Forging vibrant urban neighbourhoods

Date published: 2008-08-18 12:15:24 PM

Tom Carter is a great believer in the wisdom of communities. Over a 25-year career in urban planning, he has gained international recognition as an eminent authority on urban policy and housing issues. Since the University of Winnipeg professor was named Canada Research Chair in Urban Change and Adaptation in 2003, he has worked to develop a better understanding of the processes of urban decline and to study the ways in which Canadians and their leaders can prevent and reverse it.

Carter’s world-renowned work with a SSHRC-funded Community-University Research Alliance partners academics with urban neighbourhoods in Winnipeg and combines scholarly research with the knowledge rooted in communities. The result? Through more than 50 community partnerships over seven years, Carter and his research team have helped urban neighbourhoods develop effective programs and policies that have led to higher employment, better skills training and improved infrastructure. The project has also advanced an awareness that community knowledge must inform community actions.

Tom Carter, urban studies, University of Winnipeg