Impact Awards Jury Membership 2021

SSHRC would like to thank this year’s jury members for their time and dedication to adjudicating these awards. Jury members are responsible for evaluating the relative merits of each nomination submitted to them for review on the basis of the adjudication criteria specific to each award.

Name Affiliation
Lori Beaman (Chair) University of Ottawa
Isabelle Archambault Université de Montréal
Kenneth Coates University of Saskatchewan
Chantal Cyr Université du Québec à Montréal
Martin Goyette École nationale d’administration publique
Ajay Heble University of Guelph
Dominic McIver Lopes The University of British Columbia
Audrey Macklin University of Toronto
Sophie Montreuil Association francophone pour le savoir
Dean Oliver Canadian Museum of History
Jimmy Thibeault Université Sainte-Anne
Brenda Trofanenko Acadia University
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