. McGill University Performing female identity through song  $17,500.00
Contreras, Nayid  The University of British Columbia LGBT in contemporary Colombia literature  $17,500.00
Cook, Sydney L.W. University of Waterloo Non-overlapping magisteria: How Pentecostal Christians interpret miracles  $17,500.00
Cooper-Smith, Catherine A. University of Calgary Towards an understanding of low academic achievement in children with many adverse childhood experiences  $17,500.00
Cormack, Margaret H.S. University of Toronto Political performativity: Theatrical practices in the contemporary administration of Canadian society  $17,500.00
Cormier, Matthew W. Queen's University Cross-border banking flows and the effective lower bound  $17,500.00
Cosentino, Nicole A. University of Toronto Here's looking at you: The structure, function, and consequences of perceiver effects  $17,500.00
Cossette Brillant, Léa  Université de Montréal Subversion et possibilité : étude du concept de l'inutile dans la pensée de Theodor W. Adorno  $17,500.00
Cossette, Isabelle  University of Ottawa Children's use of knowledge expectations for selective learning  $17,500.00
Côté Auger, Sarah M. Université de Montréal Donner la parole aux enfants : comment mieux les préparer et le soutenir en contexte de visites supervisées  $17,500.00
Cotter, Aylisha M.F. McGill University Social service users and neoliberal subjectivity  $17,500.00
Cotter, Samuel  University of Toronto Railway nationalism and landscape art  $17,500.00
Courteau, Clément  McGill University La Septiliade, ou le Roman de Sept-îles : étude littéraire sur la démocratie syndicale  $17,500.00
Cousineau-Pérusse, Maxime  McGill University School-based parental involvement intervention for children with learning difficulties  $17,500.00
Cowie, Megan  University of Calgary The impact of social context on smoking behavior in a controlled and naturalistic setting  $17,500.00
Cox, Andrew S. University of Toronto The spouse or the government house: The ideological relationship between family law and social assistance in supporting dependents in Ontario between 1965-1995  $17,500.00
Coyes, Gregory  The University of British Columbia An application of grounded theory research on a variety of slow media installations  $17,500.00
Coyne, Paige  University of Windsor Impact of sociocultural influences on body image and body self-esteem of children aged 4 to 6  $17,500.00
Craig, Erin C. University of Alberta Gender expression through choral singing  $17,500.00
Crane, Emma  Simon Fraser University Disability and social assistance regimes in Canada  $17,500.00
Cranford, Katie A. Memorial University of Newfoundland Greenwich Village: The state of race relations in the American folk revival movement  $17,500.00
Cressman, Carly A.S. University of Manitoba Evaluating a pilot kindergarten readiness program for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder  $17,500.00
Crispin-Frei, Willem A. University of Toronto Roman aqueducts and Ancient Roman urbanism  $17,500.00
Crocker, Jordan D. Queen's University The German question and the consequences of geography  $17,500.00
Cross, Bethany A. McGill University Emotionality in education  $17,500.00
Cross, Genevieve S. University of Ottawa Des apparences qui ne trompent pas : la signification des descriptions physiques chez Victor Hugo  $17,500.00
Crowell, Dwight R. Dalhousie University Human happiness as participation in God's knowing through the active mind in Aristotle and Thomas Aquinas  $17,500.00
Cruddas, Emma  Dalhousie University Water for life: Exploring the relationship between suicide rates and safe water access for Aboriginal Canadians  $17,500.00
Culham, Angela  University of Regina Adapting to climate change: A gendered analysis in rural Saskatchewan  $17,500.00
Curlic, Vesna  The University of Western Ontario The gaze, medical institutions and patient identity in 19th century America  $17,500.00
Currie, Lauren N. The University of British Columbia Reintegrating of high risk youth into the community  $17,500.00
Curtis, Laura  The University of Western Ontario Fertility treatments and the female voice  $17,500.00
Cymbalista-Clapp, Julian  Université de Montréal Victimized firms in Greater Montreal's collusive asphalt market  $17,500.00
Cyr, Emily N. University of Waterloo Egalitarian yet unequal: Gender-neutral aspirations collide with gender-stereotypic realities  $17,500.00
Dabon, Christopher W. Memorial University of Newfoundland Understanding the social context of woodland caribou in Labrador  $17,500.00
Dahary, Hadas  McGill University Examining the effect of music on socio-emotional difficulties in children  $17,500.00
Daigle, Marie-Pierre  University of Ottawa Jusqu'à quel point le silence est-il d'or : liens entre l'attachement amoureux, l'abnégation et les pensées et comportements auto-blessants non-suicidaires  $17,500.00
Dalrymple, Kate  The University of British Columbia Tracing feminism through the works of the Boston Women's Health Collective  $17,500.00
Dare, Zoya  McGill University Digital media art viewer as user  $17,500.00
David, Jean-Denis  University of Ottawa Perception de la police et volonté de signaler des incidents de victimisation chez les peuples autochtones  $17,500.00
Davidko, Helen  York University Examining potential for environmental pedagogy in Ontario's full-day kindergarten  $17,500.00
Davidson, Dylan  University of Manitoba Depression illiteracy: Evaluation of a documentary-based intervention  $17,500.00
Davidson, Erin E. The University of British Columbia Narratives of sexual assault on university campuses  $17,500.00
Davies, Nicole L. University of Victoria Revitalizing Indigenous nationhood through women's governance with plant medicines  $17,500.00
Davis Matthews, Merle A. York University Resource extraction in a globalized world  $17,500.00
Day, Mariel L. University of Alberta The knowledge dance: Exploring embodiment through the dance rehearsal process with female recreational dancers  $17,500.00
de la Durantaye, Chloé  Université de Montréal La représentation de l'inceste dans les tragédies françaises du 17e siècle : analyse dramaturgique et judiciaire  $17,500.00
Delisle, Philip G. Wilfrid Laurier University Art and power  $17,500.00
Della Mora, Jennifer J. University of Toronto The gender gap in STEM subjects: Causes and implications of low female enrolment  $17,500.00
Dellavilla, Meagan  York University Gendered narratives of environmental violence  $17,500.00
Delorey, Rebecca C. University of Northern British Columbia Collaborative natural resource management: A case study of forestry sector operations on Nadleh Whut'en First Nation territory  $17,500.00
DeLucry, Kailey J. Dalhousie University Exploring resilience in caregivers of children with autism spectrum disorder  $17,500.00
Demeau, Elodie  Université de Montréal Analyse spatio-temporelle de la criminalité à Montréal  $17,500.00
Demers, Hervé  Université de Montréal La mémoire et son paysage minéral : une étude de l'image stratigraphique au cinéma  $17,500.00
Deneau, Jordan A. University of Windsor The meaning of sport in the lives of older adults and directions for sport promotion strategies  $17,500.00
Deneault, Marianne  Université de Sherbrooke Les idéations suicidaires et le style d'attachement chez le trouble de la personnalité limite  $17,500.00
Denis, Karine  Université Laval Un Japon fantasmé : construction d'une fiction nippone dans la littérature jeunesse du vingt et unième siècle  $17,500.00
Denning, Anne D. The University of British Columbia Engaging the good death: Death, grief and community in contemporary Canadian culture  $17,500.00
Dennison, Jaime G. McMaster University Jaime Graydon Dennison's CGS-M Application  $17,500.00
Depairon, Philippe  Université de Montréal Matérialité et mémoire : la pratique photographique en régime numérique  $17,500.00
Deschamps, Ronald  Carleton University Sonification and visually impaired music instruction in Canada: The complementarity of standard curricular revision and specialized pedagogy  $17,500.00
Deshaye, Valérie  McGill University Les femmes victimes de violence basée sur le genre et leur demande d'asile au Canada  $17,500.00
Desjardins, Antoine  Université du Québec à Montréal L'écoute en écriture : vers une narrativité résistante et géopoétique  $17,500.00
Desmarais, Philippe  University of Ottawa Exploring organizational vision as a determinant of motivation for pro-environmental behaviours in the workplace  $17,500.00
DesRoches, Davita  McGill University Responsible revisionism: The critical impact of the feminist revisionist movement in romanticism on Charlotte Smith's Elegiac Sonnets  $17,500.00
DeVries, Danielle N. Simon Fraser University Public transportation and equity: Measuring displacement of socially disadvantaged groups after opening SkyTrain Light Rapid Transit (LRT) stations in Vancouver, Canada  $17,500.00
Dew, Richard D. The University of Western Ontario Phenetic theory within racial and gendered discourse  $17,500.00
DiMaio, Marina C. University of Victoria Iconography and etymology of the sublime  $17,500.00
Dion Fletcher, Claire G. York University Birthing a cultural resurgence: Indigenous culture in pregnancy, birth and postpartum care  $17,500.00
D'ltri, Michael J. Concordia University Early modern mothers and their sons: The literary nurturing of consciousness  $17,500.00
Doering, Sara  Simon Fraser University A personality-based typology of terrorism: An assessment using a right-wing terrorist sample  $17,500.00
Donovan, Alexander J. University of Alberta The history of women in Kabuki: Directing Naomi Iizuka's 36 Views  $17,500.00
Douglas, Eric  University of Manitoba A review of school based psychological reporting procedures  $17,500.00
Down, Christian  McMaster University Assessing young workers' experiences with organized labour  $17,500.00
Dryburgh, Nicole S.J. McGill University Empathy as a promoting factor for educational outcomes, and the moderating role of gender  $17,500.00
Dubois, Joudie  Université du Québec à Rimouski Portrait de l'aménagement physique des classes de maternelle 5 ans pour favoriser l'émergence de l'écrit chez les enfants  $17,500.00
Ducharme, Anne Gabrielle  McGill University La liberté d'expression sous l'ère post-Lew Kuan Yew : vers une diminution du niveau de censure médiatique à Singapour  $17,500.00
Dufour, Alexandra  Carleton University The manipulation of identity boundaries as a counter-insurgency strategy  $17,500.00
Dufour, Fréderick G. Université de Moncton La bande dessinée à l'épreuve du génocide des Arméniens : histoire(s), mémoire(s) et représentations, 1979-2015  $17,500.00
Dumais, Douglas G. Concordia University Fictionalizing history: Parafiction and the archive in Canada  $17,500.00
Dumont, Alexandra  Université du Québec à Montréal Analyse des relations de pouvoir dans les discours entre les joueurs et les concepteurs du jeu vidéo dota 2  $17,500.00
Dumont, Marie-Laurence  McGill University Anatole France et la littérature : étude de la représentation de la littérature dans ses oeuvres de fiction  $17,500.00
Duncan, Moira  Memorial University of Newfoundland The education of Princesses' in Tudor England  $17,500.00
Dunnigan, James P. McGill University Why not virgil or: The reception of Roman poetry in early Ezra Pound  $17,500.00
Dupéré, Sabrina  Université de Sherbrooke Entre la gouvernance moderne et l'impératif sécuritaire : dynamique des compromis canadiens et québécois en cybergouvernance et cybersécurité  $17,500.00
Durocher, Geoffrey L. University of Alberta Property rights and their impact on management policies for chronic wasting disease  $17,500.00
Dussault, Olivier  Université de Sherbrooke Le rôle de la temporalité dans la construction de la personnalité et dans la régulation émotionnelle  $17,500.00
Dziwak, Olivia  York University The motives of modern-day pirates: An analysis of copyrighted-content uploaders  $17,500.00
Earle, Timothy  Université Laval L'influence des parents sur la formation identitaire des personnes sourdes  $17,500.00
Easterbrook, Rachel A.C. University of Guelph Parent-child relationships in discussions of sexuality  $17,500.00
Eaves, Hayley  McGill University Keeping commedia alive: The cosmology of puppet theater in eighteenth-century Venice  $17,500.00
Edwards, Melissa  Wilfrid Laurier University Processing news of missing and murdered Indigenous and white women: The interaction of race, social dominance orientation, empathy, and perceptions of blame  $17,500.00
Edwards, Victoria  University of Ottawa Boys versus girls cootie control: Helping behaviours of children aged 60 months as a function of gender-related visible physical attributes  $17,500.00
Efimoff, Iloradanon  University of Saskatchewan Discrimination towards light skinned Indigenous peoples in Canada  $17,500.00
Eggett, Hannah R.E. Wilfrid Laurier University Citizens on patrol, Brantford: A case study analysis  $17,500.00
Elawani, Ralph  Université du Québec à Montréal Surimpression des contrechamps : Spécificité du médium cinématographique dans le discours contre-culturel au Québec 1963-1980  $17,500.00
Elnakouri, Abdo  University of Waterloo Defusing religious conflict and extremism through the pursuit of prosocial values  $17,500.00
Emond, Chloé  Université de Sherbrooke Le rôle des provinces dans la conclusion de traités avec les autochtones  $17,500.00
Emond, Mathieu  Université de Montréal Quand la ville s'approprie l'urbanisme tactique : les rôles des acteurs à la lumière des nouvelles pratiques des services de planification de la ville de Montréal  $17,500.00
English, Jaslyn A. Wilfrid Laurier University Addressing the implicit elephant in the room: Circumventing implicit bias through awareness  $17,500.00
Engstrom, Holly R. The University of British Columbia The effect of general self-control improvements on romantic relationships  $17,500.00
Entz, Meghan V. University of Waterloo Agricultural policy and young farmers in Canada: A comparative study of Manitoba and New Brunswick  $17,500.00
Epping, Kendra A. University of Calgary Evaluating an emotional intelligence training program for early-service teachers  $17,500.00
Esau, Erin  Mount Saint Vincent University Making space for untraditional academics: The experiences of undergraduate student parents  $17,500.00
Etoubashi, Nesma  McGill University The effects of texting and social media on interpersonal relationships and well-being  $17,500.00
Evangelista, Victoria A. University of Toronto Shapeshifting lyrics: Ashbery's queer poetics of self-dissemination and spatial fluidity  $17,500.00
Eyler, Anna J. Concordia University Intimacy in virtual environments  $17,500.00
Faerstein, Asher G. Queen's University MA gender studies: Toward a poetics of techno-living systems  $17,500.00
Fage, Kiersten A. McGill University Bring back the Scots cello: Connecting past and present in a North Atlantic folk cello revival  $17,500.00
Falardeau, Justine  McGill University Érudition et écriture de soi dans Le lotissement du ciel de Blaise Cendrars  $17,500.00
Farfan De Los Godos, Mark  Carleton University Diplomacy, multilateralism, and conflict resolution in Syria  $17,500.00
Farrah, Raouf  University of Ottawa Candidature à la bourse CRSH au niveau maîtrise : CRSH-M  $17,500.00
Farrell-Reeves, Alison M. McGill University (S)he's being mean to me: What works for whom when responding to aggression by peers  $17,500.00
Farthing-Nichol, Richard M. Simon Fraser University Managing worldviews: The role of Indigenous knowledge in co-managed protected areas  $17,500.00
Fast, Andrew J. Simon Fraser University Nation to nation: Explaining Aboriginal voter turnout in BC  $17,500.00
Favreau, Julien  University of Calgary Petrographic analysis reveals origin of rocks used by early hominins  $17,500.00
Fawcett, Elizabeth  Queen's University The implications of courtroom sketches on Canadian law  $17,500.00
Fayed, Shereen  McMaster University Study of the Coinage and public image of Lucilla  $17,500.00
Fedoruk, Claire S. McGill University Managing selves: Self-management and chronic illness in Canada  $17,500.00
Felepchuk, Erin  Carleton University We are evolving towards an indigenous specimen: Canadian classical music, Indigenous nations, and national celebration in 1967 and 2017  $17,500.00
Ferfache, Daphnée S. Université de Montréal Influence de traits psychopathiques et de facteurs culturels sur la coopération dans un dilemme du prisonnier chez les individus non incarcérés  $17,500.00
Ferguson, Hugh  Queen's University An assessment of the career decisions of Canadian members of Parliament using dynamic programming  $17,500.00
Ferrara, Cristina  University of Ontario Institute of Technology The influence of social media portrayals of use of force encounters on public attitudes towards police and impact on police officers  $17,500.00
Fillion, Maxime  McGill University On the potential and limitations of the conception of music as a universal language: Reversing the musical-textual relationship in my composition, Haiku  $17,500.00
Filman, Sonya L. York University Conjuring sensation: Exploring the paranormal through practice-based research  $17,500.00
Finnamore, Ardith B. University of New Brunswick Worry and knowledge of community support services in older adults living in Canada  $17,500.00
Fisher, Mallory S. York University The personal is political: Intersectionality in theatrical leadership  $17,500.00
Fisk, Shera  Simon Fraser University The differential effects of environmental factors on immature and mature bone degradation: A controlled experiment using pig sus scrofa skeletal remains  $17,500.00
Fitzgibbons, Joanne M. University of Waterloo Environmental justice and climate change adaptation in Nova Scotia  $17,500.00
Fitzpatrick, Terry K. University of New Brunswick Barriers and enablers of physically active leisure and sport for soldiers with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)  $17,500.00
Flanagan, Agnes M. University of Alberta Teachers' expectations matter: Implications for Canadian students of different ethnic groups  $17,500.00
Fleming, Tricia B. University of Saskatchewan Feeding communities, fueling sustainability: Linking food security, ecosystem stewardship and community resilience through the Gulf Islands clam garden project  $26,250.00
Flood, Stephanie M. Queen's University An evaluation of former volunteers' experiences at revved up and the influence these experiences have on career choice  $17,500.00
Foley, James A. Brock University How I teach and coach: The epistemological beliefs of teacher-coaches  $17,500.00
Folkerts, Katelynn  University of Waterloo Colonial oppression and Aboriginal youth suicide: Language transmission as socially-transformative primary prevention  $17,500.00
Fontaine, Aleah S.M. University of Manitoba Reconciliation with Indigenous peoples in Canada: Outcomes and promotion  $17,500.00
Fonzo, Mattia D. University of New Brunswick Bone trauma and disease on Fortress Louisbourg remains  $17,500.00
Forget-Renaud, Jasmine  HEC Montréal Étude des pratiques managériales des services de police québécois  $17,500.00
Fortier-Chouinard, Alexandre  Université Laval L'éducation politique obligatoire au secondaire : quel impact sur la participation électorale des jeunes - étude comparative  $17,500.00
Fournier, Antoine  University of Ottawa Tensions et militarisation autour des nouvelles routes maritimes commerciales : l'utilisation des grands exercices militaires comme instrument de dissuasion en mer de Chine méridionale et dans l'Arctique  $17,500.00
Fournier, Caissie  Université de Moncton Psychothérapie individuelle et influences mutuelles entre conjoints : un examen des indicateurs de suivis de progrès  $17,500.00
Fournier, Mireille  University of Victoria Edifying peace through law  $17,500.00
Fox, Liam B. Simon Fraser University Geography of student debt in Canada  $17,500.00
Francis, Emilie M.C. Simon Fraser University Automatic error correction for Japanese speakers of English  $17,500.00
Francoeur, Julie  Université Laval Porter assistance aux femmes perdues, le charisme particulier des Soeurs du Bon-Pasteur de Québec - l'exemple du refuge Notre-Dame-de-la-Merci/Maison Gomin, 1931-1972  $17,500.00
Fraser, Bailey Anne  University of Manitoba Does having a bicultural identity differently affect support for social justice issues  $17,500.00
Fraser, Jane A. University of Calgary Up the garden path: Urban farming and sustainability  $17,500.00
Frigault, Marianne  HEC Montréal Mon sujet de recherche est le choix d'acquisition TI (l'impartition, le cloud, ou les services internes) qui améliore de manière optimale l'avantage stratégique des entreprises québécoises sur le marché provincial, national et international  $17,500.00
Fruson, Dustin  University of Saskatchewan Pathways of wisdom: Implications of traditional wisdom and practice for adult education  $17,500.00
Fuentes, Maria B. McGill University The role of the shared public realm in social equality: Medellin and social urbanism  $17,500.00
Fugere, Charles-Antoine  Université Laval Le lecteur contraint : prédétermination de la lecture en contexte numérique  $17,500.00
Fukushima, Kailey S.H. University of Calgary Delectable disruptions: Dining and Victorian domestic spaces  $17,500.00
Gagnon, Dominic  Université de Montréal Les années potentielles de travail perdues au Canada avant la retraite, à 65 ans, 67 ans et 70 ans  $17,500.00
Gagnon, Elizabeth  University of Ottawa Caring across generations: Bounded agency in young adult caregivers' lifecourse  $17,500.00
Gagnon, Frederik R. Université du Québec en Outaouais En quoi la nouvelle philanthropie se présente-t-elle comme un levier de coconstruction et un révélateur de la capacité d'agir et d'innover des Tables de quartier à Montréal  $17,500.00
Gaitan, Laura  Memorial University of Newfoundland The importance of engaging communities during remediation projects in Northern Saskatchewan  $17,500.00
Gallant, Breeanna M. University of Toronto Representations of sexuality and consent: A critical discourse analysis of consent campaigns  $17,500.00
Galvani, Luke M. Simon Fraser University Examining cinematic narratives of transitory disabled sexuality  $17,500.00
Gardam, Kevin J. Lakehead University Influences of older adult participation in an outdoor adult playground  $17,500.00
Gardiner, John R. Concordia University No body compares to you: Romantic connection in post human cinema  $17,500.00
Gascon-Detuncq, Camille  Université de Montréal L'action structurante du centre des auteurs dramatiques CEAD sur la pratique dramaturgique québécoise de 1965 à aujourd'hui  $17,500.00
Gatien, Alexander S. York University Developing an audit system for qualitative analysis of cycling infrastructure  $17,500.00
Gatto, Stella M. The University of British Columbia Challenging canonical narratives: Exploring the art of secession women artists in 19th and 20th century Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic  $17,500.00
Gauthier, Elisabeth  Université du Québec à Chicoutimi L'écoute de musique instrumentale en arrière-plan a-t-elle un effet sur la mémoire épisodique lors de l'exécution de tâches verbales chez la population universitaire  $17,500.00
Gauthier-Grégoire, Antoine  HEC Montréal Accessibilité au vélo comme moyen de transport utilitaire : le cas du projet Culture Vélo  $17,500.00
Gauthier-Mamaril, Emma J. University of Ottawa Madame de Sévigné moraliste : regard anthropologique et forme épistolaire  $17,500.00
Gauthier, Myriam  Université du Québec à Chicoutimi La propagande de guerre et ses acteurs au Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean pendant la Seconde Guerre mondiale, 1939-1945  $17,500.00
Gazzard, Lauren  McGill University Romantic and social consequences of first impressions in a speed-dating paradigm  $17,500.00
Geary, Christopher  University of Toronto In the ruins of the present: Affect and space in contemporary post-apocalyptic fiction  $17,500.00
Geddes, Kathryn M.S. The University of British Columbia Looking deeper: Pre-modern voices of women in Sanskrit literary and intellectual history  $17,500.00
Gélineau, Félix-Antoine  Université de Montréal Finalité de la croyance et raisons de croire : une évaluation de la viabilité de l'approche constitutiviste pour fonder l'évidentialisme  $17,500.00
Gentil, Olivier  Université de Montréal L'impact de la gestion flexible sur les conditions de travail et l'organisation collective : le cas des succursales en réseaux de Tim Hortons  $17,500.00
Germaine, Mary  University of Toronto The great dwindle: Green poetry in the golden age of plastic bags  $17,500.00
Gerrard, Lindsey D. University of Toronto Early identification of deficits in false belief understanding using a novel theory of mind task  $17,500.00
Ghani, Aisha  The University of British Columbia Does sibling cognitive sensitivity influence the clinical presentation of autism spectrum disorder  $17,500.00
Giannopoulos, Georigina  Queen's University Adoptability, functionality, flexibility: The dynamics of executive power-sharing in Cyprus  $17,500.00
Gibbons-Taylor, Celion D. Queen's University Ma(r)king space, selling place: Spectacle tourism and the alterability of (un)belonging in Toronto's Caribbean Carnival Parade  $17,500.00
Giesbrecht, Meaghan D. University of Manitoba A divided city  $17,500.00
Gilbert-Blanchard, Ophélie  Université de Montréal Déconstruire les préjugés envers les élèves issus de l'immigration en milieux défavorisés : évaluation d'une démarche d'accompagnement d'équipes-écoles  $17,500.00
Gilbert, Marc-Antoine  Université du Québec à Chicoutimi Figurer la différence : représentation de soi et de l'autre dans la bande dessinée contemporaine, de Guy Delisle à Joe Sacco  $17,500.00
Gilbert, William  Université Laval Adopter de saines habitudes de vie et les maintenir : un défi de société analysé à la lumière de la théorie de l'autodétermination  $17,500.00
Gillies, Jennifer  The University of Western Ontario Investigating the trajectories of the effects of mood induction procedures MIPs  $17,500.00
Gingras Lacroix, Gabriel  Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue Les pratiques utilisées par les professeurs universitaires, ainsi que les chargés de cours, favorisant un apprentissage à caractère holistique chez les étudiants d'origine autochtone fréquentant l'UQAT  $17,500.00
Girard, Claire  Université de Montréal Les logiques polyvalentes : critique actualisée de leur pertinence au sein des débats philosophiques  $17,500.00
Girard English, Maïté  University of Ottawa Les effets des changements climatiques sur les communautés autochtones de l'Arctique canadien d'un point de vue postcolonialiste  $17,500.00
Girard, Marianne  Université du Québec à Montréal Rôle médiateur des symptômes dépressifs et post-traumatiques dans la relation qui unit agression sexuelle à l'enfance et suicidalité à l'adolescence  $17,500.00
Glazer, Melissa J. The University of Western Ontario Assessing the perceptions of the use of a courthouse facility dog program with child/youth witnesses  $17,500.00
Godfrey, Kathleen B.H. McGill University Exploring conservation meaning, practice, and 'positionings' in the Maasai communities of Olkiramatian and Shompole, Kajiado County, Kenya  $17,500.00
Godsalve, Andrew W. Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University New found lithics  $17,500.00
Goegan, Sarah  McMaster University Neural effects and efficacy of mindfulness training on emotion regulation in chronic mild traumatic brain injury  $17,500.00
Golafshani, Maryam  The University of Western Ontario Why medicine needs literature: A postcolonial deconstruction of the physician-patient encounter  $17,500.00
Goldman, Daniel E. Queen's University An evaluation of the effectiveness of the transformational coaching workshop  $17,500.00
González Zavala, Ileana  The University of Western Ontario I cannot paint what then I was: Recognition of the self with nature in Woodsworth`s poems  $17,500.00
Goodine, Rebecca  Concordia University Healing blocks: Mindful VR in a Minecraft sandbox  $17,500.00
Gordon, Alexander J. Queen's University Depression in (cyber)bullying: Pedagogy, policy, and interventionist methods for self-reliance  $17,500.00
Gordon, MacKenzie L. University of Alberta Video games as agents of social change  $17,500.00
Gorman, Sarah  University of Toronto The ethics of open access: New directions for research  $17,500.00
Gould, Mitchell L. Queen's University Two confessions, one Jerusalem: Conceptions of Jerusalem in the early modern English sermon  $17,500.00
Goulet, Eva T. Brandon University Family violence in a First Nation community of Manitoba  $17,500.00
Goulet, Julie  Université de Montréal La relation entre les difficultés extériorisées et l'engagement scolaire : l'effet modérateur de l'implication parentale dans le suivi scolaire  $17,500.00
Goulet, Marie-Christine  Université Laval Agression sexuelle en enfance et dévoilement d'une relation sexuelle extradyadique à l'âge adulte  $17,500.00
Goulet-Pelletier, Jean-Christophe  University of Ottawa L'ouverture à l'expérience, la motivation et la créativité : une étude corrélationnelle  $17,500.00
Govia, Leah  University of Waterloo Mechanizing morality: Approaching the ethics and regulation of artificial intelligence  $17,500.00
Govindasamy, Meera A. Ryerson University Feminist affect in online communities  $17,500.00
Gow, Elspeth S. The University of British Columbia Reconciliation in theatres of living history  $17,500.00
Graham, Katerina  Queen's University Freedom as non-domination: Evaluating pettit's theory within a society of total administration  $17,500.00
Grant, Amber M. Ryerson University The role of ethnicity in determining equitable delivery of urban forestry initiatives: A critique of Toronto's Strategic Forest Management Plan  $17,500.00
Gratton, Noémie  Université du Québec à Montréal Trajectoires de perception du soutien conditionnel parental et adaptation scolaire chez des élèves entre la 5e année du primaire et la 4e année du secondaire  $17,500.00
Gravely, Evan N. University of Guelph Meat eating as social practice: Understanding carnivorism as a social phenomenon and the implications for sustainable protein consumption  $17,500.00
Gray, Aidan  University of Toronto The China threat theory in the twenty-first century: Anxiety as political rhetoric  $17,500.00
Green, Allyson S. Carleton University The use of a critical arts-based pedagogy to facilitate reconciliation in Canada  $17,500.00
Greencorn, Christopher S. University of Toronto Leading God's white house: Musicians and ministry at the United House of Prayer for all people  $17,500.00
Grenier, Étienne  HEC Montréal Analyse d'impact économique des programmes d'immigrants investisseurs  $17,500.00
Grimard-Mongrain, Rosalie  Université de Montréal Genre et mémoire dans le Royaume Lombad VIIe-IXe siècle  $17,500.00
Gromova, Kateryna  University of Toronto Asserting coevalness: Film form as the agent of decolonization in contemporary cinemas of Ireland and Scotland  $17,500.00
Gross, Adlar  York University Community energy planning in Canada: Adapting best practices from Scandinavia  $17,500.00
Groux, Corwan  McGill University The politics of the Silk Road: China and Central Asia during the Tang Dynasty  $17,500.00
Grubb, Jocelyn N. Bishop's University Quebec's English speaking population and their historical trajectory to low literacy  $17,500.00
Gruhlke, Stephanie B. University of Victoria International human sex trafficking and the failure of the Westphalian state system: Evaluating the function of state-sovereignty in the international system's ability to adapt to modern challenges  $17,500.00
Gruwel, Marieke J.E. Concordia University Women's contributions to Manitoba's built environment, 1945-1975  $17,500.00
Guénette, Laurence  Université du Québec à Montréal Droit et société : rapports entre le droit et les mouvements écologistes au Québec  $17,500.00
Guillemette LeBlanc, Catherine  Université du Québec à Montréal La périurbanisation du lac Dufault : mythe ou utopie  $17,500.00
Gulyas, Ildiko  University of Toronto The trajectory of education: Hungarian Romani (Gypsy) migrant youth in Canadian post-secondary programs  $17,500.00
Gushue, Kelsey M.T. Simon Fraser University A gendered perspective: The impact of childhood victimization on adult offending amongst a sample of incarcerated juvenile offenders  $17,500.00
Hague, Maddie  Simon Fraser University Ideological, market, and state barriers to sustainable landscaping  $17,500.00
Haldane, Chayse  University of Alberta Understanding knowledge inclusion in graduate curriculum development in Canada: A case study  $17,500.00
Haley, Chris B. McMaster University An assessment of co-operative education's influence on skilled labour mobility post-graduation  $17,500.00
Hall, Abbigael  University of Victoria Ely Raman: At the fulcrum of fluxus  $17,500.00
Halldorson, Emily  University of Manitoba Connecting newcomers to the planning process through Photovoice  $17,500.00
Hamani, Sanaa  Trent University Innovation in academia vs the private sector: Exploring the role of the tenure system  $17,500.00
Hamdullahpur, Kevin T. University of Toronto Sex differences in a borderline personality disorder community sample  $17,500.00
Hamel, Alexandre  Université Laval État de somnolence chez les joueurs de poker en ligne : exploration de la capacité à respecter ses limites dans un contexte de jeu de nuit  $17,500.00
Hannon, Sarah K. Memorial University of Newfoundland Post-emancipation Bermuda: The nature of freedom  $17,500.00
Harker, Sydney  Trinity Western University A complex faith: Strategies of marriage, family and community amongst Upper Canadian Quakers  $17,500.00
Harmsworth, Geoffrey  University of Waterloo Sex, lies, and morality in Colluthus' Abduction of Helen  $17,500.00
Harney, Jessica L. Wilfrid Laurier University Healing families in the aftermath of intimate partner violence  $17,500.00
Harper, Morgan  The University of British Columbia Christian ideology in contemporary dystopic films: Post-secularity and the construction of community  $17,500.00
Harriott, Andre L. University of Toronto Teaching while black: Spotlighting the experiences of black male teachers in Toronto public schools  $17,500.00
Hassan, Raha  McMaster University Associations among behavioural and physiological measures of self-regulation in typically developing 4 year old children  $17,500.00
Hatabi, Miriam  University of Ottawa Ni Una Menos : l'activisme de genre en réponse au féminicide  $17,500.00
Hawkes, Jessica T. University of Waterloo Ecological literature: Moving from the material sublime to the material  $17,500.00
Hawkins, Klea  McGill University The affective wound and embodied passions in Caravaggesque depictions of Doubting Thomas  $17,500.00
Hawkins, Timothy J. The University of British Columbia Collaborative governance of salmon on Vancouver Island  $17,500.00
Hazel, Dominique R. Thompson Rivers University Music festivals in British Columbia: Examining stakeholder power relations to build effective partnerships and foster sustainability  $17,500.00
Hebda, Christopher F. University of Victoria Ancient environments and initial human occupation of the Nimpkish Valley, Vancouver Island, BC  $17,500.00
Heckert, Ryan  University of Manitoba Preference for food and non-food items of known reinforcing values in people with developmental disabilities  $17,500.00
Heembrock, Sara  University of Victoria The Havana blogging club: An inquiry into the politics of self-expression in post-revolutionary Havana  $17,500.00
Helmers, Miriam G. The University of British Columbia The plot Dickens: A legacy of laughter  $17,500.00
Herle, Lindsey  University of Ottawa Using Korngold's violin concerto to bridge two worlds: A comprehensive performance research project  $17,500.00
Herman, Lindsay V. University of Saskatchewan Conceptualizing age-friendly communities for Chinese-Canadian older adults  $17,500.00
Herrick, Shannon  McGill University An examination of physical activity participation among LGBTQ and  adults through the integrated perspective of self-determination theory and the minority stress model  $17,500.00
Hessel, Kunio  The University of Western Ontario The trolley dilemma, utilitarian decision-making and moral judgments in 5 year old children  $17,500.00
Heyman, Eli J. McGill University Evaluating the natural connection in Montreal's urban environments  $17,500.00
Hicks, Milo  McGill University The embodied moment of Virginia Woolf and Diane Williams  $17,500.00
Hiebert, Nicole R. The University of Western Ontario Processing of visual intonation and sarcasm in deaf children and youth  $17,500.00
Hillman, Emily E. University of Toronto Never had I known such sorrow: Death and emotional standards in Heian Japan  $17,500.00
Hinton, Jessica A. University of New Brunswick Burials and bones: An analysis of mortuary context from the 18th Century Fortress of Louisbourg  $17,500.00
Hodgson, Corah Lynn V. University of Waterloo Deconstructing the narrative: Representations of the October crisis in English Canadian newspapers  $17,500.00
Hogan, Jessica  Memorial University of Newfoundland How social trust can influence ecosystem management in coastal New Brunswick  $17,500.00
Hogan, Marie F. Memorial University of Newfoundland Bridging the school-to-work transition for humanities and social science graduates in Newfoundland and Labrador  $17,500.00
Hogg, Daniel J.D. University of Victoria Burning Yourself, and Other Essential Skills - feature-length screenplay: A narrative exploration of mental health in the millennial generation  $17,500.00
Ho, Jennifer A. University of Ottawa The effects of physical disabilities on performance appraisals in the workplace: Examining supervisors' biases through nonverbal behaviour  $17,500.00
Ho, Jordan  University of Guelph Personality judgments in the employment interview  $17,500.00
Holcombe, Olivia M. Brock University All that glitters is not gold: A study of the Aidonia treasure and cultural heritage  $17,500.00
Holec, Megan J. The University of British Columbia Exploring medieval ecofeminism and queer ecology: An ecocritical analysis of the relationship between Anchorites and the Natural World  $17,500.00
Holland, Nicole J. University of Toronto Investigating the impact of teacher-student relationships on classroom engagement for elementary students with ADHD  $17,500.00
Holowach, Monique C. University of Alberta Connectivity with nature: Can it tighten the pro-environmental attitude-behavior gap in solar panel adoption  $17,500.00
Holtby, Natalie M. University of Toronto Story editing as an intervention to improve academic achievement in children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder  $17,500.00
Hooper, Marie D. York University Is associative learning a precursor to symbolic representational skill in children  $17,500.00
Hosker, Christopher L.B. University of Alberta James Joyce: Nationalist cosmopolite  $17,500.00
Hounslow, Wanda J. University of Manitoba Genocide and the maintenance of power: Settler-colonialism, liberal order and the Assiniboia Residential School  $17,500.00
Howe Bukowski, Nicholas W. The University of British Columbia Sport and Evangelical Christianity in British Columbia  $17,500.00
Howells, Laura R. Ryerson University Swimming through the cesspool: How we find and evaluate news on Facebook  $17,500.00
Howsam, Robert A. Simon Fraser University Increasing access to medicine: How civil society organizations can influence international trade policy  $17,500.00
Huang, Cindy H-Y. University of Victoria Tracing Ice Age artistic communities: 3D digital modelling of cave art in France  $17,500.00
Hudd, Taylor J. University of Waterloo When negative memories undermine social confidence: The roles of perceived social pain and power  $17,500.00
Hughes, Dominic A. McGill University A teleological approach to biomedical ethics  $17,500.00
Huh, Michelle Y. University of Waterloo Children's understanding of group ownership  $17,500.00
Humble, Tiffany I. The University of British Columbia Gothic affect: Bodily terror in the eighteenth-century novel  $17,500.00
Hume, Rebecca K. Ryerson University Conclusively inclusive: Critically examining the rhetoric of inclusion in Canadian media  $17,500.00
Hunley, Casey T. McMaster University An indicator of injustices and a foundation for furthering rights: Food security and temporary foreign workers in Toronto  $17,500.00
Hunt, Daniel G. University of Guelph Over and over again: Thought through non-verbal means by way of artistic production  $17,500.00
Hurlock, Karly D. Carleton University Confronting bilateral indifference: Revitalizing Indo-Canadian foreign relations in the 1970s; 1980s  $17,500.00
Hvidberg, Madisen  University of Calgary Digital heritage preservation: 3D documentation of the Perrenound Homestead  $17,500.00
Iacono, Hailey A. McGill University Understanding funds of knowledge through math discussions  $17,500.00
Iannuzziello, Alana  University of Toronto Does exposure to what if scenarios during controlled experimentation promote children to engage in proper scientific reasoning  $17,500.00
Ikeda, Ai  Concordia University Eco-art, the nuclear imagination, and the anthropocene: Aesthetico-political figurations of the body, dadiation, and censorship  $17,500.00
Ilieff, Maria  University of Toronto Understanding the context, form, and function of alternate behaviours to nonsuicidal self-injury  $17,500.00
Ingram, Olivia C. Simon Fraser University Subverting genres: The pastoral as avant-garde in Frank O'Hara's oranges: 12 pastorals  $17,500.00
Ionico, Daniel A. McMaster University The recipe of choice: Pottery production communities in the Contact Period (1615-1650 CE) Neutral Iroquoian Confederacy  $17,500.00
Iqbal, Maria  Ryerson University The mystery of segregated spaces  $17,500.00
Irwin, Reese A. Simon Fraser University Compiling Sanditon: Following Jane Austen's last, unfinished work from manuscript to print  $17,500.00
Iselmoe, Leah  Carleton University The moon circles of Kwiss Cham: A study of women`s puberty features in the Salish region  $17,500.00
Isen, Tajja D. University of Toronto Race, law, and literature: Towards a new form of legal fiction  $17,500.00
Ivanski, Chantelle M.M. York University Increasing sexual communication through sex positive attitudes  $17,500.00
Ivany, Meredith M. Saint Mary's University Sleep in shift workers: A program to improve productivity and employee interactions  $17,500.00
Jackson, Emma N. University of Alberta Rebuilding daily life: Female foreign migrant workers in Fort McMurray's post-disaster recovery  $17,500.00
Jackson, Janine R. University of Lethbridge Culture tip: Accelerated culture loss in a Cree community  $17,500.00
Jacob, Talia A. McGill University Social and spatial justice in the city: A multi-agency approach to anti-gentrification struggles in Hamilton, Ontario  $17,500.00
Jacques, Isabelle  Université du Québec à Montréal La détresse humaine au-delà du diagnostic de maladie mentale, sur quelles bases se (re)construit l'identité des personnes diagnostiquées  $17,500.00
Jaeb, Leanne M. University of Alberta The evaluation of parent training at a family AAC camp  $17,500.00
Jaeggle, Michael W. McGill University Sexual pathology and gender deviance in James Joyce's Ulysses  $17,500.00
Jang, Jessica M.T. University of Guelph Chimeric phases, amorphous elsewheres: The girl and metamorphosis in figurative art  $17,500.00
Jansen, Erik J. University of Waterloo The secrecy heuristic and political polarization  $17,500.00
Janssen, William F. Brock University The influence of perfectionism on achievement and well-being during school transitions  $17,500.00
Janzen, Andrew J. University of Toronto Singing for new reasons: The emergence of a Brazilian Indigenous imaginary  $17,500.00
Janzen, Zachary A. University of Manitoba Healing the science religion split: A spiritual psychology from Rudolf Steiner and C.G. Jung  $17,500.00
Jaye, Naomi  York University Interactive installation film  $17,500.00
Jeannotte, Nancy  Université Laval Le bénévolat chez les ainés : facteurs et raisons menant à la pratique du bénévolat dans une perspective de parcours de vie  $17,500.00
Jerowsky, Micheal D.D. The University of British Columbia Assessing solutions in citizen science: A comparative case study of invasive plant monitoring programs in the Greater Vancouver Regional District  $17,500.00
Jessome, Elizabeth J. Dalhousie University Climate change action: Energy crops in Nova Scotia  $17,500.00
Jiwan, Mehreen Z. University of Toronto Shi'i material culture in Karbala, Iraq  $17,500.00
Jobin Poirier, Emilie  Brock University Climate change adaptation and mitigation  $17,500.00
Johnson, Jay P. University of Calgary Experience of deciding to pursue further education in response to involuntary job loss  $17,500.00
Johnson, Meaghan E. University of Guelph Mindful of mindfulness: Understanding the significance of Buddhist philosophy on applied mindfulness in psychotherapeutic practice  $17,500.00
Johnson, Vanessa G. University of New Brunswick History or myth: Education's role in influencing the narrative of The Royal Newfoundland Regiment at Beaumont-Hamel  $17,500.00
Johnston, Jordan D. Lakehead University Border stories: Reconciliation through Indigenous literature  $17,500.00
Johnston, Tara B. Brock University A mixed-methodological study examining a literacy intervention for struggling readers  $17,500.00
Jones, Alan M. University of New Brunswick A reluctant Nazi - the role of Friedrich-Wilhelm Kritzinger in the Holocaust  $17,500.00
Jones-Chick, Rachael  Saint Mary's University The effect of a trauma informed organizational change model on employee burnout and performance  $17,500.00
Jones, David A. Carleton University A framework for assessing programs designed to counter violent extremism  $17,500.00
Jones, Haley T. University of Toronto France and Hungary accepting and rejecting refugees: The historical contexts of asylum policy transformation and their implications for the Syrian refugee crisis  $17,500.00
Jones, Jennifer L. Royal Roads University Investigating the creation of a sense of place on a Northern, urban Canadian campus  $17,500.00
Jones, Samantha  University of Calgary I can only work so hard: Exploring work effort and ideological psychological contracts of health-care employees  $17,500.00
Jonker, Anouk A. Queen's University The visual vocabulary of Carl Jung's Unconscious  $17,500.00
Jorgensen McGuire, Danika  University of Alberta Transforming fear: Towards a transformative justice perspective on internet-based child pornography  $17,500.00
Judge, Alexandra J. University of Toronto African American travellers to the Soviet Union in the interwar period  $17,500.00
Jutras, Laurence  Université du Québec à Montréal La croisée du travail technoscientifique et de la production artistique : l'art robotique comme avenir de la robotique personnelle  $17,500.00
Kadhim, Nada  Université du Québec à Montréal Can collective autonomy support facilitate the internalisation of harmful norms  $17,500.00
Kaiser, Nichol  Queen's University The inclusion illusion: what is the reality for children with invisible disabilities in Ontario public schools  $17,500.00
Kalaidjian, Talar  Concordia University The effects of video modelling and role modelling on pre-adolescents with autism  $17,500.00
Kaliel, Emily B. University of Saskatchewan Assimilation through motherhood: Immigrant women's experience of motherhood advice on the Canadian Prairies, 1918-1939  $17,500.00
Kalinowski, Anna M. York University The death mechanic as time travel in video games  $17,500.00
Kalvari, Lauren  York University Intergenerational caring: Critical analysis of an aging perspective  $17,500.00
Kamalou, Somayyeh  University of Toronto Online safety behaviours and social anxiety  $17,500.00
Kanary, Richard T. McMaster University The relationship between disorder and crime and its influence on public quality of life  $17,500.00
Kang, Melissa  University of Toronto The distresses of parasocial breakups with attachment anxious individuals  $17,500.00
Kaplan, Jeffrey D.G. University of Ontario Institute of Technology Identifying and quantifying coercion: The coercion assessment instrument  $17,500.00
Karpazis, Pauline L. University of Toronto Youth homelessness: an enhanced obligation for Canadian policy makers  $17,500.00
Keel, Robert L. University of Toronto Bikeshare travel patterns and user characteristics: A case study of bike share Toronto  $17,500.00
Keller, Sarah  University of Alberta The impact of the correctional environment on the executive functioning of prisoners  $17,500.00
Kelliher, Kara D.P. The University of Western Ontario Gender, representation, and identity in Kenyan Maasai cultural tourism  $17,500.00
Kempenaar, Christina M. University of Victoria The forgotten generation of British choral music  $17,500.00
Kendall, Angelique C. The University of British Columbia Philosophy of embodied consciousness  $17,500.00
Kendall, Katie J. Carleton University Here's the thing: Reception and participation aesthetics in the thing Quarterly  $17,500.00
Kennedy, Richard N. University of Toronto How does part-time enrolment in post-secondary education affect labour market outcomes  $17,500.00
Kerr, Tiara A. The University of British Columbia Location, location, location: Costs and benefits of small versus large city settlement of refugees in Canada  $17,500.00
Khalaf, Ali  The University of British Columbia The transmission of values from the Chinese/Korean elites to the Korean people in the 16th century  $17,500.00
Khalesi, Zahra S. McMaster University Evaluating the impact of facial and emotion training on the well-being of socially disadvantaged individuals  $17,500.00
Khalil, Laura  Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières Using eye-tracking and penile plethysmography to examine differences among child pornography offenders  $17,500.00
Khangkar, Dechen D. The University of British Columbia Inter-Indigenous dialogue: A Tibetan immigrant perspective on the decolonization of First Nations in Canada  $17,500.00
Khan, Junaid  York University The impact of an aggressive invasive species on the public usability of protected spaces  $17,500.00
Khan, Maria  University of Alberta The role of parent heritage culture and gender in parent-child cooperation, conflict, and reciprocity  $17,500.00
Kim, Angela B. The University of British Columbia Sample size planning in the dark: A comparison of perceived and actual power  $17,500.00
Kinach, Lesia A. University of Guelph Investigating the structural causes of food waste  $17,500.00
Kinakin, Matthew  The University of British Columbia Mapping evaluative attitudes in relation to neuroscience, evolutionary game theory and moral realism  $17,500.00
Kitchenham, Ashlee V. University of New Brunswick The career development of youth who age-out of government care: A qualitative exploration  $17,500.00
Klassen, Andrea  Dalhousie University Nuance rich notation at Vercelli: A systematic notational study of two manuscripts  $17,500.00
Klassen, Benjamin  Simon Fraser University AIDS is not just about dying: Accessing queer narratives of Vancouver's epidemic  $17,500.00
Klassen, Katharina  Carleton University Establishing a synthesis of the disciplines of intercultural communication, conflict resolution, and Canadian international relations  $35,000.00
Klassen, Michael D. University of Toronto Whose quality counts: The role of departments in interpreting professional accreditation requirements  $17,500.00
Kleinplatz, Sasha  Simon Fraser University De-colonizing curation  $17,500.00
Kling, Lucas J. The University of British Columbia The cyborg complex: Technophobia and transphobia in contemporary art  $17,500.00
Knezevic, Mia  The University of British Columbia Pictorial persuasion: Rhetorical presence in modern non-profit advertising  $17,500.00
Knowles, Kathryn S. University of Toronto Canadian musical composition in todays cultural climate  $17,500.00
Kocic, Tina  McMaster University Changes in the female voice due to intrasexual competition  $17,500.00
Kocjan, Thomas A. Brock University Modern perceptions and the use of technology in archaeology  $17,500.00
Konaté, Khady  University of Ottawa Représentations du féminin et énonciation lyrique dans la chanson québécoise contemporaine : nouvelles perspectives et questionnements du genre chez Philémon Cimon, Pierre Lapointe et Les soeurs Boulay  $17,500.00
Koudounis, Nicholas  University of Toronto Multiculturalism in the Hellenistic period: Greek and non-Greek relations in Hellenistic Alexandria, 323 B.C. - 31 B.C.  $17,500.00
Kovacs, Katie L. University of Toronto The effects of educator perspectives on play-based practice in Ontario's kindergarten programs  $17,500.00
Kovesi, Caroline A. York University Facing the elephant in the room: A case-study on student-led mental health activism  $17,500.00
Kramers, Sara C. University of Ottawa Examining how coach training influences the quality of youth sport programs  $17,500.00
Krejci, Lucie  Université Laval Littérature post-dictatoriale des enfants de militants disparus ou immigrés : transgression des limites comme continuité de la mémoire  $17,500.00
Kristjanson, Kevin  University of Manitoba Dispositional mindfulness as a correlate with emotional recovery in sport  $17,500.00
Krogel, Amber S. University of Toronto Renegotiating expertise: Wikipedia and the construction of knowledge  $17,500.00
Kruger, Daniel J. Concordia University A proposal to study the history of Canadian music therapy  $17,500.00
Kuang, Si-Jia  University of Waterloo Sense perception in the stream-of-consciousness writing of Virginia Woolf and Nathalie Sarraute  $17,500.00
Kuhl, Nicholas R. Queen's University Leveraging short-term growth for long-term sustainability in North Ontarian communities: A new planning framework  $17,500.00
Kuligowski Chan, Philip C. University of Toronto We met on Grindr: Constructing identity and community through queer hook-up apps  $17,500.00
Kunimoto, Erica M.L. University of Calgary Reconciling agency and interdependence: A turn to the emotions  $17,500.00
Kyle, Ashley D.M. University of Alberta Right-wing radicalization within Alberta prisons  $17,500.00
Kysow, Kate  The University of British Columbia Unpacking community hoarding cases: What predicts their outcomes  $17,500.00
Labbé, Jolène  McGill University Equity in urban climate adaptation planning in Toronto and Montréal  $17,500.00
Labrecque, Matthew R. Saint Mary's University Growth mindset: An intervention for university students  $17,500.00
Lachance, Valérie A. Université de Sherbrooke Variabilité empathique du psychothérapeute et alliance thérapeutique  $17,500.00
Lacroix, Christopher J. The University of British Columbia Queer empathy, trauma, generational difference, and mutual queer phenomenology  $17,500.00
LaCroix, Elise  University of Alberta The dramaturge's role in intercultural new play development in Toronto  $17,500.00
Lacroix, Mélinda  McGill University La justice ou la paix : les trajectoires transitionnelles du Guatemala et du Salvador  $17,500.00
Lacroix, Nicolas  Université du Québec à Montréal Penser la communauté esthétique d'Ulysse : poétiques de l'histoire et du langage chez James Joyce et Jacques Rancière  $17,500.00
Ladouceur-Séguin, Isabelle  University of Toronto Relâchement des voyelles hautes en français Laurentien : l'harmonie des voyelles en grammaire harmonique  $17,500.00
Laflamme, Maude  Université de Montréal L'autisme au féminin : l'expérience sociale du trouble autistique chez les femmes  $17,500.00
Lafrenière, Kevin  Université de Montréal Les groupes de contrats en droit québécois  $17,500.00
LaGrand, Hannah E. McMaster University Arendt and Sloth: an inquiry into the moral aspects of thinking  $17,500.00
Laguë Maltais, Magalie  Université du Québec à Montréal Des divinités indigènes à Apollon : analyse historique des oracles de Lycie  $17,500.00
Lagueux, Stéphanie  University of Ottawa L'agriculture urbaine à Ottawa : une étude sur l'engagement agricole dans la ville canadienne  $17,500.00
Lakoff, Aaron J. Concordia University From the arena to the streets: Radical sports journalism and social justice in hockey  $17,500.00
Laks, Zoe A. The University of British Columbia Nostalgic proximity and postmodernist distance: Examining artifice in postmodern melodrama  $17,500.00
Laliberte-Bouchard, Louis  McGill University Les mémorialistes et la mort au Grand Siècle : étude de la poétique testamentaire des mémoires d'Agrippa d'Aubigné, Henri de Campion et Pierre-Daniel Huet  $17,500.00
Laliberté, Geneviève  Université de Sherbrooke Posttraumatic stress disorder and immigration: The journey to becoming a Canadian permanent resident  $17,500.00
Lallier-Roussin, Laurence  Université de Montréal L'hospitalité à l'épreuve : étude du centre de réception et d'identification pour migrants Moria, sur l'île de Lesvos (Grèce)  $17,500.00
Lalonde, Félix  Université de Montréal Renouvellement du syndicalisme : défis de la perspective intersectionnelle  $17,500.00
Lamanque-Belanger, Catherine  Université de Montréal La relation entre les interactions avec l'enseignant et les pairs sur l'engagement des élèves du primaire de milieux défavorisés : rôle modérateur du statut migratoire  $17,500.00
Lamb, Elanor V. University of Victoria In search of innocence: The beat generation and artistic identity on Canada's west coast  $17,500.00
Lamond, Bronwyn S. University of Toronto Understanding student perceptions of computer-based assistive technologies  $17,500.00
Lamontagne, Marjolaine C. Université du Québec à Montréal Quête de souveraineté à l'ère de la mondialisation : la protodiplomatie du Québec, de l'Écosse et de la Catalogne  $17,500.00
Lam, Sharon  University of Toronto Applying an ecosystem services approach to land use planning: a case study of Canadian municipalities  $17,500.00
Langebeck, Francheska M. Trent University The politics of feasting: Commensality through dining in the Iron Age to Archaic transition in Crete  $17,500.00
Langill, Jennifer C. University of Toronto Experiencing climate change: Coping with high flooding in the Peruvian Amazon  $17,500.00
Langlais-Oligny, Pénélope K. Université du Québec à Montréal Voix de l'altérité : la reprise de la parole subalterne dans Le livre des étreintes d'Eduardo Galeano suivi du texte de création Ameriquitas  $17,500.00
Langlois, Amélie  McGill University Des King Kong girls solidaires : l'amitié féminine dans Baise-moi de Virginie Despentes  $17,500.00
Langlois, Philippe  Institut national de la recherche scientifique La conception de la biodiversité dans les villes moyennes: le cas de Sherbrooke  $17,500.00
Laperrière-Désorcy, Louis-Vincent  Université de Montréal Étude zooarchéologique des pratiques d'exploitation faunique du site de l'île Saint-Bernard BiFk-5  $17,500.00
LaPierre, Alicia R. Carleton University Assessing the effectiveness of the use of risk assessment tools in intimate partner violence cases in a law enforcement context  $17,500.00
Lapierre, Cynthia  Concordia University The role of first language influence in the learning of second language grammar: the case of his/her in English  $17,500.00
Lapytskaia, Christina  York University Media Framing: Examining the influence of violent news on racial attitudes  $17,500.00
Larcher, Anne I. Université Laval Transposition au numérique du théâtre-forum : application aux minorités culturelles de Roumanie  $17,500.00
Larouche, Karl  Université Laval Soutien social, engagement paternel et bien-être psychologique : le rôle médiateur des trois besoins psychologiques fondamentaux  $17,500.00
Laurenda, Jacquelyn  University of Toronto Beyond art for art's sake: Decadence, Catholicism, and the gospel according to Oscar Wilde  $17,500.00
Lau, Tsz-Wing Zita  The University of Western Ontario Why are children with learning disabilities left out of things: A cross-cultural examination of children's perspective on social exclusion  $17,500.00
Lauzon, Jean-Philippe  Université du Québec à Montréal Qualité de la relation stagiaire superviseur de stage : analyse longitudinale des antécédents et des conséquences  $17,500.00
Lauzon, Marie-Pier  Université du Québec à Montréal L'organisation coopérative de type cohabitat et son effet sur l'organisation du travail domestique : le cas de cohabitat Québec  $17,500.00
Lavigne, Mathieu  Université de Montréal Irlande du Nord : une paix inachevée  $17,500.00
Lavoie-Kartner, Tristan  Université de Montréal Étude de la masculinité dans le cinéma québécois  $17,500.00
Lavoie-Ricard, Olivier R. Université de Montréal Sentiments d'injustice et condition d'emploi des artistes des arts visuels et de la scène  $17,500.00
Lawrence, Casey M. Brock University Modernism through a queer lens  $17,500.00
Leblanc, Anne  Université Laval Transition démocratique et marche vers les droits humains : le féminin dans le politique tunisien  $17,500.00
Leblanc, Léandre  École nationale d'administration publique L'évolution de la mesure du rendement et de l'évaluation des programmes au gouvernement fédéral : analyse des rapports organisationnels 2006-2016  $17,500.00
Lebrun, Gabrielle  Université de Montréal Exploration du soutien organisationnel offert aux employés exposés à un événement potentiellement traumatique : les besoins des travailleurs en protection de la jeunesse  $17,500.00
Leclerc, Louise  Université Laval Les connaissances du programme du préscolaire et les modalités utilisées lors du coenseignement: relations et articulations  $17,500.00
Ledoux, David  Université de Montréal La spatialisation 3D en musique acousmatique : stratégies, perception et analyse  $17,500.00
Leduc Berryman, Alexandre H. University of Ottawa Penser les enjeux de la condition humaine : Hannah Arendt et Aristote sur le concept de praxis  $17,500.00
Lee, Bo Ram  University of Manitoba Social service use and justice system involvement of children in care: An evaluation of the child welfare system  $17,500.00
Lee, Dennis W. University of Toronto Musical content and social contexts of Indonesian death metal  $17,500.00
Lee, Erinn M. University of Guelph Agricultural runoff in the Thames-Sydenham Region: Current attitudes, barriers, and opportunities for source protection  $17,500.00
Lee-Hone, Chloe  Université de Montréal Les relations franco-premières nations sur la route septentrionale, 1550-1650 : analyses typologiques et comparatives de trois assemblages de perles de verre d'Abitibi-Témiscamingue  $17,500.00
Lee, Janelle  University of Waterloo Quantifying impacts of informal transportation on social equity in Nairobi  $17,500.00
Leenders, Amber  The University of British Columbia Roman women as public benefactors: An archaeological perspective  $17,500.00
Lefebvre-Côté, Béatrice  Université de Montréal Transfuges intellectuelles : mobilité et distance culturelles chez Annie Ernaux et Lise Tremblay  $17,500.00
Leivdal, Joseph  The University of Western Ontario Nietzsche and the environment  $17,500.00
Lemieux, René  University of Ottawa Traduire la tradition orale autochtone dans le droit canadien : une étude de l'arrêt Delgamuukw  $17,500.00
Lemire, Anthony  Université Laval Analyse sémantique de l'expression du rapport de l'individu au temps pour soi : une approche diachronique  $17,500.00
Lennox, Rebecca  Simon Fraser University Being woman in contemporary Canadian society: A phenomenological analysis of women's experiences of street harassment  $17,500.00
Lepianka, Alexander  York University Theoretical perspectives on contemporary knowledge production  $17,500.00
Lessard, Marie-Claude  Concordia University Image, langage, loi : pour une poésie de classeurs  $17,500.00
Lessio, Nadine  OCAD University The internet of absurd things  $17,500.00
Levine, Shelby  Carleton University The influence of adaptive and maladaptive perfectionism on mental health during the transition to university  $17,500.00
Lewington, Sarah J. McGill University The power of policy: Investigating women's experiences of gender-based violence on campus  $17,500.00
Lewis-Sing, Emma B. Memorial University of Newfoundland The Beothuk, Ferryland's lesser-known inhabitants: Archaeological botanical evidence for cross-cultural exchange  $17,500.00
Lex, Elina  York University Elina Lex's Application to Canada Graduate Scholarships-Master's Program  $17,500.00
Lindgren, Amanda Y. University of Saskatchewan Party affiliation and climate change attitudes in Canada  $17,500.00
Ling, Adrian  University of Toronto The form of orchestration  $17,500.00
Link-Melnyk, Cydney M. University of Toronto The role of transnational activities on refugee integration and the state  $17,500.00
Lister, Iona C. University of Victoria Navigations of power: The objectification of genitalia in British Library MS Harley 2253's Fabliaux  $17,500.00
Little, Ariel J. Trinity Western University Visions of well being: Holistic approaches to health in the works of L.M. Montgomery, Frances Hodgson Burnett, and Louisa May Alcott  $17,500.00
Little, Nathan C. Memorial University of Newfoundland Rupturing hegemony: Marxism, pragmatism, and Canadian complacency in the face of homelessness  $17,500.00
Litt, Rachael A. The University of Western Ontario Using choral music as therapy for female adolescents with eating disorders  $17,500.00
Livingston, Meghann A. Memorial University of Newfoundland Où la France rencontre l'Amérique du Nord: Archaeology of 18th Century Life at Anse à Bertrand, Saint-Pierre et Miquelon  $17,500.00
Lizotte, Mathieu  Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières La motivation, l'intégration et la réussite éducative des élèves issus de l'immigration de 1re génération en Mauricie : quelle est la contribution des activités parascolaires  $17,500.00
Lloyd, Alexandra  University of Victoria Overseas students and sexuality: An Indonesian case study  $17,500.00
Lloyd, Jayden C. McMaster University Interactions and identity among Greek and Indigenous populations in classical Sicily  $17,500.00
Logie, Alyssa E. The University of Western Ontario Masters in media studies (FIMS) at Western University  $17,500.00
Lohrasbe, Devon R. University of Victoria The reception of the hybrid Minotaur in Classical Athens  $17,500.00
Lord, Stephanie  Université de Montréal La renonciation à la libération conditionnelle : profil des détenus provinciaux  $17,500.00
Lorie, Elizabeth C. McGill University Gesturing towards meaning in Beckett and McCarthy  $17,500.00
Lu, Jia  University of Toronto Urban resilience: Theory, measurement, and design  $17,500.00
Lund, Jessie  Lakehead University Female Canadian university sexual assault victims: Why they don't report  $17,500.00
Luongo, Gabriella M. University of Toronto Assessing nutritional initiatives in Canadian post-secondary educational institutions  $17,500.00
Lustic, Leisha A. Trent University The influence of perspective on observational learning  $17,500.00
Maavara, Alexander  Wilfrid Laurier University The war comes home: Invasion anxiety in First World War Great Britain 1914-1918  $17,500.00
MacDonald, Heather R. Queen's University I/Enacting morality: Community approaches to cultivating moral intentionality through contemplative practice  $17,500.00
MacEachern, Meghan E. Saint Mary's University Exploring women-centred, holistic, and trauma-informed programming for provincially incarcerated women in Canada: A case study of the New Brunswick women's correctional centre  $17,500.00
Mac Farlane-Drouin, Romy  McGill University Conditions de détention des demandeurs d'asile : le Canada est-il justifié de recourir aux menottes et aux chaînes  $17,500.00
MacFarlane, Maggie J. Mount Saint Vincent University Junior high school teachers' needs and interests in evidence-based social and emotional aspects of learning  $17,500.00
MacGowan, Taigan L. McMaster University Effect of shyness on social cognitive development in preschoolers  $17,500.00
Mackenzie, Katelyn J.V. University of Manitoba Violence against Indigenous women in news media  $17,500.00
MacKenzie, Nicholas R. McMaster University Oratory meets Historiography in the Digressions of Sallust  $17,500.00
Mackrell, Lucy  McGill University The development industry's gendered narrative of heterosexual transmission of HIV in Botswana, and its impact on programming and policy in local NGOs  $17,500.00
MacPhee, Marie-Claire  York University Technological education in Ontario: A curriculum study  $17,500.00
MacQueen, Michelle L. Carleton University Counter-narratives to Canadianness: The Tragically Hip and Canadian identity  $17,500.00
Maddison, Teresa I. Simon Fraser University Municipal policies for urban agriculture in Canada  $17,500.00
Mahe, Natalie  University of Alberta Evaluation of augmentative and alternative communication training for speech-language pathology students  $17,500.00
Mailly, Sophie  Université de Montréal La guerre à la terre : le Guatemala, entre génocide et écocide  $17,500.00
Maislin, Sean J. McGill University Financial markets and the wealth distribution: Exacerbating and mitigating effects on wealth inequality  $17,500.00
Mancinelli, Dusty  York University Eternal slumber: Docu-fiction hybrid short film  $17,500.00
Manicom, John  Concordia University Smash the matriarchy: Practices and ideology of contemporary secular male-supremacists  $17,500.00
Man, Kristiann E. Queen's University An exploration of the strategies used by community-based recreation programs to foster quality participation among persons with physical disabilities  $17,500.00
Mansell, Paul G. Wilfrid Laurier University Responding to crisis: the origin of the modern military hospital  $17,500.00
Marchand, Beverly  University of Ottawa La mythologie de l'amitié, de 1844 à aujourd'hui : les Mousquetaires et Sherlock Holmes en évolution  $17,500.00
March, Loren  York University The socio-spatial effects of formalizing informal arts districts in Toronto  $17,500.00
Marin-Aponte, Alfonso J. Carleton University Domestic and international factor approaches: Explaining the mobilization of Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb  $17,500.00
Marino, Jessica P. The University of Western Ontario Memory and mourning: Examining the voids in German and Latin American literature  $17,500.00
Markowitz, Samantha M. York University Autism assistance dogs(AADs) supporting students with Autism Spectrum Disorder(ASD) in the classroom  $17,500.00
Marsellus, Mynt J.W. University of Toronto Communicating emotion in post-9/11 cinema  $17,500.00
Marsolais-Ricard, Charles  Université du Québec à Montréal Transition vers l'art vidéo : déplacement de l'authenticité et de l'identité  $17,500.00
Martel, Karine L.M. University of Manitoba Métis as Indians: An Indigenous study of the Daniels v. Canada decision and its implications for the Métis  $17,500.00
Martin, Emily M. University of Guelph Community consultation in the mining assessment process in Yukon  $17,500.00
Martin Labrosse, Gabriel  Université du Québec à Montréal Trap or die: le rap américain contemporain du sud et son rapport au mythe du rêve américain  $17,500.00
Martin, Michelle  Simon Fraser University Hybrid forms, unfolding cinema: The films of Nicolás Pereda  $17,500.00
Martland, Shane  University of Toronto Syriac studies and translation  $17,500.00
Maruyama, Meghan L. University of Alberta Changing the world, one toy at a time  $17,500.00
Maston, Sara K. York University An animal among animals  $17,500.00
Matheson, Lauren  University of Victoria The role of parental responsiveness in the relationship between postpartum depression and infant attachment  $17,500.00
Matheson, Rachel  Dalhousie University GMOs and gender in Ghana: Investigating female farmers' views on the commercialization of GM cowpea  $17,500.00
Mattan, Andrew J.A. University of Guelph Examining the political Twitterverse during provincial electoral debates: A Canadian study  $17,500.00
Matthews-Hunter, Keir C. University of Toronto Case studies of resettlement agencies and private sponsors in housing Syrian refugees in Toronto  $17,500.00
Mattson, Danielle  University of Alberta Does a modified math interactive learning experience improve math skills and behaviour  $17,500.00
Maylott, Paige V. McMaster University Gender traitor: A memoir examining authenticity and identity formation in a time of political upheaval  $17,500.00
Mayo, Andrew C. University of Toronto The irrational in Euripides  $17,500.00
Mayville, Stephanie  McGill University The agency of the cello in Mozart's string quartet, K. 589  $17,500.00
Mazerolle, Janelle  Université de Moncton Troubles anxieux and troubles à symptomatologie somatique : le rôle des facettes de la pleine conscience  $17,500.00
Mazerolle, Sylvie C. The University of British Columbia Education for reconciliation and social justice: teacher investigations of decolonization  $17,500.00
McAllister, Nathan M. University of Regina His name truly was respect: Practicing moral values in coastal Papua New Guinea  $17,500.00
McArthur, Weston J. University of Toronto Lebensraum and Genocide: Alfred Rosenberg and the decision-making process of the final solution, 1941-42  $17,500.00
McBain-Ashfield, Emily I. University of Ottawa Conceptualizations of the Canadian-American border during the human immunodeficiency virus/acquired immune deficiency syndrome crisis from the Canadian perspective  $17,500.00
McBride, Karen L.R. University of Toronto Crow winter: A study of indigeneity and cultural integrity through a discussion of Rez diaspora and Aboriginal self-governance  $17,500.00
McBurnie, Michael  The University of British Columbia Enhancing urban resilience through multiple uses of public infrastructure resources  $17,500.00
McCauley, Brea M. Simon Fraser University The role of monuments in fostering intra-group cooperation in the context of warfare  $17,500.00
McCleery, Kyle A. The University of British Columbia Indefinite detention following not criminally responsible verdict in British Columbia  $17,500.00
McCloskey, Katharine  The University of British Columbia Masculinity ideology, social support and stress: A study of veteran men in transition  $17,500.00
McComb, Sarah E. York University The role of perfectionism and cognitive emotion regulation strategies in the development of depression, anxiety, and eating disorders  $17,500.00
McCormick, Samantha D. University of Toronto Samantha McCormick: Effects of task-specific skills training on self-efficacy and perfomance  $17,500.00
McDevitt-Irwin, Margaret N. McGill University Gross materialism: The potential of abject bodies in Marxist-feminist theory  $17,500.00
McDonald, Joseph S. University of Calgary Paraconsistent logics for inconsistent models of arithmetic  $17,500.00
McDowell, Myken  University of Alberta Acts of erasure: The visual archive and emerging histories  $17,500.00
McFaul, Samuel J. The University of British Columbia Rewilding the city  $17,500.00
McGale, Heather A. Carleton University Rising to the challenge: Assessing the role of cognitive appraisal in psychophysiological stress reactivity during operationally-based police training scenarios  $17,500.00
McKellips, Fanny  Queen's University What are the costs of delayed medical referrals to specialists  $17,500.00
McKenna, Stephen W.B. University of Ottawa Modernity and coloniality in Northern Manitoba and Saskatchewan  $17,500.00
McLaughlin, Kristen L. University of Toronto The scale of our past: The big impact of small museums on Canada's cultural landscape  $17,500.00
McLean, Maeve M. University of Ottawa Dimensions of water access as predictors of anxiety and depression in rural Tanzania  $17,500.00
McLellan, Hudson L. The University of British Columbia Pipe dreams: Participatory action in evaluating comprehensive community planning  $17,500.00
McLeod, Jaclyn V. Simon Fraser University The power of the narrative: Comparing working class Chinese-Canadian museum exhibits and the archaeological record  $17,500.00
McMaster, Megan A. Nipissing University Lifelong inequality of first generation students: Skills outcomes  $17,500.00
McMillan, Jason  University of Waterloo The northwest passage: Communities on Canada's new frontier  $17,500.00
McPhee, Emma E.E. University of New Brunswick Impressions of Kingship: The iconography of Minoan seals  $17,500.00
McWilliams, Jennifer M. University of New Brunswick The experiences of women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM): A psycho-social ethnography of the commonplace (P-SEC) approach  $17,500.00
Medina, Isiah  York University Intermission (a short film)  $17,500.00
Menendez, Claire  Simon Fraser University Eliciting stakeholder and First Nation goals through choice modelling  $17,500.00
Mercier, Joanie  HEC Montréal La transition des entreprises canadiennes vers la certification B Corp  $17,500.00
Meredith, Carley J. The University of British Columbia Contextualizing female authorship: Paratext in early modern women's writing  $17,500.00
Merritt, Olivia A. University of Waterloo The persistence of checking behaviour  $17,500.00
Mestiri, Mohamed A. Université de Montréal La place de la réhabilitation sociale des mineurs membres de gang de rue au sein d'un programme probatoire de surveillance intensive  $17,500.00
Méthot-Jean, Emmanuel-Maxime  Université de Montréal Le rôle de l'idéologie dans les génocides coloniaux : les mécanismes du discours pour justifier la violence  $17,500.00
Miatello, Lisa  York University Developing a trauma-informed transitional housing program model for homeless lesbian, bisexual, gay, transgender, queer and two-spirit youth  $17,500.00
Michaud Dumont, Frédérique  Université Laval Peut-on prédire les difficultés scolaires chez les enfants ayant été victimes de négligence en fonction de l'attention et de la réponse au stress avant l'entrée à l'école  $17,500.00
Mifflin, Kathleen J. Dalhousie University Solutions beyond the sea: Exploring the environmental impacts and nutritional losses of seafood waste  $17,500.00
Migdal, Alex  The University of British Columbia Evaluating Canadian film criticism in new media technologies  $17,500.00
Milland, Kristy E. McMaster University From Marx to mechanical turk: Can the past theory of labour help us solve the future problems of work  $17,500.00
Miller, Emily  Ryerson University The digital afterlife: Accessible photographic archives through digital curation  $17,500.00
Mills, Janet A. Dalhousie University Eighteenth-century Jamaica: Slave resistance or full rebellion  $17,500.00
Mitchell, Katelyn  University of Lethbridge The choice is yours: Unplanned pregnancy and abortion in Southern Alberta  $17,500.00
Moaphi, Meelad  York University Let It Rain: A short film by Meelad Moaphi  $17,500.00
Moevus, Adrien G. McGill University Mahamudra as a complete path to enlightenment: A study on the paradoxical teachings of the Indian Buddhist master Maitripa  $17,500.00
Montano, Kelyn J. University of Alberta The use of first mentions and cognitive abilities in bilingual children's narratives  $17,500.00
Montgomery, Neil A. McGill University Apologizing for colonialism: Canada and the case of the public apology  $17,500.00
Montpetit, Gabrielle  Concordia University The evolution and repercussions of religious architecture in Québec's Indigenous reservations  $17,500.00
Moorhouse, Emilie L. The University of British Columbia Saving the world: Environmental movements and social change  $17,500.00
Morasse-Choquette, Étienne  Université du Québec à Montréal Le parc public comme dispositif de réforme chez Frederick Law Olmsted : Central Park, Prospect Park et le parc du Mont-Royal  $17,500.00
Mordvinova, Valeriya  University of Toronto The reversal of globalisation and its effect on the aerospace industry  $17,500.00
Morin, Guillaume  Université de Montréal Relation entre les attitudes et les comportements à l'égard de l'image corporelle, de l'alimentation et de l'activité physique chez un groupe de garçons adolescents : le rôle des caractéristiques individuelles  $17,500.00
Morin, Julie  Université Laval Étude des comportements alimentaires problématiques et de l'insatisfaction corporelle à l'adolescence : prévalence et corrélats  $17,500.00
Morin, Laurence  Université de Montréal La présence attentive pour diminuer la détresse psychologique en milieu de travail : l'effet médiateur de la qualité des relations  $17,500.00
Morin, Powen-Alexandre  Université du Québec à Montréal La constitution de la figure du porte-parole dans le discours politique  $17,500.00
Morley, Kirstyn R. University of Alberta Kindergarten teachers' experiences of developing effective teacher-child interactions  $17,500.00
Morris, Brittany A. The University of British Columbia Harnessing the data revolution: Data driven approaches to civic engagement in stormwater management  $17,500.00
Morris, Meg  Queen's University Enhancing Indigenous involvement in greenbelt planning in Southern Ontario  $17,500.00
Morrison, Carly E. Acadia University Comparing decision-making processes in rural and urban elementary school closures  $17,500.00
Moscato, Valerie D. Queen's University Wet-cleaning systems for acrylic emulsion paintings: A Canadian investigation  $17,500.00
Moscovitch, Sarah  University of Toronto Emma: A novel of youth depression  $17,500.00
Mscichowski, Jakub  The University of British Columbia The great leap famine's capitalist restorationists and rightist opportunists: Revaluating the role of local cadres  $17,500.00
Mulrooney, Sheila  University of Toronto An application to continue the study of English literature  $17,500.00
Muncaster, Craig M. University of Victoria Domination, predicted consensus, and pluralism: A study of historical linearity, its implications for political exclusion, and solutions  $17,500.00
Murphy, Emily L. Brock University The importance of being kind to yourself: Self compassion as an intervention for adolescent perfectionism  $17,500.00
Murphy, Liam P. McGill University The impact of Bill 10 on health and social services in Montréal  $17,500.00
Murray, Hanna E. The University of British Columbia Criminal weakness: Physical culture, photography, and the policing of the American body, 1890-1914  $17,500.00
Murray, Jessica L. University of Ontario Institute of Technology How change doesn't happen: An institutional analysis of barriers in implementing harm reduction programming on college and university campuses  $17,500.00
Murret-Labarthe, Charlotte M. University of Ottawa The recent portrayal of migrant workers by Canadian media  $17,500.00
Murschell, Gillian C. The University of British Columbia Negative space: Stories of isolation and connection in Canadian youth culture  $17,500.00
Musielak, Natalia  The University of Western Ontario Child homicide and the role of separation in domestic violence  $17,500.00
Mussar, Ruth  Carleton University Morphlogical intervention in French immersion students  $17,500.00
Muzzin, Tyler M. University of Lethbridge Toward an ecocritical representation of landscape  $17,500.00
Nabbijohn, Aysha N. University of Toronto Children's appraisals of gender nonconformity: Identifying current perceptions of gender expression among same-aged peers  $17,500.00
Nader, Hala  Dalhousie University Violence against women through the eyes of refugees: A case study of Syrian Refugees in Lebanon  $17,500.00
Nadon, Lindsey R. University of Alberta Reducing burnout and enhancing lifelong learning in high-achieving students: A motivational perspective  $17,500.00
Nagornaia, Anastassia  York University Nostalgia, the happy generation, and the stagnant fairytale: Remembering Soviet Russian cinema of the 1960s and 1970s  $17,500.00
Nahornick, Nora B. University of Toronto Modeling default intensities by price equilibrium  $17,500.00
Naqvi, Zinnia  Concordia University From East to West and back again: The perplexities of cross-cultural translation  $17,500.00
Nardone, Stephanie S. University of Windsor The impact of perceived social support on the relationship between perfectionism and academic achievement  $17,500.00
Needham, Jessica K. Wilfrid Laurier University Queer baiting: An examination of a post-homophobic society's dually queer coded media  $17,500.00
Negatu, Daniel D. York University Tesfaye: A short film  $17,500.00
Nelson, Rebecca K. University of Toronto Sustainable transportation and accessibility to green spaces  $17,500.00
Neufeld, Lucas B. Simon Fraser University Innovative approaches to meaningful employment for refugees in the Greater Vancouver Area  $17,500.00
Newman, Terry  Concordia University The effects of social media on representative democracy in Canada  $17,500.00
Nidd, Graeme  Carleton University Teaching through fantasy: Play and education  $17,500.00
Nikkel, Jacob  University of Alberta Challenging whiteness and white resistance through social justice education  $17,500.00
Norouzian, Nikoo  York University How does motivation influence interpersonal outcomes  $17,500.00
Norrie, Kassandra  Bishop's University Teacher's perspectives on multicultural education in perceived homogeneous classrooms  $17,500.00
Nowak, Nadia K. University of Northern British Columbia Indigenous governance and natural resource management in Northern BC: Post-Tsilhqot'in  $17,500.00
Oattes, Nicole  Trent University Parent and adolescent emotional intelligence: Exploring mechanisms of development  $17,500.00
Oeffinger, Marlene  Concordia University Re-engaging the self with science and nature through poetic form  $17,500.00
Ogrodnik, Michelle  McMaster University Sweat so you don't forget: Determining the optimal exercise break to promote attention and learning in the university classroom  $17,500.00
O'Hara, Gabrielle  McGill University Emotional barriers to successful group learning: An emotion regulation training program  $17,500.00
Okada, Candice M. The University of British Columbia Postfeminist digital cultures and new framings of femininity  $17,500.00
O'Kane, Connor  University of Ottawa The role of the piano transcription: A lecture-recital  $17,500.00
Oliver, Casey L. The University of Western Ontario Workplace awareness and interventions in lethal domestic violence  $17,500.00
Olwell, Marjolaine S. The University of British Columbia Implementing the recommendations of the truth and reconciliation commission: How Quebec's culturally blind child welfare law perpetuates the overrepresentation of Indigenous children in care  $17,500.00
O'Manique, Claire  University of Victoria The implications of carbon markets for local food security  $17,500.00
Oppen, Svjetlana  University of Windsor Going back to Yugoslavia: Composite identities of nation and self  $17,500.00
O'Reilly, Steven  The University of British Columbia The green effect: Canadian-American relations and the United Nations, 1961-1963  $17,500.00
O'Riordan-Ross, Margaret E. The University of Western Ontario Vimy Ridge: Exploring the origins of the Vimy myth  $17,500.00
Orrego Astorga, Huamani  The University of British Columbia Merging traditional ecological knowledge and academic research on Mycorrhizal Networks  $17,500.00
Ortiz, Drexler Klein  University of Victoria The influence of caregiver culture on child pain expression  $17,500.00
Osborne, Emily A. University of Toronto Cripping sex education in Ontario: An exploration of institutional desexualisation of disabled students  $17,500.00
Osgood, Laura M.S. Simon Fraser University Reading inmates' writings in prison journal, penal presses, and novels  $17,500.00
O'Shaughnessy, Haley D. Queen's University A close reading of José Rizal's Noli Me Tángere  $17,500.00
Oslie, Vanessa J. University of Alberta Coaching and implementation of teacher practices in early learning and care  $17,500.00
Ouellet, Anne-Sophie  University of Toronto The duties of property: A comparative perspective of abuse of rights  $17,500.00
Ouellet, Catherine  Université Laval L'utilisation des bases de données dans l'organisation des plateformes électorales des partis fédéraux canadiens  $17,500.00
Ouellet, Myriam  Université Laval Les trajectoires migratoires d'un groupes de réfugiés Syriens réinstallés dans la ville de Québec  $17,500.00
Ouslis, Natasha E. The University of Western Ontario Investigating interdependence in teams: An empirical study with construct validation  $17,500.00
Oxford, Cheryl  Acadia University Predictors of performance in research methods among the Maple League of universities  $17,500.00
Page, Jonathan  Concordia University Converts to Islam: Locating hybridity within Victorian England  $17,500.00
Painchaud, Alexandra  Université Laval Services de garde et patrons de relations interpersonnelles : effet de socialisation  $17,500.00
Panjer, Jillian  University of Windsor The same, but different: A feminist systematic review of prevalence studies and associated qualitative studies of intimate partner violence among aging women  $17,500.00
Paradis-Lavallée, Raphaëlle  Université de Sherbrooke Effet médiateur des motivations sexuelles sur la relation entre attachement adulte et coercition sexuelle chez des couples de la communauté  $17,500.00
Pardy, Aaron  Simon Fraser University Implementing the United Nations sustainable development goals in Canadian cities  $17,500.00
Parent, Charlotte  Queen's University La conservation de la mousse de polyuréthane dans le mobilier de design  $17,500.00
Parent-Thivierge, Olivier  Université de Montréal Textes doublés et doublure des textes : une pensée du dispositif dans la pratique d'écriture de Jacques Derrida  $17,500.00
Paré, Stéphanie  Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières La transformation du rapport à l'écrit d'adolescents issus de milieux défavorisés par le recours à l'écriture créative en première secondaire  $17,500.00
Parker, Kristina  Concordia University Mapping mindscapes: A therapeutic analysis of spatial relations  $17,500.00
Parker, Victoria A. Wilfrid Laurier University Rose coloured illusions: Exploring the long-term benefits of illusory change  $17,500.00
Parkin, James C. University of Waterloo Designing for complex ecologies: How can the benefits of human relationship to nature as well as ecological resilience be increased through the implementation of a network of dense, small scale ecological hotspots in Toronto's densifying urban core  $17,500.00
Parkin, James C. University of Waterloo Designing for complex ecologies: How can the benefits of human relationship to nature as well as ecological resilience be increased through the implementation of a network of dense, small scale ecological hotspots in Toronto's densifying urban core  $17,500.00
Pasciano, Karoline A. The University of British Columbia Ecological heterotopias of illusion: Uncovering natural emplacements of wonder on Shakespeare's stage  $17,500.00
Pass, Michael B. Saint Mary's University The great Far-Eastern question: Japanese-Western relations (1890-1931)  $17,500.00
Patino Sanchez, Camila  Université de Montréal La construction de la modernité par les discours de rareté de l'eau : analyse des cas à Bogota et Medellin au début XXe siècle  $17,500.00
Patzer, Stephanie  University of Guelph Engaging people with disabilities in participatory development: A case study of a parents' association in Tegucigalpa, Honduras  $17,500.00
Pawlowski, Madeleine L. McGill University Geographic transitions as a determinant of Inuit post-secondary success in Montreal  $17,500.00
Paynter, Adrienne  Carleton University Identity change within romantic relationships in emerging adulthood  $17,500.00
Peach, Laura J. The University of Western Ontario Indigenous food sovereignty praxis at Western University  $17,500.00
Pearce, Kyle G.J. Queen's University Understanding Newfoundland's queer precarity  $17,500.00
Pedersen, Abigail A. University of Alberta Hétu versus Copland: Comparing two major 20th century piano variations  $17,500.00
Pedneault, Maxime  Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières Transition à la vie adulte : la représentation de la vie adulte des jeunes en protection de la jeunesse  $17,500.00
Peel, Stephanie A. Dalhousie University Sociocultural influences surrounding self-testing in Zimbabwe  $17,500.00
Peivandi, Parvin  The University of British Columbia The embodiment of new materialism in textile art  $17,500.00
Pellerin, Alison  Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières Consommation de médicaments opiacés et stimulants à des fins non médicales ou sans prescription par des étudiants québécois de niveau postsecondaire  $17,500.00
Pelletier-Morin, Sarah-Louise  Université du Québec à Montréal Une parole sans commencement ni fin : les actualisations poétiques du registre épique dans l'étang noir (2005) de Benoit Jutras  $17,500.00
Penner, Jake M. McMaster University Marxist-Leninist ideology and Canadian communism, 1956-1992  $17,500.00
Pereira, Elizabeth  Brock University Coming-of-gender: Deconstructing the gendered Bildungsroman  $17,500.00
Périard-Larivée, Delphine  Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières Impact des services de loisirs adapté en nature sur le niveau de stress, de bien-être et la satisfaction conjugale de parents d'enfants avec trouble du spectre de l'autisme  $17,500.00
Perron, Mathieu  Université du Québec à Chicoutimi Étude linguistique et sociolinguistique des adverbes intensificateurs à la télévision québécoise  $17,500.00
Perry Cox, Alexei  Concordia University The uses of uselessness: Poetics for a new literary politics  $17,500.00
Perry, Olivia G. Emily Carr University of Art + Design The space between people  $17,500.00
Perry, Rebecca A. University of Calgary Persistence in the face of adversity: What drives low-literacy women refugees to continue on in language instruction for newcomers to Canada classes in Calgary  $17,500.00
Persaud, Sachin  Ryerson University Open for business: Bringing BIAs to the 'burbs  $17,500.00
Peters, Mercedes M.E. Dalhousie University Indian status and female indigeneity: The impact of the Indian Act on Mi'kmaq women, 1940-1985  $17,500.00
Peters, Olivia C. University of Manitoba Smart policing in Winnipeg: An application of focused deterrence on domestic violence  $17,500.00
Peterson, Britta S. Vancouver Island University Re-creation through recreation: Exploring contemporary perspectives on Indigenous leisure  $17,500.00
Peters, Rachel P.E. University of Toronto Where where matters: Evaluating cities for ideal refugee integration in Hesse  $17,500.00
Petkovic, Tatjana  Ryerson University How interactive installations can be utilized for processes of mourning  $17,500.00
Petranker, Rotem  York University Utilizing mindfulness to improve self-regulation in Children  $17,500.00
Petric, Alexander T. University of Guelph Assessing economic impact of Canada-U.S. trade policy changes for Southwestern Ontario  $17,500.00
Petzold, Natasha E. University of Toronto Creative solutions for community improvement: Identifying opportunities for tactical urbanism in car-dependent neighbourhoods by Natasha Petzold  $17,500.00
Pham, Theresa A. The University of Western Ontario The influences of phonological and semantic information on word learning  $17,500.00
Philips, Amber K. University of Toronto Forced adaptation: Peasant families living under Soviet collectivization in the 1930s  $17,500.00
Phillips, Kayla M. Simon Fraser University Gender and the impact of party discipline in Canadian provincial politics  $17,500.00
Philpott, Emily  York University Exploring contention around the lower Churchill hydroelectric development: Stakeholder perspectives and Indigenous health impacts  $17,500.00
Phlek, Vann-Vateil  Université du Québec en Outaouais Le rôle de la pression des pairs, des parents et du partenaire amoureux dans la prédiction de comportements d'automutilation  $17,500.00
Picardo, Rochelle  The University of British Columbia Investigating achievement as a contributor to the graduation lag of children in permanent foster care  $17,500.00
Piereira, Elizabeth  Brock University Coming-of-gender: Deconstructing the gendered Bildungsroman  $17,500.00
Pilin, Maya  The University of British Columbia Using implicit measures in the diagnosis of obsessive-compulsive versus pedophilic disorder  $17,500.00
Pillersdorf, Daniel  University of Windsor Effects of cannabis use on the fading affect bias in undergraduate students  $17,500.00
Pineault Savard, Kassandra  Université du Québec à Montréal Comprendre le lien entre utilisation de styles humour non adaptatifs et les difficultés de régulation émotionnelle à la préadolescence  $17,500.00
Pink, Emma E. The University of British Columbia The mediation of settler and Indigenous connections in Western Canada, 1770-1920  $17,500.00
Pinsent, Helen A. Dalhousie University Unstuck in time: Ideology and form in Kurt Vonnegut's Kilgore Trout novels  $17,500.00
Pitel, Marian C. University of Guelph Exploring error management culture EMC in police teams: implications for increased work safety and accountability  $17,500.00
Pitts, Emily A. The University of Western Ontario I speak therefore I am: A study of language reclamation in urban Indigenous populations  $17,500.00
Plouffe, Marc-Antoine  Université de Montréal L'accès à  la connaissance et l'intellection des notions premières chez Avicenne, Thomas d'Aquin et Jean Duns Scot  $17,500.00
Pludwinski, Brandon  University of Waterloo Conservation of natural resources through outdoor recreation  $17,500.00
Plumptre, Genevieve  McGill University Spectre, spectator: The virtual aesthetics of humanitarianism in UNVR  $17,500.00
Poirier, Julien  Institut national de la recherche scientifique Précarité: un point de vue syndical  $17,500.00
Poirier, Marie-Lise  Université du Québec à Montréal Caricature, prostitution et contestation politique : prudence et véhémence journalistiques en France sous la monarchie de juillet 1830-1848  $17,500.00
Poirier-Saumure, Alexis  Université de Montréal Autoethnographie identitaire en intervention communautaire : negociations queer de l'homonormativité dans le contexte du discours anti-homophobie du GRIS Montréal  $17,500.00
Pond, Laura J. The University of Western Ontario Re-reading the horror trope of the vengeful female spirit in terms of feminist empowerment  $17,500.00
Poole, Alicia G. McGill University Agency within structural constraints: Individuals in protracted refugee situations  $17,500.00
Postnikoff, Jonathan D. Concordia University Legalized inequality: An intersectionality-based policy analysis of HIV criminalization in Canada  $17,500.00
Potvin, Camille  Université du Québec à Montréal Poétique territoriale des corps dans Baise-moi et à Suspicious River  $17,500.00
Power, Cynthia M.A. Memorial University of Newfoundland Signing on: Literacy and work in Newfoundland 1860-1930  $17,500.00
Power, Ellen J. University of Toronto Community narratives of radiation, risk and the 1978 crash of Cosmos 954 in Northern Canada  $17,500.00
Prats, Morena  Université du Québec à Montréal Faire image avec le corps : une dramaturgie scénique basée sur le concept de pathosformel d'Aby Warburg  $17,500.00
Proulx, Gabriel  McGill University Échos beckettiens dans la littérature française contemporaine : Christophe Tarkos, Jean-Marie Gleize, Charles Pennequin  $17,500.00
Proulx, Yohan  Université du Québec à Rimouski Racine E, recueil d'essais : étude et exploration du genre de l'essai lyrique et de la figure d'auteur essayiste chez John D'Agata  $17,500.00
Provencher Chabot, Agathe  HEC Montréal Les modes alternatifs de règlement des conflits en droit du travail : étude du rôle du médiateur conciliateur dans l'application de la Loi sur les normes du travail au Québec  $17,500.00
Przysiezniak, Pierre  Université du Québec à Montréal La post-dramaturgie probabiliste de l'installation théâtrale habité : nous étions dans un bien étrange paradis  $17,500.00
Purushuttam, Salisha  York University What crime? Legal understandings of sexting laws & consequences by Canadian youth  $17,500.00
Qashoa, Omar  University of Toronto Ancient Iranian wisdom and Islam: A Suhrawardian synthesis  $17,500.00
Quaile, Emily S. Carleton University The politics of the apolitical: The eoliberal Bank of Canada and rising household debt levels, 1991-2016  $17,500.00
Quan, Cindy  University of Victoria Size, origin, and predictors of sibling acculturation differences  $17,500.00
Quenneville, Joannie  Laurentian University The impact on two attention-orienting strategies on vocabulary acquisition in preschool-age children during shared book reading  $17,500.00
Quistberg, Kirsten A. University of Victoria The relations between theory of mind, metalinguistic awareness, and executive function in preschool children  $17,500.00
Quist, Jennifer  University of Alberta A role for translation studies in multilingual creative writing instruction in an unequal world literary system  $17,500.00
Qureshi, Aamna  McMaster University Depression: Exploring aspects of emotional emergence affecting memory bias  $17,500.00
Racette, Jean-Christophe  Université de Montréal Occuper et gérer l'espace urbain à Montréal durant la crise  $17,500.00
Raithby, Tess  The University of British Columbia Outcomes for children of parents with mental illness  $17,500.00
Rajagobal, Amentha  University of Toronto Canadians Can: Empowering the next generation of mathematicians  $17,500.00
Ramaj, Sagi  The University of Western Ontario Migrant status, sexual orientation, and their effects on social capital and economic integration  $17,500.00
Raposo, Stephanie  York University Expanding your horizons: Self-expansion increases desire and satisfaction in relationships  $17,500.00
Rash, Christina L. University of Calgary HEXACO personality traits and strategic vs. non-strategic gambling  $17,500.00
Ratkovic, Igor  Brock University Balkan vampires  $17,500.00
Raulier, Marie  McGill University De la Deplourable fin de Flamete aux Contes amoureux : rapports d'intertextualité et héritage boccacien  $17,500.00
Ravinthiran, Jishian J. McGill University Exploring the intersecting identities of Asian immigrant LGBTQ youth  $17,500.00
Raymer, Nicole J. Queen's University The geography of vulnerable seniors and their service needs  $17,500.00
Raynard, Kelsey A. Lakehead University Reprogramming the Princess: Reclaiming girl power in a patriarchal world  $17,500.00
Raza, Alina  Carleton University Strong families: Perceived barriers in the context of early learning centers  $17,500.00
Razek, Sherena  The University of British Columbia Keeping occupied: Rawiya in and out of the diaspora  $17,500.00
Redekop, Michelle  University of Calgary Mindfulness and post-trauamtic growth in a traumatized Canadian veteran population  $17,500.00
Redford, Robert  University of Toronto Mindfulness as a window into the mechanisms of self-knowledge and interpersonal perception  $17,500.00
Redikopp, Sarah H. The University of Western Ontario Feminist analysis of women's self harm  $17,500.00
Reed-Wood, Louis W. University of Calgary These fishers of men: The discourse of recruitment in the Civil War North  $17,500.00
Reesor, Rebecca A. McGill University Five-finger pattern-learning in children and adults, as a model for understanding skill development in piano playing  $17,500.00
Refaie, Nabhan  University of Regina Are psychopaths sexually deviant: Evidence for the evolutionary advantage of psychopathy  $17,500.00
Reichstein, Naomi W. The University of British Columbia Centres of reinvention: Integrating built and natural heritage into public space design  $17,500.00
Reid, Alexandra  Queen's University Sport and physical activity for positive youth development in Mexican youth  $17,500.00
Reis, Simone O. The University of Winnipeg Supplementary technology in museum displays: Innovative methods of communicating information  $17,500.00
Reist, Wilissa M. University of Alberta Math is difficult: Assessing gender, humor and stereotype imagery in Canadian political cartoons  $17,500.00
Rempel, Emma R. Ryerson University Family ties: An investigation of the familial and non-familial alibi corroboration on alibi believability  $17,500.00
Rennert, Heidi M. University of Victoria Gender, tricycles, and travel in Joseph and Elizabeth Pennell's cycling narratives  $17,500.00
Reny, Louis-Charles  Université Laval Comparaison d'intervalles temporels et sensibilité aux préjugés en contexte canadien  $17,500.00
Restrepo, Angelica  Concordia University Youths' understandings of justice and forgiveness in the midst of political change  $17,500.00
Revington, Robert C. McMaster University Program of study: Manifestations of popular religion in superhero comics and films  $17,500.00
Ridha, Thana  University of Ottawa Freedom within prison: Examining the role of theatre on the lives of inmates in Canada  $17,500.00
Riediger, Erin J. University of Manitoba Library architecture and community connection: Libraries as spaces for social inclusion in Canadian neighbourhoods  $17,500.00
Rigby, Richard A. Simon Fraser University The impact of attachment orientation and perceived power inequality in sexual relationships  $17,500.00
Rine-Reesha, Naseem D. University of Toronto The evolving roles of object and material in modern and post-modern poetry  $17,500.00
Rioux, Jean-François  Université Laval Penser l'histoire : la philosophie de la vie de Dilthey par-delà l'ontologie fondamentale de Heidegger  $17,500.00
Rivera, Susan A. Queen's University Locating the modern consciousness in the literatures of the Spanish Civil War  $17,500.00
Roberts, Clea L. The University of British Columbia Shifting the ego-centric to eco-centric: Forging wilderness connection in an urban world  $17,500.00
Roberts, Mikayla P. Simon Fraser University Evaluating implementation of collaborative land use plans: a case study of the Great Bear Rainforest Agreement  $17,500.00
Robillard Lamont, Emmanuel  Université du Québec à Montréal Le religieux et le fondement du politique chez Nietzsche et Durkheim  $17,500.00
Robinson, Chanelle  University of Toronto Unsettling virginity: exploring Marian piety in Indigenous spirituality through the theological lens of Hans Urs von Balthasar  $17,500.00
Robinson, Emma V. University of New Brunswick Rape myth acceptance in campus-based Evangelical communities  $17,500.00
Robinson, Timothy A.C. University of Toronto The rise of Islamic extremism: A comparative study of Afghanistan and Nigeria  $17,500.00
Robitaille, Sophie D.M. University of Manitoba Development and evaluation of an online training program to teach reinforcement principles  $17,500.00
Rocheleau, Jessica N. Carleton University Exploring implicit online privacy concerns on social networking sites  $17,500.00
Roddick, Charlotte  The University of British Columbia Respiratory sinus arrhythmia reactivity as a moderator of associations between capitalization and negative affect  $17,500.00
Rodrigue, Maude  Université Laval Clarté identitaire, configuration identitaire et bien-être chez les individus dotés d'identités culturelles multiples  $17,500.00
Rodriguez, Lina P. York University La Violencia  $17,500.00
Rodriguez, Rufino O. York University Cha cha and rumba: A comparison of autochthonous and foreign approach to cultural commodification  $17,500.00
Romanek, Bartlomiej F. University of Alberta Divine intervention: Old Norse Pagan influence on medieval Icelandic hagiography  $17,500.00
Rondeau, Janie  Université de Montréal Leadership et stratégies des gestionnaires universitaires devant l'intégration des étudiants issus des clientèles émergentes dans les stages en formation à l'enseignement : le cas de l'Université de Montréal  $17,500.00
Rosa, Mylene  University of Ottawa Évaluation de l'apprentissage de compétences professionnelles et du niveau de stress avec l'utilisation de simulations reliées à la dysphagie chez des étudiants nutrition  $17,500.00
Rossier-Bisaillon, Antonin  Université de Montréal Exploitation des technologies tactiles et du traitement de la parole dans l'auto-apprentissage de la littératie chez les adultes analphabètes de niveau inférieur à 1  $17,500.00
Rossi, Mari  University of Toronto Unsettling anorexia: Affective negotiation of gender identity  $17,500.00
Rossi, Vanessa  University of Toronto Creating a microscopic method for human skeletal sex assessment  $17,500.00
Roters, Jennifer A. Brock University Psychopathy and borderline traits described in the HEXACO framework  $17,500.00
Roumie, Norma  University of Ottawa Alleviating tensions between refugees and their host communities: Lebanon case ctudy  $17,500.00
Rowe, Katelyn  University of Waterloo Broadening scope of attention in the face of threat: How mindfulness can help  $17,500.00
Roy, Audrey  University of Ottawa Évaluation de la réglementation du phénomène des portes tournantes dans l'administration américaine  $17,500.00
Roy Drainville, Cassandre  Université du Québec à Montréal Représentations identitaires nationales chez les communautés amérindiennes du Québec de 1940 à 1970 : le cas des Hurons de Lorette et des Mohawks de Kahnawake  $17,500.00
Roy, Karine  Université de Moncton Intimidation dans la fratrie pendant l'enfance : impact sur les relations amoureuses à l'âge adulte  $17,500.00
Roy, Mélodie  Université de Montréal La triade de l'hostilité au sein des relations mère-enfant : saisir les relations entre l'expression des émotions de colère, de mépris et de déout et la santé des enfants  $17,500.00
Roy, Shanie  Université du Québec à Montréal La mobilisation du droit du travail : recours et non recours au(x) droit(s) des travailleuses en maison d'hébergement pour femmes au Québec  $17,500.00
Ruddy, Alexandra M. The University of British Columbia Students' emotion-related self-regulation: The role of the classroom and school environment  $17,500.00
Ruder, Sarah-Louise  University of Waterloo Ecological implications of plant-based diets: A comparative analysis of milk beverages  $17,500.00
Ruf, Joshua E. The University of British Columbia Building sustainable cities: Can online data dashboards promote environmentally sustainable behaviour  $17,500.00
Ruiz, Roxanne  Université Laval Être un modèle de réussite malgré les embûches : portrait de femmes immigrantes de la ville de Québec  $17,500.00
Rumford, Michelle H. University of Ottawa Recreation, religion, and reconciliation: a multiple case study of church-run camp programs for Indigenous youth in Canada  $17,500.00
Russell, Kora Liegh M. University of Victoria Locating identities in the Food Sovereignty Movement: The Philippines, peasants, and The World March of Women  $17,500.00
Ryan, John R. Carleton University The people and the crowd: Populism and popular participation in Hannah Arendt's thought  $17,500.00
Ryan, Nadine  York University The virgin of alötting: Narratives of visionary and miraculous encounters  $17,500.00
Rybovic, Rosemary  York University The imitation game: From Shakespeare to webcomics  $17,500.00
Sabina, Christine  The University of Western Ontario Storytelling, power, and the tradition of the metatheatrical narrator in David Henry Hwang's M. Butterfly  $17,500.00
Sabourin-Guardo, Eléonore  Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières La qualité des interactions familiales en contexte de précarité financière : le lien avec la compréhension émotionnelle et la capacité de mentalisation de l'enfant  $17,500.00
Sacy, Danny  HEC Montréal Les obstacles majeurs auxquels les entreprises font face lors de la mise en oeuvre du processus PIC  $17,500.00
Sagar, Nathalie S. The University of British Columbia Using generalizability theory to investigate the appropriateness of measures of math anxiety  $17,500.00
Sailor, Malcolm  McGill University Musical coherence without traditional tonality: Theoretical foundations of the expanding scalar universes of impressionism, jazz, and beyond  $17,500.00
Salamon, Daria Z. The University of British Columbia The stone thrower: Exploring the challenges of Canada's North  $17,500.00
Saleh, Gasser  Université de Montréal Relation entre le clivage et la résistance à l'interférence proactive : une étude expérimentale  $17,500.00
Salmen-Hartley, Jacob U. University of Victoria Towards an archaeology of Indigenous halibut fisheries on the northwest coast  $17,500.00
Salvador, Ashley A. University of Waterloo Alternative forms of rental housing: An exploration of accessory dwelling units in Canada  $17,500.00
Salvati, Serena  McMaster University Food and dining etiquette in 19th century fiction  $17,500.00
Samaha, Allegra S. University of Calgary Family caregiving and cultural diversity: Perspectives on dementia care  $17,500.00
Santarossa, Alanna  University of Toronto Is it possible to reduce children's negative appraisals of gender norm violations: An experimental study  $17,500.00
Sardelis, Jonathan  Université du Québec à Montréal Représentation d'identités et de sexualités marginales dans le développement d'une pratique en peinture contemporaine : les usages des réseaux internet comme espaces de partage de microrécits et de fantasmes  $17,500.00
Savard-Gratton, Blanche Ophélie  McGill University La narrativité dans les essais littéraires de Serge Bouchard : analyse de l'homme descend de l'ourse et de les corneilles ne sont pas les épouses des corbeaux  $17,500.00
Savard, Rémi-Julien  Université du Québec à Chicoutimi Les limites du langage : dire et montrer dans l'oeuvre de Marguerite Duras  $17,500.00
Sawatzky, Jackson L.E. University of Alberta When assistance becomes oppression: A study of paternalism and its limits  $17,500.00
Sawyer, Kiri  The University of British Columbia Room crazy: Mental illness in a familial context  $17,500.00
Schinck, Marie-Pier  HEC Montréal Analyse des coûts liés aux avis d'ébullition d'eau résultants des floraisons de cyanobactéries pour la société québécoise  $17,500.00
Schlote, Nagja  The University of Western Ontario Names as identity markers in Canadian-born children of immigrants  $17,500.00
Schmalor, Anita  The University of British Columbia Can prejudice be reduced by education about genetic essentialism  $17,500.00
Schmidt, Alix T. University of Alberta Impacts of mining development on Northern peoples in Canada  $17,500.00
Schofield, James L. Ryerson University Why don't we bike to the GO station: Measuring the viability of cycling in the suburbs  $17,500.00
Schriemer, Lydia  University of Ottawa New beliefs, new lives: Roles, rights, and responsibilities of Christian women in Late Antique Egypt  $17,500.00
Schroeder, Lara D. University of Waterloo Identifying barriers and proposing solutions to enhance governance in community sport organizations  $17,500.00
Sciarra, Sebastian  McMaster University The effects of mood on associative learning: Does a positive mood enhance the pretesting effect  $17,500.00
Sebastien, Zoe M. University of Toronto Transgender legal cases and the metaphysics of gender  $17,500.00
Seckinger, Nathan B.H. University of Regina Transjective analysis: Some models for esoteric rationality  $17,500.00
Sedge, Andrew J. Queen's University Appearance and chastity in Commonwealth England  $17,500.00
Sekely, Angela  University of Toronto Effort as a mediator in psychological replication  $17,500.00
Semple, Tori L. Carleton University Excited delirium in use of force encounters  $17,500.00
Sezlik, Sage B. University of Ottawa The influence of parenting, marital satisfaction, and their interaction on child outcomes  $17,500.00
Shannir, Mona  Memorial University of Newfoundland Understanding retention of newcomer refugees through an exploration of their social integration in Newfoundland and Labrador  $17,500.00
Shantz, Joanne  University of Guelph Energy transitions in Canadian Indigenous communities  $17,500.00
Share, Zoe  York University Urbanization and alienation: Improving HIV treatment accessibility and adherence for Aboriginal women living with HIV/AIDS in Toronto, Canada  $17,500.00
Shaughnessy, Sarah B. The University of Western Ontario Ownership and originality: The inherited tradition of Latin literature  $17,500.00
Shaw, Lindsay V. University of Victoria Magic fungus: Normalization and magic mushroom use in Victoria, British Columbia  $17,500.00
Shaw, Rebecca  Dalhousie University Differentiae in the cantus manuscript database  $17,500.00
Sherk, Lacey B. University of Toronto Using innovative technology to enhance social work education: Exploring the effect of virtual patient simulations  $17,500.00
Shield, Kayleigh E. The University of Western Ontario Wallace and Kafka: Humour and jest  $17,500.00
Shier, Rowen K. Dalhousie University A critical analysis of Bill C-36 and its impact on sex workers in Atlantic Canada  $17,500.00
Shillolo, Andrea  McGill University Still settling in: Housing Syrian refugees in Toronto  $17,500.00
Shipman, Clara  University of Toronto (Re)integrating social services and community space in church redevelopment projects: Opportunities and barriers  $17,500.00
Shokr, Hisham  University of Toronto Non-governmental organizations as neoliberal instruments or oppositional political agents: A case study on three NGOs in Cairo  $17,500.00
Shuster-Leibner, Jesse  McGill University The role of subnational governments in twenty-first century trade policy  $17,500.00
Sidak, Travis  Ryerson University Addiction and identity: Analyzing public opinion of drug addiction and its consequences on the identity of addiction  $17,500.00
Sieffert, Claire  University of Toronto Institutionalizing accountable development: How institutional structure influences citizen-driven accountability in international finance institutions  $17,500.00
Siino, Amanda E. York University Livelihood strategies of displaced independent Eritrean youth in Cairo: Examining agency in community networks  $17,500.00
Silva, Vanessa  The University of British Columbia Joint action in the transition of adult siblings to parent caregiverss  $17,500.00
Simard, Camille  Université du Québec à Montréal Les publics de la poésie des femmes au Québec  $17,500.00
Simard, Dominic  Université du Québec à Rimouski Déterminants d'une relation enseignant-élève de qualité : perceptions du futur enseignant au primaire face à ses attitudes et ses pratiques éducatives  $17,500.00
Simoneau, Jeanne E. McGill University Le mythe du grand roman national chez Victor-Lévy Beaulieu, Louis Hamelin et Daniel Grenier  $17,500.00
Simpson, Leanne E. University of Guelph Exploring mental illness through autoethnography  $17,500.00
Simpson, Tonya A. University of Alberta Investigating patterns of gendered and racialized violence in Canada  $17,500.00
Simser, Rachael L. The University of Western Ontario An exploration of online community within mothers who participate in parenting blogs  $17,500.00
Sims-Fewer, Madelaine C. York University Club Ped - short fiction  $17,500.00
Sinclair, Evan D. University of Manitoba Examining the effects of privately owned public spaces in downtown Winnipeg, MB  $17,500.00
Sinclair, Jacinda M. Memorial University of Newfoundland Revisiting Arvertok: A reassessment of an Inuit whaling settlement  $17,500.00
Singh, Amitpal C. University of Toronto Amitpal Singh's Canadian Graduate Scholarship - master's in philosophy  $17,500.00
Singh, Harprit K. McGill University Assisting terminally ill children and adolescents with dying  $17,500.00
Sisti, Valentina  York University Music from the margins: Exploring hip-hop as a critical counter-public for marginalized youth  $17,500.00
Siu, Alexandra K. University of Waterloo Space and place for the homeless  $17,500.00
Slagter, Nicholas J. University of Ottawa The problem of authorial authority in Milton and Byron  $17,500.00
Slama, Maryann Y. Saint Mary's University Altruism perception and gender differences  $17,500.00
Slobodin, Kian J.W. McGill University Approaching trauma as a culturally-situated phenomenon in social work with refugees  $17,500.00
Slyvka, Volodymyr  York University Reconceptualising the body in psychology: History and theory of corporeality  $17,500.00
Smallenberg, Jory L. The University of British Columbia Canadian identity and refugee affairs: Who is the foreigner  $17,500.00
Small, Kelly S. Emily Carr University of Art + Design Reframing media technology for 21st century citizenship: Expanding discourse for design for social innovation and sustainability  $17,500.00
Smith, Cameron R.G. University of Waterloo Self-esteem and negative self-disclosures  $17,500.00
Smith, Chelsie J. Carleton University Relating work-family enrichment to romantic partner outcomes  $17,500.00
Smith, Kallie A.F. University of Northern British Columbia Entrepreneurial intent: Are Aboriginal people less likely to consider entrepreneurship as a possibility for their future  $17,500.00
Smith, Kevin N. McMaster University Separating scapegoats: The early modern period's war on evil and the state of rebelion  $17,500.00
Smith, Taylor B. McMaster University A stable isotopic investigation of dietary change in iron age and Roman Southern Italy  $17,500.00
Smith, Twyla M. Simon Fraser University Meaningful consultation in practice: A comparative analysis of Aboriginal consultation on large capital projects  $17,500.00
Smoot-Enns, Rebekah J. University of Waterloo Why facilitate: Motivations of restorative justice's community volunteers  $17,500.00
Song, Sue  University of Toronto Role of regulatory focus in online dating strategy  $17,500.00
Soo, Rachel  University of Toronto Behavioural and electroencephalographic approaches to understanding heritage Cantonese  $17,500.00
Souffrant, Kharoll-Ann  McGill University Le respect de la dignité lors du dévoilement de violences sexuelles vécues : perspectives d'intervenantes du Foyer pour femmes autochtones de Montréal  $17,500.00
Souman, Esther  Simon Fraser University Intellectual networks of sixteenth-century German and Dutch cosmographers  $17,500.00
Sparks, Brandon T. University of Saskatchewan Adolescent sex offenders: Menacing or misunderstood  $17,500.00
Sparrow, Anna J. Memorial University of Newfoundland Dogs and human palaeodiet in the pacific Northwest: Isotopic and experimental analysis  $17,500.00
Spooner Lockyer, Kassandra L. Concordia University Women in the archives: An ethnographic analysis of Montreal's disciplinary institutions and its effects on low-income women in the 19th century  $17,500.00
Staehli, Julie-Anne  Queen's University The blueprint for student-athlete success: Understanding the elite level coach condition-setting approaches  $17,500.00
Stamper, Tanysha Victoria S. University of Calgary The 2013 Southern Alberta floods: Perceptions on climate change  $17,500.00
Stanley, Jack L. University of Ottawa Assessing the impact of personal religiosity on the internalization of Ayahuasca ceremonies  $17,500.00
Stark, Adriana P. University of Toronto Recyclable collecting: The geography of an under-explored form of labour in Toronto  $17,500.00
Steckle, Matthew  University of Windsor Democratising science: A Latourian alternative to epistemic pluralism  $17,500.00
Steele, Cory G. University of Ottawa Forged by the gavel: Changing definitions of once religiously defined concepts  $17,500.00
Steigerwald, Andrea L. Simon Fraser University Global-local NGO partnerships and Indigenous feminism in La Paz, Bolivia  $17,500.00
Steinhauer, Jordan  Carleton University Theatre for action: The dramatic arts as a tool to end sexual violence against women in Haiti  $17,500.00
Stenason, Lauren  University of Ottawa Evaluating PRIDE foster caregiver training in kin and non-kinship foster caregivers  $17,500.00
Stevenson, Jessica  University of Toronto The imperial power relations of Canadian oil drillers on British oil ventures in the nineteenth century  $17,500.00
Stewart, Blake M. The University of Western Ontario Crossover kids: Type of maltreatment, subsequent maladjustment, and systems of care  $17,500.00
Stewart, Brent A. The University of British Columbia Varieties of valuing: Towards a modal theory of valuation  $17,500.00
St-Georges, Valérie  Université de Montréal Les activités physiques et sportives dans les établissements scolaires féminins de Montréal (1870-1940)  $17,500.00
St. Germain, Louise  Saint Paul University Reuniting ghost and machine: A systems approach to the spiritual in a technological world  $17,500.00
Stieva, Katelyn  University of Calgary Negotiating for peace: Explaining Israel's internal political decision-making and the Oslo I Accord  $17,500.00
St-Jacques, Andre A. McGill University Sacrificial goals in professional studies: How autonomy support and self-compassion can protect against sacrificing need satisfying activities during a demanding year of studies  $17,500.00
Stradiotto, Nicole  University of Toronto The Canadian science-advocacy movement: A generation politicized by Harper's war on science  $17,500.00
Stuart-Sheppard, Leah C. University of Toronto Building effective international partnerships for community development in Cameroon  $17,500.00
Swartz, Philippa  McGill University Redeveloping urban expressways through multi-functional, sustainable, creative design  $17,500.00
Szabo, Judit  Ryerson University Investigating the relationship between recognition memory and inductive reasoning  $17,500.00
Tabacznik, Danielle  University of Manitoba The systematic review of the correlation of post-traumatic stress disorder and chronic and aging-related illness  $17,500.00
Tabor, Michelle  University of Ottawa La dénonciation des agressions à caractère sexuel : l'expérience de femmes survivantes de violence sexuelle en contexte francophone minoritaire  $17,500.00
Talan, Breah  Queen's University A study of geographic access to health services in Ontario  $17,500.00
Tam, Michelle W.Y. Queen's University Not here/not there: Understanding the production of Chinese Canadian sexuality  $17,500.00
Tamura, Ellie I. Trent University Analyzing settlement patterns in Bagan, Myanmar: How the Crown and Monasteries mobilized and displaced peoples  $17,500.00
Tanasie, Georgiana  Université de Montréal Figures de l'artiste manqué dans Manette Salomon des frères Goncourt et Les Buddenbrook de Thomas Mann : l'incertain destin de l'esprit supérieur  $17,500.00
Tassone, Adrianna M. Wilfrid Laurier University Effect of stereotype threat and system justification beliefs on women's performance on a mental rotation task  $17,500.00
Taylor, Benjamin  Concordia University Minor cinema in search of a minor cinema space: Exhibition of artist-cinema and the history of Montréal's Cinéma Parallèle  $17,500.00
Taylor, Carolyn  The University of British Columbia An exploration of secondary school teachers' perceptions of mental health challenges faced by their students  $17,500.00
Taylor, David E.A. St. Francis Xavier University Christianization of Pagan narratives in Ireland  $17,500.00
Taylor, Melanie E. Ryerson University Examining and correcting for bias among forensic examiners  $17,500.00
Teed, Patrick  York University Epistemic incarcerations: Mapping a sovereign politics of the academy  $17,500.00
Teicher, Kari A. University of Victoria Home child: Historical fiction novel Kari Teicher 2016  $17,500.00
Teif, Polina  York University Eulogy for a dying sea: Dead Sea short documentary  $17,500.00
Tellier-Marcil, Arnaud  Université de Montréal Vers un changement de paradigme en matière d'interprétation des contrats : de la règle du texte clair au principe de la primauté relative du texte  $17,500.00
Tennant, Emily M. Queen's University Circulating alternative sport participation narratives for people with physical disabilities  $17,500.00
Théorêt, Valérie  Université du Québec à Montréal Attachement et coercition sexuelle dans les relations amoureuses des jeunes  $17,500.00
Thériault-Marois, Camille A. Université Laval Les aspirations scolaires des adolescents québécois et de leurs parents : que nous révèlent les données de l'étude longitudinale du développement des enfants du Québec à propos de l'influence du milieu social d'origine  $17,500.00
Thériault, Rémi  McGill University The effects of mental and embodied perspective-taking on prejudice against Aboriginal Peoples of Canada  $17,500.00
Thériault, Sophie M. Université du Québec à Montréal Jeu vidéo et communauté collaborative en salle de classe : étude de cas du jeu Classcraft  $17,500.00
Thériault-Tanguay, Florence  Université de Sherbrooke La mise en place de processus de gouvernance dans la collaboration interdirection des dirigeants du réseau de la santé  $17,500.00
Thibaudeau, Kira N.C. McMaster University Pre-modern Japanese Buddhist Nuns and material culture  $17,500.00
Thibault, Daphnée  Université de Montréal Impact des mesures de sécurisation des frontières en lien avec le trafic de drogues et la logique de marché dans les ports maritimes du Canada  $17,500.00
Thiessen, Kelly  University of Manitoba Auditory temporal contextual cueing  $17,500.00
Thompson, Agnes H. The University of British Columbia The network  $17,500.00
Thompson, Samantha P. Simon Fraser University At home in a crisis: A feminist geography of home production  $17,500.00
Tilleczek, Elliott J. University of Toronto Queer digital spaces: Forming identity through non-physical means  $17,500.00
Ting, Connie  University of Toronto The influence of a third language sound system: The case of Mandarin-English bilinguals learning French  $17,500.00
Tissera, Hasagani  McGill University Knowing how you see me: The role of accurate meta-perceptions in relationship development  $17,500.00
Todd-Parrish, Phoebe Elizabeth  University of Alberta Future-scape: A visual investigation of possible futures in the anthropocene  $17,500.00
Toews, Kelsi E. University of Saskatchewan Psychologists' responses to male victims of intimate partner violence  $17,500.00
Tollefson, Hannah M.S. McGill University Police body-worn cameras and the politics of transparency  $17,500.00
Tomko, Taylor K. The University of British Columbia Feeding misogyny: Feast culture and female sexuality in Rabelais and early modern English literature  $17,500.00
Tonet, Jillian  Saint Mary's University Why is leadership depleting: The mediating role of organizational commitment, perceived organizational support and job satisfaction  $17,500.00
Torabi, Mostafa  Laurentian University Identifying e-commerce networks and devices based on consumer behavior: An empirical analysis  $17,500.00
Torok, Debra  University of Victoria Buffering post-traumatic stress: The role of different types of support from intimate partners  $17,500.00
Tostowaryk, Nicholas D. The University of Western Ontario Stagnate modernity: Temporalities in Menyhért Lakatos' Bildungsroman  $17,500.00
Toth, Abigail G. University of Alberta Processing of referring expressions in children with ASD  $17,500.00
Townend, Laura  Acadia University Postcolonialism and identity  $17,500.00
Tracy, Jennifer R. Concordia University Reclaiming realism: The forms of fiction in Kiese Laymon's long division  $17,500.00
Trahan, Marie-Éve  Université du Québec à Montréal L'autofiction comme mode d'esthétisation du réel : théâtre et réseaux sociaux  $17,500.00
Trainor, Lisa  The University of British Columbia Self-compassion as a coping resource for injured athletes  $17,500.00
Tran, Amy W.Y. University of Windsor The impact of mobile media use on children's self-regulation  $17,500.00
Travers, Kathryn L. Institut national de la recherche scientifique The potential of community-led placemaking to create gender inclusive public spaces in Montreal  $17,500.00
Tremblay-Lemieux, Charlotte  Université de Montréal Le mouvement comme détermination essentielle de la nature dans le De Rerum Natura de Lucrèce  $17,500.00
Tremblay-Perreault, Amélie  Université du Québec à Montréal Le role de l'attribution interne de blame dans la revictimisation par les pairs chez les enfants victimes d'agression sexuelle  $17,500.00
Troje, Eva E. University of Toronto The unsung melody: An exploration of song in 19th century Russian literature  $17,500.00
Trottier, Jocelyn  Université de Montréal Organisation collective et cybertariat : le cas du Mechanical Turk d'Amazon  $17,500.00
Trottier, Laura  Université Laval Le cross-over en musique classique au Québec : stratégie marketing ou démocratisation culturelle  $17,500.00
Trottier, Sara  Université Laval Approches de la solitude chez Montaigne : essai et modernité du genre  $17,500.00
Tsai, Kristen W.T. Simon Fraser University What's in a group name: A network approach to investigate the boundaries of criminal organizations  $17,500.00
Tsakpinoglou, Florence  Université du Québec à Montréal Comprendre la compétence émotionnelle pour promouvoir la réussite des élèves en formation professionnelle  $17,500.00
Tuinstra, Elizabeth  University of Victoria Embracing identity: An examination of multicultural music education practices  $17,500.00
Tulk, Christine E. Carleton University A broadened perspective of mid-career  $17,500.00
Turbide, Léa  Université du Québec à Montréal Le problème de la prédation et les approches relationelles en éthique animale  $17,500.00
Turcotte, Mélissa  Université Laval Les déterminants cognitifs du fonctionnement socioprofessionnel en schizophrénie : une méta-analyse  $26,250.00
Turcot, Virginie  Université de Montréal Marguerite et ses démons : la vie de Sainte Marguerite en octosyllabes dans les recueils littéraires du XIIIe siècle  $17,500.00
Turenne, Marie-Loup  Université du Québec à Montréal L'ordre des mots dans les phrases déclaratives de l'inuktitut  $17,500.00
Turgeon, Jessica  Université du Québec en Outaouais Les mères qui ont vécu des situations traumatiques durant l'enfance ont-elles des réactions comportementales plus grandes que les autres mères lorsqu'elles sont exposées à la détresse d'enfants  $17,500.00
Tytaneck, Emma M. University of Toronto Dimensional changes to human bone exposed to high temperatures  $17,500.00
Valade, Maxence L. Concordia University Théorie de la subjectivation et pratique institutionnelle du soin à la clinique de la borde  $17,500.00
Vallières-Goulet, Hélène  HEC Montréal Les outils de mesure de performance et la prise de décision stratégique : le cas de la salle de pilotage stratégique dans les établissements de santé et services sociaux du Québec  $17,500.00
Valois-Demers, Mariane  Université Laval Attachement et adaptation psychologique  $17,500.00
Van Bavel, Marisa S. University of Calgary Exploring the developmental strengths that promote thriving in Aboriginal adoelscents  $17,500.00
Vanderdeen, Lauren R.W. Dalhousie University Penelope as poet: The weaver of dreams in Homer's Odyssey  $17,500.00
Vanderkooy, Johanna  Carleton University Evidence-based policy interventions to address anti-Muslim discrimination in Canada  $17,500.00
Vander Molen, Lauryn M.A. University of New Brunswick Paraphilic interests, early childhood experiences, and adjustment in emerging adulthood: Associations and risk factors for problematic  $17,500.00
VanEvery, Latasha M. Wilfrid Laurier University Canadian news media representation of Indigenous people involved in criminal cases  $17,500.00
Van Luven, Katie  Carleton University Non-local acoustic effects of phonological contrasts  $17,500.00
Veillette, Marie-Pier  McGill University Beyond frequency: Assessing factors contributing to public transit ridership in Montreal, QC  $17,500.00
Vestad, Holly L. Simon Fraser University The queer temporality of H.D.'s cinema  $17,500.00
Vicars, Kelsey L. Simon Fraser University Emergent moral wrongs and implicit bias  $17,500.00
Vidovic, Vanja  University of Waterloo Understanding self-disclosure as a gateway to social connection  $17,500.00
Vigerstad, Torin  Dalhousie University Ritual and persuasion in Greek tragedy  $17,500.00
Villeneuve, Catherine  Université de Montréal C'est le terroir qui fait la barre : la souveraineté alimentaire et la filière du chocolat bean-to-bar  $17,500.00
Vinje, Jacob J. University of Lethbridge Biopolitics, surveillance, and the discourse on citizenship  $17,500.00
Vinuesa, Mathieu J. Université du Québec à Montréal Analyse comparative de variations syntaxiques entre le français écrit du Québec et le français écrit de France au moyen de textes journalistiques  $17,500.00
Vogler, Antoine  Université de Montréal Représentation spatiales : Montréal-Nord, Montréal-Noir et les discours de la stigmatisation territoriale  $17,500.00
Voloshyn, Anastasiya  Concordia University Acculturation in a multicultural context: Immigrants' choice of acculturation strategy and the effect on their psychological adjustment  $17,500.00
Waisman, Rory M. University of Alberta Rethinking choice process models: Is decision comfort the overarching choice goal  $17,500.00
Waldhauser, Katrina  The University of British Columbia Intra-team trust and youth sport engagement: A season long prospective observational study  $17,500.00
Wallace, Alannah T.C. Simon Fraser University Comorbid ADHD and anxiety on student functioning  $17,500.00
Wallbridge, Jeremy B. Simon Fraser University Development of giving in infancy  $17,500.00
Wall, Emily A. McMaster University Plato on mathematics and education  $17,500.00
Wang, Yilin  The University of British Columbia You shouldn't tell stories: Feminism, literature, and freedom in China  $17,500.00
Wan, Michael J. McMaster University Conflicting contextual cuing effects in visual search  $17,500.00
Ward, Margret  University of New Brunswick The politics of parody in contemporary British women's fiction  $17,500.00
Wasyliw, Derek C. McGill University Enhancing PETE programs through Indigenous ways of knowing informed by elder narratives  $17,500.00
Watanabe, Lori  Carleton University Online versus offline connectedness and social anxiety in adolescent friendship groups  $17,500.00
Watson, Cristalle N. Dalhousie University On the non-existence of evil: Proclus in the Greek and Latin early Medieval Christian traditions  $17,500.00
Weatherall, Ian L. University of Ottawa Canada's operation impact and the shift from peace to support  $17,500.00
Weaver, Katlynn V. University of Lethbridge Innocence and irrationality: Age-based assumptions of teacher candidates at the University of Lethbridge  $17,500.00
Weber, Jessica D.M. University of Calgary Energy federalism: An examination of the oil sands industry in Alberta  $17,500.00
Weinberger, Emily I. University of Guelph Do the effects of mood and peer influence persist over time  $17,500.00
Weinbuch, Sara-Hélène  Université Laval Étude électrophysiologique de la sensibilité à la distraction dans l'insomnie  $17,500.00
Werier, Alex  Simon Fraser University Transgender expressions and medical mediations  $17,500.00
Whately-Doucet, Allison M.L. Lakehead University How might an examination of the influence of marketplace ideology on schooling lead to strategies to ameliorate contentious parent/teacher interactions  $17,500.00
Wheatley, Katherine A. University of Saskatchewan Oil sands energy governance: Negotiating development and Indigenous sovereignty  $17,500.00
Whistance-Smith, Greg M. University of Alberta Sectional spatiality: An architectural analysis of platformer videogames  $17,500.00
White, Angela R. Wilfrid Laurier University Investigating the perceptions and experiences of police officers coping with traumatic calls for service  $17,500.00
White, Jennifer J. Lakehead University An evaluation of toxic masculinity and violence prevention in North-Western Ontario  $17,500.00
Whyte, J'Moi A.K. York University Chronological age vs. social age: The case of Burundi adolescent refugees in Tanzania  $17,500.00
Wiebe, Joel P. University of Toronto Mathematics beyond the classroom: Toward pervasive knowledge building  $17,500.00
Wielinga, Farron E. University of Saskatchewan Indigenous violent offenders: Risk factors that differentiate reoffending  $17,500.00
Wightman, Jacqueline  University of Toronto Attracting girls to STEM: Assessing measures taken at the secondary school level  $17,500.00
Wilkinson, Eric R. University of Toronto Autonomy, manipulation, and identity  $17,500.00
Wilkinson, Roger  The University of Western Ontario Examining Smolin's philosophical foundations for a distinctive methodology in cosmology  $17,500.00
Williams, Alex ADS. York University Threshold: A short documentary  $17,500.00
Williamson, Mark D. McGill University The logic of militia formation in Civil War  $17,500.00
Wilman, Tait J. University of Waterloo Tait Wilman: An alleged cowgirl's search for identity through history and stereotypes of Western and Central Canada  $17,500.00
Wilson, James N. University of Regina The novel as a medium in the visual arts  $17,500.00
Wilson, Kathleen D. University of Windsor Language ability: Social implications for child-witnesses of domestic violence  $17,500.00
Wilson, Kathleen F. University of Manitoba Connectivity within marginalized social groups  $17,500.00
Wiseman, Sylvie C. University of Waterloo The influence of culture on relationship rupture and restoration  $17,500.00
Wiznura, Adam J.R. University of Alberta Negotiating identities in funerary contexts: The archaeology of death in hellenistic demetrias 294-31 BCE  $17,500.00
Wodzinska, Maria C. York University Comparing pedagogical models for physical theatre: Grotowski and Lecoq traditions' applications for instrumentalist theatre and social justice  $17,500.00
Wollf, Justin J. Dalhousie University The expansion of the self in Augustine's confessions  $17,500.00
Wong, Haydi  University of Toronto The effect of seasonal variation on walkability: A study examining the physical and perceptual qualities of the built environment  $17,500.00
Wong, Joy  The University of Western Ontario Disgust and desire: A dialogue  $17,500.00
Wuth, Amanda  University of Regina Modifying sustained attention models for emergency first responders  $17,500.00
Xie, Sally Y.J. Ryerson University Person perception across group boundaries: A dynamic model of perception across race and gender lines  $17,500.00
Yakamovich, Jennifer  Dalhousie University The intersection of the arts, education of sustainable development (ESD), and sustainability: Conceptuazations of the role arts play in environmental education  $17,500.00
Yakashiro, Nicole  The University of British Columbia Ghost town: Exploring haunting in British Columbia's Sinixt and Japanese Canadian histories  $17,500.00
Yale-Soulière, Gabrielle  Université de Montréal Associations prospectives entre la violence perçue en milieu scolaire et les symptômes dépressifs à l'adolescence : étude du rôle modérateur de la personnalité névrotique  $17,500.00
Yamamoto, Megumi  The University of British Columbia Responding to Canada's multicultural policy through the stylistic hybridization of visual art  $17,500.00
Yang, Andrew  McMaster University Philosophical investigation of mindfulness and the wandering mind  $17,500.00
Yang, Jennifer Y. Simon Fraser University Foster care beyond placement: Exploring the continuity of offending in adulthood  $17,500.00
Yaremko, Erin A. The University of Winnipeg Oral history: Mending communication gaps between Manitoba hydro and Aboriginal communities in Manitoba  $17,500.00
Yarmie, Jeremiah  Laurentian University Exploring the communication of science to the public through soundscapes for increased knowledge acquisition and social change  $17,500.00
Yeo, Marika  The University of British Columbia African diaspora and European lineage within contemporary Canadian culture  $17,500.00
Yetman, Daniel T. University of Saskatchewan The weight room: Athletes at the ends of their careers  $17,500.00
Yeung, Betty  University of Ottawa Between two cultures: Understanding bicultural Asian-Canadian women's experiences with gendered violence and their perceptions of counselling  $17,500.00
Ye, Xuan  York University Per form: Algorithmic transformations between gesture, image, and sound  $17,500.00
Yokoma, Kyoko  York University Tales of Fukushima — interactive documentary as a tool for Tales from Fukushima: An interactive documentary as a learning tool for the nuclear catastrophe  $17,500.00
Youngs-Zaleski, Maya M. Concordia University Intimacy, privacy, and feminist blogging publics  $17,500.00
Yunker, Zoe E. University of Victoria Grounding solidarity: Exploring the intersections of Indigenous land-based resistance and the environmental movement in British Columbia  $17,500.00
Zaia, Mathew  University of Windsor Surveillance consciousness: Exploring surveilled subjects through narratives  $17,500.00
Zand, Amitai  The University of British Columbia Evaluating the effectiveness of policies and strategies for immigrant engagement with social planning processes in Surrey, British Columbia: A case study  $17,500.00
Zeller-Beier, Jutta  The University of Western Ontario Leadership and integration of newcomers in London, Ontario  $17,500.00
Zheng, Tiger Z. University of Guelph Aristotle's Euboulia in contemporary ethics: Deliberation about ends as a process of interpretation in a pluralist context  $17,500.00
Zhu, Joyce  University of Toronto The role of parental perceptions of emerging adults' competence on emerging adult wellness and well-being  $17,500.00
Zoledziowski, Anya K. The University of British Columbia Invisible victims of war: The spouses of veterans with operational stress injuries  $17,500.00
Zubriski, Stephanie A.M. McMaster University Building identities: Masculinity and community reintegration post-incarceration  $17,500.00