Partnership Grants—Stage 2
Partner Organization Instructions

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You have been invited to participate as the partner organization contact person on a Partnership Grant—Stage 2 application to the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC). Partner organizations in SSHRC-funded projects are required, for administrative purposes, to identify an individual who will act as a contact person.

Four modules must be completed to submit this form:

You are encouraged to consult the instructions while you are completing your Partner Organization Form by clicking on the “Instructions” button at any time within a screen. This button will link you directly to the instructions for the screen you are completing.

Guidelines for the involvement of partners

Partner organizations work collaboratively to achieve shared goals for mutual benefit. More specifically, they agree and commit to collaborate in a way that creates and fosters an environment based on:

Accepting your invitation

When you accept this invitation by submitting the Partner Organization Form, the system will attach a copy of your verified form to the applicant’s application.

After you submit the Partner Organization Form, you can still make changes as long as the applicant has not electronically submitted the application to SSHRC. If you try to make changes to the form after the applicant has already submitted the application, you will receive one of two messages: (1) form update error or (2) applicant has forwarded form.

The only access to the Partner Organization Form is through the link indicated in the system-generated email. We suggest you bookmark the link or save the email.

If you unintentionally delete the system-generated email inviting you to complete this form, the applicant / project director can resend the email.

Removal from the application

If you decide not to participate in an application, you may click on “Delete.” The system will then remove the invitation from your Portfolio and from SSHRC’s database. It will generate an email notifying the applicant / project director that you have deleted the invitation.

The applicant / project director may remove you from the list of participants at any time, at which point the invitation will disappear from your Portfolio and SSHRC’s database, and you will receive a system-generated email.

Attaching a document

Accepting your invitation to participate will require you to attach a PDF file. (The letter of engagement may only be submitted via the online invitation process. Paper copies will not be accepted.) You must follow the specified requirements for margins and font size, or your Partner Organization Form will not be verified, and the entire application will be incomplete. An error message will appear if the file you are trying to attach does not meet the required specifications for page length and file size. Once you have attached the electronic file, click “View attached file” to ensure you have the proper file and it is not corrupted.

When preparing documents to attach to your invitation, make sure they:

If you do not follow the specified requirements, your attachment may render the application ineligible.

Application summary

The information provided by the applicant / project director in the Identification module of their application form is automatically included here. The fields are not editable; they are read-only.

Partner organization information

Contact information
Enter complete information for the organization and the contact person. Restrict the use of acronyms in the organization field. If possible, translate foreign organization names into English or French. SSHRC’s database does not accept special characters or punctuation used in names, other than hyphens.
The address you provide must be complete and accurate, as SSHRC will use it to correspond with you. For countries other than Canada and the United States, select the “Other” address format and enter the city/municipality, province and postal code in the address lines.
Include an email address at which you can be reached.
Web address
If applicable, include your organization’s website address. This will enable us to validate/verify its information.

Letter of engagement (mandatory)

Maximum two pages

Before filling out this section, see SSHRC’s definitions of partner organization and formal partnership, and the exclusions in the Guidelines for Cash and In-Kind Contributions.

Partner organizations must attach an electronic copy of a letter of engagement. It must be written on official letterhead and include the following information:

Contributions from partner organization

Consistent with the funding opportunity’s emphasis on partnership and shared intellectual leadership, partner organizations are expected to provide cash and/or in-kind contributions to reflect their meaningful collaboration and involvement in the project during the period of the award.

Refer to the Tri-Agency Financial Administration Guide and to the Guidelines for Cash and In-Kind Contributions to identify eligible in-kind and/or cash contributions.

For each category (i.e., Cash—confirmed; Cash—unconfirmed; In-kind—confirmed; In-kind—unconfirmed), enter an amount rounded off to the nearest dollar without any spaces or commas (e.g., 2000).

All contributions must be indicated in Canadian currency.

Submitting the form

Before you can submit the Partner Organization Form, you must successfully verify your form. When you select the Submit module and click the link “Click here to verify your form,” the system will generate a Verification Report that lists any fields that must be completed or corrected. Once you have successfully verified your form, you must click on the link “Submit” and the completed Partner Organization Form will be attached to the application form. By submitting, you are acknowledging that you have read and agree in principle with the objective(s) of the proposal.

The applicant / project director cannot submit his/her application until you have submitted the Partner Organization Form.

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