A new SSHRC funding opportunity on the emerging asocial society

SSHRC is launching a call for proposals for Knowledge Synthesis Grants (KSGs) on the emerging asocial society. The theme is one of 16 future global challenges identified by the Imagining Canada’s Future initiative.

This call focuses on the current state of research knowledge on issues related to growing feelings of disconnection, isolation and loneliness in Canadian society. Loneliness and isolation, which can be linked to asocial behaviour and increased mental health problems, appear to be significant developments in modern society.

Applicants are invited to submit innovative and interdisciplinary knowledge synthesis proposals focused on the following or other aspects of the challenge of the emerging asocial society:

Emerging Asocial Society KSGs will support the synthesis of existing knowledge and identification of knowledge gaps on the topic. An additional goal of the grants is to stimulate knowledge mobilization to reach a variety of audiences, including decision makers.

A maximum of 25 grants, of up to $30,000 each for a period of one year, will be awarded.

The deadline for proposals is December 17, 2021 (8 p.m. eastern).

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