Insight Grants: October 2016 Competition Awards

* Recipients of funding from the Societal Implications of Genomics Research initiative.

Newfoundland and Labrador
  Roman, Luke - Memorial University of Newfoundland $46,013
  Humanist topographies: the classical poetics of place in Renaissance Italy  
  Pedri, Nancy - Memorial University of Newfoundland $79,144
  Photography in graphic memoir  
  Dyer, Jennifer H. - Memorial University of Newfoundland $288,451
  Davis, Jennifer - Lethbridge College
  Manning, Kimberley P.E. - Concordia University
  Pickett, Sarah R. - Memorial University of Newfoundland
  Pullen Sansfacon, Annie - Université de Montréal
  Temple Newhook, Julia R. - Memorial University of Newfoundland
  Asano, Akiko - Gender Creative Kids Canada
  Devor, Aaron H. - University of Victoria
  Grieves, Lorraine - Provincial Health Services Authority
  Holmes, Cindy L. - No Institutional Affiliation
  Lowthian, Anne - Ottawa-Carleton District School Board
  Rektor, Laurie - Family Services Ottawa
  Witterick, Kathy Rogue - The 519
  The emergence of the transgender child: parent politics and social change  
  Warren, Amy M. - Memorial University of Newfoundland $95,450
  Brown, Travor C. - Memorial University of Newfoundland
  Dupré, Kathryne E. - Carleton University
  Using goals to address workplace mistreatment  
  Liboiron, Max N.M. - Memorial University of Newfoundland $293,633
  Mather, Charles C.T. - Memorial University of Newfoundland
  Murphy, Michelle C. - University of Toronto
  Brown, Carissa D. - Memorial University of Newfoundland
  Myers, Natasha S. - York University
  Rochman, Chelsea M. - University of Toronto
  Placing science: implementing feminist, Indigenous, and decolonial theories of place and land in the laboratory  
  Carbonella, August - Memorial University of Newfoundland $91,440
  19th century representations of global labour and trans-Atlantic labour movements  
Nova Scotia
  Carbert, Louise I. - Dalhousie University $50,751
  Long-term trajectories of women's and men's political careers: four decades of engagement and disengagement by delegates to the 1976 Progressive Conservative Leadership Convention  
  Doelle, Meinhard - Dalhousie University $255,550
  Gibson, Robert B. - University of Waterloo
  Sinclair, John A. - University of Manitoba
  Integrating climate change into environmental assessment processes  
  Ghazal, Amal N. - Dalhousie University $82,476
  Contesting nationalism: regionalism and sectarianism in colonial Algeria  
  Kesselring, Krista J. - Dalhousie University $95,904
  Gillis, Roger - Dalhousie University
  Star Chamber: precedent and procedure in a prerogative court  
  Yoshida, Yoko - Dalhousie University $221,850
  Haan, Michael D. - Western University
  Ramos, Howard - Dalhousie University
  Evaluating the economic outcomes and retention of immigrants to the Atlantic Canada  
  Leving, Yuri - Dalhousie University $60,046
  The poet or the artist: the role of the visual arts in the works of the Nobel Prize laureate Joseph Brodsky  
  Rosen, Natalie O. - Dalhousie University $209,839
  Impett, Emily A. - University of Toronto
  Vannier, Sarah A. - Dalhousie University
  From partners to parents: sexual expectations of couples during the transition to parenthood  
  Charlebois, Sylvain - Dalhousie University $57,018
  Food traceability, food fraud in the era of risk intelligence and food safety accountability  
  Kynoch, Gary - Dalhousie University $126,671
  A history of migration, crime and violence in a rural region of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa  
  Schellenberg, John L. - Mount Saint Vincent University $34,767
  Cognitive limits and cognitive immaturities  
  Kochetova-Kozloski, Natalia - Saint Mary's University $60,537
  Drira, Mohamed - University of New Brunswick
  Cognitive and non-cognitive skills, strategic reasoning, and auditor skepticism  
  Vincent, Susan M. - St. Francis Xavier University $129,248
  Seeking livelihood, negotiating the state: changing families and communities in a time of low employment and state funding in Peru  
  Darwish, Linda M. - St. Francis Xavier University $109,621
  Clarke, Lynda - Concordia University
  Meaningful journeys: lived religion among Muslim refugees in Canada  
  Kearns, Laura-Lee - St. Francis Xavier University $128,530
  Métis veterans, knowledge and stories: an intergenerational exchange with Métis youth and families  
  McOuat, Gordon R. - University of King's College (Halifax) $44,869
  Circulating knowledge in a postcolonial world: J.B.S Haldane's passage to India-biopolitics, evolution and diversity  
New Brunswick
  Pruneau, Diane - Université de Moncton $192,460
  Dionne, Liliane - University of Ottawa
  Freiman, Viktor - Université de Moncton
  Laroche, Anne-Marie - Université de Moncton
  Leger, Michel T. - Université de Moncton
  Richard, Vincent - Université Laval
  Potvin, Patrice - Université du Québec à Montréal
  Les potentialités de la pensée design en résolution de problèmes environnementaux  
  Morton, Erin D. - University of New Brunswick $94,618
  Holmes, Kristy - Lakehead University
  Niergarth, Kirk R. - Mount Royal University
  Taunton, Carla J. - Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University
  Cahill, Susan E. - University of Calgary
  Cheetham, Mark A. - University of Toronto
  Eagan, Mireille M. - The Rooms
  Gellman, Mimi D. - Emily Carr University of Art + Design
  Hardy, Dominic - Université du Québec à Montréal
  Igloliorte, Heather L. - Concordia University
  Robertson, Carmen L. - University of Regina
  Svec, Henry A. - Millsaps College
  Unsettling the settler artist: reframing the Canadian visual arts, 1867 to the present  
  O'Sullivan, Lucia F. - University of New Brunswick $125,079
  Rosen, Natalie O. - Dalhousie University
  Maintaining exclusivity and managing attraction to others in intimate relationships  
  Blair, Susan E. - University of New Brunswick $139,650
  Patton, A. Katherine B. - University of Toronto
  Clowater, Victoria - No Institutional Affiliation
  Nicholas, Ramona A. - University of New Brunswick
  Food, place and people in the Maritime Woodland period of the Quoddy region of Northeastern, North America  
  Berco, Cristian - Bishop's University $75,817
  The brain and the Spanish Inquisition: a neurohistory of Toledo's Holy Office, 1627-1650  
  Morra, Linda M. - Bishop's University $54,690
  A life beyond borders: Jane Rule and the development of a West Coast queer community  
  Webster, David - Bishop's University $73,109
  Long play: the transnational solidarity movement for East Timor  
  Hansen, Jorgen - Concordia University $62,442
  Liu, Xingfei - University of Alberta
  Belzil, Christian - École nationale de la statistique et de l'administration économique
  Wage inequality and educational selectivity  
  Manning, Erin C. - Concordia University $239,840
  Parainstitutional practices: toward a three ecologies institute  
  Freedman, Ariela - Concordia University $46,528
  Comics and pain  
  Bloodgood, Elizabeth A. - Concordia University $262,365
  Wong, Wendy H. - University of Toronto
  Stroup, Sarah S. - Middlebury College
  The rise and demise of INGOs  
  Morris, David J. - Concordia University $71,737
  Time, meaning, nature: from phenomenology to ontology  
  Jaffary, Nora E. - Concordia University $40,522
  The practice and prohibition of abortion in nineteenth-century Mexico  
  Rantisi, Norma M. - Concordia University $132,798
  Leslie, Deborah A. - University of Toronto
  In and against the neoliberal state: the precarious siting of work integration social enterprises - WISEs - as counter-movement in Ontario and Quebec  
  Poulin-Dubois, Diane - Concordia University $253,868
  Sodian, Beate - Ludwig-Maximilians Universität München
  The ontogeny of socio-cognitive abilities: probing the depth of infants' theory of mind and selective trust  
  Secko, David M. *- Concordia University $114,938
  Harsh, Matthew - Concordia University
  Martin, Vincent - Concordia University
  Chalaud, Damien - World Federation of Science Journalists
  Longstaff, Holly A. - Other/Unknown
  O'Doherty, Kieran C. - University of Guelph
  Communicating synthetic biology: deliberative strategies for addressing emergent biohype about living devices  
  Rutland, Ted W. - Concordia University $149,301
  Policing community  
  Schmid, Richard F. - Concordia University $139,998
  Bernard, Robert M. - Concordia University
  Trudel, Louis - University of Ottawa
  Tamim, Rana M. - Zayed University
  A quantitative and qualitative synthesis of the empirical research examining the role of technology in K12 science education  
  Kruzynski, Anna K. - Concordia University $323,840
  Cameron, Jenny A. - University of Newcastle
  Dombroski, Kelly F. - University of Canterbury
  Drake, Luke - California State University, Northridge
  Durand Folco, Jonathan - Saint Paul University
  Gibson, Katherine - University of Western Sydney
  Gombay, Nicole - Université de Montréal
  Miller, Ethan - Bates College
  Tremblay-Pepin, Simon - Saint Paul University
  Community economies for social and environmental justice in Québec: mapping diverse economic and political practices proliferating on the margins  
  Camlot, Jason E. - Concordia University $227,713
  Cooke, Nathalie - McGill University
  Furlani, Andre - Concordia University
  High, Steven C. - Concordia University
  Hobbs, Catherine J. - Library and Archives Canada
  Langford, Martha - Concordia University
  Little, Geoffrey - Concordia University
  Morra, Linda M. - University College Dublin
  Murray, Andrea K. - University of Calgary
  Weingarten, Jeffrey A. - Concordia University
  Wershler, Darren S. - Concordia University
  Wiercinski, Jared - Concordia University
  Scanlon, Meaghan - Library and Archives Canada
  The Richler Library Project: historicizing, processing, developing and theorizing the author's personal library as collection  
  Radomsky, Adam S. - Concordia University $225,545
  O'Connor, Roisin M. - Concordia University
  Ryder, Andrew G. - Concordia University
  Gouin, Jean-Philippe - Concordia University
  The fear of losing control: a mixed methods approach  
  Buxton, William J. - Concordia University $68,729
  Harold Innis, Marshall McLuhan, and the Toronto School of Communication: towards a decoupling and reconciliation  
  Palmer, Susan J. - Concordia University $122,911
  Barker, Eileen V. - London School of Economics and Political Science
  Frisk, Liselotte - Dalarna University
  Melton, Gordon J. - Baylor University
  Rigal-Cellard, Bernadette - Université Michel de Montaigne (Bordeaux III)
  van Eck Duymaer van Twist, Amanda - London School of Economics and Political Science
  Wright, Stuart A. - Lamar University
  Children in sectarian religions and state control, 1950-2020  
  Arshad-Ayaz, Adeela - Concordia University $106,130
  Naseem, Muhammad A. - Concordia University
  Shultz, Lynette - University of Alberta
  Godwaldt, Terry - TakingITGlobal
  Perspectives of Canadian youth on extremism and counter-radicalization education  
  Salazkina, Masha - Concordia University $195,183
  Thirdworldist genealogies: an alternative history of global film festivals  
  Isac, Daniela - Concordia University $102,903
  Licensing by modification and the spell-out of agree chains  
  Wang, Yuan - Concordia University $88,750
  Do frictions in the secondary bond market affect debt contracts  
  Lamari, Moktar - École nationale d'administration publique $199,353
  Champagne, Eric - University of Ottawa
  Charbonneau, Étienne - École nationale d'administration publique
  Lehtonen, Markku - École des hautes études en sciences sociales
  Evaluation prospective (ex ante) des mégaprojets au Canada : comprendre et modeliser les risques pour mieux les anticiper  
  Siddiqui, Afzal S. - HEC Montréal $123,500
  Pineau, Pierre-Olivier - HEC Montréal
  Strategic transmission and renewable investment in a decentralized electricity sector  
  Vandenberghe, Christian R. - HEC Montréal $146,607
  Engagement organisationnel et performance au travail : une approche par la comparaison sociale  
  Aubé, Caroline - HEC Montréal $144,394
  Léger, Pierre-Majorique - HEC Montréal
  Rousseau, Vincent - Université de Montréal
  Tremblay, Sébastien - Université Laval
  Le rôle du capital psychologique dans les équipes de gestion de crise  
  Barin Cruz, Luciano - HEC Montréal $151,020
  Zietsma, Charlene E. - York University
  Diffusing social innovation: overcoming the challenge of contextual bridging  
  Doloreux, David - HEC Montréal $109,725
  Shearmur, Richard - McGill University
  L'innovation dans les régions périphériques : fondations théoriques, constats empiriques et enjeux pratiques  
  St-Onge, Sylvie - HEC Montréal $138,195
  Dufour, Marie-Eve - Université Laval
  Haines III, Victor Y. - Université de Montréal
  Magnan, Michel L. - Concordia University
  Saba, Tania - Université de Montréal
  Les liens entre la rémunération globale offerte aux travailleurs âgés et la prolongation de leur vie professionnelle  
  Grégoire, Yany - HEC Montréal $144,900
  Hassan, Ghayda - Université du Québec à Montréal
  Sénécal, Sylvain - HEC Montréal
  Venkatesh, Vivek - Concordia University
  Alava, Seraphin - Université Toulouse - Jean Jaurès
  Capelli, Sonia - Université Jean Moulin, Lyon 3
  Grobert, Julien - Université Toulouse 1 Capitole
  Radanielina-hita, Marie Louise - HEC Montréal
  Using social marketing to prevent young Westerners' violent radicalization  
  Bitektine, Alex B. - HEC Montréal $127,072
  Song, Fei - Ryerson University
  Legitimacy judgments and their behavioral outcomes: experimental exploration of micro-organizational effects of legitimacy  
  Turkina, Ekaterina - HEC Montréal $100,645
  Li, Peng-Fei - HEC Montréal
  Van Assche, Ari - HEC Montréal
  Industrial clusters in a globalized world  
  Helly, Denise - Institut national de la recherche scientifique $181,804
  Campana, Aurélie - Université Laval
  Dossa, Parin A. - Simon Fraser University
  Lund, Darren E. - University of Calgary
  Nagra, Baljit - University of Ottawa
  Perry, Barbara J. - University of Ontario Institute of Technology
  Chaudhry, Irfan - Grant MacEwan University
  Gova, Alnoor - The University of British Columbia
  Targeting Muslims: islamophobic hate crime in Canada  
  Godin, Benoit - Institut national de la recherche scientifique $213,426
  The idea of innovation  
  Gallant, Nicole - Institut national de la recherche scientifique $144,246
  Farmer, Diane - University of Toronto
  Garneau, Stéphanie - University of Ottawa
  Goyette, Martin - École nationale d'administration publique
  Longo, Maria Eugenia - Institut national de la recherche scientifique
  Parcours d'engagements multiples des jeunes : interdépendance entre les sphères de la vie  
  Mukherjee, Ashesh - McGill University $106,576
  Gershoff, Andrew D. - University of Texas at Austin
  Lemay, Sandrine - Ipsos Canada
  How do consumers evaluate sellers in peer-to-peer markets: the role of depth of disclosure, self-construal, and anticipated interaction  
  El-Geneidy, Ahmed - McGill University $230,621
  Buliung, Ronald N. - University of Toronto
  Manaugh, Kevin - McGill University
  Access across Canada: measuring vulnerability and accessibility by public transit in major Canadian cities  
  Augustin, Patrick - McGill University $129,076
  Jiao, Feng - University of Lethbridge
  Sarkissian, Sergei - McGill University
  Market efficiency in international debt and equity markets  
  Biron, Michel - McGill University $158,597
  Éditer et interpréter les lettres de Saint-Denys Garneau  
  Coon, Jessica - McGill University $244,629
  Achab, Karim - University of Ottawa
  Clemens, Lauren - State University of New York at Albany
  Mateo Pedro, Pedro - University of Maryland
  Ouali, Hamid - University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
  Agreement and anti-agreement across languages  
  Bauer, Karin - McGill University $89,992
  Literary publics today: performance, interaction, participation  
  Turner, Sarah E.J. - McGill University $228,884
  Michaud, Jean - Université Laval
  Derks, Annuska - University of Zurich
  Nguyen, Thinh A. - Vietnam National University - Hanoi
  Pham, Thi Thanh Hien - Université du Québec à Montréal
  Tan, Shu - Sapa O'Chau Social Enterprise
  Xu, Yi Qiang - Sun Yat-sen University
  Global commodity chains meet traditional ecological knowledge in Vietnam's borderlands: assessing options for ethnic minority communities  
  Wallis, Faith - McGill University $65,923
  Master Bartholomaeus of Salerno fl ca. 1150-70: an edition of his major medical writings  
  Lydon, John E. - McGill University $230,966
  Karremans, Johan J. - Radboud University Nijmegen
  Weinberg, Anna - McGill University
  The social cognitive infrastructure to resist temptation and maintain intimate relationships  
  Thordardottir, Elin T. - McGill University $239,346
  Long term language outcomes of bilingual children learning French: impact on school and everyday communication  
  Shearmur, Richard - McGill University $82,166
  Where does economic activity take place in cities: from place of work to work trajectory  
  Pell, Marc D. - McGill University $318,592
  Paulmann, Silke - University of Essex
  Xiaoming, Jiang - McGill University
  Social factors in vocal emotion communication  
  Sonderegger, Morgan - McGill University $196,720
  Clayards, Meghan - McGill University
  Keshet, Joseph - Bar-Ilan University
  O'Donnell, Timothy J. - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  Uncovering the structure and sources of speech variability through large-scale studies  
  Dirks, Melanie A. - McGill University $164,914
  Bartz, Jennifer A. - McGill University
  Human, Lauren J. - McGill University
  Rose, Amanda - University of Missouri - Columbia
  Understanding affective social competence: links between accurate recognition and expression of emotion and support within friendship from pre-adolescence to young adulthood  
  Ruge-Murcia, Francisco J. - McGill University $96,104
  Indirect inference estimation of non-linear dynamic models and applications to macroeconomics  
  Ibrahim, Ahmed Fekry - McGill University $162,296
  Emon, Anver M. - University of Toronto
  Books of high repute in post-classical Egyptian courts, 13th-19th centuries  
  Crépeau, François - McGill University $114,942
  The protection of the human rights of migrants in the emerging global migration governance regime  
  Lemons, Katherine - McGill University $155,619
  Traveling for justice  
  Oswin, Natalie - McGill University $144,110
  Catungal, John Paul C. - The University of British Columbia
  Brown, Gavin P. - University of Leicester
  Forest, Benjamin - McGill University
  Kanai, Juan Miguel - University of Sheffield
  Scales of equity: building queer global cities in Canada and South Africa  
  Gold, Ian - McGill University $140,814
  Schmidtmann, Gunnar - McGill University
  Solomonova, Elizaveta - Université de Montréal
  Reading the mind in the blink of an eye  
  Fox-Decent, Evan T. - McGill University $189,411
  Criddle, Evan - College of William and Mary
  The cosmopolitan justice of international law  
  Benchekroun, Hassan - McGill University $135,441
  Breton, Michèle - HEC Montréal
  Long, Ngo V. - McGill University
  Ray Chaudhuri, Amrita - The University of Winnipeg
  Mergers in exhaustible resource markets  
  Scholtz, Christa - McGill University $172,031
  Manfredi, Christopher - McGill University
  A risky business: governing under uncertainty  
  Mishra, Saurabh - McGill University $134,263
  Modi, Sachin - Wayne State University
  Does it pay to do good: a comprehensive investigation of rewards and risks of corporate social responsibility  
  Bertone, Armando - McGill University $190,469
  Burack, Jacob A. - McGill University
  The social nature of attention and its components in children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorder: implications for understanding social behaviour and adaptation  
  Klein, Alana - McGill University $134,196
  Erdman, Joanna - Dalhousie University
  Johnson, Genevieve F. - Simon Fraser University
  Weinstock, Daniel M. - McGill University
  Harm reduction, public policy, and moral controversy: principle and practice  
  Muniz-Fraticelli, Victor Manuel - McGill University $192,820
  Religious associations in a democratic society: the legal status of religious congregations, para-church organizations, and religious enterprises  
  Barras, Laurent - McGill University $98,700
  Gagliardini, Patrick F.C. - University of Lugano
  Scaillet, Olivier - Université de Genève
  Mutual fund performance: a fund-level analysis  
  Adamowski, Jan F. - McGill University $334,738
  Improving the inclusiveness of participatory socio-environmental modelling for water resource management with diverse communities  
  Ehlers, Lars - Université de Montréal $119,430
  Maximizing the number of matches in market design: public housing, refugees and school choice  
  Grondin, Jean - Université de Montréal $81,007
  Jaran Duquette, François - Universitat de València
  Rodriguez Garcia, Ramon - Universidad Complutense de Madrid
  Romano, Claude - Université Paris-Sorbonne (Paris IV)
  Vallée, Marc-Antoine - Cégep Édouard-Montpetit
  Herméneutique et métaphysique : une articulation renouvelée  
  Magnan, Marie-Odile - Université de Montréal $234,157
  Kamanzi, Pierre Canisius - Université de Montréal
  Pilote, Annie - Université Laval
  Staco, Edouard - Other/Unknown
  Trifiro, Hélène - Université de Montréal
  Inégalités de parcours dans l'enseignement supérieur : le cas des étudiants issus de l'immigration  
  Proulx, Jean - Université de Montréal $182,263
  Cortoni, Franca - Université de Montréal
  Cusson, Maurice - Université de Montréal
  Guay, Stéphane - Université de Montréal
  Lacourse, Eric - Université de Montréal
  Ouellet, Frédéric - Université de Montréal
  Intimate partner sexual violence: pathways in the offending process  
  Dufresne-Tassé, Colette - Université de Montréal $167,655
  Émond, Anne-Marie - Université de Montréal
  Psychological immersion in the museum: its educational and social benefits in young adults and older adults  
  Montpetit, Éric - Université de Montréal $118,170
  Expert information and regulatory adaptation in Canada  
  Michaud, Ginette - Université de Montréal $81,577
  Ullern, Isabelle - Initiatives Association
  Sarah Kofman et Jacques Derrida : croisements, écarts, différences  
  Racine, Éric D. - Clinical Research Institute of Montreal $161,800
  Sattler, Sebastian - University of Cologne
  Interdisciplinary empirical and conceptual research on free will in the context of ethics  
  Calvès, Anne-Emmanuèle - Université de Montréal $183,686
  Gnoumou Thiombiano, Bilampoa - Université de Ouagadougou
  Kobiané, Jean-François - Université de Ouagadougou
  Lawani, Ayemi - Université de Lomé
  Vignikin, Kokou - Université de Lomé
  Féminisation du marché du travail et nouvelles dynamiques familiales dans les villes ouest-africaines : le cas de Ouagadougou et de Lomé  
  Buzelin, Hélène - Université de Montréal $106,665
  La construction sociale et la traduction des savoirs dans les manuels universitaires américains, 1945-1975  
  Marquis, Jean-Pierre - Université de Montréal $103,032
  Épistémologie des mathématiques et design conceptuel  
  Fortin, Sylvie - Université de Montréal $240,731
  Le Gall, Josiane - Université de Montréal
  Mossière, Géraldine - Université de Montréal
  Olazabal, Ignace - Université de Montréal
  Rachedi, Lilyane - Université du Québec à Montréal
  Durivage, Patrick - Centre de recherche et d'expertise en gérontologie sociale
  Fin de vie et la bonne mort à l'heure de la loi 2  
  Cooren, François - Université de Montréal $91,735
  Brummans, Boris H.J. - Université de Montréal
  Mediation as the art of ventriloquism: a communication perspective  
  Bernier, Bernard - Université de Montréal $123,323
  Réactions des jeunes coréens au Japon face à l'ultranationalisme japonais  
  Bastin, Georges L. - Université de Montréal $71,485
  Le regard de l'autre : les récits de voyage en traduction au Venezuela et en Colombie aux 18e et 19e siècles  
  Bilge, Sirma - Université de Montréal $234,000
  Savoirs minoritaires et subjectivités académiques à l'heure et à l'épreuve de l'université néolibérale  
  Seymour, Lee J.M. - Université de Montréal $121,719
  McLauchlin, Theodore D. - Université de Montréal
  Brooks, Risa - Marquette University
  Reno, William - Northwestern University - Illinois
  Weintraub, Michael - Universidad de Los Andes - Colombia
  The politics of foreign military training: military effectiveness, human rights and governance  
  Larrue, Jean-Marc - Université de Montréal $113,414
  Deshays, Daniel - Université Lumière Lyon 2
  Normandeau, Robert - Université de Montréal
  La révolution magnétique et le théâtre, lieu d'écoute intermédiale de la modernité : le cas montréalais, 1955-1990  
  Dietsch, Peter V. - Université de Montréal $114,648
  Just income - towards an economic theory of distributive justice  
  Leclerc, Chloé - Université de Montréal $147,835
  Bérard, Jean - Université de Montréal
  Côté-Lussier, Carolyn - University of Ottawa
  Noreau, Pierre - Université de Montréal
  Vacheret, Marion - Université de Montréal
  Les pratiques pénales au Canada : vers un virage punitif des tribunaux  
  Giannini, Gabriele - Université de Montréal $93,750
  Rome en français : textes et manuscrits français à la cour des papes au moyen âge  
  Brière, Frédéric N. - Université de Montréal $144,076
  Barnett, Tracie A. - Institut national de la recherche scientifique
  Dupéré, Véronique - Université de Montréal
  Goldfield, Gary S. - Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario
  Gunnell, Katie E. - Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario
  Janosz, Michel - Université de Montréal
  Pagani, Linda S. - Université de Montréal
  Lévesque, Claude - Boscoville 2000
  Tremblay, Mark S. - University of Ottawa
  The prospective contribution of sport and active leisure to student academic and psycho-social success from kindergarten to high school  
  Desbiens, Nadia - Université de Montréal $299,781
  Collin-Vézina, Delphine - McGill University
  Couture, Sophie - Université de Montréal
  Gagné, Marie-Hélène - Université Laval
  Hébert, Martine - Université du Québec à Montréal
  Milot, Tristan - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
  Nadeau, Danielle - Centre jeunesse de Québec - Institut Universitaire
  Paquette, Geneviève - Université de Sherbrooke
  Tarabulsy, George M. - Université Laval
  Trajectoire de développement des troubles émotionnels et comportementaux chez des enfants d'âge scolaire exposés à un traumatisme relationnel lié à la maltraitrance  
  Vermeys, Nicolas - Université de Montréal $152,920
  Benyekhlef, Karim - Université de Montréal
  Déziel, Pierre-Luc - Université Laval
  Les incidences du moissonnage des mégadonnées judiciaires sur l'accès à la justice et la protection de la vie privée  
  Chupin, Jean-Pierre - Université de Montréal $238,127
  Adamczyk, Georges - Université de Montréal
  Cucuzzella, Carmela - Concordia University
  Theodore, David - McGill University
  Architectural quality for cultural institutions in Canada: shifting definitions within awards of excellence  
  Gates St-Pierre, Christian - Université de Montréal $251,322
  Blarquez, Olivier - Université de Montréal
  Crawford, Gary W. - University of Toronto
  St-Germain, Claire - Université de Montréal
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British Columbia
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