Canadian researchers examine the latest impacts of digital technologies on the economic landscape

In July 2020, the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC), in collaboration with the Future Skills Centre (FSC), launched a Knowledge Synthesis Grant (KSG) competition on skills and work in the digital economy to gain a better understanding of the implications of digital technologies for workers and employers in a global landscape. Thirty-six research projects, totaling over $1M in funding, will be undertaken by researchers and their partners at institutions across Canada.

These grants support researchers in identifying how academic, public, private and not-for-profit sectors should adapt in response to the challenges and opportunities presented by digital technologies, including examining these issues within the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Knowledge synthesis projects will examine labour market issues such as gender and racial equality; equitable access to technology; labour market policy; remote work and organizational management; income support; privacy; digital assistive technology; and privacy. Findings will help inform decision-making and policy development towards a better, more equitable future for all Canadians.

Working in the digital economy is one of 16 global future challenges SSHRC identified in its 2018 Imagining Canada’s Future initiative, following an extensive foresight exercise. These complex issues reflect key challenges that Canadians are likely to face over the coming decades.

About the Future Skills Centre

FSC is a forward-thinking research and collaboration hub dedicated to preparing Canadians for employment success and to meeting the emerging talent needs of employers. As a pan-Canadian community, FSC brings together experts and organizations across sectors to rigorously identify, assess and share innovative approaches to developing the skills needed to drive prosperity and inclusion. FSC is directly involved in innovation through investments in pilot projects and academic research on the future of work and skills in Canada.

FSC is funded by the Government of Canada’s Future Skills program.

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