Partnership Grants—Stage 1
Co-applicant instructions

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You have been invited to participate as a co-applicant on a Partnership Grant—Stage 1 application for the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC).

You are encouraged to consult the instructions while you are completing your form by clicking “Instructions” at any time to access the instructions for the screen you are completing.

Accepting your invitation

When you accept this invitation, you will be required to complete the Accept Invitation—Co-applicant Information form.

Once this form is complete, return to your Portfolio page to verify and correct the data until the Verification Report indicates successful verification. A PDF copy of your Accept Invitation form will be attached to the applicant’s application form. The status on the Portfolio will change from “In Progress” to “Verified.” You can preview the form and print it in PDF format by clicking the “Preview” button.

When the applicant / project director electronically submits their application form to the institution’s research administrator, the status on your Portfolio for that Accept Invitation form will change to “Submitted.”

Removal from the application

If you decide not to participate in an application, click on “Delete.” The system will remove the invitation from your Portfolio and SSHRC’s database. It will generate an email notifying the applicant / project director that you have deleted the invitation.

The applicant / project director may remove you from the list of participants at any time, at which point the invitation will disappear from your Portfolio and SSHRC’s database, and you will receive a system-generated email.

Application summary

The information provided by the applicant / project director in the Identification module of their application form is automatically included here. The fields are not editable; they are read-only.

Co-applicant information

Co-applicants may be individuals from any of the following:

  1. Canadian postsecondary institution; not-for-profit organization; philanthropic foundation; think tank; and municipal, territorial or provincial government; or
  2. International postsecondary institution

Select the position (e.g., associate professor, director, community organizer) by clicking the drop-down menu. If an applicable position is not listed, select “(Other)—Specify” from the list and type the information in the box provided.


Select the appropriate discipline by clicking the “List ...” button. If an applicable discipline is not listed, select a primary discipline, then select an entry such as “Other (relevant discipline)” (e.g., Other Psychology, Other Anthropology, Other Sociology) from the list, and enter the specific discipline in the box provided.


Select the organization and department/division using the “List…” button. The country list will appear. Select the country, the province or state (if applicable), and then the organization. If the organization or department/division is not listed, select “Other” and type the information in the box provided.


The address you provide must be complete and accurate, as SSHRC will use it to correspond with you. For countries other than Canada and the United States, select the “Other” address format and enter the city/municipality, province and postal code in the address lines.


Include an email address at which you can be reached.

Web address

If applicable, include your website address. This will enable us to verify your information.

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