From information to action

Date published: 2008-08-18 12:16:12 PM

In the modern age, clearly there’s no shortage of information. The questions are how accurate and useful it is, who knows it’s there and who has access to it. The study of such matters is now generally referred to as knowledge transfer, and there is none more dedicated to that field than Université Laval’s Réjean Landry.

A fellow of the Royal Society of Canada and professor in Laval’s faculty of business, Landry has conducted a prodigious body of research on innovation and knowledge transfer, in particular how to move research findings from academia to the businesses, governments and communities that can use them.

Landry is convinced that good decisions are made when reliable evidence is at hand. Working with a wide variety of networks in the disciplines of health, public administration, technology and the sciences among others, he is an articulate and passionate advocate for the breaking down of information barriers. In a world that is increasingly interdisciplinary, his findings and practical recommendations have helped shape the field of research itself.

Réjean Landry, knowledge transfer, Université Laval