Canadian Research Data Centre Network Directed Grant

Value Up to $17,400,000 over six years, with a maximum value of $2,900,000 per year
Duration Up to six years
Application deadline Notice of Intent: September 20, 2021
Full Application: November 4, 2021
Funding start date April 1, 2023
ApplyFootnote * Submit Notice of Intent and Full Application through the Canada Foundation for Innovation Awards Management System

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SSHRC and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) have identified support for access to relevant and highly sought-after Statistics Canada microdata as a priority strategic investment through a directed grant to the Canadian Research Data Centre Network (CRDCN). The CRDCN is a network of 32 secure computer laboratories (Research Data Centres, or RDCs) on university campuses across Canada, providing the only secure access to Statistics Canada microdata.


Through the RDCs, researchers with approved projects and security clearance can access confidential social, economic and health-related microdata collected and administered by Statistics Canada, plus a range of administrative data from other sources. RDCs also provide fully equipped workstations, statistical software and technical support for users.

The goals of the CRDCN Directed Grant funding opportunity are to, in a way that is cost-effective, respectful of equity, diversity, inclusion principles, and of Indigenous rights:

  • make available a wide range of relevant and sought-after Statistics Canada microdata to researchers across Canada;
  • expand the pool of skilled quantitative researchers in Canada, and support training of the next generation of researchers;
  • implement a knowledge transfer plan around the projects being undertaken in the CRDCN;
  • strategically engage a broad range of new and existing partners to support CRDCN activities; and
  • implement and continuously improve new ways in which the CRDCN can increase accessibility and availability of data.

This funding opportunity is part of a joint call for proposals by the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI), SSHRC and CIHR, where the CFI’s Major Science Initiatives Fund open call for proposals constitutes part A, and SSHRC and CIHR’s Directed Grant funding opportunity constitutes part B of the application.

Value and duration

SSHRC and CIHR's financial contributions for this initiative are subject to review and approval of the CRDCN application, as well as the availability of funds.

The total amount available for this funding opportunity is up to $17,400,000 over six years, with a maximum of up to $2,900,000 per year.


This funding opportunity is a directed grant open only to the CRDCN.

Evaluation and adjudication

SSHRC, CIHR and the CFI have developed a joint application and review process to reduce the administrative and reporting burden on applicants and the agencies. An expert review committee (per the CFI review process), convened jointly by the CFI, SSHRC and CIHR, will evaluate the full application (parts A and B).

The following criteria will be used to assess part B:

  • Vision and impact (10%)
  • Microdata access and availability (25%)
  • Means of remote access and availability of data (15%)
  • Knowledge mobilization, outreach and training (10%)
  • Partnerships (15%)
  • Governance (15%)
  • Budget (10%)

This competition, including parts A and B, will use an iterative review process; reviewers will have the opportunity to seek clarifications and/or provide comments to the applicants to strengthen the proposals.

Regulations, policies and related information

This funding opportunity will comply fully with the policies and guidelines outlined in CIHR's funding policies and SSHRC’s Regulations Governing Grant Applications. SSHRC and CIHR policies reflect areas of importance such as, but not limited to: 

Applicants should also consult the following guidelines while preparing their applications:

Information collected by SSHRC and CIHR may be shared as described in the Conflict of Interest and Confidentiality Policy of the Federal Research Funding Organizations.

Contact information

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Natalie Hunter

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