Healthy youth, healthy society

Date published: 2008-08-28 1:56:50 PM

Raymond Corrado wants to lead troubled youth away from a life of crime. In Canada, the serious crimes committed by young people are perpetrated by only four to five per cent of this country’s young offenders; and these youth typically become lifelong criminals. Corrado, co-founder of Simon Fraser University’s Mental Health, Law, and Policy Institute, is working to give society the tools it needs to intervene early with these young people, and possibly change the course of their lives.

With support from SSHRC, Corrado’s research is concerned with developing a profile of risks for children likely to commit serious offences. The work his team has produced is used increasingly by police officers, social workers, probation officers and others within the youth corrections system. It helps officials spot potential young offenders early and offers effective strategies for addressing risk factors.

Raymond Corrado, criminology, Simon Fraser University