SSHRC celebrates 40 years of ideas, talent and diversity

By Ted Hewitt

Since 1978, SSHRC has been dedicated to supporting the world-leading research of a creative and talented community of researchers and students, helping them become leaders in Canada and around the world. We could not be prouder of our community, and of everything it has accomplished over the last 40 years.

In 2018, SSHRC continues to support research that advances knowledge and builds understanding on issues that appear in today’s headlines, as well as those that may appear tomorrow. SSHRC funding also helps students become skilled, culturally informed, politically knowledgeable, socially engaged individuals who play a major role in the global economy.

SSHRC’s theme for 2018 is "celebrating ideas, talent and diversity.” It is a time to remember and learn from our past, celebrate groundbreaking research and the people behind it, and look ahead to further positioning Canada as a global leader in humanities and social sciences research.

I invite you to join us as we celebrate both our accomplishments and the knowledge and innovation yet to come.

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