Insight Grants: October 2015 Competition Awards

Newfoundland and Labrador
  Bregent-Heald, Dominique - Memorial University of Newfoundland $66,269
  Northern getaway: the tourism film and selling Canada  
  Ormsby, Robert K. - Memorial University of Newfoundland $105,128
  Global Shakespeare, intercultural performance and festival tourism  
  Blaser, Mario E. - Memorial University of Newfoundland $188,101
  Jenkinson, Anthony - Tshikapisk Foundation
  Ozuna Ortiz, Andres - Unión de Comunidades Indígenas de la Nación Yshir
  Life projects under the shadow of the (good) anthropocene  
  Tenkorang, Eric Y. - Memorial University of Newfoundland $203,378
  Owusu, Adobea Y. - University of Ghana
  Examining the help-seeking behaviors of female victims of intimate partner violence in Ghana  
  Swiss, Liam - Memorial University of Newfoundland $178,080
  Brown, Stephen - University of Ottawa
  Dawson, Andrew C. - York University
  Fallon, Kathleen - State University of New York at Stony Brook
  Longhofer, Wesley - Emory University
  Developing conformity: foreign aid and the diffusion of global norms  
  Peterson, Carole - Memorial University of Newfoundland $303,804
  Assessing interviews and recall in children  
  Van Herk, Gerard E. - Memorial University of Newfoundland $98,599
  Childs, Rebecca - Coastal Carolina University
  Sisters under the skin: input, maintenance and post-insularity in Atlantic English-based varieties  
  Williams, Russell A. - Memorial University of Newfoundland $122,616
  McKeen-Edwards, Heather D. - Bishop's University
  Roberge, Ian - York University
  Politics in the era of globalized finance -- reassessing the role of domestic institutions, networks and ideas in financial regulation  
Nova Scotia / Nouvelle-Écosse
  Black, David R. - Dalhousie University $180,140
  Brown, Stephen - University of Ottawa
  Cameron, John D. - Dalhousie University
  Swiss, Liam - Memorial University of Newfoundland
  den Heyer, Molly K. - St. Francis Xavier University
  Kindornay, Shannon H. - Carleton University
  Canadian development cooperation and the new politics of partnership  
  Cleave, Patricia L. - Dalhousie University $365,096
  Cormier, Pierre - Université de Moncton
  Kay-Raining Bird, Elizabeth R M. - Dalhousie University
  MacLeod, Andrea A.N. - Université de Montréal
  Mainela-Arnold, Elina - University of Toronto
  Slavkov, Nikolay - University of Ottawa
  Sutton, Ann E. - University of Ottawa
  Trudeau, Natacha - Université de Montréal
  Nockerts, Ann - SALT Software, LLC
  The discourse skills of monolingual and bilingual school-aged children  
  MacLeod, Anna M. - Dalhousie University $227,927
  Cleveland-Innes, Martha F. - Athabasca University
  Kits, Olga H. - Dalhousie University
  Ajjawi, Rola - University of Dundee
  Tummons, Jonathan - Durham University
  Becoming a professional through distributed learning: a sociomaterial ethnography  
  Ng, Eddy S. - Dalhousie University $123,060
  Arnold, Kara A. - Memorial University of Newfoundland
  Sears, Greg J. - Carleton University
  Employment equity and workplace diversity/inclusion: current Canadian practices, successful implementation, and areas for modernization  
  Llewellyn, Jennifer J. - Dalhousie University $129,219
  A relational approach to human rights theory and practice  
  Zhao, Yonggan - Dalhousie University $62,100
  A credit rating and bankruptcy prediction model under economic regime shifts  
  Nguyen, Xuan Thuy - Mount Saint Vincent University $310,268
  Gonick, Marnina - Mount Saint Vincent University
  Mitchell, Claudia A. - McGill University
  Stienstra, Deborah - University of Manitoba
  De Lange, Naydene N. - Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
  Do, Huyen T. - Other/Unknown
  Huynh, Ngoc Hong Nhung - Other/Unknown
  Nguyen, Thi Lan Anh - Action to the Community Development Center
  Rioux, Marcia Hampton - York University
  Transforming knowledge and activism for inclusion through engaging girls and women with disabilities in Vietnam in participatory research  
  Eichler, Maya M. - Mount Saint Vincent University $182,808
  Callaghan, Walter - University of Toronto
  Tait, Victoria E. - Carleton University
  Gender and the transition from military to civilian life in Canada  
  Leroux, Darryl RJ. - Saint Mary's University $76,227
  The relationship between genealogy and genomics in Québec: understanding race and difference  
New Brunswick / Nouveau-Brunswick
  Garon, Nancy M. - Mount Allison University $123,727
  Smith, Isabel M. - Dalhousie University
  Building models of the social world  
  Bourque, Denis Joseph J. - Université de Moncton $147,912
  Cormier, Pénélope - Université de Moncton
  Décarie, David - Université de Moncton
  Doyon-Gosselin, Benoit - Université de Moncton
  Labelle, Ronald - Cape Breton University
  Morency, Jean - Université de Moncton
  Richard, Chantal G. - University of New Brunswick
  Thibeault, Jimmy - Université Sainte-Anne
  Troit, Anne-Sophie - York University
  Hebbinckuys, Nicolas - Université de Moncton
  Édition critique des oeuvres fondamentales de la littérature acadienne  
  Hayhoe, Jeremy D. - Université de Moncton $41,670
  Enlightenment agronomy and local farming practice in eighteenth-century Eastern France  
  Domene, Jose F. - University of New Brunswick $146,695
  Popadiuk, Natalee E. - University of Victoria
  Career adaptability in accompanying partners of international students  
  Kress, Margaret M. - University of New Brunswick $295,400
  Fitznor, Laara - University of Manitoba
  Perley, David - University of New Brunswick
  Wilson, Alexandria M. - University of Saskatchewan
  Andersson, Annica - Stockholm University
  Jannok Nutti, Ylva - Sami University College
  Preserving sacred landscapes: the reawakening of blood memory as Justice  
  Di Mascio, Anthony - Bishop's University $51,669
  American influences on education in the Eastern Townships of Quebec, 1784-1875  
  Gagné, Gilbert - Bishop's University $121,900
  The trade and culture debate in preferential trade agreements  
  Kruck, Marie-Pierre - Collège de Maisonneuve $116,520
  Le discours de l'autopsie : L'initié, l'historien, le médecin, l'écrivain  
  Hebblethwaite, Shannon - Concordia University $184,644
  Paterson, Stephanie L. - Concordia University
  Trussell, Dawn E. - Brock University
  Playing with motherhood: a longitudinal analysis of the politics of leisure in the transition to motherhood  
  Langford, Martha - Concordia University $72,103
  Momentous indecision: Canadian photographic studies at its inception, 1968-1983  
  Consalvo, Mia - Concordia University $137,259
  Streaming at the margins of play  
  Paterson, Stephanie L. - Concordia University $126,919
  Scala, Francesca - Concordia University
  The politics of doing: policy work and gender-based analysis in Canada  
  Sachs, Jonathan - Concordia University $83,135
  Slow time, fast time: media, geology and poetic form in Britain c. 1800  
  Recchia, Holly E. - Concordia University $168,766
  Dirks, Melanie - McGill University
  Wainryb, Cecilia - University of Utah
  Understanding children's and adolescents' emotional experiences of peer injury and their implications for parental responses  
  Potvin, John - Concordia University $115,615
  Sexuality, masculinity and shame in interior design: from professionalization to queer theory 1869-2015  
  Teffeteller, Annette T. - Concordia University $55,427
  Lesbos east and west: Greek-Anatolian contact in the Late Bronze and Early Iron Ages  
  Sicotte, Geneviève - Concordia University $80,298
  Csergo, Julia - Université du Québec à Montréal
  Marcotte, Sophie - Concordia University
  L'imaginaire gastronomique au prisme de la littérature québécoise  
  Neves, Katja - Concordia University $203,417
  Keshani, Hussein - The University of British Columbia
  Stoett, Peter J. - Concordia University
  Kilian, Maggie - Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh
  Willison, Julia R. - Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
  Willoughby, Sharon J. - Australian National University
  Botanic gardens and the politics of national and transnational environmental governance  
  Caquard, Sebastien - Concordia University $166,260
  Bergler, Sabine - Concordia University
  High, Steven C. - Concordia University
  Dominguès, Catherine - National Institute of the Geographic and Forest Information
  Des récits à la carte : méthodologies, technologies et approches sensibles pour cartographier des récits de vie de réfugiés rwandais  
  Bernard, Robert M. - Concordia University $103,926
  Owston, Ronald D. - York University
  Schmid, Richard F. - Concordia University
  Vaughan, Norman D. - Mount Royal University
  Tamim, Rana M. - Zayed University
  Prospects and problems of implementing blended learning in higher education as viewed through the lens of systematic review and meta-analysis  
  Dickinson, Kay - Concordia University $92,806
  Video cultures of the Arab uprisings: archives of revolution revolutionizing the archive  
  Bale, Alan Clinton - Concordia University $225,438
  Coon, Jessica - McGill University
  Smith, E. Allyn - Université du Québec à Montréal
  Alonso-Ovalle, Luis - McGill University
  Little, Carol Roseman - Cornell University
  Schwarz, Bernhard - McGill University
  Pragmatics and language revitalization: using evidentiality in Mi'gmaq to explore the interface between grammar and general reasoning  
  Gomme, Paul A. - Concordia University $87,685
  Macroeconomics and labor markets, before, during and after the great recession  
  Trofimovich, Pavel - Concordia University $151,846
  Kennedy, Sara - Concordia University
  Isaacs, Talia - University of Bristol
  Saito, Kazuya - Birkbeck, University of London
  Second language communication skills: helping non-native university students align perceived and actual performance  
  Lehrer, Erica T. - Concordia University $133,268
  Difficult heritage in national museums  
  Nikolenyi, Csaba - Concordia University $158,069
  Party switching in Democratic legislatures  
  de Almeida, Roberto G. - Concordia University $196,491
  Verb meaning and semantic composition: a psycholinguistic investigation  
  Cardoso, Walcir C. - Concordia University $94,227
  Collins, Laura - Concordia University
  The pedagogical use of speech technologies to extend the reach of the second language classroom  
  Prémont, Marie-Claude - École nationale d'administration publique $275,318
  Proulx, Marc-Urbain - Université du Québec à Chicoutimi
  L'hydroélectricité comme vecteur de développement de la périphérie québécoise : trois grandes régions, trois modèles distincts  
  Simonato, Jean-Guy - HEC Montréal $44,000
  Multi-period portfolio choices with event risk, transaction costs and return predictability  
  Doucet, Olivier - HEC Montréal $124,352
  Fredette, Marc - HEC Montréal
  Gaudet, Marie-Claude - Université de Montréal
  Hennebert, Marc-Antonin - HEC Montréal
  Lapalme, Marie-Ève - Université du Québec à Montréal
  Comprendre les dynamiques du leadership partagé dans les équipes de travail : identifier ses déterminants et évaluer ses impacts  
  Léger, Pierre-Majorique - HEC Montréal $144,446
  Bellavance, François - HEC Montréal
  Cameron, Ann-Frances - HEC Montréal
  Faubert, Jocelyn - Université de Montréal
  Fredette, Marc - HEC Montréal
  Lepore, Franco - Université de Montréal
  Sénécal, Sylvain - HEC Montréal
  Cognitive emotional and behavioral outcomes of mobile multitasking: a multimethod approach  
  Jeanneret, Alexandre - HEC Montréal $115,115
  Dorion, Christian - HEC Montréal
  Bhamra, Harjoat S. - Imperial College London
  Dynamics and determinants of the equity risk premium  
  Sénécal, Sylvain - HEC Montréal $145,930
  Fredette, Marc - HEC Montréal
  Léger, Pierre-Majorique - HEC Montréal
  Riedl, René - Johannes Kepler University of Linz
  Cognitive load and website customization  
  Laplante, Benoît - Institut national de la recherche scientifique $87,492
  Pacaut, Philippe - Ministère de la famille
  Égalité et indépendance - éclairer les enjeux de la révision de la politique familiale québécoise  
  Lecker, Robert - McGill University $99,508
  Canadian writers and their literary agents, 1890-1990  
  Zuroff, David C. - McGill University $131,227
  Intraindividual variability in self-compassion: implications for conceptualization, measurement, and intervention  
  Ménard, Elaine - McGill University $193,143
  Arsenault, Clément - Université de Montréal
  Beaudoin, Joan E. - Wayne State University
  Lafaille, Madeleine - Canadian Heritage
  DOLMEN : données ouvertes liées - musées et environnement numérique  
  Talwar, Victoria - McGill University $147,706
  Crossman, Angela M. - The City University of New York
  Eliciting and detecting children's true reports: the role of child and interview characteristics  
  Human, Lauren J. - McGill University $157,821
  Consequences of first impressions: examining the benefits of accuracy  
  Rvachew, Susan S. - McGill University $196,556
  Nadig, Aparna S. - McGill University
  Emergent literacy with digital technologies  
  Barrington-Leigh, Christopher P. - McGill University $267,179
  Millard-Ball, Adam - University of California, Santa Cruz
  Global urban sprawl, climate policy, and well-being  
  Van Dussen, Michael - McGill University $115,831
  English encyclopedism and European manuscript culture in the later middle ages  
  Huebner, Steven - McGill University $109,482
  Caplin, William E. - McGill University
  Uncovering classical currents in French music 1830-1918  
  Luthi, Lorenz M. - McGill University $107,077
  A history of the cold war without the superpowers: Asia the Middle East Europe  
  Whitesell, Lloyd - McGill University $116,140
  Towards a theory of queer aesthetics in music  
  Neidhofer, Christoph - McGill University $112,150
  Developing a theory of form for post-1945 serial music  
  Clayards, Meghan - McGill University $139,042
  Wonnacott, Elizabeth A. - University College London
  What makes a good listener: individual differences in speech perception and their implications  
  Huising, Ruthanne - McGill University* $64,674 *
  Ranganathan, Aruna - Stanford University
  Silbey, Susan S. - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  Disruptive yet responsible innovation: altering professional accountability for biosafety and biosecurity  
  Fleury, Marie-Josée - McGill University $231,676
  Bertrand, Karine - Université de Sherbrooke
  Bonin, Jean-Pierre - Université de Montréal
  Brochu, Serge - Université de Montréal
  Clément, Michèle - Centre intégré universitaire en santé et services sociaux de la Capitale-Nationale
  Efficacité du logement transitoire pour les personnes en situation d'itinérance  
  Hilsdale, Cecily - McGill University $115,379
  The mobility and mutability of Byzantine art in the medieval Mediterranean  
  Emerich, Yaëll L. - McGill University $93,908
  Théorie du droit des biens transsystémique et frontières de l'appropriable  
  Brackett, David - McGill University $111,168
  Popular music: the modernist turn  
  Bouvard, Matthieu - McGill University $132,686
  De Motta, Adolfo - McGill University
  Systemic banking crises and the timing of bailouts  
  Furuhata, Yuriko - McGill University $145,065
  The rise of the control aesthetic: information networks, multimedia environments, and Japanese experimental arts  
  Leckey, Robert - McGill University $184,328
  Legal responses to unmarried cohabitation  
  Piper, Andrew - McGill University $290,375
  Cheriet, Mohamed M. - École de technologie supérieure
  Wellmon, Chad - University of Virginia
  The visibility of knowledge: the computational study of scientific illustration in the nineteenth century  
  Al-Saji, Alia - McGill University $50,109
  The time of difference: Bergson, Merleau-Ponty, and a theory of time for ethics  
  Desbarats, Catherine M. - McGill University $69,341
  Beaugrand-Champagne, Denyse - Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec
  La monnaie de carte du Canada (1685-1770)  
  Kilgour, Maggie - McGill University $91,855
  Milton after Shakespeare  
  Latimer, Eric A. - McGill University $196,043
  Aubry, Tim D. - University of Ottawa
  Gaetz, Stephen A. - York University
  Mago, Vijay - Lakehead University
  Roy, Laurence - McGill University
  Bulthuis, Mike G. - Alliance to End Homelessness in Ottawa
  Giabbanelli, Philippe J. - Northern Illinois University
  McGregor, James - Other/Unknown
  Computer simulation modeling to address homelessness  
  Hartman, Michelle - McGill University $298,230
  Abisaab, Malek H. - McGill University
  Humaydan, Iman - Other/Unknown
  Merhej, Lena Irmgard - No Institutional Affiliation
  Taan, Yassmin - Lebanese American University
  Women's war stories: building an archive of women and the Lebanese civil war  
  Bartlett, Joan C. - McGill University $216,905
  Beheshti, Jamshid - McGill University
  Metaliteracy for well-being: design criteria for information systems  
  Travis, Lisa D. - McGill University $225,894
  Compton, Richard J. - Université du Québec à Montréal
  Coon, Jessica - McGill University
  Davis, Henry T. - The University of British Columbia
  Paul, Ileana - Western University
  Roberts, Ian G. - University of Cambridge
  Sheehan, Michelle L. - Anglia Ruskin University
  The nature of parameters: representing language universals and language variation  
  Han, Kunsoo - McGill University $139,040
  Yu, Jisun - Concordia University
  Mithas, Sunil K. - University of Maryland
  Impacts of information technology on multinational corporations  
  Schlimm, Dirk - McGill University $115,806
  Gillon, Brendan S. - McGill University
  Inglis, Matthew - Loughborough University
  Pientka, Brigitte - McGill University
  Towards a philosophy of notation: historical, cognitive, and pragmatic aspects of notations for propositional logic  
  Schwarz, Bernhard - McGill University $116,733
  Grodzinsky, Yosef - Hebrew University, Jerusalem
  Shimoyama, Junko - McGill University
  Antitonicity: a study in semantic universals  
  Quesnel-Vallee, Amelie - McGill University $143,370
  Taylor, Miles - Florida State University
  Inequalities in aging in Canada: evidence from longitudinal survey and linked administrative data  
  Ericsson, Jan E.L. - McGill University $175,172
  Augustin, Patrick - McGill University
  Contagion and insolvency in sovereign debt markets  
  Stoljar, Natalie - McGill University $141,008
  Silencing, objectification, and negative social scripts: do they undermine autonomy  
  Walker, Gavin - McGill University $218,134
  Global Japan in the twentieth century: thought literature cinema  
  Kohn, Eduardo O. - McGill University $270,007
  Stevenson, Lisa - McGill University
  The politics of sylvan thinking: Amazonian ecologies, indigenous ontologies, and the rights of nature in the age of neo-extractivism  
  Hewlin, Patricia F. - McGill University $135,906
  Unpacking the impact of minority status and unintended consequences of good leadership on creating facades of conformity and performance-related outcomes  
  Paquet, Suzanne - Université de Montréal $106,290
  Fazakerley, Ruth - University of South Australia
  Guinard, Pauline - École normale supérieure Paris
  Art urbain, art public et cultures numériques : des publics, des sites, des trajets  
  Bonnechere, Pierre F.T. - Université de Montréal $128,500
  Cursaru, Gabriela - Université de Montréal
  Thériault, Gaétan - Université du Québec à Montréal
  Beaulieu, Marie-Claire - Tufts University
  Bodard, Gabriel - School of Advanced Studies, University of London
  Bonanno, Daniela - Université de Palerme
  Bremmer, Jan N. - University of Groningen
  Eidinow, Esther - University of Nottingham
  Johnston, Alan W. - University College London
  Koch Piettre, Renée - École pratique des hautes études
  Kozak, Lynn A. - McGill University
  Lhote, Eric - Université de Lille III - Charles de Gaulle
  Liapis, Vayos - Open University of Cyprus
  Méndez Dosuna, Julián V. - University of Salamanca
  Meyer, Elizabeth A. - University of Virginia
  Parker, Robert C.T. - University of Oxford
  Petrovic, Andrej - Durham University
  Petrovic, Ivana - Durham University
  Rosenberger, Veit - Universität Erfurt
  Dodona on line : édition exhaustive, traduction et étude approfondie des lamelles de l'oracle de Dodone  
  Bardini, Thierry N. - Université de Montréal $110,280
  Les bricolages biologiques et les tensions du libéralisme  
  Carley, Michael J. - Université de Montréal $87,064
  A near-run thing: the Improbable grand alliance of World War II  
  Piché, David - Université de Montréal $60,720
  Le statut psychologique et épistémologique de l'acte de foi selon les penseurs latins de la première moitié du XIVe siècle  
  Lafontaine, Céline - Université de Montréal $106,986
  Des bio-objets à la bio-impression : les nouvelles frontières matérielles du corps humain, étude des enjeux sociaux, culturels et éthiques liés aux nouveaux usages biotechnologiques du corps humain  
  Popovic, Pierre A.R. - Université de Montréal $101,920
  Les altérités du poème : Albiach, Chédid, Houellebecq, Pey, Rouzeau, Venaille  
  Rousseau, Vincent - Université de Montréal $94,457
  Aubé, Caroline - HEC Montréal
  Le rôle des styles d'attachement dans les équipes de travail  
  Péloquin, Katherine - Université de Montréal $114,758
  Bergeron, Sophie - Université de Montréal
  Brassard, Audrey - Université de Sherbrooke
  Attachment caregiving and sex: a dyadic study of daily sexuality and long-term relationship well-being  
  Dufour, Pascale - Université de Montréal $227,890
  Ancelovici, Marc - Université du Québec à Montréal
  Les fondements institutionnels de la politique contestataire: analyse comparée des luttes sociales au Québec, en France et en Espagne  
  Furlong, Kathryn M. - Université de Montréal $146,344
  Márquez, Jorge - Universidad Nacional de Colombia - Sede Medellin
  Roca Servat, Denisse - Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana
  Historicizing southern urbanisms: water supply development in Colombia 1910-2014  
  Rubiera, Javier - Université de Montréal $83,170
  Le théâtre et la rencontre des cultures ibérique et japonaise au 16e siècle  
  McFalls, Laurence H. - Université de Montréal $106,288
  Herskovits, Alberto - Altofilm GbR
  Open Memory Box: a visual archeology and intimate history of the German Democratic Republic  
  González-Martín, Alejandro - Université de Montréal $145,473
  Analyse des liens entre la formation de base des professeurs de mathématiques à l'université, leur choix de ressources pour l'enseignement et leurs pratiques  
  Rahm, Jrene - Université de Montréal $318,958
  Bergeron, Julie - Université du Québec en Outaouais
  Guiot-Guillain, Pierre - Ruelle de l'avenir
  Lemerise, Tamara - Université du Québec à Montréal
  Pilon, Alain - Ruelle de l'avenir
  Potvin, Patrice - Université du Québec à Montréal
  A mobility lens to the study of learning, identity and pathways in STEM of youth, teachers, animators and community partners: tools for the joint-design of a learning community in support of innovative science learning and teacher education  
  Dembinska, Magdalena - Université de Montréal $129,707
  Merand, Frédéric - Université de Montréal
  Coopération et conflit entre la Russie et l'Europe : une approche relationnelle  
  Bergeron, Sophie - Université de Montréal $248,191
  Péloquin, Katherine - Université de Montréal
  Rosen, Natalie O. - Dalhousie University
  The role of intimacy in the sexual wellbeing of long-term couples  
  Duchesneau, Michel - Université de Montréal $293,757
  Benoit-Otis, Marie-Hélène - Université de Montréal
  Boivin, Jean - Université de Sherbrooke
  Caron, Sylvain - Université de Montréal
  de Médicis, François - Université de Montréal
  Flint, Catrina M. - Vanier College
  Harbec, Jacinthe - Université de Sherbrooke
  Huebner, Steven - McGill University
  L'Ecuyer, Sylvia - Université de Montréal
  Moore, Christopher L. - University of Ottawa
  Ratner, Sabina Teller - Université de Montréal
  Dufour, Valérie M. - Université libre de Bruxelles
  Reibel, Emmanuel - Université Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense (Paris X)
  La presse musicale en France (1890-1940): discours et idéologies  
  Tappolet, Christine - Université de Montréal $178,025
  Rossi, Mauro - Université du Québec à Montréal
  Stroud, Sarah - McGill University
  Well-being: a philosophical exploration  
  Nadeau, Richard - Université de Montréal $132,786
  Bélanger, Éric - McGill University
  Enjeux, image des partis et comportements politiques  
  Thériault, Barbara - Université de Montréal $101,338
  Kurpiel, Anna - University of Wroclaw
  Le projet Kracauer : ethnographie relationnelle d'une ville allemande dans l'après 1989  
  Goldman, Jonathan A. - Université de Montréal $119,347
  Bhagwati, Sandeep - Concordia University
  Born, Georgina E.M. - University of Oxford
  Tenzer, Michael S. - The University of British Columbia
  The invention of a Balinese tradition in Quebec's contemporary music scene: 1970-2000  
  Pullen Sansfacon, Annie - Université de Montréal $156,575
  Bastien Charlebois, Janik - Université du Québec à Montréal
  Bellot, Céline - Université de Montréal
  Chamberland, Line - Université du Québec à Montréal
  Dorais, Michel - Université Laval
  Ghosh, Shuvo - McGill University
  Lee, Woo Jin Edward - Université de Montréal
  Manning, Kimberley P E. - Concordia University
  Bauer, Greta - Western University
  Bouchard, Gabrielle - Centre for Gender Advocacy
  Gillis, Loralee - Sherbourne Health Centre
  Marshall, Zack - Memorial University of Newfoundland
  Meyer, Elizabeth J. - University of Colorado at Boulder
  Pyne, Jake M. - McMaster University
  Susset, Francoise - Meraki Health Centre
  Tosh, Jemma - Simon Fraser University
  Travers, Ann - Simon Fraser University
  Digging beneath the surface: an intersectional investigation of the diversity of trans youth experience  
  Dupéré, Véronique - Université de Montréal $269,020
  Archambault, Isabelle - Université de Montréal
  Brière, Frédéric N. - Université de Montréal
  Dion, Eric - Université du Québec à Montréal
  Frohlich, Katherine L. - Université de Montréal
  Janosz, Michel - Université de Montréal
  Lacourse, Eric - Université de Montréal
  Marchand, Alain - Université de Montréal
  Crosnoe, Robert - University of Texas at Austin
  Leventhal, Tama - Tufts University
  Navigating the transition to adulthood: stressors, resources and adjustment among urban and rural high school dropouts, high school graduates and college-bound youth  
  Lapointe, Martine-Emmanuelle - Université de Montréal $188,329
  Barraband, Mathilde - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
  Lambert, Vincent C. - Université du Québec à Montréal
  Nardout-Lafarge, Élisabeth ENL. - Université de Montréal
  Schryburt, Sylvain - University of Ottawa
  La littérature québécoise contemporaine à l'épreuve de l'histoire  
  Loewen, Brad - Université de Montréal $239,728
  Contact by sea : Basques et Autochtones dans le golfe du Saint-Laurent au XVIIe siècle  
  Normandeau, Robert - Université de Montréal $163,373
  Composition musicale spatialisée et mesure d'espace sonore en 3D, une question d'échelle  
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  The impact of climate change and climate variability on human populations during the last Glacial  
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  Vallet, Élisabeth - Université du Québec à Montréal $170,598
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  Poulin, Francois - Université du Québec à Montréal $211,208
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  Évaluer l'impact à long terme d'une intervention implantée en maternelle auprès d'élèves agressifs sur les trajectoires d'adaptation au début de l'âge adulte et mieux comprendre les médiateurs et les modérateurs en jeu  
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  Bilodeau, Rémi - A coeur d'homme: Réseau d'aide aux hommes pour une société sans violence
  Monastesse, Manon - Fédération de ressources d'hébergement pour femmes violentées et en difficulté du Québec
  Parcours d'enfances et d'adolescences traversés par l'exposition à la violence conjugale : étude rétrospective  
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British Columbia / Colombie-Britannique
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* This amount will be matched by Genome Canada as part of the Societal Implications of Genomics Research joint initiative.