Award Recipients

Joseph Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarships—Master's Program: December 2015 Competition Awards

Applicant Administering Organization Application Title Amount
Abdallah, Hiba  University of Guelph Affective language in public practice 17,500
Abdulkadir, Adar  Simon Fraser University The effects of Islamophobia on juror decision-making in cases of terrorism 17,500
Abdulle, Ayan  University of Toronto The colonial haunting of education: deconstructing whiteness, hierarchy and the legacy of inferiority 17,500
Abrams, Nicholas R. University of Toronto Categories of race and operational boundaries of witchcraft in South Africa 17,500
Acker, Sarah A. McGill University Costing climate effects: assessing the impacts of climate change on the incremental costs of traditional food systems within Canada's Arctic 17,500
Adefarakan, Temitope E. York University Indigenous worldviews: implications for critical social work theory and practice 17,500
Adenwala, Ammar  McGill University Migration dynamics in Cao Bang Province, Vietnam and the consequences for upland small city urbanisation 17,500
Adie, David  The University of British Columbia The first Canadian Empresses: Canada's steamship connections to the Pacific World, 1890-1914 17,500
Ahmad, Safiyya  McMaster University The legality of vigilantism 17,500
Aked, Cassandra J. Trent University Successful social problem solving: the contribution of executive function and emotion regulation 17,500
Alain, Scott F. Queen's University Fitting First Nations into the city: an analysis of Indigenous-municipal planning partnerships in both theory and current implementation in Ontario, Canada 17,500
Alberry, Angela C.L. University of Regina The creation and development of the self through writing, reading, and interacting with texts 17,500
Albertson-Webb, Cooper  University of Toronto Wordsworth's Bible 17,500
Alchin, Geoffrey  University of Windsor The process of devolution and Scottish nationalism 17,500
Al Homedawy, Hajer  Wilfrid Laurier University Visual perspective and gender discrimination 17,500
Ali, Yasmin A. York University Black and Muslim: Somali-Canadians, multiculturalism, and the politics of (un)belonging 17,500
Allan, Alexander J. Simon Fraser University Study of dietary stress in homo neanderthalensis 17,500
Allard-Chapais, Catherine  Université de Montréal Le rôle des styles anaclitique et autocritique dans la relation entre les expériences d'adversité durant l'enfance et les comportements autoagressifs 17,500
Allard, Edith  Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières L'interdisciplinarité en arts et sciences comme approche pédagogique au préscolaire : impacts et effets sur le développement global des élèves 17,500
Allard, Stéphanie  Université de Montréal Le type de soutien organisationnel permet-il d'augmenter le bien-être psychologique au travail : impact de la motivation au travail des employés 17,500
Allen, Devin D. University of Calgary A qualitative exploration of the views, practices and experiences of social workers in Alberta Canada regarding female-perpetrated Child sexual abuse 17,500
Allen, Jaclyn M. Nipissing University Unveiling the myth of a multicultural Canada: a study of Canadian media coverage on the murder of Muslim women in Canada 17,500
Allen, Jeanne H. McMaster University Achilles' Anger and the Spirited Part of the Soul in Plato's Republic 17,500
Allen Stevens, Benjamin  University of Toronto Comparing Canadian preferences for public goods 17,500
Alt Kecik, Nil  Concordia University Local economic collaborations: anchoring a food hub in Pointe Saint Charles 17,500
Amarica, Sarah C.E. Concordia University Worn histories: materializing memory through clothing in contemporary installation art 17,500
Amistad, Clark  University of Calgary Personality correlates of union attitudes: the role of honesty-humility 17,500
Amos, Janet E. McGill University Peer-related social competence in children with developmental disabilities: relations to parental stress 17,500
Amsden, Ryan  Concordia University Quantifying supply chain proficiency: an empirical analysis of the effects of supply chain management on firm performance 17,500
Anaquod, Jacqueline R. University of Victoria Indigenous language use as a determinant of health: connections to wellness 17,500
Anderson, Courtney  Carleton University Impact of social policy on non-profit organizations 17,500
Anderson, Thomas  University of Toronto Personalizing the training of attention: predicting efficacy from traits and abilities 17,500
Andersson, Cody W. Western University Insurgency in the Roman world from an archaeological perspective 17,500
Andres, Megan E. The University of British Columbia Stigma in the family: an exploration of the impact of schizophrenia on the family 17,500
Andrews, Carly P. University of Ottawa A study of the intersection between mining operations and hunting practices in Northern Ontario communities 17,500
Anisimowicz, Yvonne  University of New Brunswick The psychosocial impact of living with an increased risk status for cancer 17,500
Anka, Jaiya A. University of Victoria Interwoven identities: textiles, dress and portraiture in early modern Venice 17,500
Antaya, Sean P. Trent University Everyday resistance on Canadian assembly lines during the 1970s 17,500
Antoszek-Rallo, Adam C. OCAD University Advancing accessible design by making design accessible 17,500
Arès, François  Université Laval Modèle économique de fédéralisme environnemental 17,500
Arksey, Aleigha M. University of Lethbridge Canadian familial homicide covictims' experiences and coping strategies 17,500
Armstrong, Meghan C.V. York University Mother, mother me: friendship between women imagines the impossible 17,500
Arsenault, Angela G. Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University Industrious 17,500
Arsenault-Hétu, Camille  Université du Québec à Montréal  Re-territorialisation de l'agriculture au Québec : le cas du projet d'agriculture communautaire de la MRC d'Argenteuil 17,500
Arseneau, Elisabeth  Université Laval Voix enfantine et réalisme magique dans deux romans québécois de la Révolution tranquille : L'Océantume de Réjean Ducharme et L'Amélanchier de Jacques Ferron 17,500
Arseneau, Véronique  University of Ottawa Le déplacement au féminin : la poésie franco-canadienne en quête d'un soi et d'un ailleurs 17,500
Asghari, Melody  York University Adolescents' identification of mock aggression as dating violence 17,500
Assoiants, Artem  University of Calgary Effects of learning action research methodology on counselling psychology students 17,500
Atkinson, Caitlin L. Queen's University Do young children  jump to conclusions - a study associating belief formation to cognitive adaptation 17,500
Atkinson, Nicole H. Concordia University Are patterns of maladaptive emotion regulation predictive of clinical symptomology 17,500
Auerbach, Katriona S. University of Northern British Columbia Hunting, healing and the human-land relationship: a search for a better way of being 17,500
Axelrod, Kaitlyn  University of Toronto Need satisfaction, autonomous motivation, and treatment ambivalence among individuals with eating disorders 17,500
Azzi, Stéphanie  University of Ottawa Le rôle de l'attachement amoureux et l'offre de soutien chez des couples 17,500
Babcock, Sarah E. Western University The Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children: use and interpretation - a Canadian societal perspective 17,500
Badovinac, Shaylea  York University Attachment and internalizing psychopathology: the mediating role of cognitive processes 17,500
Bailey, Amelia  University of Toronto Virginia Woolf, Nathalie Sarraute and Marguerite Duras: the subversive female subject 17,500
Bailey, John A. University of Calgary Improving implementation of Canadian urban planning strategies for food security and resilience 17,500
Bajt, Allison M. University of Calgary The role of literacy in the acquisition of German as a second language 17,500
Baker, Emily K. University of Toronto Postcolonial analysis and curatorial practice 17,500
Baker, Emily R. Trent University Exploring sub-threshold autistic traits 17,500
Baker, Rachel A. McGill University Le désir d'être soi : l'identitaire chez quatre auteures autochtones au Québec 17,500
Baker, Victoria M. Wilfrid Laurier University Occupational stress and well-being of Canadian correctional officers 17,500
Banu, Simina  University of Windsor Poetry project: translating the immigrant experience 17,500
Barberstock, Shyra  Queen's University Indigenous reconciliation through social innovation 17,500
Bassi, Emilie M. University of Alberta Exploring diverse perspectives of sustainable beef production in Alberta 17,500
Bastedo, Jacob L. Simon Fraser University Developing Canadian food sovereignty through land-based aquaculture 17,500
Bateman, Andrew  Ryerson University Portraits of ambiguous power: an interactive documentary of assistants to members of Parliament 17,500
Bateman, Dylan S. University of Alberta Flood 2.0: queerness after the flood in 21st-century postapocalyptic fiction 17,500
Bateman, Tyler J. University of Toronto Eating our way to sustainability: political and theoretical tensions in food sustainability 17,500
Battistelli, Davina  University of Guelph Aural empowerment: musical experiences of women with physical disabilities 17,500
Beattie, Sarah K. McGill University A Thomistic defence of the personhood of severely disabled Infants: implications for paediatric palliative care 17,500
Beaty, Georgina  The University of British Columbia Shelter seekers: how a generation is re-imagining shelter in the face of climate change 17,500
Beaubien, Matthew D. University of Calgary Between the lines and spaces: towards an authentic interpretation of the guitar music and idioms of Mauro Giuliani 17,500
Beauchamp, Gilles  Université de Sherbrooke Comment justifier la tolérance et la laïcité - une analyse d'arguments épistémiques qui s'appuient sur des prémisses religieuses 17,500
Beaudin, Chloé  Université du Québec en Outaouais L'engagement parental dans l'accompagnement du développement sexuel des adolescents présentant un trouble du spectre de l'autisme : attitudes et facteurs facilitants 17,500
Beaudoin, Christine  University of Ottawa Emergent (re)conceptualizations of life: what is anthropology learning from bio-arting and biohacking practices 17,500
Beaudoin, Kelly-Ann  Université Laval Validation d'une intervention fondée sur l'attachement en Centre jeunesse 17,500
Beaulieu, Leah  McGill University Examining the evidence behind current psychotherapies 17,500
Beaulieu, Stéphanie  Laurentian University Groupement du vocabulaire de base 17,500
Beauregard, Sébastien  University of Toronto Temporary architectural interventions in Toronto and Montreal: 1990-2015 17,500
Beauséjour, Marie-Pier  Université du Québec à Montréal Délaissement des valeurs traditionnelles catholiques et mutations des pratiques funéraires au Québec : étude de chroniques 17,500
Bebenek, Jessica  Concordia University No one knows us here: poetry of revisionist feminist narratives 17,500
Beckett, Caitlynn L. Memorial University of Newfoundland Rethinking remediation: mine closure and community engagement in northern Canada 17,500
Bédard-Provencher, Ariane R. Université de Montréal Le féminisme musulman au Québec : agentivité et construction de la religiosité en contexte minoritaire 17,500
Bélisle, Geneviève Université du Québec à Montréal Montage dramatique et intertextualité, entre hommage et insolence 17,500
Beirne, James M. York University Resistive subjectification and Indigenous climate activism: the development of an alternative subject 17,500
Bélanger, Caroline  Université Laval L'épuisement scolaire, l'ajustement au stress et le concept de soi en contexte d'études universitaires 17,500
Belhumeur, Audrey  HEC Montréal Comprendre le risque de démission des avocats juniors en cabinets privés pour mieux le prévenir 17,500
Belisario, Kyla  McMaster University Exploitation of casino patrons in their gambling environment: a neo-Marxian perspective on problem gambling 17,500
Bélisle, Geneviève  Université du Québec à Montréal Montage dramatique et intertextualité, entre hommage et insolence 17,500
Bellisario, Martina  University of Toronto Realities as reality in the Victorian novel 17,500
Benning, Brigitte M. University of Victoria Improving Indigenous students post-secondary completion rates through culturally centered programming 17,500
Benoit, Sophie  Université du Québec à Montréal Construction du discours sécuritaire sur la communauté arabo-musulmane au Canada 17,500
Bergeron, Catherine  Université de Montréal L'image témoin à l'ère hypermoderne du numérique 17,500
Bergstrom, Apryl T. University of Alberta The challenge of teaching scale to understand the connections among climate change, resource scarcity and human well-being 17,500
Bernier, Sarah-Jade  Université du Québec à Montréal L'investissement disciplinaire des corps en milieu carcéral : les stratégies de résistance des femmes détenues 17,500
Bertrand, Frédérick  Université Laval La représentation des souffrances et des horreurs de la Première Guerre mondiale dans le roman et les journaux de tranchées 17,500
Bestvater, Amanda O.J. Université du Québec à Montréal Resource extraction and colonialism: the effects of strategic partnerships for First Nations communities in Alberta 17,500
Beyer, Jocelyn  University of Alberta An analysis of representations of women in bioware games and fan reactions through time 17,500
Bider, Emma  Carleton University Performing identity: Tuareg music in refugee camps 17,500
Biegun, Jeffery  University of Manitoba Problem video gaming: establishing measures and predictors for problematic gaming behaviour 17,500
Bikic, Delila * University of Toronto Rethinking the Balkans: a layered integration model 17,500
Binette, Amélie  Université Laval La désuétude en droit constitutionnel canadien 17,500
Bitner, Kendall M. University of Saskatchewan Editing Aelfric of Eynsham's grammar 17,500
Black, Karen R. York University A pilot of a smartphone application teaching own emotion awareness to children with autism spectrum disorder 17,500
Blackthorne-O'Barr, Erik A.C. University of Toronto Gender on stage: the role of Kanto Satirical Theatre in Late Ottoman Society 17,500
Blain-King, Matgaux  Université de Montréal Incitation à la violence par les groupes d'extrême-droite au Canada : une analyse de l'impact des discours haineux 17,500
Blais, Michaël  McGill University De la mise en scène de soi : les mémoires d'hommes et de femmes de théâtre au XVIIIe siècle 17,500
Blanchard, Melissa L. Lakehead University Internationalization in Canadian universities: international students' perceptions on English language programs 17,500
Blaquière, Alyson  Université Laval La trajectoire identitaire des Acadiens de la Baie-des-Chaleurs : étude d'une dynamique en contexte multiculturel 17,500
Bleiwas, Ellen  York University Passage: exploring the relationship between space and transcendental experience through installation art 17,500
Block, Trevor R. Simon Fraser University Grammatical acceptability and comprehension of sentences with nested dependencies 17,500
Blouin, Sonia  Université de Sherbrooke L'importance de la métallurgie reflétée dans l'organisation spatiale de Montréal de 1642 à 1692 17,500
Boan, Selina M. The University of British Columbia Nehinawe - speak Cree: Indigenous language acquisition and decolonization in the 21st century 17,500
Boersma, Sebastiaan J. The University of British Columbia Reading at the intersection of redemption and reparation 17,500
Boettcher, Rhea P. Saint Mary's University The community and the police: characteristics necessary for effective community police officers 17,500
Boileau, Xavier  Université de Montréal Minimaliste et contextualiste : vers une signification littérale minimale 17,500
Bois, Mathilde  Université Laval La phénoménologie à l'épreuve des singularités : questions de méthode chez Georges Didi-Huberman 17,500
Boisvert, Marilyne  Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières Conception et expérimentation d'une stratégie didactique en enseignement de la conjugaison en milieu défavorisé 17,500
Boivin, Catherine  Université du Québec à Chicoutimi L'utilisation des textes informatifs dans les approches interdisciplinaires en classe primaire pour soutenir des apprentissages disciplinaires en sciences et en technologie 17,500
Boivin, Jade  Université du Québec à Montréal Exploration de  l'influence du contexte socio-politique québécois, de la grève de 2012 à aujourd'hui, sur l'identité ethno-culturelle et citoyenne des femmes voilées de deuxième génération à Montréal : une étude exploratoire 17,500
Boivin, Sarah  University of Victoria Reconciling the Canadian state to Indigenous nationhood 17,500
Bona, Nadine  Memorial University of Newfoundland The effects of mindfulness based training on elementary students math scores 17,500
Bone, Wendy M. The University of British Columbia Saving paradise: the fight to protect Indonesia's rainforest 17,500
Bonham, Danika K. University of Saskatchewan Food for thought: the implementation and practise of nutrition policies in Northeast England, 1881-1911 17,500
Bonnemaison, Tamara  The University of British Columbia Ecological landscape design case studies 17,500
Bonnor, Kazlyn  Simon Fraser University Empowering community forests of British Columbia: combing local knowledge and natural science to create community-based monitoring systems for increased environmental sustainability 17,500
Boreham, Caroline  McGill University Passenger consciousness and the turn-of-the-century novel 17,500
Boross-Harmer, Alexandra  University of Toronto Voices of youth with autism: a qualitative investigation of their sport-related perspectives 17,500
Borynec, Anna L. University of Alberta Understanding the digital Medusa: folkloric storytelling on the internet 17,500
Botelho, Jeremy G. University of Manitoba Embodying indigeneity: a qualitative examination of Indigenous masculinities 17,500
Bouchard, Jeanne  Université du Québec à Chicoutimi L'apprentissage de la grammaire au secondaire : expérimentation d'une approche socioconstructiviste 17,500
Bouchard, Laura E. Trent University Women's skills in navigating sexual interest/disinterest 17,500
Boucher, Myriam  Université de Montréal Vidéomusique : l'image en tant que partition visuelle pour la musique électroacoustique 17,500
Boudreau-Alguire, Patrick  University of Victoria The impact of a rock-climbing program on the self-efficacy of female high school students 17,500
Boudreau, Anne-Sophie  Université Laval Le personnage aux commandes du récit : détournement de la narration dans le roman contemporain 17,500
Boughtin-Davies, Brittany  University of Lethbridge Examining the impact of mindfulness based therapy on weight loss interventions 17,500
Boulebsol, Carole  Université du Québec à Montréal Prévention du traumatisme vicariant : pratiques des intervenantes féministes 17,500
Boulet, Catherine C. Université de Moncton Symbolisme des figures spatiales dans Le chemin Saint-Jacques d'Antonine Maillet 17,500
Bourbeau, Stéphanie  Université de Montréal Les pratiques du silence : une approche lyotardienne de l'injustice épistémique 17,500
Bourdeau, Lou-Anne  Université Laval Entre lyrisme et formalisme : les microchromies de Fernand Leduc comme formes nouvelles d'abstraction dans l'art québécois 17,500
Bourgault, Iris  Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières Profils de chronicité en toxicomanie au Québec 17,500
Boutilier, Rory  University of Regina Non-suicidal self-injury: a designated treatment approach 17,500
Bovas, Edna E. University of Toronto (Neo)colonial desire in contemporary literary representations of gendered migration 17,500
Box-Couillard, Sébastien  HEC Montréal Étude de l'effet de l'imposition d'un copaiement sur les visites médicales au Québec 17,500
Boyd, Amanda T. Wilfrid Laurier University Opening the doors to emergency departments: perceptions of police during mental health apprehensions 17,500
Boyle, Brianna M. University of New Brunswick Investigating psychosocial profiles and perceptions of chronic repeat offenders 17,500
Boyle, Katherine A. Trent University Trait incompleteness and preferences for symmetry: is perceptual fluency the missing link 17,500
Brady-Savignac, Charlotte  Université de Montréal Cinéma structurel et musique répétitive 17,500
Braglewicz, Morgan A. Simon Fraser University Modelling energy policies for Canadian cities 17,500
Brandvold, Sarah A. University of Alberta Desire, violence and revenge in Inuit myths and legends 17,500
Brant, Kiera  University of Ottawa Reconciling teacher education: policy reforms, redress, and calls to action 17,500
Brassard, Kevin  Université du Québec à Chicoutimi Évaluation des capacités cognitives et exécutives ainsi que de l'autonomie fonctionnelle d'individus atteints d'ataxie récessive spastique de Charlevoix-Saguenay 17,500
Brassard, Kirsten A. University of Toronto What is the use of a book: the thingness of the book in children's literature 17,500
Braun, Rebecca S. York University Balancing structure and children's rights in education: extending the Reggio approach 17,500
Brazeau, Hannah J. Carleton University Romantic relationships and health goals: implications of attachment theory and relationship satisfaction on the pursuit of health goals 17,500
Brazil, Kristopher J. Carleton University Mimicking a Don Juan: do specific psychopathic traits in men lead some women to perceive them as more honest 17,500
Breckenridge, Sarah  Western University Strategies for including peers with learning difficulties: perspectives of students with siblings who have learning difficulties 17,500
Bresch, Andrew M.G. Western University Parce mihi aut iratus sum: An Investigation of Jealousy and Affairs in Latin Love Elegy and its Correlation to Gender 17,500
Brewer, Robert P.B. Carleton University Canada Graduate Scholarships application for Robert Brewer 17,500
Brewer, Zachary A. University of Calgary Carried in common: Tim O'Brien's narrative as object 17,500
Bridge, Michael J. University of Toronto The concert accordion: a modern voice 17,500
Brien Bérard, Marie  Université du Québec à Montréal Vie de couple des parents d'enfants ayant un TSA 17,500
Briones, Emil  McGill University Engaging the aspiring healer: a mixed methods study on medical students' level of engagement in social justice education 17,500
Bronson, Amy  University of Toronto The economic impact of sexual minority inclusion in global policies 17,500
Brossard, Stéphanie  Université de Montréal Impact d'un dispositif d'enseignement du vocabulaire sur l'apprentissage de la lecture par des élèves dysphasiques de 2e cycle du primaire 17,500
Brouillette, Jean-Félix  HEC Montréal En perspective d'une destruction progressive d'emplois par l'automatisation de l'économie, quel est l'impact réel des politiques socioéconomiques progressives sur la création d'emplois non-routiniers par l'entrepreneuriat 17,500
Brown, Matthew F.D. Western University Assessment of self-destructive behaviours 17,500
Brown, Virginia A. Trent University Rape Cognitions and Psychopathy 17,500
Brown, William B.M. University of Victoria Music composition and three-dimensional chance performance music 17,500
Brueckner-Irwin, Irene  University of Waterloo Marine protected areas and their implications for social-ecological wellbeing of coastal communities in Atlantic Canada 17,500
Brunet, Patricia  Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue La place du chien dans les communautés Inuit d'aujourd'hui : analyse de la relation humain-animal chez les Inuit de Kuujjuaq, Nunavik 17,500
Bruzzone, Victor A. York University Urban dislocation and subjective dislocation: addiction in the city 17,500
Bryce, Theresa  University of Toronto Teachers' experiences implementing sexual health education in Ontario Catholic schools 17,500
Brydges, Colton D. University of Ottawa Disability in the context of post-conflict development 17,500
Buckingham, Brooker T. Ryerson University History and agency: defending Hegel from Adorno's critique 17,500
Bull, Aaron G. Brandon University Building disaster resilience in rural communities: an investigation into low cost mitigation measures 17,500
Bunten-Walberg, Amanda  York University Dismantling the oppressive practices of the animal-industrial-complex 17,500
Bunton, Robin  Simon Fraser University Power, gender, colonialism, and the Egyptian dancing girl 17,500
Burns, Samara E. University of Calgary Harmony and modal logics 17,500
Buteau, Clodie  Université de Sherbrooke Le rôle de la qualité de l'animation dans l'engagement, l'alliance thérapeutique et la satisfaction des parents maltraitants qui participent au programme d'entraînement aux habiletés parentales 17,500
Butler, Michael B. University of Victoria Fishing on porpoise: the tuna-dolphin crisis in the eastern tropical Pacific Ocean 17,500
Butterfield, James J.W. University of Toronto Initiation and the (trans)formation of Zen Buddhism in contemporary Toronto 17,500
Butterfield, Oonagh C.E. York University Re-storying the human-nature relationship: children's books for stewardship and justice 17,500
Calesso, Christopher T. University of Manitoba Shifting the discourse on collaboration between cultural heritage institutions: reconnecting Hudson's Bay Company materials at the archives of Manitoba and The Manitoba Museum 17,500
Caminel Lachance, Léyla  Université de Montréal La figure de l'acteur-chanteur : la musique réinterprétée par le corps filmé 17,500
Camirand, Élisabeth  Université du Québec à Montréal Qualité des relations d'amitié : évaluation de l'adolescence à l'émergence de l'âge adulte en fonction du statut amoureux 17,500
Campbell, Morgan T. University of Calgary Eat like you want it: feast of the female body 17,500
Campeau, Kathryn  McMaster University Differentiating commingled human remains through EDXRF 17,500
Canossini, Erika  University of Toronto Aboriginal women and the Canadian criminal justice system: a life course perspective 17,500
Caple, Mary  The University of British Columbia Technologies of governance: criminalizing movement and identity across Canada's smart border 17,500
Capstick, Malcolm F. Saint Mary's University The discourse of trans-national agricultural labour in Nova Scotia's Annapolis Valley 17,500
Carabine, Sheila A. University of Toronto Poetry, prayer and popular song 17,500
Cascadden, Mary M. Simon Fraser University Evaluation of the environmental planning system in Alberta 17,500
Caskenette, Stephanie  McGill University Strategies of immersion and realism in virtual spaces 17,500
Cassiani, Celia-Marie  University of Toronto Exploring the types of social support provided in an online employment readiness mentoring program 17,500
Castle, Rickie E. Brock University If looks could kill: Medusa's gaze 17,500
Caswell, Liam P.B. Dalhousie University The changing face of Britain and its Dominions' diplomatic and public sentiment regarding Japan, 1902-42 17,500
Catton, Leah  Royal Roads University Fostering resiliency in trauma survivors and at-risk populations 17,500
Cauz, Emmy  Memorial University of Newfoundland Islam and sexual politics among engaged and newlywed Algerian women living in Paris 17,500
Cere, Susanna  McGill University The perceptions of physical education and health student teachers about inclusive physical education 17,500
Chafe, David T. York University Validating and applying a measure of volunteerism: a balanced approach 17,500
Chalk, Alex  Ryerson University Artful play: playing as making in tabletop roleplaying games 17,500
Chan, Lesley L. York University Pregnant girls 17,500
Charbonneau-Bernier, Alice  University of Ottawa La littérature amérindienne contemporaine au Québec 17,500
Charkow, Brenley  University of Alberta  Staging the virtual: directing the Canadian premiere of Jennifer Haley's The Nether 17,500
Charlebois, Timothy G. University of Victoria Transformative recognition and Canadian lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender movements 17,500
Charron, Catherine  Université Laval L'implication citoyenne à la source de la protection, de la transmission et de la mise en valeur des patrimoines de l'eau de la région valencienne : le cas du tribunal des Eaux de la plaine de Valence, Espagne 17,500
Chassé, William  Université du Québec à Rimouski Frontières et représentation : la place du pouvoir dans les discours des chefs amérindiens de la vallée de l'Ohio sous le régime français  - 1720-1760 17,500
Cheng, Jeremy C.K. University of Saskatchewan Cost of institutionalized not criminally responsible on account of mental disorder persons 17,500
Chen, Lihan  The University of British Columbia Are there systematic gender and social status differences in how social scientists apply Bayesian data analysis 17,500
Cheung, Belle Chi-Tung  The University of British Columbia A history of Asian-Canadian theatre in Vancouver: analyzing the gap between Vancouver's White Theatre industry and its diverse population 17,500
Chianelli, Julianna E. University of Toronto Middle English literature and premodern technologies of identity 17,500
Chiang, Aletheia  York University Linguistic integration of Syrian migrants to French-speaking member states of the European Union 17,500
Chiasson, Emilie A. University of Toronto Closing the gap: a participatory action approach to the inclusion of disabled people in Malawi 17,500
Chipeur, Lauren  Concordia University Material agency as a collaborating force in the production of sculpture and installation 17,500
Cho, Hannah C. Western University Heritage language learning and identity 17,500
Choi, Hyoseak  University of Toronto Rewriting the war: re-representation of war in post-war Japanese children's literature 17,500
Choi, Irene  The University of British Columbia The migration of motifs in still life painting from the early modern Netherlands to Joseon Korea 17,500
Cholette, Gabriel  McGill University Le diable est dans les détails.  Réception et réécriture de la légende de Robert le Diable au Moyen Âge 17,500
Chow, Lisa  McGill University Crime, mental health and architecture: the design of forensic psychiatry for the 21st century 17,500
Christ, Adrian G.T. University of Alberta By land or sea: reorienting trade to and from the Baltic Region, c. 1500-1700 17,500
Chumak, Halyna  McGill University A catalogue of countenances: probing female facial expression in Woolf and Mansfield 17,500
Ciccone, Vanessa  Ryerson University Using film ratings to combat the effects of gender stereotyping on children 17,500
Cirnu, Stephanie V. University of Toronto Planning for accessible communities: lessons learned from the Canary District, Toronto 17,500
Clark, Chelsea M. University of Saskatchewan Women's controversial navigation of the British social-scientific world in the eighteenth century 17,500
Clark, Jessica C. Carleton University Histories and stories: historical fiction as narrative strategy in the novels of A. S. Byatt 17,500
Clements, Bradley A. University of Victoria Reconciling museums: Indigenous self-representation in an exhibit of art from the Alberni Indian Residential School 17,500
Clements, Todd A. University of New Brunswick The Great War and Acadian reaction 17,500
Cloutier, Amanda  University of Ottawa Does French matter - exploring how administrator background influences practice 17,500
Cochrane, Kristen  Queen's University Audience Reception of Queer Cinema in the Contemporary Argentinian Imaginary 17,500
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Day, Kathleen A. Carleton University In more detail, please - corrective feedback of online language learning resources 17,500
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de Luna, Montgomery R. University of Waterloo Evaluating the long term benefits of three-dimensional public space and infrastructure on the sustainable and economical growth of Toronto through parametric design 17,500
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Desrochers, Camille  HEC Montréal Évolution du ratio d'attention visuelle sur les agents de recommandation en fonction de la charge cognitive perçue et mesurée dans un contexte d'épicerie en ligne 17,500
Desrochers-Turgeon, Émélie  Carleton University Community empowerment through built environments in the Canadian Eastern Arctic 17,500
de Tilly, Julien  Université de Montréal Sujet et substance dans la Phénoménologie de l'Esprit de Hegel 17,500
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Drago, Alessandro  McGill University Autonomous Social Movements 17,500
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Dubé, Jean-Phillipe  University of Ottawa Matérialisme et moralité chez Denis Diderot : étude de leur liaison 17,500
Dubois, Anne-Julie  Université de Montréal Utilitaires ou récréatifs - les réseaux cyclables québécois hors des grands centres urbains 17,500
Dubois, Marie-Michelle  Université du Québec à Chicoutimi Pratiques pédagogiques des enseignants de la maternelle pour soutenir la prosocialité des enfants de 5 ans en situation de jeu symbolique 17,500
Dubois, Michael P. University of Toronto The effects of mindfulness on autobiographical memory 17,500
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Dubue, Jonathan D. University of Alberta Development of a university student-based empathy scale with utility in peer support worker selection 17,500
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Dufour Morin, Guillaume  Université du Québec à Rimouski L'époussetage en règle, suivi de l'écriture de l'archive à l'oeuvre : le performatif après Jacques Derrida 17,500
Duggan, Brittany  The University of British Columbia The disintegration of critical dance coverage in media 17,500
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Dunand-Vincent, Lou  University of Calgary Transcribing la mélodie française for the cello 17,500
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Dussault, Catherine  Université Laval L'engagement dans l'interdisciplinarité de la bioéthique 17,500
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Enescu, Alex  McGill University Dream intrusion: phenomenological origins of hallucinations 17,500
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Ens, Gerald  McMaster University Confession of faith and religious identity in the Christian tradition 17,500
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Estey, Jennifer  University of New Brunswick Evaluating ethics e-learning materials for use in long-term care environments 17,500
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Fehr, Paige  University of Victoria Eugenic theory and asylum practice: the treatment of women in the Public Hospital for the Insane, 1920-1933 17,500
Fejzic, Sanita  Carleton University Theorizing the novella in Canada 17,500
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Felian, Melissa A. York University Canada's trade agreements and the future of the supply-managed dairy industry 17,500
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Ferstman, Abigail  University of Toronto The body and disease in Tacitus' histories 17,500
Filion, Shawn  University of Windsor The impact of an 8-week motivational general-mastery imagery intervention on elementary students' perceived competence in physical education and physical activity levels outside of school 17,500
Filip, Christian  Carleton University Postcolonialism and Inequality in Mexico's Mestizo Society 17,500
Finch, Katherine K. University of Waterloo Investigating self-regulation and performance efficacy in musicians 17,500
Finucane, Blake P.J. The University of British Columbia Branding through an art historical lens: how corporations are leveraging artists on social media 17,500
Firzly, Najat  University of Ottawa Le mentorat inversé au travail : maintenir les liens intergénérationnels 17,500
Fitzgerald, Eryn N. University of Victoria Power and Self-determination: First Nation renewable energy projects in BC 17,500
Fix, Jane A. University of Calgary iParent: the influence of technology on mindful parenting and attachment 17,500
Fletcher, Beatrice A. McMaster University ITRAX core scanning: a new method for understanding landscape use 17,500
Ford, Catherine  University of Alberta Phonemic inventory of Ikema 17,500
Forest, Nicole  Université de Moncton Comprendre l'expérience des jeunes qui participent dans un projet théâtral portant sur le thème de la diversité 17,500
Forgues, Geneviève  Université du Québec à Chicoutimi Évaluation des traits de personnalité et de l'autonomie fonctionnelle chez des personnes atteintes d'Ataxie récessive spastique de Charlevoix-Saguenay - ARSCS 17,500
Forsyth, Jillian  Dalhousie University The chronicle of current events and the human rights movement in the Soviet Union 17,500
Fortier, Stéphanie  Université Laval Agression sexuelle à l'enfance, consommation de pornographie et fonctionnement sexuel 17,500
Fortin, Julie  Université du Québec à Chicoutimi Impact de la participation à une aventure développementale sur la qualité de vie chez des adolescents(es) atteints d'un cancer 17,500
Fournier, Julien  Université Laval L'indépendance de la Couronne canadienne : une question de droit et de conventions 17,500
Fournier, Sophie  Université du Québec à Montréal L'existence, le temps et l'aspect en bamanan 17,500
Fowler, Samantha A. University of New Brunswick The influence of personality and coping on the forgiveness of real life stressors 17,500
Fox, Laura A. York University Sharing stories, changing lives: transmedia activism in the non-profit sector 17,500
Fraschetti, Michael S. York University Glass ceilings and slippery floors: challenges facing racialized bodies in the greater Toronto area labour market 17,500
Fretz, Katherine M. Queen's University Testing an attentional model of women's nonspecific sexual response: examining within-gender differences 17,500
Friedmann, Debora  McGill University Break it down: using street dance to challenge gender norms in a disadvantaged high-school 17,500
Friesen, Katelyn  University of Manitoba Studies in the environmental sociology of health and medicine 17,500
Froese, Julia E. Vancouver Island University Safe community leisure spaces for LGBTQ youth 17,500
Frohlich, Jona R. University of Alberta Teacher's causal attributions for FASD as predictors of self-efficacy and inclusion 17,500
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Fulham, Lindsay V. Carleton University The efficacy of mindfulness-based practice in reducing vulnerable walking style cues 17,500
Fuller, Elliott J. Brock University Adorning the elite: textile and jewellery dedications at early Iron Age Lefkandi 17,500
Fuller, Erin K. Simon Fraser University Risk and protective factors for youth violence: a gendered and cultural analysis 17,500
Funk, Julie M. University of Waterloo Divine Consumption: Deconstructing Negative Theology in Forms of Advertising 17,500
Furlong, Lian A. The University of British Columbia Visions of crisis: representing loss, grief, and trauma in contemporary visual literature 17,500
Furugori, Katrina M. Simon Fraser University The role of informal markets in addressing conflict between hunting and eco-tourism: an assessment of the valuation of grizzly bears in British Columbia 17,500
Gabe, Emma  University of Toronto Late-medieval women's libraries: a comparative analysis 17,500
Gagné-Dumais, Charlotte  Université de Montréal Jeu d'acteur au cinéma et au théâtre 17,500
Gagné, Nicolas  Université de Montréal Les militaires français et le projet de créer une armée européenne, 1950-1954 17,500
Gagné, Roxanne  Université de Moncton Santé mentale : un cadre professionnel sécuritaire pour les militaires 17,500
Gagné, Sophie  Université Laval La responsabilité de protéger et le droit international : une réconciliation est-elle possible 17,500
Gagnon, Daphné  Western University Becoming hunters and fishers in Northern Ontario 17,500
Gagnon, Dominique C. Université de Montréal L'évaluation en contexte Inuit, exploration des méthodes et critères 17,500
Gagnon, Mathieu  Université Laval L'héritage phénoménologique de la pensée derridienne 17,500
Gaio, Ryan A. University of New Brunswick There was a girl 17,500
Galat, Katarina  University of Toronto Poor Billionaires: a novel about Yugoslavia's currency collapse 17,500
Gange, Elizabeth  University of Alberta A comparison of pre-service and current mainstream teachers' knowledge and attitudes towards autism spectrum disorder 17,500
Garcia, Donald A. Simon Fraser University Defining constructs: what role should nomological networks play in psychological research 17,500
Garden-Smith, Shannon R. University of Guelph The image of collapse: debt-economy and the domestic surface 17,500
Garneau, Brianna  University of Ottawa An analysis of Bill C24 and Bill C51 17,500
Garneau, Marie-Laurence  University of Ottawa Hockey, culture populaire et charisme 17,500
Garrison, Laena M. University of Manitoba Re-engaging the Indigenous role of welcoming newcomers 17,500
Gartner, Matthew  The University of British Columbia Screen acting and the self 17,500
Gaudreau-Lebel, Edith  University of Ottawa How requirements of legitimacy shape non-governmental organizations 17,500
Gauthier-Mamaril, Félix  Dominican University College Le passé critique 17,500
Gauthier-Trépanier, Camylle  University of Ottawa Mort et apprentissage : évolution des rituels initiatiques dans la littérature jeunesse franco-canadienne 17,500
Gautreau, Heather M. University of Alberta Teaching essential social skills to adolescents with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder in a single-user virtual environment 17,500
Gavric, Diana  Western University Re-thinking and re-packaging the revolution in today's Cuba 17,500
Geistlinger, Andrew D. The University of British Columbia Green violence: links between environmental politics and violence in Colombia 17,500
Gemmell, Brendan N. Dalhousie University Communication in the Canadian Federal Task Force on Housing and Urban Development, 1968-1969 17,500
Genesse, Daphnéé M. Université de Sherbrooke Le dilemme autonomie-connexion et l'attachement comme prédicteurs de la satisfaction conjugale et sexuelle de couples canadiens-français 17,500
Georgallas, Virginia A. University of Toronto The Greek diaspora in the Canadian musical mosaic 17,500
George, Deborah L. Saint Mary's University Cluny Macpherson: physician, soldier, visionary 17,500
German, Emma B. York University Art by proposition: an expansion of the curatorial 17,500
Ghazyani, Raabia  University of Alberta Social, emotional, and academic adjustment of newcomer Syrian refugee children within the school context 17,500
Ghebretecle, Terhas  University of Toronto Investigating the impact of Canadian food policies on peasant farmers in the developing world 17,500
Gibb, Katherine E. University of Saskatchewan Taking play seriously: perceptions of play among parents in Western Canada 17,500
Giguère, Laurent  HEC Montréal Le crédit à la consommation serait-il en partie responsable du piège du revenu intermédiaire 17,500
Gill, Randip  The University of British Columbia The influence of ethnicity and/or culture on the escalation and de-escalation of aggression and obligations for retaliation 17,500
Gimon, Katerina  The University of British Columbia Vocal improvisation pedagogy: tools for performers, conductors, and educators 17,500
Giroux, David  Université Laval Marie Vassilieff : impact et situation d'une femme artiste dans le groupe de la section d'or 17,500
Giroux-Works, Nakeyah  Université Laval Changements climatiques et enjeux environnementaux : expériences et perceptions de l'environnement aux Îles-de-la-Madeleine 17,500
Glaicar, Brieanne T. University of Alberta  Ovid's heroides, male authorship, and the female voice 17,500
Glover, Jacqueline M. Acadia University The role of adult attachment style on emotional availability in parent-child interactions 17,500
Godsoe, Charles N. University of Toronto Rethinking the relationship: popular music's situating of classical music in the 21st century 17,500
Goldberg, Jonah  The University of British Columbia The judicialization of politics in Canada 17,500
Goldney, Emily  Queen's University Municipal stormwater planning best practices 17,500
Gold, Rebecca  The University of British Columbia A stance on the stage: the importance of theatre practice for the down syndrome artist 17,500
Gomez, Jennifer P. University of Guelph Non-suicidal self-injury in the context of romantic partnerships 17,500
Gordon, Charles  University of Victoria Incorporating Indigenous reconciliation into Canadian environmentalism 17,500
Gorsak, Paige J. University of Alberta Sexual assault and Canadian universities: exploring alternatives to retributive justice 17,500
Gouin-Bonenfant, Mathilde  Université de Montréal Identités transnationales et hip-hop : les collaborations entre artistes sénégalais et afro-américains 17,500
Gouin, Christopher D. University of Toronto Artful revolution: contemporary Canadian poetry as ideological critique 17,500
Gould, Kelsey L. University of Calgary Evaluating the effectiveness of genius hour in promoting student innovation and curiosity 17,500
Graef, Daniel T. University of Toronto British political culture and elite attitudes towards European Union enlargement into Ukraine and Turkey 17,500
Grant, Matthew J.M. University of Toronto Unsimulated sex in artcore film 17,500
Gratton, Olivier  Université de Montréal Archéologie d'un marchand loyaliste à Montréal, 1804-1815 : James Dunlop, son réseau, et la modernité transatlantique 17,500
Gravel, Anne-Sophie  Université Laval L'influence des médias de fiction sur l'imaginaire collectif et sur la perception de la criminalité et de la violence 17,500
Gray, Casey J. Carleton University Memorializing the dead in Canadian heritage sites: the cemeteries of the Rideau Canal 17,500
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Grisdale, Sean E. University of Toronto Toronto's Uber moment: investigating the effects of ride-sharing services on urban transportation systems 17,500
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Groarke, Helene-Jane  Concordia University The shaping of immigrants' identities: a case study of stereotypes and their impact on the Irish Catholic community of Montreal and Toronto in the nineteenth century 17,500
Groening, Allison Z. University of Manitoba  Restorative justice at the John Howard Society: supportive and sustainable recidivism 17,500
Gruet-Pelchat, Ariane  Université Laval La musique émergente à Montréal : le discours journalistique comme marqueur de l'évolution des perceptions 17,500
Guérin, Kathryne  Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières La cyberintimidation d'adolescents présentant une déficience intellectuelle : étude de cas multiples 17,500
Guérin Marion, Camille  University of Ottawa Parental emotion socialization and youth emotion regulation: the moderating role of vagal tone 17,500
Guerin, Mathieu  Concordia University Stratégie Maritime: reconciling the simultaneous exploitation and protection of the St. Lawrence River 17,500
Guimond, Olivier  Université de Sherbrooke Louis-Joseph Papineau : républicain et seigneur. Regard sur un - paradoxe résiduel - (1803-1871) 17,500
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Hallward, Laura  McGill University Differential persuasiveness of gain-versus loss-framed messages for smoking prevention among adolescents ages 13-14 years 17,500
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Hamilton, Samantha  University of Alberta Information-seeking behaviours of digital library users - a meta-analysis 17,500
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Hanson, Erin M. The University of British Columbia A case study of First Nations resource management post-Tsilhqot'in Decision 17,500
Hardy, Jordan R.N. University of Guelph Exploring why some marital/committed couples survive and perhaps thrive after infidelity 17,500
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Hayes, Jessica I. The University of British Columbia Indigenous and rural women's safety: a participatory planning approach to addressing transportation needs along the Highway of Tears corridor 17,500
Hébert-Ratté, Roxanne  Université du Québec à Montréal Usage problématique des jeux vidéo massivement multijoueurs avec composante de jeu de rôle : corrélats intra-jeu et intra-joueur et leurs associations 17,500
Hedley, Andrea N. Royal Roads University Social mobilization for climate action 17,500
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Hendy, Tara A. University of Guelph Improving police accountability and the integrity of the criminal justice system 17,500
Henry, Shanelle  University of Toronto Applying person-centered methodology to identify child-level characteristics that contribute to peer relationship difficulties in children with disruptive behaviours 17,500
Herath, Isuri  Ryerson University 2nd generation perspectives on temple spaces in the Sri Lankan diaspora 17,500
Herbert, Amanda  University of Guelph Building back better: disaster recovery and land use planning in rural Canada 17,500
Hester, Amanda Y. Saint Mary's University Listening to violence: an anti-oppressive exploration into programs and interventions aimed at disrupting gang violence 17,500
Hickman, Bryan V. University of Toronto Hapticity and the digital image 17,500
Hicks, Benjamin Lee  University of Toronto ALL-ways in transition: exploring non-binary gender identity with pre-service teachers through participatory action research 17,500
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Ho, Amber M.P. The University of British Columbia Euthanasia in the news: a rhetorical analysis 17,500
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Hoven, Emily  Western University Reading the land: inscribing national narratives and cultural memory in Canada 17,500
Howden, Sarah E. University of New Brunswick Six inches deep: penetrating the real with words 17,500
Howlett, Tim  Carleton University Unelected representatives: civil society agents in the public policy process 17,500
Hubert, Daryl  Université du Québec à Montréal Agir par la création : pratiques transmédias et impacts sociopolitiques 17,500
Huezo, Mateo K. Athabasca University Transgender Voices: Shaping Therapist Education 17,500
Hughes-Berry, Nathan  York University Rape Card: a short narrative film 17,500
Hunter-Loubert, Kirstine  Concordia University Glitches, errors, and failures: video games as boundary-challenging spaces 17,500
Hunter, Matthew  University of Toronto Innovation in action: a systematic analysis of civil infrastructure projects across Ontario 17,500
Hurley, Amy C. Ryerson University Schadenfreude and sympathy: studying ethics in the history of factual television 17,500
Hutchingame, Laura M. University of Toronto Saint Pantaleon and the Chiesa di San Pantaleone Martire: understanding Venetian identity 17,500
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Hwang, Christine Chi Hye  Western University Reactions to abusive supervision differentiation: effect on prosocial motivation and OCB 17,500
Ibrahim, Nadia  Carleton University Food sovereignty struggles in Ottawa: local action for global change 17,500
Ingram, Victoria  Ryerson University Child self-regulation and externalizing behaviour: examining the impact of caregiver sensitivity using the immunization context 17,500
Interisano, Alaina M. Brock University Animal experimentation pedagogy in Canadian universities 17,500
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Ivers, Amber E.A. Simon Fraser University REB policies: protecting researcher/participant confidentiality 17,500
Jacobs, Rebecca  University of Toronto Addressing food insecurity in Toronto's low-income neighbourhoods: experiences at the good food markets 17,500
Jacques, Philippe  Université du Québec à Montréal Analyse du lien entre la pérénité des régimes de retraite public et la pauvreté dans les pays de l'OCDE 17,500
Jacques, Sarah A. Lakehead University Re-visioning popular youth fiction: a feminist parody 17,500
Jagayat, Arvin S. Ryerson University Ideological and threat-based predictors of cyber-violence against women 17,500
Jamal, Aishe  University of Toronto Treatment of asylum seekers on the borders of Turkey and Bulgaria 17,500
Jamal, Aliya  University of Victoria From housing to home: understanding home and migration for people with HIV/AIDS 17,500
Janik, Kriss P. York University Contemporary mnemonics: the illusory digitization of memory 17,500
Jeffrey, Dayna L. York University The singularity is upon us 17,500
Jennings, Emma  McMaster University Assessing new methods for estimating relative timing of fractures 17,500
Jerusalimiec, Lucas  Carleton University The role of civic virtue in determining regime stability 17,500
Johns, Arwen M. Western University Animals, social differentiation, and the state: a zooarchaeological analysis 17,500
Johns, Bronwyn I. Western University First Nations and Métis representations in children's literature 17,500
Johnson, Lauren K. Western University Everyday sadism in relation to cognitive and affective empathy 17,500
Johnson, Morgan  York University Theatre as an educational tool for social and environmental justice 17,500
Johnson, Samuella Jo K. York University Elite gymnastics: examining the relation between a unique gender performance and disability 17,500
Johnston, Pamela O. Ryerson University Restrictive Christianity: a critical review of fashion history perspectives 17,500
Johnston, Phoebe  McGill University United Nation's convention on the rights of persons with disabilities: how can Article 12 be implemented in Canada 17,500
Jones, Megan D. Simon Fraser University A Buddhist theory of cinema 17,500
Jonnson, Melissa  Simon Fraser University Progressing toward a more comprehensive assessment of intimate partner violence 17,500
Jutras, Renaud  Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières Une étude du followership: L'impact perceptuel des caractéristiques sociales et démographiques sur la relation dyadique suiveur/meneur et ses extrants en contexte organisationnel 17,500
Kablys, Victoria C. Queen's University The 3-D option: an innovative approach to the repatriation of pesticide-contaminated materials 17,500
Kagialaris, Dimitrios  York University Application for Canada Graduate Scholarships-Master's Program 17,500
Kaiser, Melody A. University of Calgary Dynamics in polyamorous families: communication strategies, relationship satisfaction, social support, and polyamory style 17,500
Kalbfleisch, Lindsay A. University of Waterloo An examination of the nature of sexual minority men's s gender-typed sport involvement: exploring the role of gender atypicality and perceived support 17,500
Kamalou, Somayyeh  York University Social anxiety and online communication 17,500
Kamarhie, Aria  York University Quality of sport particiaption among youth with physical disability 17,500
Kang, Kwang Hee  Queen's University Multiculturalism defined: applying public opinion research 17,500
Kapoor, Aakriti  University of Toronto Infoflux and our students: can primary students apply twenty-first century learning skills to everyday media 17,500
Karn, Sara E. Wilfrid Laurier University Anglo-Canadian popular music and the First World War 17,500
Kassim, Ayan  University of Toronto The donor imaginary: examining fictional representations of organ donation in the United States 17,500
Kay, Emma E. Dalhousie University A critical analysis of legislative barriers as identified by women's non-profit organisations in Nova Scotia 17,500
Kearns, Michelle  University of Toronto Car culture in a changing landscape: a critical analysis of barriers to active transportation in Toronto's suburbs 17,500
Keating, Amy S. Carleton University Mind-body dualism and monism: gender implications of early modern philosophy 17,500
Kellar-Pinard, Katrina L. University of Ottawa Speaking out: Gertrude Stein, queer conversation and the voice of modernity 17,500
Kelly, Marian  University of Guelph Public deliberation as a means to advancing health equity 17,500
Kelly, Sarah E. University of Windsor Unlearning social constructs and rebuilding identities: a queer project 17,500
Kerkonian, Aram D. McGill University The legal aspects of human settlement on Mars and other celestial bodies 17,500
Ketterling, Jean  Carleton University Teaching contentious objection: how medical schools ensure students are capable of balancing their rights and responsibilities with their patients' reproductive rights 17,500
Keyes, Nadia S.N. University of Alberta Surveying intimate partner violence myths among post-secondary students 17,500
Khalil, Samiha  Concordia University Anti-Blackness, Police Violence and Spatial Resistance in Montreal 17,500
Khourochvili, Mariami  York University Infant emotion regulation during parental mobile technology use 17,500
Khullar, Thomas  McGill University The impact of peer stigmatization on child and adolescent psycho-social adjustment 17,500
Kidd, Marissa T.B. Lakehead University Exploring the transformative experiences of non-Indigenous Ontario elementary school teachers in decolonizing Indigenous-non-Indigenous relationships through a critical pedagogy of place 17,500
Kilpatrick, Edmond G. Simon Fraser University Arts based practices for the transformative dissemination of knowledge and complex ideas to the general public 17,500
King, Christa K. University of Alberta Building the bridge: using the metacognitive triangle to enhance metacognition and cognition related to conceptual learning in chemistry 17,500
Kintzel, Franziska  University of Calgary Leaving yourself behind: changes in identity in young athletes after mild traumatic brain injuries 17,500
Kirkland, Siobhan E.K. University of Toronto Open borders, restricted internal migration, and barriers to mobility in Russia and their implications for understanding migration processes 17,500
Kiss, Mark J. University of Saskatchewan The role of disgust in homonegativity towards gay men 17,500
Kivisto, Lynette R. University of Windsor Distribution and use of assistive technology for school aged children with learning disabilities 17,500
Klassen-Molyneaux, Riley A. University of Calgary La littérature autochtone : un pas dans la Cité ou l'établissement d'une autre 17,500
Klassen, Stefan D. University of Manitoba An examination of virtual architecture and its potential 17,500
Klein, Candice M. Simon Fraser University Conflict and the Vancouver Indochinese women's conference of 1971: a case study 17,500
Knight, Janet K. The University of British Columbia Evaluating comprehensive community plans as supportive of socio-cultural principles 17,500
Knipe, Taylor  Wilfrid Laurier University A qualitative analysis of the Brant Community Response Team: a frontline perspective 17,500
Kobryn-Dietrich, Tierney  Brock University Sex work in the Niagara region 17,500
Koller, Emily L.D. University of Toronto Refugee integration: a comparative case of Germany and France 17,500
Komorowski, Jennifer L. Western University The voice as a psychoanalytic object in the work of Ann Quin 17,500
Kosmenko, Nickolas J. University of Manitoba Northern youth and varsity sport: an exploration of factors influencing participation in Manitoba 17,500
Kostrich, Adam J. University of Victoria Settler spectacles: indigeneity, photography, and U.S. Empire, 1870-1914 17,500
Koval, Sarah J. University of Toronto Publishing for the parlour: gender, language and form in the reception of Amy Beach's songs 17,500
Ko, Vanessa  University of Toronto Digital diasporas: a new force for conflict prevention 17,500
Koyama, Jacklyn  University of Toronto Environmental attitudes and voting behaviour 17,500
Kunze, Michael  York University Social movements and the public sphere: rethinking the role of culture and its transgressive potential 17,500
Kushnier, Rachel B.M. Lakehead University Mate value accuracy and relationship satisfaction and longevity 17,500
Kuznetsov, Marina  York University Having fun with dreams and terrors: the summer camp genre in North American cinema 17,500
Kuzyk, Olivia  Concordia University Toddlers and the bilingual environment: the impact on executive function 17,500
Kwok, Perry  University of Victoria Space battles in Hong Kong: contested democracy during and after the Umbrella Movement 17,500
Lachapelle, Élise  Université de Sherbrooke L'impact de l'auto-stigmatisation chez les jeunes hommes atteints de maladie mentale sur leurs habiletés sociales liées à l'intimité 17,500
Lachapelle Roy, Xavié  HEC Montréal Optimisation du modèle Black-Litterman par le paramètre tau 17,500
Lacho, David D. * The University of British Columbia Collaborative language revitalization: developing digital language tools with Splatsin First Nation 17,500
Lackmann, Sergej  HEC Montréal L'effet quantitatif de la culture sur l'apprentissage en ligne 17,500
Lacroix, Emma  Université de Montréal Écritures et architectures : image et espace dans la nouvelle et le roman court 17,500
Lacy, Robyn S. Memorial University of Newfoundland Here lieth interr'd: an examination of 17th- century burial grounds in British North America 17,500
LaFlèche, Émilie L.M. University of Toronto Commercialized sex and the city: an urban study of sex work in early twentieth century Montreal 17,500
Lafontaine, Devan  Western University Othering and gendered anxieties in Stesichorus and other archaic Greek poets 17,500
Lagace, Marc L.A. University of Toronto Corpses to cremains, gravestones to columbaria: the effects of shifting burial practices on traditional ways of knowing and doing in Hong Kong 17,500
Lahtinen, Hilla R.H. McMaster University What's in the blood - ritual sacrifice in early Judaism and its impact on the development of Christian theologies of atonement 17,500
Laidlaw, Alia L. University of Ottawa Trans specific: understanding the experiences of trans women in sex work 17,500
Lainesse, Louise  Université Laval Veuves de guerre en territoire laurentien à l'heure de la Conquête, 1754-1760 17,500
Laing, Marie  University of Toronto Two-spirit education: between the community and the academy 17,500
Laliberté, Frédérique  Concordia University L'impossible et l'art 17,500
Lalonde, Josh A. York University Friedrich Schelling and German naturphilosophie 17,500
Lambert, Angela M. * University of Calgary Understanding the experience of smart smartphone users 17,500
Lamothe, Carmen M. Concordia University Using mobile surveillance applications (apps) for monitoring and controlling disease: efficacy and unintended consequences 17,500
Lam, Peggy  The University of British Columbia Analyzing media coverage and an aesthetic response to the case of Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women (MMIW) 17,500
Landels, Tye E. Queen's University Encountering Shakespeare in a secular age 17,500
Langer, Rachel A. Queen's University Mobile technologies, gender, and rural development: adopting and adapting M-Pesa in Kenya 17,500
Langevin-Tétrault, Alexis  Université de Montréal Vers une virtuosité de l'interprétation en musique électroacoustique 17,500
Langford, Brynne A. The University of British Columbia The politics of continuing care in British Columbia 17,500
Langille, Justin M. Carleton University Maintain as normal: how Housing First outreach workers manage workplace stress and responsibilities in Ottawa, Ontario 17,500
Langley, Emily  Trent University The role of anti-oppression frameworks on knowledge integration efforts in Canadian environmental justice organizations 17,500
Langlois, James  University of Toronto Well-being and public policy 17,500
Lansdell, Austin B. McGill University Exploring connection: intersection and collaboration between classical music and marginalized communities 17,500
Lapierre, Andréanne  Université du Québec à Montréal Le contexte relationnel de la violence dans les relations amoureuses à l'adolescence 17,500
Lapierre, Kiana  Brock University Cyberbullying from an evolutionary perspective 17,500
Laplante-Dubé, Pascale  Université du Québec à Montréal Une identité en mouvement : figure de l'indéterminé et identité sexuée dans Le Silence de la Cité, The Farseer, The Liveship Traders, The Tawny Man et The Fitz and the Fool 17,500
La Plante, Meagan  Royal Roads University Collaboratively addressing homelessness in a small Canadian city 17,500
Larivière, Gabriel  Simon Fraser University Canadian Graduate Scholarship 17,500
Lariviere, Kyle J. Western University Experiences of Canadian soldiers in World War II 17,500
Larose, Marie-Pier  Université de Montréal Does a psychosocial intervention in childcare improve stress regulation among preschoolers 17,500
Larouche Wilson, Alexa  Université de Montréal The importance of psychopathic traits and pornography use in relationship satisfaction 17,500
Larsen, Tara M.L. University of Calgary Militarized masculinities in local law enforcement 17,500
Lau, Chloe  Western University Mentoring in graduate education: a program evaluation investigating semi-structured mentoring to increase student retention 17,500
Laurence-Ruel, Corynne  Université du Québec à Montréal Évolution socioéconomique de l'ancienne RDA à la lumière des trajectoires tchèque et polonaise : 1985-2015 17,500
Lau, Tsz-Wing Zita  Western University Parents in the digital age: the influence of parental technology use on caregiver-child interactions 17,500
Laveault-Frigon, Anthony  HEC Montréal Impact des investissements directs étrangers sur la performance des grappes en Amérique du Nord 17,500
Lavigne, Andrew D.J. McMaster University Rethinking indexicals, analyticity and direct reference - philosophy of language 17,500
Lavoie, Valérie  Université du Québec à Montréal Écrire les générations : figures et topoï dans Liberté et Parti pris (1959-1968) 17,500
Law, Denise S-K. University of Waterloo Incorporating peer feedback in virtual teams 17,500
Lawson, Kathryn  Western University Meditations on wonder and disappointment in art, religion, and ethics 17,500
Leblanc, Geneviève  Université du Québec à Montréal L'image corporelle et la dysphorie de genre chez les hommes trans faisant usage de prothèses de pénis (packers) 17,500
Leblanc, Jessica  Université du Québec à Montréal L'appréhension de l'itinérance par le droit civil québécois 17,500
Le Blanc, Sophie R. McGill University All things considered: evaluating emergency preparedness for transit-dependent populations in Canadian cities 17,500
Leclerc, Jonathan  Concordia University Watch your speed: the effects of perceived assertiveness and emotions on consumer choice 17,500
Lecours, Pierre-Luc  Université de Montréal Projet de création d'oeuvres mixtes s'inspirant de la musique électroacoustique 17,500
Lecours, Taylor S.M. The University of British Columbia Early modern England and print culture 17,500
Leduc, Karissa  Université de Sherbrooke Les facteurs associés au refus scolaire chez les enfants et les adolescents 17,500
Lee, Chelsey M. Simon Fraser University Presentation of sexual assault in news media and how this presentation relates to a prevention campaign 17,500
Lee, Patrick A. University of Calgary The Great Divide: Maasai perceptions of archeological practice in Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania 17,500
Legault, Alexandre  Université de Montréal Transcendance et narcotiques anonymes - saisir le religieux par une méthode visuelle 17,500
Legault, Donna M. Concordia University Descending echos: the influence of smart systems in everyday spaces 17,500
Léger, Katie A. Saint Paul University What happens at work, stays at work: compassion fatigue amongst marriage and family therapists working with clients coping with trauma and the repercussions on their personal marital satisfaction 17,500
Le Guerrier, Catherine  Université de Montréal Les possibles du droit : la personne raisonnable dans le temps 17,500
Lehmann, Mériol  Université Laval Une approche systémique du territoire 17,500
Leibel, Miranda S. University of Alberta Reproductive narratives: colonial continuity in Albertan child welfare policy 17,500
Lelong, Marie F. Carleton University Les représentations des Amériques au XVIIe siècle dans la fiction française 17,500
Lemay-Roche, Alexandre  Université du Québec à Montréal Gauche radicale en Europe : analyse comparée de Syriza et du front de gauche 17,500
Lemiski, Mica N. The University of British Columbia Grey matters: a young adult novel exploring the impact of aging parents on teen caregivers 17,500
Lenton-Brym, Ariella  Ryerson University Social rejection and success in school: the role of socioeconomic status and culture 17,500
Lépine-Dubois, Alexe  Université de Montréal S'adapter ou produire l'espace urbain : le cas des jeunes autochtones bispirituels 17,500
Leung, Tiffany S.Y. Lakehead University The strength of victims: precursors for inclusive forms of helping 17,500
Leung, Yiu Lun  University of Toronto Understanding how Ontario high school science teachers perceive and foster creativity 17,500
Levangie, Kevin D.P. Carleton University To shake the complacent pillars of the world: reinterpreting Norman Bethune's legacy through his aesthetic theory 17,500
Levere, Drake D. The University of British Columbia The effect of post-traumatic growth on relationship functioning in sexual abuse victims 17,500
Levesque, Catherine  Université Laval Déterminants psychologiques du soutien paternel à l'autonomie 17,500
Ley, Madelaine J. Ryerson University Rethinking relationships of care: feminist ethics and Emmanuel Levinas on companionship in mental health care 17,500
Liberge-Simard, Raphaël  Simon Fraser University An image of terror: the portrayal of terrorism in the Canadian media 17,500
Liberman, Leon R. York University What are NGOs really doing : a study on community responses to NGO work in Ghana 17,500
Liem, Maria Tessa  Concordia University Canadian elegy, memorial and mourning in the post-Internet age 17,500
Li, Iris K. Royal Roads University Unearthing sustainability knowledge through intergenerational online collaboration 17,500
Lincoln, Jessica A.J. University of Waterloo Decorative mediation: value and labour in art and craft 17,500
Lindsay, Amber M. York University Creating child-friendly environments: children's participation in the planning of Hamilton neighbourhoods 17,500
Lipsitz, David  University of Toronto Factors in denationalization in the European Union 17,500
Lirette, Simone A. Université de Sherbrooke Participation citoyenne et politique environnementale : analyse du processus d'élaboration du Plan d'action sur les changements 17,500
Liska, Suzanne R. York University Psycho-physical choreographic research combining contact improvisation and the Alexander technique 17,500
Liu, Corey K. The University of British Columbia East-West Ontologies and Other Mermaids in Hans Christian Andersen's Fairytales 17,500
Liu, Iris  University of Toronto Living the Apocalypse: the transformation of the Apocalyptic genre in the Dead Sea Scrolls liturgy 17,500
Livingstone, Joshua D.J. Western University A Heideggerian phenomenology of inquiry 17,500
Lloyd, Ellen R. University of Saskatchewan Understanding women's experiences of engagement with nuclear topics 17,500
Locke, Siobhan  Queen's University The significance of the Medallion Motif in Alphonse Mucha's poster prints 17,500
Lohnes, Kasey A. Wilfrid Laurier University Exploring women's notions of choice: analyzing postfeminist sensibilities 17,500
Lok, Christopher B. University of Waterloo Self-affirmation in a competitive environment 17,500
Longair, Holly J. Carleton University Epistemic injustice in international development 17,500
Long-Longpré, Samuel  Université de Montréal Le statut de l'image chez Maurice Blanchot et Yves Bonnefoy 17,500
Lopes, Karel  Université du Québec à Montréal Appropriation des enjeux de la lutte aux changements climatiques au sein de groupes restreints : analyse communicationnelle 17,500
Lopez-Bilbao, Sofia B. University of Calgary Third identity and intercultural couples: overcoming conflict through cultural compromise 17,500
Lorimer, Conor R.J. Royal Roads University Toward applied urban environmental education best practices - children's participation in society 17,500
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Panwar, Nidhi S. University of Calgary Homegrown Islamic terrorism in India 17,500
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Paré, Emilie  Université Laval Évaluation qualitative de l'adaptation du modèle ARC dans des classes de psychopathologie 17,500
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Paul, Andrew L. York University Salween Peace Park: Indigenous land and community-based conservation in Burma 17,500
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Pereira, Michael V. Ryerson University Beneath the shine: urbanity, sexuality, and ethnicity in 1970s Toronto 17,500
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Perreault, Kelsey G. Western University Memory in the museum: representing Aboriginal genocide 17,500
Perreault, Krystel  Université de Sherbrooke L'impact des différences intergénérationnelles sur le processus de transfert de direction en contexte d'entreprise familiale 17,500
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Politis, Christina  Western University The role of organizational climate for inclusion on female leaders' basic psychological needs 17,500
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Potter, Gillian K. University of Saskatchewan Examining the influence of mindfulness and self-compassion on psychological and social factors in gastrointestinal disorders 17,500
Poulin, Karine  Université de Sherbrooke Étude portant sur la mise en rapport des patrons d'attachement et des types de communication dysfonctionnelle au sein du couple 17,500
Poulin, Lauren  York University The effect of unfulfilled expectations in anxious and non-anxious individuals 17,500
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Power, Jordan P. Brock University The moderating effects of maternal and paternal bonds on the expression of adult psychopathic trait 17,500
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Préfontaine, Joëlle  University of Alberta Huh: social change through immersive pluri-lingual theatre 17,500
Prevost, Madelyn  University of Toronto Religion and HIV prevention in Catholic FBOs 17,500
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Proulx, Stéphanie  Université de Montréal Transcender les espaces de l'histoire : la mémoire de la Shoah dans l'immense fatigue des pierres, Le ciel de Bay City et Soifs 17,500
Provost, Thalie-Anne  HEC Montréal Responsabilité sociale des entreprises et renforcement des capacités locales 17,500
Prud'homme, Gabrielle  Université de Montréal Giuseppe Verdi, instrumentalisation du régime fasciste italien 1922-1945 17,500
Prud'homme, Julie  McGill University Self-critical perfectionism and daily emotion regulation and well-being over one year: A two-wave experience sampling study 17,500
Prud'homme-Rheault, Lucas  Université du Québec à Montréal Au-delà de l'argument postmoderne : Madonna ou la poétique du relancement 17,500
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Quinn, Hannah E. The University of British Columbia Resources, risks and resilience: understanding the gendered-impacts of resource extraction on Aboriginal communities 17,500
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Raddatz, Adrian J. The University of British Columbia Institutional influence on reform in pre-confederation Canada 17,500
Radwanski, Kazik  York University Scaffold 17,500
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