Canada Biomedical Research Fund and Biosciences Research Infrastructure Fund—Stage 2: 10. Reporting requirements

10. Reporting requirements

Financial reporting:

All recipients of CBRF funding must report yearly on their use of funds and submit a final report to SSHRC upon completion of funding.

In accordance with the Treasury Board’s Policy on Transfer Payments, recipients of grants from the three agencies are not subject to audit by the agencies. The framework for financial monitoring of administering institutions, and the requirements for reporting grant expenditures, are described in the Tri-Agency Guide on Financial Administration.

All recipients of BRIF funding will be subject to CFI’s policies and guidelines relative to the Administration of CFI awards and Performance reporting requirements as described in the CFI’s policy and program guide.

Performance reporting:

Qualitative and quantitative information will be collected from CBRF grant recipients by SSHRC at specific times during the funding. A mid-term and final report will be collected and used by SSHRC, Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada and Health Canada to assess the ongoing performance and overall success of the program.

Recipients of BRIF infrastructure grants will be subject to the CFI’s oversight mechanisms as described in the CFI’s policy and program guide.

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