Extension of the period for use of SSHRC grants due to pandemic-related delays—2023

SSHRC and NSERC (the agencies) continue to recognize that some research activities funded by grants may still be delayed due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.  In such cases, grant recipients, regardless of whether they have received a previous extension in time to use funds, can request a 12-month extension without funds due to pandemic-related delays by submitting a grant amendment form with a brief but explicit justification to the agency. Provided the eligibility criteria are satisfied and the important considerations are understood (see below), the agencies will show greater flexibility towards approving these COVID-19 time extension requests.

Please note that this extension in time is unique and separate from all other pandemic-related extensions/initiative such as the 2020 three-month supplement for the support of trainees (students, postdoctoral fellows) and research support personnel, as well as any scholarships and fellowships extension provisions due to the pandemic.

Eligibility criteria

  1. Extension requests may only be submitted for grants in their final year (including the automatic one-year extension and any other extensions, where applicable).
  2. The grant holder must continue to maintain an eligible position at the administering institution for the duration of the grant, including any awarded extension(s).
  3. A Tri-agency Guide on Financial Administration (TAGFA) grant amendment form must be completed, with a brief but explicit justification that this extension request is due to delays to research activities as a result of the pandemic.
  4. The grant’s annual statement of account (form 300) must be up-to-date in the agency databases. For College and Community Innovation Program (CCI) grants, the annual statement of accounts (Form 301), must have been completed and submitted to the agency. Requests for an extension in time will not be reviewed/approved if there are outstanding annual statements of account.
    1.  If the grant account has $501-$2,000 remaining in funds, subject to agency approval, the COVID-19 extension in time will be the final extension for the period of use approved for this grant.
    2. For grant accounts with less that $500, grant holders are not eligible for another extension for the period for the authority to use grant funds.
  5. If the agency has already approved a transfer to the General Research Fund (GRF) or requested the return of residual funds for a given grant, an extension request will not be accepted.

Important considerations

Eligible programs and funding opportunities

This extension applies to the following SSHRC programs:

Note: Requests for grants that are a part of a SSHRC joint initiative may be subject to a longer review and approval by the agency due to partner implications. 

For all funding opportunities not listed and requests that do not satisfy the requirements outlined above, grant holders may still submit a grant amendment form for review and approval by the agency, however the request may be subject to a longer review period by the agency. It is recommended that more detail be provided in the comments section of the form. For more information, review section Extension period for the authority to use grant funds in TAGFA.


The first point of contact for the grant holder should be the institution’s research office or equivalent, prior to contacting the agency. The administering institution is responsible for submitting the extension request to the relevant agency via a grant amendment form. Completed forms and questions should be forwarded to grantsadministration@sshrc-crsh.gc.ca and indicate “COVID-19 Time Extensions” in the subject line.

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