Award Recipients

SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowships Program: September 2015 Competition Awards

Applicant Administering Organization Application Title Amount
Abdul Jabbar, Wisam K.H. University of Calgary Negotiating internalized subordination 81,000
Abji, Salina  Carleton University Unjust detentions:  how do social movements and the state produce borders of belonging and exclusion 81,000
Alford-Duguid, Dominic A. King's College London Keeping properties in mind 81,000
Allam, Nermin  Princeton University Whose rights: understanding women's engagement in the 2010-2011 Tunisian uprising 40,500
Anwaruddin, Sardar Mohi  St. Francis Xavier University Examining the dissemination of educational research and its contribution to teacher knowledge 81,000
Ballantyne, Emily  Trent University The small design:  criticism and scholarly edition of P.K. Page's non-fiction 81,000
Banerjee, Kiran M. Columbia University Theorizing the ethics of forced migration beyond the state 81,000
Banoub, Daniel E. Memorial University of Newfoundland Making fish:  the political economy of marine finfish aquaculture in post-moratorium Newfoundland and Labrador 81,000
Bao, Huai  University of Toronto Media, agency and empowerment:  an empirical study of the use of celebrities in transgender awareness education in the PRC 81,000
Barootes, Benjamin S.W. University of Toronto In nomine meo:  the texts and contexts of Oxford Trinity College MS 8 81,000
Beall, Alec  University of Glasgow The mating/parenting trade-off and its implications for human functioning 81,000
Bégin-Caouette, Olivier  Université du Québec à Montréal Facteurs systémiques contribuant à la production de recherche universitaire dans les pays Nordiques et au Québec 81,000
Bégin, Mathieu  Catholic University of Louvain La prévention de la cyberintimidation : les représentations sociales de parents au regard de leur rôle d'éducateurs aux médias et des pratiques médiatiques de leurs adolescents 81,000
Bendaoud, Maroine  McMaster University L'État-providence en apprentissage : comparaison des politiques municipales de logement en Ontario 81,000
Benson, Alex  Nipissing University How peer interactions in youth sport influence moral behaviour 81,000
Bernards, Nicholas A. Queen's University Changing labour markets and alternative finance in the Global South 81,000
Borkent, Michael A. University of Calgary Multimodal cognition and Canadian comics and graphic novels in English 81,000
Boulanger, Dany  Aalborg Universitet Transitions et représentations sociales au coeur de la collaboration intergénérationnelle : les méthodes de recherche 81,000
Bruno, G. Anthony  McGill University Facticity and the fate of reason 81,000
Calnitsky, David  University of Manitoba When poverty disappears:  investigating Manitoba's basic annual income experiment 81,000
Carleton, Sean F.P. University of Alberta Colonial violence and Indian residential schools in Western Canada, 1879-1930 81,000
Charbonneau, Mathieu  Concordia University The emerging business of cyber risks:  the construction of the cyber insurance market in Canada 81,000
Chiasson-LeBel, Thomas  University of California, Santa Cruz Pink capitalism in Latin America:  the new relationship between domestically owned conglomerates and the state governed by the left in Bolivia and Ecuador 81,000
Chichekian, Tanya  Université du Québec à Montréal I like to study science but I do not want to become a scientist:  using passion as a lens to examine college students motivation for engaging in extracurricular activities and pursuing a scientific career 81,000
Chinique de Armas, Yadira  The University of Winnipeg Weaning practices in times of change:  comparative isotopic reconstruction of breastfeeding and weaning processes in Caribbean archaeological populations 81,000
Cirelli, Laura K. University of Toronto Musical engagement between mother and infant:  social and emotional benefits 81,000
Clarke, Warren  McMaster University Sovereign patent funds:  emergence and implications 81,000
Cordoba Blandon, Diana Marcela  University of Victoria Making biodiesel fair:  agribusiness, family farming and the state in Brazil 81,000
Corsini-Munt, Serena A. Dalhousie University Applying self-determination theory to sexual desire using dyadic daily diaries 81,000
Côté, Isabelle  Université du Québec à Montréal Analyse de l'évolution du concept d'aliénation parentale au Québec à l'aune des discours et controverses lui étant associé 81,000
Couture, Jérôme  Institut national de la recherche scientifique Le vote par internet et la participation électorale municipale 81,000
Couture, Selena M. McGill University Performance history and coexistence in Kahnawà:ke/Montreal 81,000
Cranston-Reimer, Sharlee  Brock University The nation's gaze:  hypervisibility and mis/recognition at the border in contemporary Canadian cultural texts 81,000
Debrosse, Régine  Northwestern University - Illinois When getting ahead and getting along are in conflict:  the role of fundamental needs conflicts in the academic difficulties of the underprivileged 81,000
Dej, Erin  York University Narrating homelessness:  moving beyond the empowering/exploitative dichotomy 81,000
Dembo, Mana  Simon Fraser University Fossil hominin phylogenetic analyses using morphological characters from the entire skeleton 81,000
Desjardins, Sean P.A. University of Groningen Troubled water:  food security and prosperity amongst circumpolar Inuit sea-mammal hunters, AD 1200 to present 81,000
Diamanti, Eleonora  University of Victoria Ruelles sensorielles - sensory alleys : Montréal et Vancouver une politique alternative et une approche écologique et sensible de l'espace urbain 81,000
Dupré, Jean-François  University of Ottawa Culture politics and recognition in divided democracies:  the party system as context of choice 67,500
Enns, Charis  University of Guelph Crude commitments:  investigating the gaps between the human rights discourses and practices of extractive companies in sub-Saharan Africa 81,000
Epule, Terence Epule  McGill University Problems and prospects in Aboriginal food sovereignty:  the role of agroecology and conventional cropping in Iqaluit, Nunavut 81,000
Espie, Jeffrey  The University of British Columbia Narratives of early modernity:  poets and periodization from Chaucer to Shakespeare 81,000
Fachin, Fernando F. Université de Montréal Identity and technology in collaborative workspaces 81,000
Falconer, James M. University of Alberta Successful aging in Canada:  how do work and family life-course trajectories prepare seniors for success 81,000
Fletcher, Logan  The University of British Columbia Truth in images:  the psychology, epistemology, and aesthetics of mathematical diagrams 81,000
Fortin, Claude  McGill University Montreal as the site of urban digital diversity 81,000
Francis, Jenny  University of Victoria How do we know:  ontological and epistemological marginalization and community-based research 81,000
Gheller, Frantz  Université de Montréal Carbon land grabbing in North America:  its impacts on food security 81,000
Gibeau, Emilie  City University London Leadership in professional service firms:  (de)legitimating non-professional leadership 81,000
Guiry, Eric J. The University of British Columbia Animal husbandry and trade in Southern Ontario 81,000
Hamm, Jeremy M. University of California, Irvine A motivation-enhancing treatment to promote goal engagement and sustain Independence in late life 81,000
Hartt, Maxwell D. University of Toronto Quality of life in shrinking cities 81,000
Healey, Jenna C. York University Infertility, incorporated:  research, regulation, and technology in the global reproductive marketplace 80,750
Hembruff, Jesse G. King's College London Debt-crisis management and the democratic defecit:  contestation and change in the European Monetary Union 81,000
Henry, Aaron  University of Alberta Windigo panic and criminalization:  distance, law and civilization in western Canada 1879-1935 81,000
Hétu, Dominique  University of Alberta Écriture et prendre-soin au Canada et au Québec : genres, espaces et imaginaires posthumanistes 81,000
Hingston, Kylee-Anne E. King's College London Embodied theology:  disability and illness in mid-Victorian religious periodicals 81,000
Hobbis, Stephanie  The University of British Columbia Gendered violence, womens access to social services and digital technologies in a weak state - Papua New Guinea 81,000
Hug, Angela G. McMaster University The univira in Roman society:  representations and reality 81,000
Inglis, Kirsten A. University of Alberta Epistolary rhetoric and social networks in the early modern midlands:  the correspondence of Anne Newdigate (1574-1618) 81,000
Jennings, Sheila K. University of Toronto Becoming aware:  an exploration of legal and critical consciousness with mothers with disabled children 81,000
Joynt, Chase R. University of Chicago Your father, my father: cinematic intersections of violence, family and critical masculinity 81,000
Julian, Erin C. Western University Rape under erasure in early/modern Shakespeare 81,000
Kirk, Emily J. Dalhousie University Cuba's sustainable development approach 81,000
Kojima, Dai  York University Affinitive labours:  LGBTQ Japanese im/migrant entrepreneurship in Canada 81,000
Kormos, Christine E. Simon Fraser University The potential for alternative-fuel passenger and fleet vehicles in Canada:  an interdisciplinary market and policy assessment 81,000
Kovacs, Alexandra (Sasha) V. York University The afterlives of E. Pauline Johnson Tekahionwake 81,000
Larrabure, Manuel  University of California, Santa Cruz Post-secondary education in Chile:  toward post-neoliberalism 81,000
Longpre, Nicole M. University of Victoria The circulation of knowledge and political behaviour in Britain, 1945-2012 81,000
Lyon, John M. University of Victoria Meaning intonation and word order in Okanagan Salish 81,000
MacEntee, Katherine M. York University Cellphones, sex and cellphilms:  building girls-centered policy on transactional sex in Jane-Finch, Toronto 81,000
MacKinnon, Lachlan F. Saint Mary's University Deindustrialization and the State:  fighting disparity in Atlantic Canada and the Scottish Highlands, 1956-1995 81,000
Madden, Brooke  York University Madden postdoctoral fellowship - decolonizing university course design:  Aboriginal education collaboration across institutions 81,000
Magyarody, Katherine J. Texas A & M University The Hobbledehoy's Dilemma:  adolescence and social failure, 1850-1914 81,000
Mannion, Patrick  Boston College The construction of Irish ethnicity in North America:  the ancient order of Hibernians, 1875-1925 81,000
Martin, Nancy M. Memorial University of Newfoundland Stories of war:  writing and re-writing the gendered self in First World War British fiction and life-writing, 1914-1930 81,000
McAndrews, John R. University of Toronto The deliberative performance of House of Commons and Senate committees 81,000
McLeod, Kimberley J.K. Simon Fraser University Just watch us:  digital performance and intervention in Canadian political culture 81,000
Millar, Jason L. University of Ottawa Investigating the ethical, legal and policy implications of anthropomorphism in robotics and artificial intelligence 81,000
Milloy, Jeremy S. Trent University High priority:  drugs, addiction, and freedom in the North American workplace, 1965-1985 81,000
Moniruzzaman, Md  University of Toronto A micro analysis of bike environment to model cycling behaviour in Windsor 81,000
Morency-Laflamme, Julien  McGill University Military control in new democracies:  a study of authoritarian legacies 81,000
Moser, Gabrielle  The University of British Columbia Picturing race and citizenship:  photography and belonging in Canada, 1900-1946 81,000
Nazif-Munoz, Jose Ignacio  McGill University The global and national impact of child restraint legislation on variation in child occupant fatalities 40,500
Ng, Oi-Lam  University of Calgary 3D printing technology:  new ways of teaching, new modes of learning 81,000
Ouellet, Marie-Eve  York University En quête du bien et du  juste : les requérants devant l'intendant au Canada sous le regime français, 1700-1750 81,000
Ouellet, Marie L. Université de Montréal The structure of collusion:  detecting illicit networks in public procurement 40,500
P. Bouliane, Sandria  Université du Québec à Montréal Montréal au rythme de ses orchestres - scènes, espaces, cultures, 1900-1939 81,000
Penner, Nina  Duke University The libretti of Myfanwy Piper:  a study in operatic authorship and collaboration 81,000
Pepin, Matthias E.V. Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières Évaluation du profil entrepreneurial des élèves au sein de l'école communautaire entrepreneuriale consciente 81,000
Perrier-Chartrand, Julien  University of Chicago Convoquer le ridicule. Représentations du duelliste et régulation sociale dans la comédie française du second tiers du XVIIe siècle (1629-1662) 81,000
Poitras, Daniel J.F. University of Toronto Mémoire, contestation et ouverture à l'autre dans les sixties : histoire comparée de trois journaux étudiants en Amérique du Nord (Le Quartier latin, The Varsity, The Michigan Daily) 81,000
Poliquin, Émilie-Jade  Columbia University Pour une définition du mode didactique dans la prose technique latine 81,000
Poll, Melissa J. Simon Fraser University Towards reconciliation:  recognizing the intergenerational repercussions of colonization through intercultural performance-making 81,000
Povitz, Lana D. Concordia University Activist lives after women's liberation and the early fight against AIDS 81,000
Pruysers, Scott W. University of Calgary Sore losers:  the effects of intra-party competition on party cohesion 81,000
Pryce, Paula  The University of British Columbia Body as temple, body as cosmos:  ritual practice, pluralized selves, and the phenomenology of space and time in global contemplative Christianity 81,000
Przybylo, Elzbieta M. Arizona State University Polish asexualities, transnational desires 81,000
Roger, Charles B. University of Toronto The rise of informal IGOs and the politics of institutional change 81,000
Rollo, Tobold  The University of British Columbia Striking accord:  Aborginal consent and dissent in comparative perspective 81,000
Saltes, Natasha  University of Ottawa Bridging disability barriers in teaching:  communicating and implementing accessibility policies and practices in higher education 81,000
Schellenberg, Benjamin  University of Ottawa If you're passionate does it help to be self-compassionate exploring the benefits of treating oneself kindly for emotional well-being, motivation and achievement 81,000
Smith, Julia M. Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey Labour feminists in Canada 1940-1980 81,000
Smith, Tyler J. University of Ottawa Literary aesthetics and the gospel of John:  a critical history of calling scripture beautiful 81,000
Sneyd, Lauren Q. Wilfrid Laurier University Zones of food retailing in urban Africa 81,000
Sodero, Stephanie  Lancaster University Crisis mobilities and mobilities of crisis:  the international committee of the Red Cross and coordination of social media and supply chains in fast and slow onset events 81,000
Souchen, Russell Alexander  Wilfrid Laurier University Drowned at sea:  an environmental history of disarmament, 1940-1950 81,000
Speltz, Andrea M. University of Manitoba War in the age of sentimentalism:  the interplay of violence and emotion in literary responses to the seven years' war 81,000
Strachan, Jeremy J. Cornell University Experimental music in Canada:  1972 and after 81,000
Stuart, Michael T. London School of Economics and Political Science A philosophical and cognitive scientific study of the role of the imagination in scientific representation 81,000
Sukhawathanakul, Paweena  University of Manitoba The impact of attitudes on older adults' decisions to regulate driving behaviours:  examining the longitudinal influence of driving-related attitudes on objective driving behaviours in older adults 81,000
Sussman, Reuven  University of Toronto Environmental exemplars:  what makes them effective 81,000
Sylvester, Benjamin D. University of Toronto Understanding the effect of variety on well-being and participation in adolescent sport 81,000
Thai, Sabrina P.C. McGill University Plenty of fish in the sea...for my partner:  being compared by one's romantic partner 81,000
Thomas, Paul E.J. Carleton University Looking beyond size:  examining the capacity and performance of Canada's provincial legislatures 81,000
Thompson, David A. University of Ottawa A land fit for veterans - rethinking the history of returned soldiers in Canada, 1917-1939 81,000
Tockman, Jason  University of Washington Governance, citizenship, and development:  a comparative study of indigenous rights in the Americas 81,000
Tunnicliffe, Jennifer E. University of Waterloo From hate speech to human rights:  public debates over limits to freedom of expression in Canada, 1960 to 2000 81,000
Turner, Hannah E. Simon Fraser University Object, specimen, data:  material culture and information technologies in Canadian museums 81,000
Vaillancourt-Morel, Marie-Pier  Université de Montréal Do approach and avoidance goals influence the sexual wellbeing of child sexual abuse survivors:  a one-year dyadic prospective study 81,000
Vanderwees, John C. Western University Aesthetics of decline:  American ruins and documentary photography in the post-9/11 decade 81,000
Vannier, Sarah A. Dalhousie University Relationship satisfaction during the transition to parenthood:  the role of violated sexual expectations 81,000
Vignola-Gagné, Etienne  McGill University Organizational change as experimental practice in contemporary innovation systems 40,500
Vosters, Helene T. University of Manitoba Unsettling nationalisms:  situating Canadian performances of redress in a Pan American dialogue 81,000
Walschots, Michael H. University of St Andrews Moral obligation in Kant and the Scottish enlightenment 81,000
Wendimu, Mengistu A. University of Manitoba Social impacts and environmental implications of changing land ownership patterns in Manitoba 81,000
White, Kimberly M. Université de Montréal Réseaux de promotion, de consommation et de commercialisation dans l'industrie de la partition musicale en feuilles en France au XIXe siècle 81,000
Whitman, Jennifer C. The University of British Columbia Social and situational factors affecting perceptions of climate change 81,000
Williams, Shanna M. University of Southern California Lie-telling for others 81,000
Wilson, Sarah J. University of Victoria Restoring an uncertain future:  people, mountains, and rapid environmental change 81,000
Yao, Christine  The University of British Columbia Sex without love:  affect, bodies, and resistance in 19th-century sex work narratives 81,000
Lougheed, Jessica P. Pennsylvania State University Parent-child dynamics in infancy and early childhood:  bridging the theory-method gap 81,000
Jensen, Jason O. Copenhagen Business School Disentangling the causes of sovereign debt accumulation 81,000
Pope, Jacquelyn Paige  University of Ottawa Designing messages for the promotion of physical activity:  identifying the most effective message framing strategies 81,000
Golubev, Alexey  University of Toronto Selling knowledge to the masses:  gnoseological propaganda in the post-World War II Soviet Union 81,000
Cole, Emily C.C. The University of British Columbia Reading text - reading image:  the languages of monumental display in Egypt during the Greek and Roman periods 40,500
Rutty, Michelle K. Western Norway Research Institute Geography of tourism growth in a decarbonized world 81,000
Metcalfe, Jessica Z. The University of British Columbia Human-bison interactions and environmental conditions at the Late Prehistoric Promontory Caves:  Implications for Athapaskan transitions from the Subarctic to the Southwest 81,000
Geniole, Shawn N. University of Vienna When does testosterone promote prosocial versus antisocial behaviours aimed at gaining or maintaining status 81,000
Holm, Jennifer D. Wilfrid Laurier University Starting early:  examining mathematics professional development in early childhood 81,000
Waite, Sean F.J. The University of British Columbia Low skilled, low paid and part-time work for women and sexual minorities in Canada 81,000
Mulvin, Dylan W. New York University Embedded dangers:  the history of the Year 2000 problem and the politics of technological repair 81,000
Rivest, Justin K. McGill University The global circulation of secret remedies:  medical monopolies and corporate consumers in French military, mercantile, and missionary endeavours, 1688-1789 81,000
Mugg, Joshua  Washington University in St. Louis The nature and ethics of belief 81,000
Stevens, Katharina  University of Oxford Authority in common law reasoning 81,000
Ferguson, Brock D.H. The University of British Columbia Exploring the social-communicative origins of language in human infants 81,000
Benzan, Carla D. McGill University Suspending belief:  visual images and the art of falling (1570/1970) 81,000
Elrick, Jennifer  University of Edinburgh Historicizing migrant illegality:  immigration bureaucracies and the construction of illegal immigrants in postwar Canada, Germany, and the United Kingdom 81,000
Steflja, Izabela  McGill University The International Criminal Court:  whose justice 81,000
Scott, Amy B. University of York The signature of stress:  comparing ancient biomolecules with macrosopic indicators of stress in archaeological skeletal remains 81,000
Batraville, Nathalie  Université de Sherbrooke Sécularisation et défense de l'esclavage à l'ère des révolutions 81,000
MacArthur, Laura M. Princeton University Gender genre and power in the theatre blogosphere 81,000
Dunlop, Margaret A. Queen's University Changes in the ways undergraduate Mandarin language learners process and use computer-based automated language learning feedback:  an experimental study 81,000
Birollo, Gustavo Adolfo  Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences In the search of sensemaking cues:  do we observe the walk/or do we just listen to the talk 81,000
Cohen, Daniel A. York University The oil sands and the city:  a political sociology of planetary urbanization 81,000
Dunning, Andrew N.J. University of Oxford Modelling technology-independent primary sources through reassembling the medieval library of Cirencester 81,000