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Service mission

The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) is the federal research funding agency mandated to promote and support postsecondary-based research and training in the humanities and social sciences. Learn more About SSHRC and its mandate and services.

Service vision

SSHRC’s service vision is to provide high-quality service and adhere to the highest standards of excellence and impartiality in allocating public research funds.

Service commitment and principles

SSHRC is committed to providing high-quality, professional, client-centred services to the research community, partners and stakeholders, and to the general public.

Client service principles

SSHRC’s client services are grounded in the following principles and values:

Client service values


  • SSHRC will provide timely responses to client inquiries by phone, email and/or mail during normal business hours and normal operating periods. Delays in the timeliness of responses are expected for complex inquiries and during peak time periods, particularly close to application deadlines.
  • In accordance with established schedules for each funding opportunity, SSHRC will provide timely acknowledgement of the receipt of funding applications, notification of funding decisions, and financial payments to applicants.

Transparency and accuracy

  • SSHRC will provide clear and accurate information on funding opportunities and competition results to its clients.
  • SSHRC will, where applicable, notify applicants of the ineligibility of their applications. 
  • SSHRC will communicate research outcomes and impacts to the research community, partners, stakeholders and the general public, in Canada and internationally.

Ethics and impartiality

  • SSHRC will adhere to the highest standards of integrity and ethics in all operations.
  • SSHRC will strive for the highest standards of excellence and impartiality in all merit review processes, in accordance with the Principles for SSHRC Merit Review.

Client responsibilities

Achieving service excellence involves shared responsibilities between SSHRC and its clients, including funding applicants and recipients.

SSHRC’s clients are expected to be respectful in their communication with SSHRC staff.

Responsibilities of funding applicants (including direct applicants and postsecondary institutions) include the accurate and timely submission of complete funding applications and of financial information for research funding payments, in accordance with established deadlines, as specified on SSHRC’s website.

Persons with one or more disabilities seeking information on adaptive measures or accommodations to address barriers to accessibility at SSHRC should refer to the Accessibility in Programs and Services web page.

Funding applicants are also responsible for adhering to regulations governing applications as listed under Policies, Regulations and Guidelines.

Funding recipients are responsible for adhering to SSHRC’s Regulations Governing the Use of SSHRC Funds, as well as all related SSHRC and tri-agency policies for funding recipients. Recipients are also responsible for maintaining their eligibility to receive SSHRC funding.

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