Award Recipients

Knowledge Synthesis Grants—What effects will the quest for energy and natural resources have on our society and our position on the world stage?
June 2015 Competition Awards

Application Title Applicant Administering Organization Main discipline Amount
From availability to accessibility: effectively using information disclosure to govern energy production Etzion, Dror  McGill University Economics $22,766.00
Gendered and intersectional implications of energy and resource extraction in Canada's northern resource-based communities Stienstra, Deborah  Mount Saint Vincent University Interdisciplinary Studies $24,990.13
Children and youth's resilience in the context of energy resource production, climate change, and the need to transition to low-carbon goods and services Cox, Robin S.P. Royal Roads University Economics $24,884.00
Social licensing in major resource development projects: corporate-Indigenous relations, Aboriginal rights, and responsible resource development in Canada's North Pulla, Siomonn P. Royal Roads University Interdisciplinary Studies $24,912.00
Exploring continued prosperity in the face of tests to the resilience of Canadian communities Shaker, Richard  Ryerson University Urban and Regional Studies, Environmental Studies $25,000.00
Ramifications of oil development in Canada's Arctic Byers, Michael  The University of British Columbia Political Science $24,079.80
Implications of energy development: What effects might the development - or halted development - of Canadian energy, natural resources and alternatives have on governance and regulatory systems, public opinion, the economy and decision making Hanna, Kevin S. The University of British Columbia Urban and Regional Studies, Environmental Studies $23,990.00
Volatile commodities: a review of conflicts and security issues related to extractive sectors Le Billon, Philippe A. The University of British Columbia Geography $24,880.00
Environmental performance and the future of Canada's forest industry: what we know, don't know, and ought to know Panwar, Rajat  The University of British Columbia Economics $17,550.00
Creating and optimizing employment opportunities for women in the clean energy sector in Canada Baruah, Bipasha  Western University Interdisciplinary Studies $24,957.00
Aboriginal capacity building achievements for sustainable natural resource development Bullock, Ryan C.L. The University of Winnipeg Urban and Regional Studies, Environmental Studies $24,993.00
Conditions supporting resilience in Canadian resource-based communities: empirical and methodological insights from the literature on social-ecological systems Teitelbaum, Sara  Université de Montréal Geography $24,232.20
Règlementation multi-niveaux et rôle des acteurs dans la mise en valeur des ressources minières et énergétiques : de l'acceptabilité sociale à la maximisation des retombées pour la société canadienne Campbell, Bonnie K. Université du Québec à Montréal Law $25,000.00
Que nous apprend l'évolution du système juridique canadien encadrant la forêt au Canada sur la gouvernance des ressources naturelles et leur mise en valeur Halley, Paule  Université Laval Law $24,996.00
The labor market impacts of natural resources: a synthesis of the literature Marchand, Joseph T. University of Alberta Economics $24,421.52
Contributions from the humanities, social sciences and arts to understanding energy transition and energy impasse Szeman, Imre  University of Alberta Interdisciplinary Studies $24,100.00
Building sustainable partnerships: Aboriginal peoples and Canadian extractive industry in global perspective Rice, Roberta L. University of Calgary Political Science $21,029.00
Hydraulic fracturing and public policy Winter, Jennifer  University of Calgary Economics $25,000.00
A scoping review on the community impacts of unconventional natural gas development in Northern BC Halseth, Greg R. University of Northern British Columbia Demography $25,000.00
Mining the gap: Aboriginal women and the mining industry Deonandan, Raywat S. University of Ottawa Law $24,897.04
Accelerating clean innovation in Canada's energy and natural resource sectors: the role of public policy and institutions Elgie, Stewart A.G. University of Ottawa Economics $25,000.00