Leading ideas: Canada’s move to a circular economy

The Council of Canadian Academies (CCA) has recruited an expert panel to explore the economic, environmental and social impacts of a circular economy in Canada. Chaired by Tima Bansal, Canada Research Chair in Business Sustainability and professor of strategy at Western University’s Ivey Business School, the Expert Panel on the Circular Economy in Canada also includes other SSHRC-funded researchers and alumni.

A fully circular economy uses sustainably sourced materials, and designs products to last as long as possible. At the end of their lifecycle, products and materials go back to manufacturers for repair or reuse, creating a more self-sustaining economic system. Circularity leaves room for economic growth without driving a need to constantly extract new resources. The resulting system is considered more cost effective and kinder to the environment.

The expert panel will explore opportunities involved in Canada moving from the current linear economic system towards circularity, as well as challenges such a move might bring. The panel’s findings will be published in a report released by the CCA.

Other SSHRC-funded experts on the panel include Emily Huddart Kennedy, environmental sociology professor at The University of British Columbia, and Peter A. Victor, an economist and professor at York University’s Faculty of Environmental Studies.

The panel is sponsored by Environment and Climate Change Canada. SSHRC is proud of its research community and the work of our funded researchers in contributing towards a healthier, safer planet.

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