Imagining Canada’s Future Ideas Lab award recipients announced
Teams to research Canada and the Circular Economy

May 20, 2022—The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) has awarded more than $680,000 to three research teams following a two-stage review process for the Imagining Canada’s Future (ICF) Ideas Lab: Canada and the Circular Economy.

Launched in 2021 as part of the Living Within Earth’s Carrying Capacity global future challenge, the ICF Ideas Lab: Canada and the Circular Economy is a two-year pilot program that encourages innovative research partnerships and projects.

The competition’s first stage empowered its selected participants, through a virtual workshop, to explore new approaches to research, and provided opportunities for collaboration between researchers who otherwise might not have worked together.

The second stage invited these interdisciplinary teams to propose ways to further advance project ideas they developed at the Ideas Lab workshop, and to establish multisectoral research partnerships.

What is the circular economy?

Increasingly, Canadians are concerned about the environmental impacts of existing systems of production and consumption. The circular economy offers a sustainable alternative to the current, linear model of production-consumption-waste. Circularity focuses on getting as much value as possible from resources, while eliminating waste and greenhouse gas emissions at all stages of production. The circular economy also addresses deeper issues around consumption, human behaviour and our relationship with the natural world.

During this competition, workshop participants developed projects that evaluated or supported circularity in Canadian homes, businesses and public institutions. Award recipients will have two years to complete their project. Thereafter, teams are encouraged to pursue support for their research projects through regular funding opportunities available from research agencies.

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