Risk and reward

Date published: 2008-08-18 12:12:43 PM

Georges Dionne, Canada Research Chair in Risk Management, has been involved for more than two decades in risk analysis, devoted to developing tools society can use to reduce the costs associated with risk.

In the insurance sector, for example, Dionne has researched how officials can detect insurance fraud. In collaboration with the Insurance Bureau of Canada, he conducted a comprehensive study to evaluate the extent and significance of insurance fraud among Quebec insurers. In another project, he developed an internal model for fraud detection for a large European insurer. This model reduced insurance fraud in that organization by 40 per cent.

Dionne also made a significant contribution to road-safety risk management when he and a colleague proposed a model for automobile insurance pricing based on drivers’ demerit points. The model was implemented by the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec in 1992 and is still used in Quebec.

Georges Dionne, risk management, HEC Montréal