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Date published: 2008-08-18 12:13:37 PM

The health of any economy is linked to consumer confidence; where the Internet is concerned, that confidence has been hard won. Early challenges with transaction security, personal privacy and service reliability created a commercial environment in which online retailers had to be insightful, innovative and responsive to compete.

Paul Messinger knew from the outset that e-commerce was a potential goldmine for Canadian companies. As a professor with the University of Alberta School of Business, Messinger led a nationwide study of buying and selling practices on the Internet.

Under his guidance, a team of professors from the university’s business and computing science departments has gathered critical data about how customers are attracted to e-commerce websites, how they interact with those sites, how they prefer making orders online and what kinds of service experiences earn customers’ loyalty.

The result is a body of competitive intelligence that major Canadian retailers are already putting into action.

Paul Messinger, e-business, University of Alberta