McGill University professor receives prestigious award

The United States Society for Ecological Economics presented McGill University professor Peter Brown with the 2017 Herman Daly Award for outstanding contributions to ecological economics and sustainable development.

Brown is lauded for creating Economics for the Anthropocene: Re-grounding the human/Earth relationship, a SSHRC-funded partnership between McGill University, the University of Vermont and York University. The program aims to educate up to 60 PhD candidates in the foundations of ecological economics. Its overarching goals are to articulate, teach and apply a new understanding of human-Earth relationships grounded in and informed by the insights of contemporary science.

Brown holds appointments at the McGill School of Environment, and the Departments of Geography and Natural Resource Sciences. He is also actively involved in conservation efforts on almost 1,000 acres of permanent conservation easements in Maryland, Maine and Quebec. His own property in Quebec contains many healthy at-risk species of trees, such as elm, butternut, and American beech, and offers protection to four rare species of salamanders.

The Herman Daly Award was established in 2003 to honour one of the pioneers of American ecological economics; Daly is emeritus professor at the School of Public Policy of University of Maryland, College Park. The award recognizes individuals who have connected ecological economic thinking to practical applications and solutions that are sustainable, equitable and efficient.

For more information on Peter Brown’s research and the award, read the article in the McGill Reporter.