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2020-25 strategic plan
Momentum 2020-2025

Momentum 2020-2025

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SSHRC in Numbers

SSHRC in Numbers

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During this period, we will focus on five strategic objectives that reflect SSHRC’s enduring mission and mandate. For each objective, we have established a set of strategies that will help us sustain the momentum of our ongoing programs and initiatives, respond rapidly to evolving crises, and maximize the overall impact of the research and talent we support.

During 2020-2025, our five priorities are to:


Enhance Canada's global leadership in social sciences and humanities research by:

  • advancing equity, diversity and inclusion;
  • strengthening Indigenous research capacity; and
  • enabling interdisciplinary and international research collaborations.

Grow Canada’s research talent by:

  • preparing students for future success in research;
  • increasing early career researcher opportunities and training; and
  • developing skills in communication and knowledge mobilization.

Strengthen the research enterprise in Canada by:

  • building an inclusive research community;
  • strengthening research ecosystems at postsecondary institutions; and
  • promoting open science and stewardship of research data.

Contribute innovative solutions to global challenges and opportunities by:

  • designing and implementing focused research support; and
  • sharing research and demonstrating its value.

Build a nimble, forward-looking SSHRC organization by:

  • investing in our workforce and workplace; and
  • modernizing our operations.
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