Award Recipients for SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowships: September 2019 Competition

Applicant Administering Organization Application Title Basic Amount Awarded
Akcayir, Gokce A.G. University of Alberta See the Culture at Its Origin! Presenting Local Indigenous Culture and History Using Location-Based Augmented Reality $90,000
Albaugh, Quinn M. Université Laval Evading Capture: Official Language Minority Communities and Electoral Capture in Canada $90,000
Anderson, Stephanie G. University of California, Berkeley Hard Time: Carcerality and the Economy of Time in Contemporary Art $90,000
Andrews, Curtis T.D. University of Alberta Identifying and Addressing Threats to Traditional Performing Arts Transmission in Rural Ghana $90,000
Angus, Siobhan  Yale University Photography in deep-time: Materiality, resource extraction and climate change $90,000
Baer, Carolyn  University of California, Berkeley How children navigate certainty and social goals when reasoning about conflicting information $90,000
Bailey, Kerry A. University of Saskatchewan Reconciling Canadian Universities: Public Performance or Meaningful Change? $90,000
Balmforth, Mark E. University of Toronto Buried Legacies: Slavery, Caste, and Dye Root in the Indian Ocean, 1660-1960 $90,000
Beller, Jeremy A. Simon Fraser University Mobility and lithic procurement strategies of modern humans during Out-of-Africa dispersals: A comparison of the Arabian and Sinai routes $90,000
Bendo, Daniella  Ryerson University Contemplating sustainable models for child and youth participation in contemporary contexts $90,000
Berthiaume, Annabelle  Carleton University De la maison au travail: Perspectives de mères dans les programmes d'employabilité au Canada $90,000
Birk, Manjeet K. Auckland University of Technology Pathways to Inclusion of Indigenous and Racialized Communities: A Comparative Analysis Between Canada and New Zealand $90,000
Bock, Maxime Raymond  University of Alberta Le Frenchman au trou dans le torse : étude des représentations d'Alexis Saint-Martin, cobaye du docteur William Beaumont; suivie de La Fistule : roman $90,000
Bouchard, Marie-Eve  Concordia University Scaling proximity to Whiteness: Racial boundary making on São Tomé Island $90,000
Bradette, Marie-Eve  University of Regina Reclaiming Truth, Agency, and Affectivity through Writing: Reading the Trauma Legacy in Indigenous Women's Residential School Literatures $90,000
Bragg, Bronwyn S. York University Cities of refuge? Comparing urban spaces and migrant trajectories in Canada's new immigration landscape $90,000
Brisson, Pierre-Luc  McGill University Fear: A Social and Political History in the Age of Roman Overseas Expansion (264-146 BCE) $90,000
Brown, Andrew S. University of Victoria Unknown Coasts: Mapping Water in the Early Modern Atlantic World $90,000
Burles, Regan  Queen Mary, University of London International political economy and the geopolitics of the globe $90,000
Cameron, Emily E. University of Manitoba Families Falling through the Cracks: Parenting Program Evaluation and Development to Identify and Support Underserved Families $90,000
Carlos, Jean-Philippe  York University Aux origines technocratiques d'une « grande politique économique de développement » : le rôle des experts économiques dans l'édification de l'État-entrepreneur québécois (1956-1970) $90,000
Carrier, Julien  Université du Québec à Montréal Étude sur les racines nominales de la construction transitive en inuktitut $90,000
Carroll-Preyde, Myles R. Tohoku University Crisis, power, resistance: The political economy of climate change in Japan $90,000
Chang, Eugene Colin  University of Ottawa Staging "Intercultural Depth": A Diversity Assessment at the National Arts Centre and Capital Region of Canada $90,000
Charland, Thara  McGill University Montréal imaginaire : Ville et bande dessinée $90,000
Cheung, Alvin Y.H. McGill University Abusive Legalism: Autocratic Use of Sub-Constitutional Law $45,000
Chia, Colin  University of Waterloo Imagining Control: Economic Nationalism and the Politics of Sovereignty $90,000
Choudhury, Nafay  University of Toronto Currencies of Governance: Capitalism and the Design of Liminal Societies $45,000
Clausen, Jessica A. Lakehead University Community-Based Collaboration to Support Indigenous, Land-based Outdoor Experiential Education, Curriculum, and Programming $90,000
Claussen, Caroline  University of Calgary Accounting for Context: Understanding the Experiences of Racialized Boys to Inform Healthy Relationships Programming $90,000
Colangelo, Jeremy  State University of New York at Buffalo Diaphanous Bodies: Ability, Disability, and Modernist Irish Literature $90,000
Collard, Juliane  University of Bern Brokering altruism in Canada's booming surrogacy industry $90,000
Colpitts, Emily M. McGill University The impact of anti-feminist backlash on efforts to prevent and address sexual violence at Canadian universities $90,000
Cui, Anja-Xiaoxing  The University of British Columbia Singers' social skills and beyond: an investigation into what opera training trains beyond singers' singing chops $90,000
Dalmer, Nicole K. McMaster University Aging in Place with Public Libraries: Mobilizing Community Infrastructures for Social Inclusion $90,000
Davidson, Adrienne  Queen's University First-Movers in Federal Systems: Investigating Decision Dynamics in Nascent Policy Fields $90,000
Denault, Vincent  McGill University L'influence des croyances sur le mensonge sur l'évaluation de la crédibilité des témoins enfants et adolescents $90,000
Dodge, Alexandra M. University of Ottawa The Trouble with Criminalizing "Revenge Porn": Alternative Responses to Non-Consensual Intimate Image Distribution Among Youth $90,000
Dubois, Pascale  McGill University The role of basic psychological needs in promoting self-determination in adolescents with learning difficulties $90,000
Dugal, Marie-Christine  Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue De l'hospitalisation à la disparition: les enfants atikamekw et anishnabes dont on a perdu la trace (1950-1975) $90,000
Duinker, Benjamin J. University of Toronto A Performative Analytical Framework for Contemporary Music $90,000
Dupej, Susan L. University of Guelph Social responsibility as best practice for cannabis tourism providers in southern Ontario, Canada $90,000
Duval, Alexandre  The University of British Columbia The origin of geometric concepts and abilities: Developing the nativist perspective $90,000
Erentzen, Caroline  University of Toronto A Gendered Interpretation of Islamophobia and Muslim Rights in Canada $90,000
Francis, Zoe L. University of Oregon Understanding preemptive self-regulation: When do people precommit to meet their goals? $90,000
Gagné, Joseph J.M. University of Windsor Women on the War Front: Female Camp Followers and the French Army in North America, 1754-1760 $90,000
Gal, Sigalit  Ben-Gurion University of the Negev Exploring intergenerational transmission of trauma in second generation Argentinian immigrants $90,000
García, David  University of Toronto Bodies in Conflict: Male Colombian Disability in the Contemporary Press and Cinema (1990-2018) $90,000
Gauvin, Jean-Philippe  Concordia University What Role for Language in Immigrant Integration? $90,000
Geoffrion, Karine  Université Laval Parentalités Nord-Sud : inégalités, affects et stratégies dans les processus d'affiliation nationale des enfants $90,000
George, Meghan L. Northwestern University - Illinois Promoting Intergroup Contact Through Empathy and Anxiety Acceptance $90,000
Gilpin, Erynne  University of Victoria Embodied Futures: Indigenous Birth Governance as Land-based Political, Cultural, and Reproductive Sovereign Practice $90,000
Gold, Meira  York University Conflicting Chronologies: Victorian Debates about Egyptian Prehistory $90,000
Gouws, Anjo-mari  York University Personal Clutter: The Diary as Domestic Archive, 1960-1980 $90,000
Gray, Allison D. Western University A plant-based re-meatification of diets $90,000
Gruson-Wood, Julia F. University of Guelph Precarious Inclusion: Studying Ontarian LGBTQ+ Parents' Experiences Childrearing in a Post-Legal Parity Framework $90,000
Hallenbeck, Jessica W. Simon Fraser University Indigenous Women's Persistence Along the Salish Sea $90,000
Harris, Alison J.T. Memorial University of Newfoundland Historical breastfeeding practices in Atlantic Canada: Insights from stable carbon and nitrogen isotope analysis of dental collagen and amino acids $90,000
Hastings, Colin  Concordia University Audience Analytics and the Attention Economy of Digital News: Countering Clickbait $90,000
Havelka, Susane M.. Memorial University of Newfoundland Linking Self-Building and Well-Being: Uncovering Capabilities and Promise in Canada and Greenland $90,000
Hayes, Matthew R. Western University The crank files: citizenship and state formation in letters to the Canadian government $90,000
Henry, Aaron G.B. The University of British Columbia Distracted Attention as a Basis for Defective Agency $90,000
Howson, Phil  University of Victoria Pronouncing Halkomelem: Language Revitalization and Documentation $90,000
Hrynyk, Nicholas A. University of Toronto Stylizing disability, gender, and sexuality in Ontario, 1970-1995 $45,000
Huberman, Isabella  University of Manitoba Power Lines: Reframings of Hydro Power in Indigenous Film and Literature from Manitoba and Quebec $90,000
Huberman, Jackie S. Dalhousie University A multi-method investigation of the impact of empathic accuracy on sexual wellbeing in long-term couples $90,000
Hussain, Salman  York University Hijra Human Rights and Legal Recognition in Pakistan: Gender Justice, 'Third Gender' and Embodied Identity $90,000
Hyoun, Kim S. Dalhousie University Is it gambling or gaming? Examining gamers' reasons for using loot boxes in five different countries and the relationship to gambling and gaming $90,000
Jackson, Katherine  University of Toronto The Failure of Two Systems: Labor, Class and the Politics of Refusal in the Work of the Artist Placement Group (1966-1989) $90,000
Jacobs, Sarah  University of Victoria "The Mountains are Calling": Science and Landscape in the Canadian Rockies $90,000
Jamieson, Jack  Ryerson University Discordant decentralizations: designing against oppression and hate in emerging social media $90,000
Janzwood, Amy A. The University of British Columbia Concurrent Contestation: The Comparative Politics of Anti-Fossil Fuel Infrastructure Campaigns $90,000
Jeannotte, Marie-Hélène  Queen's University Pour une étude historique et collaborative de la littérature autochtone du Québec : les cas d'Ondinnok et de Kanatha $90,000
Jervis, Lauren R.S. Western University Inspiring controversy: a critical policy history of Alberta's Education Act $90,000
Karlinsky, April  University of Toronto Examining the effects of gender and practice conditions on motor learning in a social context $90,000
Kelley, Kathryn E. University of Toronto "They shall cast her into the water":  Women in the beer industries of early Mesopotamia (3200-1600 BC) $90,000
Khosroshahi, Zahra  University of Toronto Everyday Activism and Resistance in Iran's Contemporary Cinema (2009-2019) $90,000
Kil, Hali  Université de Montréal Parenting multicultural children in Canada: A mixed-methods investigation of interparental and intercultural (dis)similarities in parenting and implications for multicultural children's well-being $90,000
Kim, Jeemin  University of Toronto Social influences on adolescent athletes' emotion regulation $90,000
Kinder, Jordan B. McGill University Between Foreclosure and Possibility: Energy Imaginaries in the Contemporary Canadian Mediascape $90,000
Klassen, Lois  Simon Fraser University Beyond "Ethics in AI": Examining the role of artists in the tech sectors $90,000
Knickerbocker, Madeline C.R. University of Toronto "All the Men and Women of the Tribe": Indigenous Resistance to Settler Governmentality and the McKenna-McBride Commission $90,000
Koberinski, Adam  University of Waterloo Effective field theory and quantum gravity: How interpretative choices alter the direction of future physics $90,000
Koester, C. Elizabeth  University of Toronto Dr. Helen MacMurchy (1862-1953): A life in eugenics $90,000
Lambek, Simon P.S. The University of British Columbia A Political Theory of Public Debate $90,000
Larios, Lindsay G. University of Guelph Politics of birth work for uninsured migrants: Working at the nexus of birth and migrant justice $90,000
Lavoie-Moore, Myriam  Australian National University Analyse de la construction symbolique, politique et légale de la santé comme actif au service de l'industrie des données $90,000
Lefevre-Radelli, Léa  Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières Ethnographie du processus d'autochtonisation des cégeps en milieu francophone au Québec $90,000
Lessard, Guillaume  McMaster University What about accessory dwelling units? - ADUs role in regards to changes in housing needs and their potential contribution to a sustainable (sub)urban transformation $90,000
Lewison, Elsie H. The University of British Columbia Organic Himalaya: Political Rationalities and State Territorialisation $90,000
Lorusso, Jenna R. University of Limerick Policy engagement to optimize physical education and improve outcomes for children and youths $90,000
Lougheed, Kirk S. University of Johannesburg Ubuntu Philosophy, the Meaning of Life, and the Value Question in Metaphysics $90,000
Lubelski, Sarah J. Ryerson University Gender Politics, Women's Work, and the History of Children's Literature at Macmillan $90,000
Ly, Lynn  Western University The Common Current: The World Below During the Vietnam War Era $90,000
Lyons, Stephen M. The City University of New York Museum Activism and Climate Crisis $90,000
Lypka, Celiese T. University of Manitoba Interrogating In-between-ness: Embodiment, Identity Politics, and World Building in Métis Women's Writing $90,000
Mangardich, Haykaz A. The University of British Columbia Word learning in infancy: A neuroimaging study of how infants coordinate attention with, and learn new words from, an adult in live social interaction $90,000
Martin, Gina C. Western University Active school commuting and childhood mental well-being: A mixed-methods investigation $90,000
Mathieu, Félix  Pompeu Fabra University Barcelona Le projet européen et la grammaire du fédéralisme : pour une union des peuples hospitalière à la diversité nationale $90,000
McElgunn, Hannah R. The University of British Columbia Techniques of Seed and Spring: Preservation, Experimentation, and the Hopi Language $90,000
McKenna, Emma J. University of Ottawa Producing feminist history: The place of sex work in the Canadian Women's Movement Archive $90,000
McMillan, Rhy  Vrije Universiteit Brussel Indigenous-led investigations of ancient lithic resource use in the Pacific Northwest $90,000
Mercer, Nicholas J. Dalhousie University Pursuing Heat Security in NunatuKavut, Labrador $90,000
Merkley, Eric  University of Toronto Affective Polarization in Canada: Causes and Consequences $90,000
Missaghian, Rod  University of Toronto Mentorship Ties and the Postsecondary Decision-Making of At-Risk Students in Ontario $90,000
Mitchell, Alexis K. New York University Affective Anticipation: Myotonic Dystrophy, and the Effects of Genetic Anticipation on Networks of Kinship and Care $90,000
Murphy, Maria E. McMaster University Bodies in Action: Multimedia Performance and HIV/AIDS Activism in Canada $90,000
Mushynsky, Julie  University of Regina Enduring Objects $90,000
Myles, David  McGill University Digitally Queer: Mapping Montréal's LGBT+ Activist Cultures $90,000
Noël, Alex  Université de Montréal Interroger les marges: saisir la mémoire queer à l'aide du reportage littéraire $90,000
Opoku-Agyemang, Adwoa Atta  Johns Hopkins University West African Literature: Humour 2.0 $90,000
Osmond, Colin M. Mount Saint Vincent University Remaking Mi'kma'ki: A History of Industrial Colonialism in 20th Century Indigenous Canada $90,000
Papp, Theresa  University of Saskatchewan Resolving the effects of inter-generational poverty and inequitable learning outcomes for Indigenous students in Canada and Australia: Exploring remedial praxis and pedagogy to improve educational outcomes $90,000
Paul-Hus, Adèle  University of Aarhus Les effets du financement sur la carrière des chercheurs $90,000
Phung, Kam J. University of Cambridge The role of organizations in perpetuating stigma: A study of stigmatized occupations $90,000
Pigford, Ashlee-Ann  McGill University Exploring mechanisms of institutional change in arctic science $90,000
Piotrowski, Marcelina  Concordia University Sensing the Eco-Apocalypse: Sensor Technologies, Data, and Ecological Governance $90,000
Poirier, Valérie  McGill University La pollution par le bruit à Montréal, 1945-1980 $90,000
Polonskaya, Ksenia K. McGill University Duties and Mandates of Arbitrators: Pluralist Account of International Investment Law $90,000
Polyck-O'Neill, Julia G. York University Potential Archives: Envisioning the Future of the Interdisciplinary Artist Archive in Canada $90,000
Poole, Kristie L. University of Waterloo Shyness Subtypes and Cognitive Processing in Children: A Multi-Method Approach $90,000
Potvin, Jacqueline  University of Guelph Reproductive Rights and Justice in Canada's Feminist International Assistance Policy $90,000
Quinn-Nilas, Chris  University of Waterloo The role of perfectionism for romantic and sexual outcomes in marriage: A dyadic longitudinal Study $90,000
Rainville, Paul-Etienne  University of Toronto Entre droit des peuples et droits de la personne : les premières lois antidiscrimination (1963-1964) et l'évolution des débats sur le racisme, le colonialisme et les droits humains au Québec $90,000
Ramstead, Maxwell James  McGill University Foundations of social-cultural computational research: Theoretical, methodological, and ethical foundations and a network for the interdisciplinary study of interacting human minds $90,000
Ransom, Madeleine J. Indiana University, Bloomington Bias in Perceptual Learning $90,000
Rennebohm, Katherine S. Concordia University Political Self Images: Self-Viewing in Global Film History $90,000
Ricard, Nathalie  Institut national de la recherche scientifique Des haines en héritage ? Les tensions et violences intrafamiliales non conjugales et non parentales au Québec, 1920-1980 $90,000
Rioual, Gaëlle  École pratique des hautes études La peinture au service de la philosophie. Édition critique et traduction française annotée du Tableau de Cébès $90,000
Rivera Amaro, Francisco Javier  Smithsonian Institution Memory, materiality and the industrial frontier on Quebec's Lower North Shore (1860-1960) $90,000
Roby, Matthew H. University of Toronto Models of Sexual Consent and Volition in the Medieval Icelandic Romance Tradition $90,000
Rodness, Roshaya T. University of Toronto Cinematic Indifference: Difference and Conflict Under the Lens $90,000
Royer-Artuso, Nicolas  Université du Québec à Chicoutimi Text-setting et justification phonologique: développer un modèle théorique de l'usage du text-setting en contexte d'oralité $90,000
Rush, Jonathan  Pennsylvania State University Long-Term Changes in Daily Stress Processes and Impact on Future Health and Well-Being $90,000
Russell, Gillian M. Simon Fraser University Designing Digital Democracy $90,000
Rutherford, Emily M. Queen's University Intellectual Aristocracies: The Intellectual History of Male Homosexuality in England, c. 1850-1945 $90,000
Saadi, Sardar  Wageningen University The Politics of Youth Activism in the Kurdish Movement $90,000
Saint-Pierre, Marie-Josée T. Université de Montréal Cinéma d'animation féministe/ féminin/ des femmes : préservation et diffusion de l'héritage culturel des animatrices de l'Office National du Film du Canada (1939-1989) $90,000
Santarossa, Sara  Brock University Navigating the online world of #fitpregnancy: Designing social networking site-based materials and strategies to promote positive body image through physical activity for pregnant/postpartum women $90,000
Schmidt, Rachel A. Yale University Erasing Insurgent Identities: Gender, Revolution, and Victimhood in Ex-Combatant Reintegration $45,000
Schwab, Joshua E. The University of British Columbia Augmenting our language: Bringing Diidxazá back into our homes through Augmented Reality $90,000
Semenyna, Scott W. University of Lethbridge The Female Sexual Orientation Spectrum and Competition With (and for) Males and Females $90,000
Shoker, Sarah  University of Waterloo Strengthening the Principle of Distinction: A Framework for Reducing Algorithmic Bias in High-Technology Military Environments $90,000
Smarandache, Bogdan C. Centre national de la recherche scientifique Sovereignty and the negotiation of minority rights in the medieval Mediterranean, c. 650-1450 $90,000
Sondarjee, Maika  The Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies Les pratiques d'empowerment des femmes et l'expansion de leur citoyenneté. Le cas de l'Association Munyu au Burkina Faso $90,000
Stadnicki, Daniel A. McGill University Ideal Time: The Backbeat as Aesthetic Technology of Modernity $90,000
Stecy-Hildebrandt, Natasha  Brock University Fathers' work: Managing childcare in the 'greedy' world of software development $90,000
Street, Ella  Cornell University Actors on the Political State: A Genealogy of the Theatre Metaphor in Political Thought and Practice $90,000
Taylor, William D.M. New York University North Korea and Latin America in the "Era of Independence," 1971-1985 $90,000
Turcotte, Jean-Michel  The Leibniz Institute of European History Quand les militaires s'intéressent au droit international humanitaire. La contribution méconnue des officiers militaires français, allemands, britanniques et américains à la construction des Conventions de Genève, 1864-1949 $90,000
Veprinska, Anna  University of Toronto Empathetic dissonance in the poetry of oral Holocaust testimonies $90,000
Wallace, Rebecca A. University of Toronto Are Women Worthy? The Intersections of Gender and Race in Perceptions of Deservingness $90,000
Ward, Zina B. The University of British Columbia Beyond the Individual: Groups, Values, and Science $90,000
Watts, Galen  Katholieke Universiteit Leuven The Rise of Workplace Spirituality: Self-Realization, Self-Expression, and Self-Authority in the Twenty-First Century Workplace $90,000
West, Alexandria L. Duke University Psychological and Social Consequences of the Western Authenticity Ideal for North American Bicultural Individuals $90,000
Wideman, Trevor J. University of Toronto Land use control, residential property, and local governance in Vancouver and Toronto: planning and policy for housing affordability $90,000
Wilson, Tina E. Glasgow Caledonian University Social Work and the Climate Crisis: Caring on a Damaged Planet $90,000
Wylde, Jacqueline  St. Francis Xavier University Hearing the Metrical Psalms: Sites of Imagination (1547-1660) $90,000
Wyman, Joshua  Ontario Tech University (University of Ontario Institute of Technology) Examining the needs of victims, bystanders, law enforcement and health professionals for increasing disclosures of elder maltreatment $90,000
Zuniga, Didier  McGill University The relations that matter: vulnerability, agency, sustainability $90,000
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