Take part in an unconventional convention this June

The Worldviews on Media and Higher Education 2019 Conference will take place June 12-14 in Toronto. This annual gathering reunites a diverse and international group of thinkers—academics, editors, students, journalists, communications professionals and others—to discuss the changing landscape between higher education and media.

This year’s discussions focus on democracy and the changing power dynamics that have developed between these two fields, as well as on the impacts that emerging technologies have on message amplification in a post-truth society. Participants have the opportunity to engage, exchange ideas and explore the challenges and opportunities presented by the democratization of higher education and the media.

Ursula Gobel, associate vice-president of Future Challenges at SSHRC, will take part in a discussion on creative initiatives in promoting media literacy and critical thinking, linking SSHRC’s work on the Imagining Canada’s Future initiative. A recent horizon scan undertaken in collaboration with Policy Horizons Canada (the Next Generation of Emerging Global Challenges report) identified 16 future global challenges, including the areas Truth Under Fire in a Post-Fact World and Envisioning Governance Systems that Work. See the full report here.

Several SSHRC-funded researchers will also be speaking at this conference, including Anatoliy Gruzd, Ryerson University; Taylor Owen, McGill University; Heidi Tworek, The University of British Columbia; and others.

For a full list of conference keynote talks, panels and speakers, visit the Worldviews Conference 2019 sessions and speakers page.

Visit the Worldviews Conference webpage to find out how to register.