Healthy and Productive Work – Partnership Development Grants
November 2015 Competition Awards

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Applicant Administering Organization Title SSHRC contribution
Bourgeault, Ivy L. University of Ottawa Healthy and productive knowledge workers: The impact of a personal or familial mental health issue in health care, education and accounting/IT professions and accommodating return to work $50,000
Coutu, Marie-France Université de Sherbrooke Dealing with work disability: An intersectoral collaborative approach $48,927
Day, Arla L. Saint Mary's University The healthy and productive workplace partnership:  Fostering worker and workplace health $49,415
De Leeuw, Sarah N. University of Northern British Columbia Increasing First Nations employment participation and the responsiveness to Indigenous well-being within BC's Northern Health Authority: A decolonizing humanities-based approach anchored in intersectionality theory $49,831
Dubois, Carl-Ardy Université de Montréal Un réseau de recherche et d'intervention interdisciplinaire pour optimiser la participation au travail et la santé au travail des 45 ans et plus dans le secteur de la santé et des services sociaux $49,956
Gignac, Monique A.M.  University of Toronto Sustainable work participation: Work disability prevention and improvement of employment outcomes among those with chronic, episodic health conditions $49,981
Gottlieb, Laurie N.  McGill University Transforming nurses' work-life environments through training clinical leaders and managers in strengths-based nursing using innovative forms of story-sharing $49,611
Hole, Rachelle D.  The University of British Columbia TYDE: Transitioning Youth with Disabilities and Employment $45,996
Kirsh, Bonnie H. University of Toronto The IDEAS Network: Enabling people with invisible disabilities to enter, return to and stay in the workforce $49,968
Kocum, Lucie Saint Mary's University Partnership for a healthy workplace response to breast cancer $46,937
Lacroix, Guy Université Laval Evaluation and development of policies to promote integration and job retention of people with disabillities $43,486
Lindsay, Sally R.  University of Toronto Partners for enhancing healthy and productive work for young men and women with disabilities $50,000
Lippel, Katherine University of Ottawa Policy and practice in return to work after work injury for the precariously employed or geographically mobile workforce: A four province study $49,796
MacDermid, Joy C. McMaster University FIRE-WELL: Firefighter Illness Remediation Enterprise-Work-Accommodations for Enabled Life and Livelihood $49,208
Marchand, Alain Université de Montréal Keep them healthy and productive: Facing the challenge of an aging workforce $49,762
Mathieu, Marie-Eve Université de Montréal Stand up to be active and productive: Increased health outcomes and productivity in workers using active desks $50,000
Mustard, Cameron A. University of Toronto Strengthening disability management practices in the Ontario municipal sector $50,000
Nicholas, David B. University of Calgary Building employment capacity in Autism Spectrum Disorder: Towards a Canadian network $49,884
Shannon, Kate The University of British Columbia Building a partnership in gender, work and health in the sex industry: Impacts of criminalization under an end demand model on safety, health and human rights of sex workers $49,973
Williams, Allison M.  McMaster University Achieving a caregiver-friendly workplace standard: A partnership approach $48,946