Award Recipients for Insight Grants: October 2019 Competition

Applicant Polack, Fiona M. Memorial University of Newfoundland
Collaborator Shipp, Kim Memorial University of Newfoundland
Title Oil Rigs and Islands
Funding $71,949
Applicant Pottie-Sherman, Yolande Memorial University of Newfoundland
Co-applicant Christensen, Julia B. Memorial University of Newfoundland
Title New home North: Housing experiences of newcomers in Canadian Northern cities
Funding $192,964
Applicant Juhasz-Ormsby, Agnes Memorial University of Newfoundland
Collaborator Geck, John Memorial University of Newfoundland
Kiss, Farkas Gábor Eötvös Loránd University
Title The Grammarians' War and the Literary Culture of Early Modern English Schoolmasters
Funding $66,190
Applicant Forbes, Véronique Memorial University of Newfoundland
Co-applicant Ledger, Paul M. Memorial University of Newfoundland
Collaborator Arsenault, Catherine No Institutional Affiliation
Birch, Thomas University of Aarhus
Burchell, Meghan E. M. Memorial University of Newfoundland
Dupont-Hébert, Céline Groupe DDM
Fredriksson, Adolf Institute of Archaeology
Girdland Flink, Linus Liverpool John Moores University
Gudmundsson, Gardar Institute of Archaeology at University College London
Lewis-Simpson, Shannon M. Memorial University of Newfoundland
Milek, Karen B. Durham University
Mooney, Dawn Elise University of Stavanger
Wallace, Birgitta Parks Canada
Title Biocultural and archaeological legacies at L'Anse aux Meadows
Funding $302,165
Applicant Parsons, Jeffrey B. Memorial University of Newfoundland
Co-applicant Lukyanenko, Roman HEC Montréal
Title Gig Data: Understanding data repurposing and designing for repurposability
Funding $174,150
Applicant Park, Chansoo Memorial University of Newfoundland
Collaborator Delios, Andrew K. National University of Singapore
Minbaeva, Dana Copenhagen Business School
Vertinsky, Ilan The University of British Columbia
Title The Dance of (Effective) Give and Take: Disseminative Capacities and its Effects on Reverse Knowledge Transfer in International Joint Ventures (IJVs)
Funding $89,945
Applicant Blidook, Kelly R. Memorial University of Newfoundland
Co-applicant Koop, Royce University of Manitoba
Title Representation in Ottawa
Funding $246,320
Applicant Klinke, Andreas Memorial University of Newfoundland
Title Methodological cosmopolitanism: exploring cosmopolitan governance of global oceans
Funding $181,974
Applicant Kelly, Darron I. Memorial University of Newfoundland
Title Developing a Practical Discourse Survey Instrument for Assessing Dialogic Agency and Rational Trust in Educational Policymaking
Funding $91,621
Applicant Craig, Elaine C. Dalhousie University
Title Creating a Better Understanding of Legal Process Trends in Sexual Offence Prosecutions in Nova Scotia
Funding $150,285
Applicant Wright, Julia M. Dalhousie University
Title Irish Literature, the Nation-State, and the Transatlantic, 1785-1850
Funding $64,440
Applicant Barber, Pauline G.T. Dalhousie University
Co-applicant Bryan, Catherine A. Dalhousie University
Collaborator Asis, Maruja Scalabrini Migration Center
Batan, Clarence University of Santo Tomas, Philippines
Title Fast food, slow migration: Canada's temporary workers at home in the Philippines
Funding $106,280
Applicant Zurba, Melanie Dalhousie University
Co-applicant Bullock, Ryan C.L. The University of Winnipeg
Collaborator Archer, Ricky North Australian Indigenous Land & Sea Management Alliance
Batzin, Ramiro Sotz'il
Chang, Kevin Kua'aina Ulu 'Auamo
Enns, Eli B. The IISAAK OLAM Foundation
Howitt, Richard L. Macquarie University
Munguia, Osvaldo Other/Unknown
Ramos, Ameyali International Union for Conservation of Nature
Sherpa, Pasang Other/Unknown
Suchet-Pearson, Sandie Macquarie University
Title Designing governance frameworks for protected areas with meaningful Indigenous participation
Funding $99,746
Applicant MacLeod, Anna M. Dalhousie University
Co-applicant Burm, Sarah B.D. Dalhousie University
Field, Simon Dalhousie University
Kits, Olga H. Dalhousie University
Miller, Stephen G. Dalhousie University
Stewart, Wendy A. Dalhousie University
Title Death and dying in Undergraduate Medical Education: An ethnographic critical discourse analysis
Funding $232,929
Applicant Meier, Sandra M. Dalhousie University
Co-applicant Bagnell, Alexa L. Dalhousie University
Orji, Rita Dalhousie University
Stewart, Sherry H. Dalhousie University
Title Social Media and Mental Wellbeing
Funding $262,560
Applicant Baxter, James R.G. Dalhousie University
Co-applicant Potvin, Leigh C. Cape Breton University
Collaborator Leviten-Reid, Eric H. New Dawn Enterprise Limited
Van Horne, Jill Our Food SENB
Waddington, Madeleine Nova Scotia Health Authority
Title Collaborative Food Systems Governance in Atlantic Canada
Funding $156,250
Applicant Cameron, John D. Dalhousie University
Co-applicant Munro, Lauchlan T. University of Ottawa
Collaborator Swiss, Liam Memorial University of Newfoundland
Title Public Policy Advocacy in Canada for Global Sustainable Development
Funding $130,156
Applicant Brown, Catrina G. Dalhousie University
Co-applicant Baines, Donna C.O. The University of British Columbia
Baldwin, Clive St. Thomas University
Delay, David C.J. University of Manitoba
Johnstone, Marjorie W. Dalhousie University
Lee, Eunjung University of Toronto
Title Interrogating the Impact of Neoliberalism on Social Justice Approaches to Mental Health in Social Work
Funding $99,982
Applicant Newman, Aaron J. Dalhousie University
Co-applicant Deacon, S. Hélène Dalhousie University
Title What makes a skilled reader?
Funding $348,163
Applicant Nagler, Solomon P. NSCAD University
Co-applicant Clift, Sarah University of King's College
Glowacka, Dorota University of King's College 
Henderson, Angela M. NSCAD University
Taunton, Carla J. NSCAD University
Collaborator Cope, Karin M. NSCAD University
Title Memory Activism and Collaborative Processes of Counter-Memorialization
Funding $235,312
Applicant Brown, R. Blake Saint Mary's University
Title A History of Canadian Medical Malpractice Law, 1935-1980
Funding $78,163
Applicant Holmvall, Camilla M. Saint Mary's University
Co-applicant Arnold, Kara A. Memorial University of Newfoundland
Ford, Dianne P. Memorial University of Newfoundland
Kelloway, Kevin E. Saint Mary's University
Title Examining how workplace incivility impacts leader well-being: The moderating role of leader gender
Funding $102,086
Applicant Ternes, Marguerite Saint Mary's University
Co-applicant Patry, Marc W. Saint Mary's University
Roulin, Nicolas P. Saint Mary's University
Collaborator Giacomantonio, Chris Halifax Regional Police Services
Title Lie Detection in the Criminal Justice System: Exploring Deception Cues in Field and Laboratory Studies
Funding $81,186
Applicant Driscoll, Cathy A. Saint Mary's University
Title Exploring Collective Moral Disengagement in Cover-up of Sexual Abuse in the Roman Catholic Church
Funding $35,169
Applicant Beck, Lauren Mount Allison University
Title Honouring Our Place: Women, Indigenous People, and People of Colour in the Place Names and Place Emblems of the Americas
Funding $93,619
Applicant Simard, Majella Université de Moncton
Co-applicant Paris, Mario Université de Moncton
Collaborator Garon, Suzanne Université de Sherbrooke
Title Évaluation et pérennisation de la démarche Municipalités et communautés amies des aînés au Nouveau-Brunswick: enjeux et défis en matière de développement territorial
Funding $98,110
Applicant Burkholder, Casey M. University of New Brunswick
Co-applicant Byers, E. Sandra University of New Brunswick
Dubé, Anik M. Université de Moncton
MacEntee, Katherine University of Toronto
Malins, Pamela University of New Brunswick
O'Sullivan, Lucia F. University of New Brunswick
Randall, Lynn M. University of New Brunswick
Whitty, Pam A.M. University of New Brunswick
Title Supports and Barriers in Teaching Sex Education in New Brunswick Schools
Funding $233,060
Applicant Bruning, Patrick F. University of New Brunswick
Co-applicant Lin, Hsin-Chen University of New Brunswick
Title An examination of job crafting competencies and performance/well-being tradeoffs
Funding $97,958
Applicant Gupta, Neeru University of New Brunswick
Co-applicant Balcom, Sarah A. University of New Brunswick
Bourgeault, Ivy L. University of Ottawa
Foroughi, Ismael University of New Brunswick
Collaborator Lavallée, René Government of New Brunswick
Title Gender pay gaps in the health professions: Do health systems reflect the social inequalities they are meant to address?
Funding $90,408
Applicant Lin, Hsin-Chen University of New Brunswick
Co-applicant Bruning, Patrick F. University of New Brunswick
Title An examination of consumer and managerial perspectives on sponsorship signaling processes
Funding $99,055
Applicant Young, Hilary A. N. University of New Brunswick
Title Speech Injunctions in the Digital Age
Funding $50,833
Applicant Brancato, Dario Concordia University
Collaborator Italia, Paola Maria Carmela University of Bologna
Lo Re, Salvatore Other/Unknown
Title The Italian Art of Political Correctness: Patronage, Censorship, and Authorship in Florentine Renaissance Historiography (1548-1574)
Funding $86,857
Applicant Osana, Helena P. Concordia University
Co-applicant Lafay, Anne Concordia University
Title Objects, Actions, and Imagination: Concrete Supports for Children's Learning of Numeration Concepts
Funding $217,301
Applicant Boulanger, Pier-Pascale Concordia University
Co-applicant Gagnon, Chantal Université de Montréal
Title Enquête sur la traduction de la dette dans les journaux du Canada de 2001 à 2021 à l'ère de la financiarisation de l'économie
Funding $98,082
Applicant Reiter, Eric H. Concordia University
Title The widow versus the railway: litigation, labour, and emotion in industrial Montreal, 1882-1892
Funding $58,766
Applicant Ingram, Norman Concordia University
Title Getting out of the Great War: French Republican Reactions to Proposals for Peace, 1915-1919
Funding $60,865
Applicant Hilgers, Tina Concordia University
Co-applicant Mayer, Jean François Concordia University
Title Informality, violence, and resistance in Latin America and the Caribbean
Funding $253,002
Applicant Gouin, Jean-Philippe Concordia University
Co-applicant Cohen, Tamara R. The University of British Columbia
Title Contextualizing health-related spousal social control: the role of communal coping
Funding $98,824
Applicant Castro, Juan C. Concordia University
Co-applicant Black, Joanna M. University of Manitoba
Grauer, Kit M. The University of British Columbia
Collaborator Pariser, David Concordia University
Title Investigating the Creative Practices of Youth in Digital Visual Learning Networks
Funding $184,794
Applicant McCormick, Ted G. Concordia University
Title Engines of Division: Invention, Colonization, and Labor in Ireland and the English Caribbean, 1640-1660
Funding $67,072
Applicant Fritsch, Matthias Concordia University
Title Phenomenology and Critique: Outline of a Critical Theory and its Sources of Normativity
Funding $95,185
Applicant Gopakumar, Govind Concordia University
Co-applicant Badami, Madhav G. McGill University
Townsend, Craig Concordia University
Turner, Sarah E.J. McGill University
Collaborator Joshi, Rutul CEPT University
Title Constituting Indian Urban Mobility
Funding $280,995
Applicant Poutanen, Mary Anne Concordia University
Co-applicant Olson, Sherry H. McGill University
Title Public Houses and Hidden Networks of Sociability in Mid-19th Century Montreal
Funding $73,946
Applicant Carliner, Saul A. Concordia University
Co-applicant Cucinelli, Giuliana Concordia University
Title Informal Learning for Current and Longer-Term Employability
Funding $99,118
Applicant Tsabary, Eldad Concordia University
Co-applicant Bergler, Sabine Concordia University
Dal Farra, Ricardo Concordia University
Leroux, Louis Patrick Concordia University
Yerichuk, Deanna Wilfrid Laurier University
Collaborator Hewitt, Donna University of New England
Title RISE: Reflective Iterative Scenario Enactments of Futuristic Cataclysms through Collaborative Mini-Operas
Funding $303,719
Applicant Nason, Robert S. Concordia University
Co-applicant Bothello, Joel Concordia University
Collaborator Bacq, Sophie Indiana University, Bloomington
Charman, Andrew J.E. Sustainable Livelihoods Foundation
Vedula, Siddharth Babson College
Title Animating Necessity-based Entrepreneurship
Funding $267,995
Applicant Li, Ming Concordia University
Co-applicant Degan, Arianna Université du Québec à Montréal
Xie, Huan Concordia University
Title The economics of strategic communication and persuasion: theory, applications, and experiments
Funding $155,105
Applicant Switzer, Lorne N. Concordia University
Title Interactions Between Asset Markets and Derivatives Markets
Funding $90,079
Applicant Hsu, Hsuan L. Concordia University
Title Olfactory Aesthetics and Racial Atmospheres
Funding $66,297
Applicant McKelvey, Fenwick R. Concordia University
Co-applicant Roberge, Jonathan Institut national de la recherche scientifique
Collaborator Madwar, Samia Walrus Foundation
McPhail, Brenda J. Canadian Civil Liberties Association
Rajabiun, Reza Ryerson University
Simon, Bart Concordia University
Stark, Luke Microsoft Corporation
Title Media Governance After AI
Funding $218,383
Applicant Martin-Chang, Sandra L. Concordia University
Title Promoting leisure reading in Canadian youth: Gaining the perspectives of teachers and children
Funding $144,423
Applicant Howes, John David Concordia University
Co-applicant Classen, Constance Concordia University
Cucuzzella, Carmela Concordia University
Dokumaci, Arseli Concordia University
Grohmann, Bianca Concordia University
Johnson, Aaron P. Concordia University
LeBel, Jordan Concordia University
Collaborator Bates, Victoria L. University of Bristol
Lizotte, Martine Institut de tourisme et d'hôtellerie du Québec
Lupton, Ellen Cooper Hewitt
Sauvage, Suzanne McCord Museum of Canadian History
Schmidgen, Henning Bauhaus-Universität Weimar
Singer, Stephanie Other/Unknown
Spence, Charles University of Oxford
Title Explorations in Sensory Design
Funding $296,671
Applicant O'Connor, Roisin M. Concordia University
Co-applicant Barker, Erin T. Concordia University
Morin, Alexandre J.S. Concordia University
Collaborator Norman, Paul D. University of Sheffield
Title Social norms and undergraduate drinking: Scale development and theory testing
Funding $392,493
Applicant Hlobil, Ulf Concordia University
Collaborator Barrio, Eduardo Universidad de Buenos Aires
Brandom, Robert University of Pittsburgh
Peregrin, Jaroslav Czech Academy of Sciences
Rosenblatt, Lucas Sociedad Argentina de Análisis Filosófico
Title Logical Expressivism: Material Consequence as the Foundation of Logic
Funding $95,283
Applicant Charbonneau, Étienne École nationale d'administration publique
Collaborator Bromberg, Daniel University of New Hampshire
Smith, Andrew E. University of New Hampshire
Title Public Release of Body-Worn Camera Footage: The Role of Police Chiefs and Citizens Mutual Trust
Funding $99,281
Applicant Waygood, Edward Owen D. École Polytechnique de Montréal
Co-applicant Abi-Zeid, Irène Université Laval
Morency, Catherine École Polytechnique de Montréal
Páez, Antonio H. McMaster University
Collaborator Friman, Margareta Karlstad University
Olsson, Lars E. Karlstad University
Stark, Juliane University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences
Title CHildren's Independent Mobility Environments (CHIME)
Funding $296,830
Applicant Tams, Stefan HEC Montréal
Title Boosting the Productivity of a Graying Workforce
Funding $96,832
Applicant Michaud, Pierre-Carl HEC Montréal
Co-applicant Achou, Bertrand HEC Montréal
Boyer, M. Martin HEC Montréal
Glenzer, Franca HEC Montréal
Leroux, Marie Louise Université du Québec à Montréal
Collaborator Koreshkova, Tatyana A. Concordia University
Lee, Minjoon Carleton University
Title Income security in retirement: perceptions, incentives and behaviours
Funding $194,630
Applicant Vandenberghe, Christian R. HEC Montréal
Title La recherche de feedback chez les nouveaux employés: Un modèle longitudinal, multi-niveau, et multi-source de ses antécédents et de ses effets sur la rétention
Funding $166,281
Applicant Fralich, Russell HEC Montréal
Co-applicant Bitektine, Alex B. Concordia University
Papadopoulos, Andrew Université du Québec à Montréal
Title Underdog CEOs
Funding $89,900
Applicant Léger, Pierre-Majorique HEC Montréal
Co-applicant Bellavance, François HEC Montréal
Cameron, Ann-Frances HEC Montréal
Faubert, Jocelyn Université de Montréal
Fredette, Marc HEC Montréal
Labonté-LeMoyne, Élise HEC Montréal
Lepore, Franco Université de Montréal
Sénécal, Sylvain HEC Montréal
Title The dangers of mobile multitasking : A multimethod approach to examine user distraction, habit, and countermeasure effectiveness
Funding $286,984
Applicant Chênevert, Denis HEC Montréal
Co-applicant Loiselle, Carmen G. McGill University
Pomey, Marie-Pascale Université de Montréal
Title Le rôle de la résilience sur la santé et le bien-être des équipes interprofessionnelles: validation d'une démarche managériale participative
Funding $247,250
Applicant Bouakez, Hafedh HEC Montréal
Title Fiscal Policy Spillovers and Inter-Sectoral Linkages: Theory and Evidence
Funding $76,952
Applicant Muis, Krista R. McGill University
Co-applicant Robinson, Kristy A. McGill University
Collaborator Foy, Michael J. John Abbott College
Kendeou, Panayiota University of Minnesota
Pekrun, Reinhard H. Ludwig-Maximilians Universität München
Sinatra, Gale M. University of Southern California
Title Fostering epistemic cognition and self-regulated learning in mathematics and science
Funding $358,241
Applicant Khern-am-nuai, Warut McGill University
Co-applicant Adulyasak, Yossiri HEC Montréal
Pinsonneault, Alain McGill University
Collaborator Kannan, Karthik N. Purdue University
Yu, Yinan University of Memphis
Title The Role of Social Technologies in Online Review Platforms
Funding $45,385
Applicant Lange, Matthew K. McGill University
Title The Legacies of Recognition and Division: Colonial Policies and Postcolonial Ethnic Warfare
Funding $139,947
Applicant Coomes, Oliver T. McGill University
Collaborator Abizaid, Christian University of Toronto
Kalacska, Margaret E.R. McGill University
Takasaki, Yoshito University of Tokyo
Title Life beyond the frontier: Rural lifeways, well-being, and environmental change among forest peoples of western Amazonia
Funding $396,820
Applicant Winter, Yves McGill University
Collaborator Wallace, Geoffrey H. Georgetown University
Title Treasure and plunder: the international order and the debris of empire
Funding $121,882
Applicant Ketchum, Alexandra D. McGill University
Title Disrupting Disruptions: The Challenge of Feminist and Accessible Publishing and Communications Technologies 1965-present
Funding $67,790
Applicant Nelson, Charmaine A. McGill University
Title Joe the Pressman: How an African-born Man Refused a Life of Slavery in Canada
Funding $236,180
Applicant Ferguson, John-Paul McGill University
Collaborator Bennett, Victor Duke University
Cobb, Adam J. University of Texas at Austin
Koning, Rembrand Harvard University
Samila, Sampsa IESE Business School
Snellman, Kaisa INSEAD
Title Racial Employment Segregation and the Boundary of the Firm
Funding $215,986
Applicant Schumacher, David McGill University
Collaborator Luo, Mancy Erasmus University
Title (Why) Are females more successful in the exchange-traded fund (ETF) industry?
Funding $65,575
Applicant Hehman, Eric McGill University
Title Understanding regional bias: A function of the individual or the context?
Funding $99,898
Applicant Barney, Darin McGill University
Title Energy Media: The Politics of Solid-Phase Bitumen
Funding $138,021
Applicant Sabor, Peter McGill University
Title The Letters of Dr Charles Burney: A Critical Edition
Funding $117,646
Applicant Jodoin, Sebastien McGill University
Co-applicant Hunt, Matthew McGill University
Patitsas, Elizabeth A. McGill University
Ramanujam, Nandini McGill University
Shikako-Thomas, Keiko McGill University
Collaborator Wewerinke-Singh, Margaretha Leiden University
Title Disability Rights and Climate Adaptation in Low and Middle Income Countries: Insights from India
Funding $389,640
Applicant Szapor, Judith E. McGill University
Collaborator Borgos, Anna Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Czeferner, Dora Research Centre for the Humanities, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Frojimovics, Kinga Vienna Wiesenthal Institute for Holocaust Studies
Kelemen, Agnes Masaryk Institute and Archive of the CAS
Lénárt, András Holocaust Memorial Center
Title Academic antisemitism, women's emancipation, and Jewish assimilation: The long-term impact of the numerus clausus law of 1920 in Hungary
Funding $52,215
Applicant Sarkissian, Sergei McGill University
Title Impact of Employee Satisfaction on Cross-Firm Performance and Corporate Policies
Funding $143,750
Applicant Cohen, Lisa McGill University
Title Task Mobility: The Movement of Work Tasks across Jobs and Organizations
Funding $178,832
Applicant Hallett, Michael McGill University
Title Foundations of Mathematics, 1870‒1940
Funding $89,017
Applicant Diouf, Mbaye McGill University
Title Géocritique des espaces littéraires et filmiques francophones
Funding $94,361
Applicant Cambrosio, Alberto McGill University
Co-applicant Faraj, Samer McGill University
Collaborator Leonardi, Paul University of California, Santa Barbara
Safadi, Hani University of Georgia
Title Knowledge Flows and Knowledge Production in Large-Scale Research Networks: Building data platforms to open science
Funding $271,365
Applicant Pouliot, Vincent McGill University
Title The Politics of Hybrid Global Governance Practices
Funding $279,399
Applicant Hickey, Gordon M. McGill University
Collaborator de Vries, Jasper J.R. Wageningen University
Kim, Dongkyu University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
Temby, Owen F. University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
Title Understanding trust, risk and control dynamics as the 'Architecture of Collaboration' within Canadian and US transboundary fisheries governance networks
Funding $168,458
Applicant Weisz, George McGill University
Co-applicant Cambrosio, Alberto McGill University
Title The history and sociology of a transnational expert domain: Health Policy and Systems Research
Funding $121,460
Applicant Barras, Laurent McGill University
Collaborator Schumacher, David McGill University
Title How do Active Funds React to the Rise of Passive Management?
Funding $86,985
Applicant Korner, Annett McGill University
Co-applicant Drapeau, Martin McGill University
Langevin, Rachel McGill University
Collaborator Albani, Cornelia SINOVA Kliniken für Psychosomatische Medizin und Psychotherapie
Muris, Peter Maastricht University
Zenger, Markus Magdeburg-Stendal University of Applied Sciences
Title Self-compassion and Emotion Regulation: Deciphering Pathways to Well-being
Funding $95,903
Applicant Ruiz-Casares, Mónica McGill University
Co-applicant Janus, Magdalena McMaster University
Nazif-Munoz, Jose Ignacio Université de Sherbrooke
Collaborator Oulhote, Youssef University of Massachusetts Amherst
Phommavong, Saithong National University of Laos
Twum-Danso Imoh, Afua University of Sheffield
Title Who Minds the Children? Clarifying the Role of Public Policies and Socio-Ecological Factors in Non-Adult Child Supervision in Low- and Middle-Income Countries
Funding $371,000
Applicant Christians, Allison McGill University
Title Designing a Sustainable Global Tax System
Funding $400,000
Applicant Wagner, Michael McGill University
Collaborator Watson, Duane Vanderbilt University
Title The incremental mind: Prosody as a window into the gradual formation of a sentence while speaking
Funding $253,196
Applicant Niezen, Ronald W. McGill University
Title The International Criminal Court and the Advent of Open Source Intelligence
Funding $79,541
Applicant Betermier, Sebastien McGill University
Collaborator Calvet, Laurent E. EDHEC Business School
Title A supply and demand approach to equity pricing
Funding $68,000
Applicant Sharp, Hasana E. McGill University
Title Spinoza and Slavery
Funding $98,060
Applicant Opal, Jason M. McGill University
Title Most Noble Island: Three Ages of Barbados in the Early Americas
Funding $23,875
Applicant Kronick, Rachel C. McGill University
Co-applicant Bentayeb, Naïma A.I. Centre intégré universitaire de santé et de services sociaux du Centre-Ouest-de-l'île-de-Montréal
Cleveland, Janet Centre intégré universitaire de santé et de services sociaux du Centre-Ouest-de-l'île-de-Montréal
Gagnon, Mélanie Centre intégré universitaire de santé et de services sociaux du Centre-Ouest-de-l'île-de-Montréal
Papazian-Zohrabian, Garine Université de Montréal
Paré, Marie-Eve Centre intégré universitaire de santé et de services sociaux du Centre-Ouest-de-l'île-de-Montréal
Rousseau, Cécile McGill University
Collaborator D'souza, Nicole McGill University
Durieux, Arthur Catholic Church of Montreal
Smallwood, Ellen J. Sir Mortimer B. Davis ‒ Jewish General Hospital
Sorbara, Noelle J.K. Welcome Collective
Title Community-based psychosocial intervention for asylum seeking families: a participatory ethnographic implementation study
Funding $99,346
Applicant Hall, Nathan C. McGill University
Co-applicant Harley, Jason M. McGill University
Larivière, Vincent Université de Montréal
Veletsianos, George Royal Roads University
Wendt, Dennis McGill University
Collaborator Hodson, Jaigris Royal Roads University
Stupnisky, Robert H. University of North Dakota
Title Motivation, Emotion Regulation, and Well-being in Post-secondary Faculty
Funding $91,735
Applicant Fleury, Marie-Josée McGill University
Co-applicant Bertrand, Karine Université de Sherbrooke
Clément, Michèle Université Laval
L'Espérance, Nadia Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
Title Efficacité du logement transitoire et permanent pour les personnes en situation d'itinérance
Funding $319,974
Applicant Kirby, Torrance W.J. McGill University
Co-applicant Green, Garth McGill University
Collaborator Aspray, Silvianne University of Cambridge
Burton, Simon S.J. University of Edinburgh
Hawkins, Michael J. University of Cambridge
Hedley, Douglas R. University of Cambridge
Hengstermann, Christian University of Munster
Hickman, Louise Newman University College
Hollmann, Joshua Concordia College, New York
King, Evan A. University College Dublin
Mihai, Adrian University of Cambridge
Muratori, Cecilia Queen Mary University of London
Parker, Eric McGill University
Richardson Bryson, James University of Cambridge
Rohls, Jan Ludwig-Maximilians Universität München
Zovko, Marie-Élise Institute of Philosophy, University of London
Title The Reception of German Mysticism in Early Modern England
Funding $177,730
Applicant Clayards, Meghan McGill University
Collaborator Baum, Shari R. McGill University
Otto, Ross McGill University
Sonderegger, Morgan McGill University
Theodore, Rachel M. University of Connecticut
Title What makes us flexible? The role of cognitive control and sensory representations in spoken word recognition
Funding $179,668
Applicant Kok, Moe-NMin McGill University
Title Interpreting Children's Music by Robert Schumann
Funding $174,658
Applicant Elbourne, Elizabeth McGill University
Title The British and the San
Funding $63,870
Applicant Régis, Catherine Université de Montréal
Co-applicant Cohen, Miriam Université de Montréal
Denis, Jean-Louis Université de Montréal
Larouche, Pierre Université de Montréal
Title Potentialiser le leadership normatif de l'Organisation mondiale de la santé: une étude internationale
Funding $265,657
Applicant Noël, Alain Université de Montréal
Title La nouvelle politique de la redistribution
Funding $89,140
Applicant Cooren, François Université de Montréal
Co-applicant Brummans, Boris HJM. Université de Montréal
Germain, Olivier Université du Québec à Montréal
Title Entrepreneuring as Relational Process: Tracing the Trajectories of Entrepreneurial Projects
Funding $285,851
Applicant Couture, Sophie Université de Montréal
Co-applicant Lafortune, Denis Université de Montréal
Lanctôt, Nadine Université de Sherbrooke
Laurier, Catherine Université de Sherbrooke
Monette, Sebastien Université du Québec à Montréal
Ouellet-Morin, Isabelle Université de Montréal
Parent, Geneviève Université du Québec en Outaouais
Collaborator Brisebois, René-André Centre intégré universitaire de santé et de services sociaux du Centre-Sud-de-l'Ile-de-Montréal
Title Prédiction de la récurrence de fugues et des comportements à risque adoptés lors de celles-ci chez de jeunes adolescents et adolescentes hébergés en centre de réadaptation
Funding $181,619
Applicant Dupéré, Véronique Université de Montréal
Co-applicant Archambault, Isabelle Université de Montréal
Beauregard, Nancy Université de Montréal
Denault, Anne-Sophie Université Laval
Dion, Eric Université du Québec à Montréal
Frohlich, Katherine L. Université de Montréal
Janosz, Michel Université de Montréal
Lacourse, Eric Université de Montréal
Litalien, David Université Laval
Marchand, Alain Université de Montréal
Title Becoming an adult in changing times: Struggles and resilience among youth who entered adulthood without a high school diploma
Funding $392,367
Applicant Oberhuber, Andrea Université de Montréal
Co-applicant Harel, Simon Université de Montréal
Mavrikakis, Catherine Université de Montréal
Title À votre service : figures ambivalentes du care dans le roman français de 1870 à 1945
Funding $87,936
Applicant de la Sablonnière, Roxane Université de Montréal
Co-applicant Lina, Jean-Marc École de technologie supérieure
Title Intégration identitaire et immigration: un modèle dynamique de l'acceptation de l'autre
Funding $203,850
Applicant Bardini, Thierry N. Université de Montréal
Co-applicant Lapointe, François-Joseph Université de Montréal
Collaborator Herrera, Beatriz A. Other/Unknown
Title Les cybryontes et l'anthropocène: Des conditions de possibilité de nouvelles symbioses
Funding $176,712
Applicant Carrasco, Marine Université de Montréal
Title Estimation and inference in nonstandard settings
Funding $154,620
Applicant Dassonneville, Ruth Université de Montréal
Co-applicant Fournier, Patrick Université de Montréal
Collaborator Somer-Topcu, Zeynep University of Texas at Austin
Title Party Attachments: What Leads to Dealignment, Realignment and Polarization?
Funding $228,355
Applicant Leduc, Christian Université de Montréal
Title La téléologie naturelle au 18e siècle
Funding $95,800
Applicant Heaton, Lorna Université de Montréal
Co-applicant Doonan, Natalie Université de Montréal
Collaborator Diamond, Alexis S. Other/Unknown
Title Constructing participatory performance: the ecologies and architectures of audience engagement
Funding $130,367
Applicant Pullen Sansfaçon, Annie Université de Montréal
Co-applicant Baril, Alexandre University of Ottawa
Medico, Denise Université du Québec à Montréal
Millette, Mélanie Université du Québec à Montréal
Turbide, Olivier Université du Québec à Montréal
Collaborator Beaudoin Gentes, Antoine Gender Creative Kids Canada
Title Des pratiques aux discours sur la «dé-transition» :pour une compréhension trans-affirmative des phénomènes de transitions de genre discontinuées chez les jeunes avec des parcours trans et de genre non binaire
Funding $266,424
Applicant Rousseau, Vincent Université de Montréal
Co-applicant Aubé, Caroline HEC Montréal
Title La diversité dans les équipes de travail: le rôle des perceptions des membres
Funding $97,214
Applicant Péloquin, Katherine Université de Montréal
Co-applicant Brassard, Audrey Université de Sherbrooke
Daspe, Marie-Ève Université de Montréal
Lafontaine, Marie-France University of Ottawa
Collaborator Tremblay, Nadine Clinique de consultation conjugale et familiale
Title Using prospective and observational designs to study support processes and sexual well-being in long-term couples
Funding $208,871
Applicant Nardout-Lafarge, Élisabeth Université de Montréal
Collaborator Beaudet, Marie-Andrée Université Laval
Bertrand, Monique No Institutional Affiliation
Biron, Michel McGill University
Jean, Monique Université de Montréal
Lapointe, Gilles Université du Québec à Montréal
Title Édition critique des romans de Réjean Ducharme
Funding $43,601
Applicant Haines III, Victor Y. Université de Montréal
Co-applicant Guerrero, Sylvie Université du Québec à Montréal
Marchand, Alain Université de Montréal
Collaborator Patient, David L. Universidade Católica Portuguesa
Rofcanin, Yasin University of Bath
Title The just organization
Funding $166,435
Applicant Ouellet, Frédéric Université de Montréal
Co-applicant Bouchard, Martin Simon Fraser University
Morselli, Carlo Université de Montréal
Collaborator Nguyen, Holly Pennsylvania State University
Title Crime sans châtiment : compétences et réussite criminelle
Funding $99,721
Applicant Champoux, François Université de Montréal
Co-applicant Genesee, Fred McGill University
Title The effects of early exposure to nonnative sign language on language acquisition and memory abilities following cochlear implantation
Funding $87,282
Applicant Collin, Johannes Université de Montréal
Co-applicant Le Dévédec, Nicolas HEC Montréal
Otero, Marcelo Université du Québec à Montréal
Title De l'innovation à la nouvelle conformité : les usages complexes des smart drugs
Funding $231,784
Applicant Fernandez, Nicolas Université de Montréal
Co-applicant Bélisle, Marilou Université de Sherbrooke
Lechasseur, Kathleen Université Laval
Vachon, Brigitte Université de Montréal
Title Le rôle de reflexion dans les parcours de développement des compétences professionnelles
Funding $186,600
Applicant de Médicis, François Université de Montréal
Title La Trajectoire du mouvement debussyste (1895-1923) : Style, réception, implantation institutionnelle
Funding $157,769
Applicant Zhou, Han-Ru Université de Montréal
Title Constitutional Legacies of the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council
Funding $196,836
Applicant Eberle-Sinatra, Michael C. Université de Montréal
Co-applicant Sinclair, Stéfan McGill University
Title Digital Leigh Hunt
Funding $55,960
Applicant Thibault, Ghislain Université de Montréal
Title Look Up!: The Media Logics of Aerial Communication
Funding $89,924
Applicant Therrien, Carl Université de Montréal
Co-applicant Chiapello, Laureline M.H. Université du Québec à Chicoutimi
Dor, Simon Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue
Lessard, Jonathan Concordia University
Trépanier-Jobin, Gabrielle Université du Québec à Montréal
Collaborator de Wildt, Lars A. Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
Fukuda, Kazufumi Ritsumeikan University
Hoffmann, Greta Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences
Jakobsson, Jan Mikael Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Majkowski, Tomasz Jagiellonian University
Parsayi, Farzad Monash University
Suominen, Jaakko University of Turku
Svelch, Jaroslav Charles University
Title Towards a visualization-assisted international history of videogame culture
Funding $195,676
Applicant McAllum, Kirstie L. Université de Montréal
Co-applicant Couture, Mélanie Centre for Research and Expertise in Social Gerontology
Fortune, Darla Concordia University
Fox, Stephanie J. Université de Montréal
Collaborator Freitas, Zelda Centre for Research and Expertise in Social Gerontology
Title Compassion and Collective Care in Long-Term Care Settings: A Communicative Perspective
Funding $99,995
Applicant Perron, Benoit Université de Montréal
Title Factor models for forecasting and macroeconomic applications
Funding $85,138
Applicant Mulone, Massimiliano Université de Montréal
Co-applicant Boivin, Rémi Université de Montréal
Title La police face à la justice : une analyse des systèmes de gestion des déviances policières au Québec
Funding $92,289
Applicant Monnet, Livia R. Université de Montréal
Title From Alterlife to Alterfutures: Contemporary Asian Women's Environmental Moving-Image Arts
Funding $87,952
Applicant Vitali Rosati, Marcello Université de Montréal
Co-applicant Bouchard, Elsa Université de Montréal
Raschle, Christian R. Université de Montréal
Collaborator Crane, Gregory R. Tufts University
Monjour, Servanne Sorbonne Université
Title POP - Plateforme Ouverte des Parcours d'imaginaires : une édition numérique collaborative de l'Anthologie Palatine
Funding $349,200
Applicant Pidduck, Julianne Université de Montréal
Co-applicant Conrad, Ryan T. York University
Podmore, Julie A. John Abbott College
Thain, Alanna M. McGill University
Collaborator Schwartzwald, Robert S. Université de Montréal
Title After-images and urban spaces: lesbian, gay and queer visible presence in Montreal (1950-1990)
Funding $95,897
Applicant Kuate Defo, Barthélémy Université de Montréal
Co-applicant Adjiwanou, Vissého Université du Québec à Montréal
Collaborator Gazibo, Mamoudou Université de Montréal
Johri, Mira Université de Montréal
Title Deepening understanding on infant and child mortality disparities in low- and middle-income countries: untangling the direct and indirect effects of gender inequality
Funding $246,581
Applicant Bérubé, Harold Université de Sherbrooke
Title Lire la ville à travers ses journaux : Montréal et sa presse à grand tirage (1884-1929)
Funding $94,322
Applicant Dube, Timothy V. Université de Sherbrooke
Co-applicant Cameron, Erin M. Northern Ontario School of Medicine
Petit, Geneviève Université de Sherbrooke
Razack, Saleem I. McGill University
Strasser, Roger Northern Ontario School of Medicine
Title Tackling the nuances of social accountability: Exploring the black box of teaching and learning experiences
Funding $120,009
Applicant St-Onge, Christina Université de Sherbrooke
Co-applicant Mcconnell, Meghan M. University of Ottawa
Thomas, Aliki McGill University
Title Assessment as a driver for student learning: Evidence-informed recommendations for the implementation of Assessment for Learning
Funding $93,462
Applicant Bélanger, Mathieu Université de Sherbrooke
Co-applicant Brunet, Jennifer University of Ottawa
Doré, Isabelle Université de Montréal
Gunnell, Katie E. Carleton University
O'Loughlin, Jennifer L. Université de Montréal
Sabiston, Catherine M. University of Toronto
Title Sport participation through the transition from adolescence to adulthood
Funding $336,695
Applicant Glinoer, Anthony Université de Sherbrooke
Title Les Classiques pour tous. Étude socio-historique des collections de classiques à bas prix, de Didot à Wikisource
Funding $97,813
Applicant Nazif-Muñoz, José Ignacio Université de Sherbrooke
Co-applicant Ouimet, Marie Claude Université de Sherbrooke
Collaborator Blazquez, Carola Universidad Andrés Bello 
Cedeno Laurent, Jose Guillermo Harvard University
Title The global diffusion of Blood Alcohol Level per se laws and transport innovations and their associations with fatal traffic crashes
Funding $99,800
Applicant Fall, Khadiyatoulah Université du Québec à Chicoutimi
Title La célébration de l'Aid el Kébir/ la Fête musulmane du sacrifice : controverses et défis d'intégration des musulmans au Québec
Funding $60,013
Applicant Amiot, Catherine E. Université du Québec à Montréal
Collaborator Bastian, Brock The University of Melbourne
Title How animals make us better humans: Capturing and optimizing the psychological factors through which contacts with pets promote human wellbeing
Funding $166,303
Applicant Thoer, Christine Université du Québec à Montréal
Co-applicant Montgomery, Catherine G. Université du Québec à Montréal
Niemeyer, Katharina Université du Québec à Montréal
Title Usages des séries comme ressources identitaires par les jeunes adultes en contexte de visionnement connecté
Funding $81,131
Applicant Catala, Amandine Université du Québec à Montréal
Co-applicant Faucher, Luc Université du Québec à Montréal
Poirier, Pierre G. Université du Québec à Montréal
Title Savoirs et esprits minorisés : pour une conception inclusive de l'agentivité et de l'injustice épistémiques
Funding $146,743
Applicant Jacob, Louis Université du Québec à Montréal
Title Matérialité et contingence de l'expression culturelle chez Jean Paulhan
Funding $94,454
Applicant Côté, Philippe-Benoit Université du Québec à Montréal
Co-applicant Baril, Alexandre University of Ottawa
Lee, Woo Jin Edward Université de Montréal
MacDonald, Sue-Ann Université de Montréal
Pullen Sansfacon, Annie Université de Montréal
Title Parcours de vie des jeunes trans et non binaires en situation d'itinérance au Québec
Funding $238,070
Applicant Phaneuf, Louis Université du Québec à Montréal
Co-applicant Khan, Hashmat Carleton University
Collaborator Hirose, Yasuo Keio University
Victor, Jean Gardy Desjardins Group
Title Achieving Macroeconomic Stability in Economies with Positive Long Run (Trend) Inflation
Funding $159,201
Applicant Cyr, Chantal Université du Québec à Montréal
Co-applicant Baudry, Claire Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
Bigras, Marc Université du Québec à Montréal
Dubois-Comtois, Karine Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
Matte-Gagné, Célia Université Laval
Pascuzzo, Katherine Université de Sherbrooke
Pearson, Jessica Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
Tarabulsy, George M. Université Laval
Title Mieux soutenir les parents signalés pour maltraitance et leurs enfants victimes grâce à l'intervention relationnelle : Une analyse des processus modérateurs et médiateurs
Funding $286,300
Applicant Morisset, Lucie K. Université du Québec à Montréal
Co-applicant Noppen, Luc Université du Québec à Montréal
Collaborator Andrieux, Jean-Yves Sorbonne Université
Dong, Yiping Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University
González Martínez, Plácido Tongji University
Meneguello, Cristina State University of Campinas
Migone, Jaime Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Preite, Massimo Università degli Studi di Firenze
Sjöholm, Jennie Lulea University of Technology
Title Modern Company Towns. Les villes de compagnie et l'art de l'urbanisme, de la Seconde Révolution industrielle à la Deuxième Désindustrialisation
Funding $295,438
Applicant Monette, Sebastien Université du Québec à Montréal
Co-applicant Cyr, Chantal Université du Québec à Montréal
Collaborator St-Louis, Jean-Philippe Centre intégré universitaire de santé et de services sociaux du Centre-Sud-de-l'Ile-de-Montréal
Title Désinhibition sociale et absence d'attachement sélectif chez les enfants victimes de maltraitance
Funding $99,850
Applicant Véronneau-McArdle, Marie-Hélène Université du Québec à Montréal
Co-applicant Serbin, Lisa A. Concordia University
Stack, Dale M. Concordia University
Title Nontraditional paths toward successful life outcomes for at-risk youth: A prospective, longitudinal, multi-sample approach
Funding $309,107
Applicant Barrette, Pierre Université du Québec à Montréal
Co-applicant Boisvert, Stéfany Université du Québec à Montréal
Collaborator Bélanger, Anouk Université du Québec à Montréal
Niemeyer, Katharina Université du Québec à Montréal
Ricard, Margot Université du Québec à Montréal
Title L'univers télévisuel en mutation. Reconfigurations génériques et spectatorielles des formats non-fictionnels événementiels à l'ère numérique
Funding $176,159
Applicant Corbière, Marc Université du Québec à Montréal
Co-applicant Cellard, Caroline Université Laval
Côté, Pierre Ontario Tech University 
Geoffrion, Steve Université de Montréal
Guay, Stéphane Université de Montréal
Larivière, Christian Institut de recherche Robert-Sauvé en santé et en sécurité de travail
Lariviere, Nadine Université de Sherbrooke
Lecomte, Tania Université de Montréal
McCrillis, Elizabeth Trent University
Negrini, Alessia Institut de recherche Robert-Sauvé en santé et en sécurité de travail
O'Hagan, Fergal T. Trent University
Panaccio, Alexandra-Joëlle Concordia University
Villotti, Patrizia Université du Québec à Montréal
Collaborator Arel, Lisette Soucy Group
Briosi, Élise Ordre des conseillers en ressources humaines agréés
Gapmann, Matthew Centrale des syndicats du Québec
Giulione, Joseph L'Arrimage Inc.
Gomes, Antoinette Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services Inc.
Hardwick, Laurie Ontario Federation of Labour
Hearn, Jo Anne Ontario Network of Injured Workers Groups
Kovac-Brown, Denyse Sir Sandford Fleming College of Applied Arts and Technology
McInnis, Katherine Adaptive Health Care Solutions
Sévigny, Geneviève Association québécoise des ergothérapeutes en pratique privée
Tanguay, Pascal Centre intégré universitaire de santé et de services sociaux de l'Est-de-l'Île-de-Montréal
Turcotte, Jean-Robert Université de Montréal
Vachon, Mickael PhysioExtra
Vigneault, Luc Other/Unknown
Title Sustainable return to work for people with musculoskeletal and mental impairments: Improving communication and concertation among stakeholders
Funding $248,005
Applicant Proulx, Jérôme Université du Québec à Montréal
Collaborator Maheux, Jean-François Université du Québec à Montréal
Saldanha, Luis Université du Québec à Montréal
Title Mental mathematics, students' strategies, and "difficult school mathematics topics"
Funding $188,664
Applicant Gauvin, Isabelle Université du Québec à Montréal
Co-applicant Thibeault, Joël University of Ottawa
Thomas, Lynn Université de Sherbrooke
Collaborator Beaulne, Geneviève Commission scolaire des Trois-Lacs
Bélanger, Valérie Collège Reine-Marie
Romano, Anita Commission scolaire de Montréal
Title Effets d'un enseignement intégré de la grammaire du français et de l'anglais en classe de français langue d'enseignement
Funding $177,242
Applicant Dellis, Arnaud Université du Québec à Montréal
Co-applicant Kröger, Sabine E. Université Laval
Collaborator Corazzini, Luca Università Ca' Foscari di Venezia
Title Electoral System Complexity and Path Dependence in Electoral Reforms
Funding $98,854
Applicant Audrain-Pontevia, Anne-Françoise Université du Québec à Montréal
Co-applicant Ertz, Myriam Université du Québec à Chicoutimi
Collaborator Menvielle, Loick EDHEC Business School
Title Étude des dimensions et conséquences de la valeur perçue appliquée aux objets connectés
Funding $95,955
Applicant Vaillancourt-Morel, Marie-Pier Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
Co-applicant Bergeron, Sophie Université de Montréal
Daspe, Marie-Ève Université de Montréal
Dawson, Samantha J. Dalhousie University
Title An emotion-focused model of childhood maltreatment and sexual wellbeing: A dyadic daily and longitudinal study
Funding $249,083
Applicant Royer, Chantal Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
Title L'environnement: quelle signification et quelle place dans les valeurs chez les jeunes?
Funding $177,773
Applicant Lemoyne, Jean Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
Co-applicant Trudeau, François Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
Collaborator Carson, Paul M. Hockey Canada
Girard, Stéphanie Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
Title Hockey novice au Canada : Plaisir, Développement et Accompagnement
Funding $91,750
Applicant Tardif-Grenier, Kristel Université du Québec en Outaouais
Co-applicant Archambault, Isabelle Université de Montréal
Dupéré, Véronique Université de Montréal
Janosz, Michel Université de Montréal
Piché, Geneviève Université du Québec en Outaouais
Villatte, Aude Université du Québec en Outaouais
Collaborator Beaulieu, Catherine Cégep de Saint-Laurent
Dupuis, Anne Cégep de Saint-Laurent
Lafortune, Ariane Cégep Édouard-Montpetit
Nantel, Annie Cégep Édouard-Montpetit
St Arnaud, Paula Actions interculturelles de développement et d'éducation
Title L'adaptation scolaire et sociale des jeunes adultes issus de l'immigration : rôle du soutien social
Funding $100,000
Applicant Bourque, Mélanie Université du Québec en Outaouais
Co-applicant Bolduc, François Université Laval
Grenier, Josée Université du Québec en Outaouais
St-Amour, Nathalie Université du Québec en Outaouais
Title Les travailleuses sociales cinq ans après l'implantation de la réforme Barrette : standardisation de la pratique ou nouvelles normes locales des établissements ?
Funding $99,916
Applicant Bourque, Denis Université du Québec en Outaouais
Co-applicant Foisy, Dominic Université du Québec en Outaouais
Grenier, Stéphane Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue
Jetté, Christian Université de Montréal
Marchand, Isabelle Université du Québec en Outaouais
Parent, André-Anne Université de Montréal
Savard, Sébastien University of Ottawa
Title Effets des nouvelles orientations philanthropiques sur l'action collective en développement des communautés au Québec
Funding $233,025
Applicant Jacques, Claudine C.J. Université du Québec en Outaouais
Co-applicant Courchesne, Valérie McGill University
Couture, Melanie Université de Sherbrooke
Mottron, Laurent Université de Montréal
Collaborator Thermidor, Ghitza Centre intégré universitaire de santé et de services sociaux du Nord de l'Île de Montréal
Title Et Si On Privilégiait Des Contextes Stimulants Pour Les Enfants Autistes ?
Funding $218,542
Applicant Piché, Geneviève Université du Québec en Outaouais
Co-applicant Clément, Marie-Ève Université du Québec en Outaouais
Morin, Marie-Hélène Université du Québec à Rimouski
Villatte, Aude Université du Québec en Outaouais
Collaborator Cloutier, René Réseau Avant de Craquer
Cyr-Villeneuve, Catherine Centre intégré de santé et de services sociaux des Laurentides
Fournier, Louise Réseau Qualaxia
Leblanc, Line Université du Québec en Outaouais
Maybery, Darryl Monash University
Reupert, Andrea Monash University
Richard-Devantoy, Stéphane McGill University
Title L'approche centrée sur la famille au profit des enfants de parents vivant avec un trouble mental : investigation et développement des pratiques en santé mentale adulte au Québec
Funding $181,210
Applicant Morin, Jean-Frédéric Université Laval
Collaborator Shackelford, Scott Indiana University, Bloomington
Title Astro-Environmentalism: The Polycentric Governance of the Earth's Orbital Space
Funding $189,984
Applicant Cellard, Caroline Université Laval
Co-applicant Achim, Amélie M. Université Laval
Matte-Gagné, Célia Université Laval
Monette, Sébastien Université du Québec à Montréal
Nadeau, Danielle Centre intégré universitaire de santé et de services sociaux de la Capitale-Nationale
Turcotte, Mathilde Centre intégré universitaire de santé et de services sociaux du Centre-Sud-de-l'Ile-de-Montréal
Vachon, François Université Laval
Collaborator Chagnon, Yvon Institut universitaire de cardiologie et de pneumologie de Québec
Nadeau, France Centre intégré universitaire de santé et de services sociaux de la Capitale-Nationale
Title COMpréhension des PrÉdicTEurs cogNitifs, biologiques et sociaux du fonctionnement des jeunes ayant vécu de la maltraitanCE (COMPÉTENCE) : trajectoires
Funding $338,810
Applicant Gaudreau, Nancy Université Laval
Co-applicant Bégin, Jean-Yves Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
Frenette, Éric Université Laval
Massé, Line Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
Morissette, Éric Université de Montréal
Nadeau, Marie-France Université de Sherbrooke
Verret, Claudia Université du Québec à Montréal
Title Portrait québécois des pratiques relatives à l'établissement des plans d'intervention pour les élèves présentant des difficultés d'ordre comportemental
Funding $236,431
Applicant Grondin, Simon Université Laval
Collaborator Lemoyne, Jean Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
Trottier, Christiane Université Laval
Trudeau, Francois Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
Title Vers une compréhension des déterminants de l'efficacité en hockey sur glace
Funding $288,150
Applicant Reinke, Kristin Université Laval
Collaborator Beaulieu, Suzie Université Laval
Ostiguy, Luc Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
Title La langue du doublage québécois : les attitudes des Québécois par rapport à une pratique langagière à contre-courant de leur réalité sociolinguistique
Funding $77,186
Applicant Mercier, Andrée Université Laval
Co-applicant Dion, Robert Université du Québec à Montréal
Title Poétique du personnage secondaire dans la production narrative contemporaine en France et au Québec (1980-2019)
Funding $206,423
Applicant Cavatorta, Francesco Université Laval
Collaborator Ben Salem, Maryam Université de Sousse
McCarthy, Rory P. Durham University
O'Malley, Eoin Dublin City University
Title Loyalties of the Faithful: Attitudes and Values of Islamist Party Members
Funding $163,741
Applicant Chateauneuf, Doris Centre intégré universitaire en santé et services sociaux de la Capitale-Nationale
Co-applicant Hélie, Sonia Centre intégré universitaire de santé et de services sociaux du Centre-Sud-de-l'Ile-de-Montréal
Lavallée, Carmen Université de Sherbrooke
Poirier, Marie-Andrée Université de Montréal
Title L'application des durées maximales de placement en protection de la jeunesse au Québec : une perspective sociale et juridique
Funding $77,070
Applicant Dubé, Francis Université Laval
Co-applicant Begon, Mickael Université de Montréal
Comeau, Gilles University of Ottawa
Creech, Andrea R. Université Laval
Després, Jean-Philippe Université Laval
Dubé, Adam K. McGill University
Laurendeau, Denis Université Laval
Collaborator Clements, Ann Pennsylvania State University
Kayali, Fares University of Vienna
Ruthmann, Stephen New York University
Title Élaboration, implantation et évaluation d'une plateforme numérique gamifiée pour aider de jeunes pianistes à acquérir les attitudes posturales inhérentes au jeu pianistique
Funding $269,141
Applicant Vallières, Annie Université Laval
Co-applicant Leanza, Yvan Université Laval
Collaborator Simonelli, Guido Hôpital du sacré-coeur de Montréal
Title Les représentations sociales du sommeil en milieu urbain et rural au Québec
Funding $99,495
Applicant Savard, Josée Université Laval
Co-applicant Flett, Gordon L. York University
Gouin, Jean-Philippe Concordia University
Langlois, Frédéric Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
Lemieux, Julie Université Laval
Molnar, Danielle S. Brock University
Title Perfectionism and psychosocial adjustment to cancer: A mixed methods study
Funding $369,426
Applicant Chrétien, Lise Université Laval
Co-applicant Audebrand, Luc K. Université Laval
Roux-Dufort, Christophe Université Laval
Title Gestion Inviduelle des Rôles de Vie : Contribution de la Médiation équine
Funding $80,859
Applicant Bourassa, Renée Université Laval
Co-applicant Larrue, Jean-Marc Université de Montréal
Collaborator Szoniecky, Samuel Université Paris8 Vincennes-Saint-Denis 
Title Des arts trompeurs à la post-vérité : régimes d'authenticité en contexte numérique
Funding $204,988
Applicant Sylvestre, Audette Université Laval
Co-applicant Bouchard, Caroline Université Laval
Mérette, Chantal Université Laval
Pauzé, Robert Université de Sherbrooke
Trudeau, Natacha Université de Montréal
Collaborator Julien, Catherine Université Laval
Title Développement langagier d'enfants négligés âgés de 12 à 30 mois et déterminants personnels et environnementaux
Funding $304,160
Applicant Bodet, Marc-André Université Laval
Co-applicant Godbout, Jean-François Université de Montréal
Montigny, Éric Université Laval
Title Selection, promotion, and exit: Explaining the various trajectories of members of four provincial legislative assemblies in Canada between 1867 and 2019
Funding $84,260
Applicant Dionne, Ginette Université Laval
Co-applicant Boivin, Michel Université Laval
Brendgen, R. Mara Université du Québec à Montréal
Garon-Carrier, Gabrielle Université de Sherbrooke
Matte-Gagné, Célia Université Laval
Plourde, Vickie Université de Moncton
Vitaro, Frank Université de Montréal
Title Does friendship quality matter in how well children and adolescents do in school?
Funding $251,750
Applicant Guèvremont, Véronique Université Laval
Co-applicant Déziel, Pierre-Luc Université Laval
Durand, Audrey Université Laval
Gagné, Christian Université Laval
Collaborator St-Pierre, Diane Institut national de la recherche scientifique
Tchehouali, Destiny Université du Québec à Montréal
Title Re-penser la découvrabilité, ou comment garantir l'accès à des contenus culturels canadiens dans l'environnement numérique
Funding $283,672
Applicant Bilodeau, Pier-Luc Université Laval
Co-applicant Slinn, Sara J. York University
Title Collective bargaining in the Canadian construction industry: a comparative study of bargaining structures in Ontario and Quebec
Funding $77,535
Applicant Spencer, Mark G. Brock University
Title 'To Seek Improvement': John Beale Bordley's American Enlightenment
Funding $55,179
Applicant Heinmiller, Bruce T. Brock University
Title Major Policy Change in Canada
Funding $48,518
Applicant Mackintosh, Phillip Brock University
Title Neurasthenia and the Modern City: Mental Health and Laissez-Faire Capitalism in Toronto, 1879-1920
Funding $58,665
Applicant Santos, Cristina Brock University
Collaborator Spahr, Adriana Grant MacEwan University
Title (Re)appearing the Desaparecidos: Testimonial Mural Art and Intergenerational Trauma of the Argentinean Dictatorship (1976-1983)
Funding $94,810
Applicant Chum, Antony Brock University
Co-applicant Kennedy, Sidney H. University of Toronto
O'Campo, Patricia Unity Health Toronto
Title Social determinants of Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual suicidality in Canada
Funding $98,500
Applicant Thomson, Ronald I. Brock University
Co-applicant Derwing, Tracey University of Alberta
Libben, Gary Brock University
Munro, Murray J. Simon Fraser University
Title Refining High Variability Phonetic Training for Learners and Teachers
Funding $99,935
Applicant Sokolyk, Tatyana V. Brock University
Collaborator Fedenia, Mark University of Wisconsin‒Madison
Skiba, Hilla Colorado State University
Title Asset allocation decisions of professional money managers worldwide
Funding $193,962
Applicant Nardon, Luciara Carleton University
Co-applicant Hari, Amrita Carleton University
Title A Longitudinal Study of Organized Social Support for Highly-Skilled Immigrant Women's Social and Professional Integration
Funding $126,725
Applicant Clarke, Maxine Kamari Carleton University
Collaborator Burrell, Jennifer L. State University of New York at Albany
Kendall, Sara University of Kent
Title Evidentiary Dilemmas and Emergent Publics: How Contestations over New Geospatial Technologies are Shaping International Justice
Funding $161,858
Applicant Woo, Benjamin Carleton University
Co-applicant Parker, Felan S. University of St. Michael's College
Collaborator Gilbert, Anne University of Georgia
Hanna, Erin University of Oregon
Kohnen, Melanie Lewis & Clark College
Scott, Suzanne L.P. University of Texas at Austin
Smith, Matthew J. Radford University
Title Swarming Comic-Con 2021: A Collaborative Ethnography of Industry-Audience Relations in the Entertainment Industries
Funding $102,825
Applicant Carment, David B. Carleton University
Co-applicant Nikolko, Milana V. Carleton University
Samy, Yiagadeesen Carleton University
Title Fragile and Conflict Affected States (FCAS) and Diaspora
Funding $88,780
Applicant Sloan, Elinor C. Carleton University
Collaborator Perry, David Canadian Global Affairs Institute
Solomon, Binyam Carleton University
Winer, Stanley L. Carleton University
Title Naval shipbuilding programs: a comparative analysis
Funding $86,539
Applicant Karaian, Lara Carleton University
Title Sex/Crime in the Era of Immersive, Interactive, and Intelligent Technologies: A Study of Sextech, Affect, and Law
Funding $92,700
Applicant Wilke, Christiane Carleton University
Collaborator Brookman-Byrne, Max University of Lincoln
Title Civilian Casualties from Airstrikes: Counting, Accounting, and Accountability
Funding $194,759
Applicant Todd, Sarah L. Carleton University
Co-applicant Asakura, Kenta Carleton University
Grassau, Pamela A. Carleton University
Title Knowing and Not Knowing: Navigating Uncertainty in Social Work Practice
Funding $156,213
Applicant Wilner, Alexandre S. Carleton University
Title Cyber Deterrence: Non-state and Sub-state Perspectives
Funding $212,689
Applicant Carvin, Stephanie J. Carleton University
Co-applicant Juneau, Thomas A. University of Ottawa
Title How and why has the Canadian national security and intelligence community evolved since 2001?
Funding $162,119
Applicant Malette, Sébastien Carleton University
Co-applicant Bouchard, Michel E. University of Northern British Columbia
Gagnon, Denis Université de Saint-Boniface
Pulla, Siomonn P. Royal Roads University
Title Métis-acadiens ? Enquête au sujet des arguments juridiques des familles de Kouchibouguac contre Sa Majesté La Reine
Funding $203,999
Applicant Barsky, Robert F. Carleton University
Title From the 1965 Bellagio Colloquium to the Protocol Relating to the Status of Refugees: Negotiations, Historical Context, and Travaux Préparatoires
Funding $279,750
Applicant Gunn, Christopher M. Carleton University
Collaborator Gortz, Christoph University of Birmingham
Lubik, Thomas Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond
Title Punching Above its Weight: Inventory and the Business Cycle
Funding $72,386
Applicant Mason, Jody Carleton University
Title CanLit as Culture Industry
Funding $66,317
Applicant Darroch, Francine E. Carleton University
Co-applicant Hayhurst, Lyndsay M.C. York University
Peters, Paul A. Carleton University
Collaborator Adams, Jamie Forest and the Femme Society
Carter, Leigh Eastside Boxing Club
Embree, Mayda B. St. Mary's Home
Gilligan, Brian J. Ottawa Community Housing
Giron, Maria YWCA Crabtree Corner Community Resource Centre
Montaner, Gabriela The University of British Columbia
Paquette, Michelle Langara College
Tait, Grace YWCA Crabtree Corner Community Resource Centre
Title Strengthening Practices: Trauma- and Violence-Informed Physical Activity
Funding $184,019
Applicant Evans, Jennifer V. Carleton University
Co-applicant Robinson, Sandra Carleton University
Collaborator Graham, Shawn M. Carleton University
Lim, Merlyna Carleton University
Madokoro, Laura Carleton University
Title Hate 3.0: Memory, Populism, and Misinformation in the Canadian Social Mediascape
Funding $371,359
Applicant Urbain, Émilie Carleton University
Co-applicant Tailleur, Sandrine Université du Québec à Chicoutimi
Collaborator Basque, Maurice Université de Moncton
Title Langue, nationalisme et colonialisme en Acadie et au Saguenay---Lac-Saint-Jean : une étude comparative de la construction de la différence autochtone (1867-1971)
Funding $93,964
Applicant Horak, Laura Carleton University
Co-applicant Crompton, Constance University of Ottawa
Title Trans Mediascapes
Funding $394,978
Applicant Zelenski, John M. Carleton University
Title Helping Ourselves by Helping Nature: Testing the Hedonic Benefits of Pro-Environmental Behaviour
Funding $222,904
Applicant Francoli, Mary Carleton University
Collaborator Mugellini, Giulia Università della Svizzera italiana
Villeneuve, Jean-Patrick Università della Svizzera italiana
Title Determinants of sustainable Citizen-State relationships: A survey of trust, satisfaction and organizational deviances
Funding $225,350
Applicant Hampson, Fen Carleton University
Collaborator Jardine, Eric Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Title The Paradox of Digital Trust
Funding $323,000
Applicant Fairbairn, Jordan King's University College at Western University
Co-applicant Dawson, Myrna F. University of Guelph
Collaborator Jiwani, Yasmin Concordia University
Title Representing intimate femicide in Canada: Understanding media framing of gender-related killings of women and girls, 2010-2024
Funding $191,096
Applicant Smith-Carrier, Tracy A. King's University College at Western University
Co-applicant Baker Collins, Stephanie McMaster University
Gazso, Amber York University
Smith, Carrie J. King's University College at Western University
Title Myth or Reality? Examining Parent-Child Income Assistance Use in Ontario, Canada
Funding $72,570
Applicant Grant, John King's University College at Western University
Title Democratic Socialism in Imagination and Practice
Funding $45,190
Applicant Calcagno, Antonio King's University College at Western University
Title The Struggle with Psyche and Its Implications for Early Phenomenology: Edith Stein, Gerda Walther, Else Voigtländer, and Hedwig Conrad-Martius
Funding $95,900
Applicant Mouroutsou, Georgia King's University College at Western University
Title Plato's Twofold Dialectic of Pleasure: Critical Dialogue with Hedonists and Critical Analysis of Pleasure
Funding $54,978
Applicant Lofts, Stephen G. King's University College at Western University
Title Ernst Cassirer and the Kyoto School: The Construction of a Radical-Open Cosmopolitanism
Funding $56,580
Applicant Hébert, Valerie G. Lakehead University
Title Five Shots from Sdolbunow: Photographs of the Holocaust by Bullets, 1942
Funding $51,473
Applicant Maranzan, Kathryn Amanda Lakehead University
Collaborator Corrigan, Patrick W. Illinois Institute of Technology
Title Self-stigma and strategic disclosure amongst Canadian postsecondary students
Funding $70,528
Applicant Côté, Isabelle Laurentian University
Co-applicant Damant, Dominique Université de Montréal
Lapierre, Simon University of Ottawa
Collaborator Bigaouette, Mylène Fédération des maisons d'hébergement pour femmes
Goodman, Lisa Boston College
Lafortune, Louise Regroupement des maisons pour femmes victimes de violence conjugale
Title Reprise du pouvoir des femmes sur leur sécurité en contexte de violence conjugale : étude des pratiques en maison d'hébergement pour femmes au Québec
Funding $197,831
Applicant Radford, Luis G. Laurentian University
Title The Ethics of Mathematics Teaching-and-Learning: A Vygotskian Approach
Funding $251,122
Applicant McGregor, Lorrilee E. Northern Ontario School of Medicine
Co-applicant Manitowabi, Susan J. Laurentian University
McGregor, Deborah A. York University
Collaborator Peltier, Cindy Nipissing University
Title Indigenous Research Sovereignty and Governance: Anishinaabek Perspectives on Intellectual Property Rights and Responsibilities
Funding $268,324
Applicant Xiao, Na Laurentian University
Co-applicant Bullard, Olga A. The University of Winnipeg
Title The Influence of Evaluation Mode on Construal Level in Product Evaluation and Choice: A Goal-activation Perspective
Funding $99,590
Applicant Leadbeater, David Laurentian University
Collaborator Faudot, Adrien Université Grenoble Alpes
Title Amalgamation, Community Decline, and the Future of Northern Resource-Dependent Communities
Funding $98,700
Applicant Gouliquer, Lynne Laurentian University
Co-applicant Côté, Daniel Laurentian University
Poulin, Carmen University of New Brunswick
Title Stigmatised Identity: Giving voice to easterly Canadian Métis
Funding $352,651
Applicant George, Michele G. McMaster University
Title Roman girls and young women in life and death
Funding $79,161
Applicant Ghasemaghaei, Maryam McMaster University
Collaborator Turel, Ofir California State University, Fullerton
Title Does big data utilization lead to enhancing employees' cheating behavior? the role of individual characteristics and goal setting
Funding $99,984
Applicant Zhou, Y. Rachel McMaster University
Title Globalization, time, and nostalgia: A transnational conjunctural analysis
Funding $99,610
Applicant Maheu, John M. McMaster University
Title New approaches to modelling time dependence in predictive distributions for economics and finance
Funding $149,550
Applicant Yiannakoulias, Nikolaos W. McMaster University
Title Evaluating a serious game for informing household flood risk management decisions
Funding $97,693
Applicant Rethmann, Petra McMaster University
Title Right-wing nationalism as entanglement, ruin, and ruination: Russian Germans, Germany, Russia, Kazakhstan
Funding $236,555
Applicant Robson, Karen L. McMaster University
Co-applicant Anisef, Paul York University
Brown, Robert S. York University
Parekh, Gillian G. York University
Collaborator Cameron, David H. Toronto District School Board
Demack, Sean Sheffield Hallam University
Maier, Reana G. University College Cork
Sikora, Joanna Australian National University
Title Gateway Cities, Phase 2
Funding $192,088
Applicant Trainor, Laurel J. McMaster University
Co-applicant Pruitt, Jonathan N. McMaster University
Schutz, Michael McMaster University
Title Understanding the social interaction dynamics and the benefits of making music with others using group drumming as a model
Funding $297,570
Applicant Calic, Goran McMaster University
Co-applicant Ghasemaghaei, Maryam McMaster University
Title Strategic cascades for big data utilization
Funding $76,978
Applicant Evans, Jenna M. McMaster University
Co-applicant Richards, Gregory S. University of Ottawa
Collaborator Veillard, Jeremy University of Toronto
Wheeler, Sarah M. University of Toronto
Title The impact of system-level performance management on local improvement in healthcare: A Behavioural Lens
Funding $79,902
Applicant Ross, Stephanie A. McMaster University
Co-applicant Lewchuk, Wayne A. McMaster University
Savage, Larry Brock University
Title Union Politics in the 21st Century
Funding $145,552
Applicant La Rose, Tara McMaster University
Title Understanding social work leadership in Canada
Funding $259,446
Applicant Hackett, Rick D. McMaster University
Title The emerging importance of leader and employee character
Funding $156,734
Applicant Malinova, Ekaterina McMaster University
Collaborator Park, Andreas University of Toronto
Shkilko, Andriy Wilfrid Laurier University
Title The economics of decentralized finance and open platforms
Funding $118,942
Applicant Pan, Yang McMaster University
Co-applicant Wu, Ruhai McMaster University
Collaborator Russell, Gary J. University of Iowa
Title Multi-category analysis: reconciling habitual and situational shopping behavior
Funding $71,544
Applicant Marshall, Tara C. McMaster University
Co-applicant Gillett, James McMaster University
Title Does the Use of Social Media Influence Older Adults' Mental Health and Well-Being?
Funding $89,749
Applicant Dokis, Carly A. Nipissing University
Collaborator Cunningham, Holly Near North Mobile Media Lab
Dokis, Adrienne Dokis First Nation
Title Taking Care of Our Stories
Funding $228,351
Applicant Milgram, Lynne B. OCAD University
Co-applicant Turner, Sarah E.J. McGill University
Collaborator Mendoza, Lorelei C. University of the Philippines Baguio
Nguyen, Thinh A. Vietnam National University, Hanoi
Title Thirsty for Alternative Sources of Agri-Beverages? New Commodity Provisioning from the Rural Philippines and Vietnam
Funding $161,590
Applicant Miller, Michelle M. OCAD University
Co-applicant Dyer, Hannah Brock University
Kouri-Towe, Natalie Concordia University
Collaborator Sinclair-Palm, Julia H. Carleton University
Title Triggering Education: Relational Readings of Trigger Warnings in the Canadian Post-Secondary Classroom
Funding $99,800
Applicant Zaidi, Arshia U. Ontario Tech University 
Co-applicant Perry, Barbara J. Ontario Tech University 
Title An Era of Islamophobia: Navigating the Dynamics of Ethnic Identities, Social Exclusion and Emotional Well-being among South Asian Muslim Youth in Canada
Funding $80,321
Applicant Martin, Luc J. Queen's University
Co-applicant Benson, Alex J. Western University
Bruner, Mark W. Nipissing University
Collaborator Evans, Blair Pennsylvania State University
Title 'The company they keep': A nuanced investigation of peer groups in youth sport
Funding $98,900
Applicant Hoeniger, Cathleen S. Queen's University
Title Protecting Italy's Artistic Heritage during World War Two: The Evidence from the Archives
Funding $94,152
Applicant Bisung, Elijah Queen's University
Co-applicant Kuuire, Vincent Z. University of Toronto
Collaborator Dickin, Sarah K. Stockholm Environment Institute
Karanja, Diana M. COHESU
Title Women's empowerment and access to water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) in Kenya
Funding $176,960
Applicant Côté, Jean Queen's University
Co-applicant Craig, Wendy M. Queen's University
Martin, Luc J. Queen's University
Turnnidge, Jennifer L. Queen's University
Vierimaa, Matthew Acadia University
Title Mobilizing knowledge into action: Exploring sport administrators' and parents' perceptions of the quality of youth sport programs
Funding $264,000
Applicant Naaman, Dorit Queen's University
Co-applicant Murray, Laura J. Queen's University
Sutherland, Erin L. University of Alberta
Title A Totem Pole on a Pile of Garbage: Contending with Colonial and Environmental Violence in Kingston, Ontario
Funding $301,502
Applicant Kumar, Rahul Queen's University
Title What We Owe to Future Generations
Funding $87,943
Applicant Smith, Michael Frederick Queen's University
Title 'Atmospheric agency' and ethical responses to climate change
Funding $87,104
Applicant Abbott, Brant Queen's University
Collaborator Gallipoli, Giovanni The University of British Columbia
Title Understanding Cross-Sectional Variation in Consumption Growth Rates
Funding $67,615
Applicant King, Samantha J. Queen's University
Collaborator McGlory, Chris Queen's University
Weedon, Gavin Nottingham Trent University
Title Protein Cultures: The Economies and Ecologies of an Über Nutrient
Funding $95,450
Applicant Hou, Yu Queen's University
Title Patisan Auditors: Do Auditors' Political Preferences Influence Audit Outcomes
Funding $92,150
Applicant Metcalf, Cherie M. Queen's University
Collaborator Nash, Jonathan Emory University
Title Institutions for Effective Climate Change Action
Funding $97,560
Applicant Reeve, Matthew M. Queen's University
Title Art at the Edge of Empire: Gothic Art, Mythology and Colonialism in Wales c. 1170-1350
Funding $153,550
Applicant Robinson, Dylan W. Queen's University
Co-applicant Nickleson, Patrick J. Queen's University
Collaborator Gray, Robin University of Toronto
Reed, Trevor G. Arizona State University
Title Xoxelhmetset te Syewa:l | Caring for Our Ancestors: Reconnecting Indigenous Songs with Community and Kin
Funding $391,652
Applicant Bowen, Deborah C. Redeemer University College
Title POETRY in place: poetry and environmental hope in a southern Ontario bioregion
Funding $30,498
Applicant Panofsky, Ruth Ryerson University
Title Breaking Through: Anna Porter and Key Porter Books, 1982-2005
Funding $74,552
Applicant Gruzd, Anatoliy Ryerson University
Co-applicant Hodson, Jaigris Royal Roads University
Jacobson, Jenna Ryerson University
Collaborator Haythornthwaite, Caroline A. Syracuse University
Kwon, K. Hazel Arizona State University
Ye, Xinyue New Jersey Institute of Technology
Title The Rise of Anti-Social Behaviour in Social Media
Funding $167,781
Applicant Elmer, Greg Ryerson University
Collaborator Mattera, Teddy University of the Witwatersrand
Title Documenting the 'media scarce' communication of Anti-Apartheid Veterans
Funding $110,798
Applicant Jaber, Mohamad Y. Ryerson University
Title New learning and forgetting curves for an ageing workforce and heterogeneous worker groups
Funding $104,000
Applicant Song, Fei Ryerson University
Co-applicant Cadsby, C. Bram University of Guelph
Collaborator Thomas, Stephanie M. Curtin University of Technology
Title Emotional Arousal and Behaviour toward Risk: Further Examination Using VR (Virtual Reality) and High Stakes
Funding $149,732
Applicant Raney, Tracey Ryerson University
Title Women in the (Other) House: An Analysis of Gender Representation in Canada's Senate (2015-2019)
Funding $90,754
Applicant Moola, Fiona Ryerson University
Co-applicant Buliung, Ronald N. University of Toronto
Hansen, Nancy University of Manitoba
Heller, Lynne Ryerson University
Woodgate, Roberta L. University of Manitoba
Collaborator Blake, Christian Royal Ontario Museum
Posa, Stephanie No Institutional Affiliation
Title Behind the Paintbrush: Exploring Artistic Experiences, Artistic Leadership, and Artistic Creations Among Children and Youth Living with Physical Disabilities in Ontario
Funding $188,388
Applicant Oulahen, Greg Ryerson University
Co-applicant Lepp, Eric A. W. University of Waterloo
Title Rewards and risk, benefits and burden: Side-by-side adaptation in small island communities
Funding $88,862
Applicant Jeon, Yoontae Ryerson University
Co-applicant McCurdy, Thomas H. University of Toronto
Title Public News Flow and Jumps in Stock Returns: Firm-Level Evidences and Implications
Funding $70,000
Applicant Laplume, André O. Ryerson University
Co-applicant Wise, Sean E. Ryerson University
Yeganegi, Sepideh Wilfrid Laurier University
Title Does Ethnic Diversity Improve Entrepreneurial Venture Performance?: A Multilevel Research Program
Funding $127,427
Applicant Horner, Daniel Ryerson University
Title On the edge of town: authority, social change and environmental upheaval on Montreal's urban fringe, 1830-1860
Funding $50,005
Applicant Crossan, Mary M. Western University
Co-applicant Monzani, Lucas Western University
Nguyen, Brenda University of Lethbridge
Seijts, Gerard Western University
Title Developing and Embedding Leader Character in Organizations for Sustained Excellence
Funding $152,012
Applicant Bassnett, Madeline J. Western University
Title Weather Networks: Climate Change and Community in England's Little Ice Age
Funding $83,033
Applicant Haggerty, Nicole R. Western University
Title IT-Business Partnering as Sociomaterial Sensemaking to Enable Digital Transformation
Funding $107,266
Applicant Woolford, Douglas G. Western University
Co-applicant Kotsopoulos, Donna Huron University College
Samuels, Boba M. University of Toronto
Title Data Translation: Storytelling with Data
Funding $90,176
Applicant Robinson, Daniel J. Western University
Title Teen Smoking, Youth Media, and Cigarette Marketing in Canada, 1960-2000
Funding $93,501
Applicant Austin, Laurel C. Western University
Title Why do young people vape? A Decision Science Approach to Gaining Insights into Vaping Decisions and Behaviours
Funding $124,669
Applicant Rajan, Tilottama Western University
Title John Hunter and the Philosophical and Cultural Impacts of the Life Sciences on the Organization of Knowledge in the Long Romantic Period (1775-1861)
Funding $93,478
Applicant Dyer-Witheford, Nick Western University
Title Left Populism and Platform Capitalism
Funding $89,156
Applicant Cleveland, Mark Western University
Title Blurred Ethnic Boundaries: The palette of mixed-ethnic identity and the canvas of consumer behavior
Funding $98,670
Applicant Stinebrickner, Todd R. Western University
Title Human Capital Accumulation and Early Career Wage Determination
Funding $129,625
Applicant Phu, Thy Western University
Collaborator Brown, Kimberly Juanita Mount Holyoke College
Day, Iyko L. Mount Holyoke College
Dewan, Deepali University of Toronto
Lonetree, Amy University of California, Santa Cruz
Title Visual Kinship: Race and the Transnational Practices of Family Photography
Funding $224,810
Applicant Roulston, Christine M.C. Western University
Title School daze: queer nostalgia in modern British girls' boarding school narratives
Funding $39,590
Applicant Sullivan, Jacqueline A. Western University
Collaborator Bussey, Tim Western University
Saksida, Lisa Western University
Title The philosophy of neuroscience in practice
Funding $94,276
Applicant Sinel, Zoe N.P. Western University
Title Just Feelings: A Tort Law Theory of Emotion
Funding $54,490
Applicant Goffin, Richard D. Western University
Title Maximizing the Value of Personality Assessment in Human Resource Management
Funding $130,066
Applicant Mahon, Patrick L. Western University
Co-applicant Caulfield, Sean T. University of Alberta
Collaborator Greer, Joan E. University of Alberta
Hassan, Jamelie A. No Institutional Affiliation
Villar, Andrés No Institutional Affiliation
Title GardenShip and State: Art and the Environment as a Commons
Funding $201,890
Applicant Rivers, David A. Western University
Co-applicant Navarro, Salvador Western University
Collaborator Mancino, Maria Antonella Wilfrid Laurier University
Title Empirical Methods and Analysis of Multidimensional Criminal Activity
Funding $99,899
Applicant Reid, Graham J. Western University
Co-applicant Brown, Judith Belle Western University
Collaborator Newton, Adam T. Western University
Title The Developmental Importance of Napping in Preschool Children: The Psychosocial Predictors and Late Preschool Correlates of Nap Transition
Funding $99,838
Applicant McGrath, Colleen E. Western University
Co-applicant Hand, Carri L. Western University
Laliberte Rudman, Debbie Western University
Collaborator Fitzgeorge, Barb Western University
Hood, Gwen Western University
Lucas, Don Western University
Price, Diane Western University
Sanderson, Graham Western University
Stone, Melanie E. City of London, Ontario
Sukhai, Mahadeo A. The Canadian National Institute for the Blind
Title Enacting a critical participatory action research process with older adults aging with vision loss: A focus on community mobility
Funding $220,432
Applicant Hunsberger, Carol A. Western University
Collaborator Klocker Larsen, Rasmus Stockholm Environment Institute
Title Investigating the spatial politics of energy infrastructure
Funding $78,350
Applicant Willson, Andrea E. Western University
Co-applicant Shuey, Kim M. Western University
Title Family Context and the Intergenerational Persistence of Health Inequality
Funding $176,563
Applicant Goldszmidt, Mark A. Western University
Title A Study of What Time-Space Reveals About How Different Configurations of Practice Shape Learning
Funding $149,796
Applicant Ferris, Neal Western University
Collaborator Carter, William M. Ryerson University
Eickelmann, Christine University of Bristol
Hodgetts, Lisa M. Western University
Nelson, Andrew J. Western University
Title The Vibrant Archaeology and Heritage Of And Beyond Colonial Legacies, Bath Spring-Stream, Nevis
Funding $327,288
Applicant Hatchondo Couture, Juan Carlos Western University
Collaborator Martinez, Leonardo International Monetary Fund
Roch, Francisco International Monetary Fund
Title Optimal Fiscal Constraints in Economies with Default Risk
Funding $70,580
Applicant Bruce, Catherine D. Trent University
Title A Spatial Approach to Fractions in the Early Years: Foundations for 4-7 year-olds
Funding $290,736
Applicant Janz, Lisa Trent University
Collaborator Brunson, Katherine Brown University
Dubreuil, Laure Trent University
Milek, Karen B. Durham University
Poinar, Hendrik N. McMaster University
Rogers, Leland University of Illinois at Chicago
Rosen, Arlene University of Texas at Austin
Szpak, Paul Trent University
Title Frontiers in Sedentism and Domestication
Funding $399,521
Applicant Blair, Karen L. Trent University
Co-applicant Holmberg, Diane Acadia University
Title To Have But Not to Hold: Same-Sex Public Displays of Affection as a Catalyst for Minority Stress
Funding $269,396
Applicant Brydges, Ryan N. Unity Health Toronto
Co-applicant Butler, Deborah L. The University of British Columbia
Ng, Stella L. Unity Health Toronto
Tavares, Walter University of Toronto
Collaborator McIntyre, Kieran University of Toronto
Title Prepared to learn: Toward valid assessments of self-regulated learning from classroom to workplace
Funding $99,496
Applicant Metheny, Nicholas Unity Health Toronto
Co-applicant Chum, Antony Brock University
O'Campo, Patricia Unity Health Toronto
Title A longitudinal analysis of neighbourhood-level drivers of intimate partner violence disclosure
Funding $72,865
Applicant Gagné, Karine University of Guelph
Title Decolonizing climate knowledge: an ethnographic study of travel and mobility in Indian Himalayas in an era of climate change
Funding $99,643
Applicant Morrongiello, Barbara A. University of Guelph
Co-applicant Colwell, Scott R. University of Guelph
Trick, Lana M. University of Guelph
Collaborator Fiacconi, Chris University of Guelph
Title Identifying Determinants of Teen Risky Driving
Funding $295,032
Applicant Chhinzer, Nita University of Guelph
Title Exploring of how and why organizations engage in and execute layoffs: Ontario 2013-2019
Funding $76,767
Applicant Thomassin, Kristel University of Guelph
Title A longitudinal investigation of family-wide emotion dynamics and links to children's emotional development
Funding $370,254
Applicant Reinhartz, Adèle University of Ottawa
Title The "Parting of the Ways" and Early Jewish Diversity: A Case Study Approach
Funding $99,852
Applicant Tremblay, Manon University of Ottawa
Title Des institutions d'État dédiées aux enjeux LGBTQ (lesbiennes, gais, bisexuel/le/s, trans et queer) : entre influencer les décisions publiques fédérales et conforter les orientations homonationalistes du gouvernement canadien
Funding $84,534
Applicant Juneau, Thomas A. University of Ottawa
Title Neoclassical realism and American foreign policy in the Middle East: Why deep engagement has been costly and restraint would be superior
Funding $83,009
Applicant Burlone, Nathalie University of Ottawa
Title Construire et reconstruire l'aide médicale à mourir au Canada: une entrée par la pratique
Funding $69,071
Applicant Best, Jacqueline M. University of Ottawa
Title Varieties of ignorance in economic policymaking
Funding $117,498
Applicant Morin, Louis-Philippe University of Ottawa
Collaborator Estevan Goncalves, Fernanda Fundação Getulio Vargas
Title Can Selective Universities Promote Social Mobility?
Funding $93,270
Applicant Bowker, Lynne University of Ottawa
Title Digital literacy and global research: Can machine translation help to level the linguistic playing field in international research?
Funding $77,229
Applicant Heyes, Anthony G.T. University of Ottawa
Title Heat and the Indian Economy: A Study with Three Components
Funding $138,956
Applicant Brodeur, Abel University of Ottawa
Collaborator Bazzi, Samuel Boston University
Connolly, Marie Université du Québec à Montréal
Fiszbein, Martin Boston University
Gröeger, André Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Pongou, Roland University of Ottawa
Zylberberg, Yanos University of Bristol
Title Family, Fertility and Female Economic Empowerment
Funding $86,807
Applicant Zuercher, Christoph M. University of Ottawa
Co-applicant Kichian, Maral University of Ottawa
Title Out of fragility―when, how and why fragile states recover
Funding $99,968
Applicant Hotte, Lucie C. University of Ottawa
Title Lieux de sociabilité littéraires franco-canadiens: 1950-2000
Funding $211,376
Applicant Thomas, Roanne L. University of Ottawa
Co-applicant Egan, Mary Y. University of Ottawa
Gifford, Wendy University of Ottawa
Grassau, Pamela A. Carleton University
King, Judith A. University of Ottawa
Title Community-based creative practices and visual research methods: Developing new understandings of a good life for people experiencing impairment
Funding $141,907
Applicant Paquette, Jonathan University of Ottawa
Title Patrimoine et décolonisations au sein de l'espace culturel francophone: musées et muséologie au Vietnam (1900-1997)
Funding $83,885
Applicant Paris, Roland C. University of Ottawa
Title Competing Sovereignty Discourses in Contemporary World Politics
Funding $64,756
Applicant Cauchie, Jean-François University of Ottawa
Co-applicant Corriveau, Patrice University of Ottawa
Perreault, Isabelle University of Ottawa
Title "Au-delà de la vie" : comprendre le geste suicidaire des Québé à partir de leurs lettres d'adieu (1919-2021)
Funding $188,280
Applicant Abrahamsen, Rita University of Ottawa
Title Global Right, Global White:Transnational Radical Conservatism and South Africa
Funding $83,999
Applicant Bonaccio, Silvia University of Ottawa
Co-applicant Connelly, Catherine E. McMaster University
Gellatly, Ian R. University of Alberta
Title Informal Accommodations as Social Exchange: Canadian Managers' Reactions to Employees with and without Disabilities
Funding $170,463
Applicant Grabowski, Jan University of Ottawa
Title Open Ghettos in Occupied Poland: A Study of Institutional and Social Control
Funding $263,950
Applicant Bittle, Steven B. University of Ottawa
Co-applicant Frauley, Jonathan F. University of Ottawa
Quaid, Jennifer A. University of Ottawa
Snider, Laureen Queen's University
Title Corporate Corruption in Canada
Funding $156,713
Applicant Stockemer, Daniel University of Ottawa
Collaborator Sundström, Aksel University of Gothenburg
Title Youths without representation: The presence of young politicians in parliaments and cabinets around the world
Funding $122,895
Applicant Chkir, Imed E. University of Ottawa
Co-applicant Ben-Amar, Walid University of Ottawa
Saadi, Samir University of Ottawa
Collaborator Boubakri, Narjess American University of Sharjah
Title The effect of formal and informal institutions on corporate innovation: The case of gender diversity, state ownership and political connection
Funding $65,884
Applicant Lapierre, Simon University of Ottawa
Co-applicant Côté, Isabelle Laurentian University
Damant, Dominique Université de Montréal
Title Exposition à la violence conjugale, relation père-enfant et processus de réparation : point de vue d'enfants et d'adolescents
Funding $321,734
Applicant Moldoveanu, Mirela University of Ottawa
Co-applicant Dubé, France Université du Québec à Montréal
Dufour, France Université du Québec à Montréal
Giguère, Marie-Hélène Université du Québec à Montréal
Viens, Chantal P. University of Alberta
Collaborator Bois, Chantal University of Ottawa
Caisse, Marie-Lou Commission scolaire Marie-Victorin
Deren, Katherine University of Alberta
Gilbert, Marie-Claude Université du Québec à Montréal
Latraverse, Céline Université du Québec à Montréal
Lemire, Madeleine Consortium provincial francophone de perfectionnement professionnel
Lyseng, Randy University of Alberta
Rivest, Magalie Université du Québec à Montréal
Tardif, Denis Centre franco-ontarien de ressources pédagogiques
Title Comment soutenir la mobilisation des connaissances issues de la recherche en lien avec la différenciation pédagogique dans la pratique enseignante ?
Funding $356,350
Applicant Gueye, Abdoulaye University of Ottawa
Title Devenir 'noir" en France : le processus de reconnaissance d'un groupe racial
Funding $93,092
Applicant Humayun, Mariam University of Ottawa
Co-applicant Belk, Russell W. York University
Title Consuming Cryptocurrencies: The Consumer Journey Blockchain
Funding $144,774
Applicant Katz-Rosene, Ryan M. University of Ottawa
Title Unravelling the growth-environment paradox: Sustainability discourses for the Anthropocene
Funding $87,134
Applicant Bronson, Kelly University of Ottawa
Co-applicant Knezevic, Irena Carleton University
Millar, Jason L. University of Ottawa
Collaborator Benkie, James A. Olds College
Deshaies, Benoit Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat
Haustein, Stefanie University of Ottawa
Kierstead, Kyle Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Title Diversity by design: Using qualitative social science to drive inclusion and sustainability in agricultural innovation
Funding $99,531
Applicant Giles, Audrey R. University of Ottawa
Co-applicant Hayhurst, Lyndsay M.C. York University
Henhawk, Daniel University of Manitoba
Collaborator Hapeta, Jeremy W. Massey University
Rynne, Steven B. University of Queensland
Stewart-Withers, Rochelle R. Massey University
Title A sporting chance? A critical Indigenous analysis of "sport for reconciliation" in Canada, Australia, and Aoteroa/New Zealand
Funding $253,015
Applicant De Koninck, Joseph M. University of Ottawa
Title Evaluation des théories scientifiques et croyances populaires sur les relations entre les rêves et la vie éveillée
Funding $72,000
Applicant Daly, Paul University of Ottawa
Collaborator Binns, Reuben University of Oxford
Cobbe, Jennifer University of Cambridge
Title Artificial Administration: Administrative Law, Administrative Justice and Accountability Mechanisms in the Age of Machines
Funding $91,938
Applicant Dumas, Alexandre University of Ottawa
Collaborator Papin, Bruno J.A. Université de Nantes
Title Le double projet sportif et scolaire du programme sport-études. Comprendre ce qui fonctionne, pour qui, et dans quelles circonstances
Funding $90,492
Applicant Quaid, Jennifer A. University of Ottawa
Collaborator Albertin, Sarah Institut des hautes études sur la justice
Augsburger-Bucheli, Isabelle University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland
Cassani, Ursula Université de Genève
Magnier, Veronique Paris-Saclay University 
Title Resolving corruption prosecutions with negotiated settlements: a comparative study of Canada, France & Switzerland
Funding $222,204
Applicant Zakzanis, Konstantine K. University of Toronto
Title Effort Matters: Towards a Tangible Solution on the Nature of the Replication Crisis in Social Science Research
Funding $98,269
Applicant Waddams, Stephen M. University of Toronto
Title Continuity and change in private law: the equitable perspective
Funding $58,669
Applicant Peski, Marcin University of Toronto
Collaborator Toikka, Juuso University of Pennsylvania
Title Bargaining with Incomplete Information on Preferences
Funding $82,088
Applicant Springgay, Stephanie University of Toronto
Collaborator Truman, Sarah E. The University of Melbourne
Title Critical Walking Methodologies of Place: Research-Creation with Diverse Publics
Funding $250,366
Applicant Impett, Emily A. University of Toronto
Co-applicant Johnson, Matt D. University of Alberta
Muise, Amy York University
Title Avoiding Pain or Approaching Connection: Navigating Sexual Rejection in Romantic Relationships
Funding $311,887
Applicant Chen, Feng University of Toronto
Co-applicant Hou, Yu Queen's University
Richardson, Gordon University of Toronto
Title CEOs' Legal Expertise and Strategic Disclosures of Litigation Loss Contingencies
Funding $91,105
Applicant Doering, Laura University of Toronto
Collaborator Leung, Ming University of California, Irvine
Title Understanding Financial Education: Interaction and State-Led Development in Colombia
Funding $94,502
Applicant Goldman, Marlene University of Toronto
Title Performing Shame: Simulating Stigmatized Minds and Bodies
Funding $63,460
Applicant Strange, William C. University of Toronto
Co-applicant Blum, Bernardo S. University of Toronto
Han, Lu University of Toronto
Collaborator Rosenthal, Stuart S. Syracuse University
Title Agglomeration, Anchors, and Agents: Spatial Spillovers and Productivity
Funding $134,990
Applicant Shi, Xianwen University of Toronto
Collaborator Li, Hao The University of British Columbia
Title Information Structure and Market Performance
Funding $65,320
Applicant Rannaud, Adrien University of Toronto
Title Presse et culture de la célébrité au Québec (1930-1972)
Funding $94,663
Applicant Colantoni, Laura M. University of Toronto
Co-applicant Perez-Leroux, Ana T. University of Toronto
Collaborator Bejar, Susana University of Toronto
Cuza-Blanco, Alejandro Purdue University
Johnson, Elizabeth K. University of Toronto
Mazzaro, Natalia University of Texas at El Paso
Schertz, Jessamyn University of Toronto
Title The impact of phonetic variability on bilingual morphosyntax: The case of Spanish-English bilinguals
Funding $179,979
Applicant Miles, Andrew University of Toronto
Title Is doing good intentional? The cognitive foundations of moral action
Funding $267,167
Applicant Geva, Esther University of Toronto
Co-applicant Cohen, Nancy J. University of Toronto
Im-Bolter, Nancie Trent University
Collaborator Farnia, Fataneh University of Toronto
Title Toward Standardizing a Test of Higher Order Language
Funding $204,770
Applicant Lee, Eunjung University of Toronto
Co-applicant Bogo, Marion University of Toronto
Fox, Mark S. University of Toronto
Johnstone, Marjorie W. Dalhousie University
Kourgiantakis, Toula University of Toronto
Williams, Charmaine C. University of Toronto
Title Fostering Socially Just and Culturally Competent Practice (SJCCP) in Social Work Education:  Simulation-Based Learning (SBL) using Digital Technologies to Create an Innovative E-Learning Space
Funding $229,002
Applicant Chasteen, Alison L. University of Toronto
Co-applicant Dupuis, Katherine Sheridan College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning
Title Joining in: Addressing Social Psychological Barriers to Older Adults' Arts Participation
Funding $99,068
Applicant Esterhammer, Angela University of Toronto
Title John Galt for the twenty-first century
Funding $91,780
Applicant MacDonald, Geoffrey University of Toronto
Title Autonomous Motivation for Singlehood and Relationships
Funding $154,198
Applicant Fuller-Thomson, Esme R. University of Toronto
Co-applicant George, Usha G. Ryerson University
Kobayashi, Karen M. University of Victoria
Title The Well-Being of Older Refugees in Canada: A Mixed-Method Study
Funding $186,988
Applicant Lee, Kang University of Toronto
Co-applicant Cameron, Catherine Ann The University of British Columbia
Title The Origin of Academic Cheating in Early School Years
Funding $299,775
Applicant Elliott, Robin University of Toronto
Title European Refugee Musicians in Canada
Funding $99,423
Applicant Dyzenhaus, David L. University of Toronto
Title The politics of legal space
Funding $76,655
Applicant Maglio, Sam J. University of Toronto
Title The Causes, Characteristics, and Consequences of Protecting Choices
Funding $97,100
Applicant Kang, Yoonjung University of Toronto
Collaborator Hirayama, Manami Seikei University
Ryu, Na-Young Pennsylvania State University
Yun, Suyeon Ewha Women's University
Title Speech rate variation and sound change: From today's variation to tomorrow's innovation
Funding $165,059
Applicant Bhuyan, Rupaleem University of Toronto
Co-applicant Hackett, Valarie Cynthia Rhonda University of Victoria
King, Bryn University of Toronto
Mucina, Mandeep K. University of Victoria
Title Bordering practices in the Canadian child welfare system: How immigration status shapes risk assessment with immigrant families
Funding $306,588
Applicant Fan, Xing University of Toronto
Title Tracing a Hidden Path: Female Transgression in Beijing Opera, 1880‒1949
Funding $94,697
Applicant Duff, Wendy M. University of Toronto
Co-applicant Regehr, Cheryl University of Toronto
Title Emotional Responses to Archival Work
Funding $192,432
Applicant Davies, Scott University of Toronto
Co-applicant Duku, Eric K. McMaster University
Dunn, James R. McMaster University
Georgiades, Katholiki McMaster University
Guhn, Martin The University of British Columbia
Janus, Magdalena McMaster University
McIsaac, Jessie-Lee D. Mount Saint Vincent University
McNelles, Laurie R. Education Quality and Accountability Office
Collaborator Brownell, Marni University of Manitoba
Title Understanding Fraud Susceptibility in Adulthood
Funding $254,482
Applicant Ripstein, Arthur S. University of Toronto
Title Members of the Public
Funding $94,100
Applicant Bing, Peter University of Toronto
Title The Origins of The Earliest Greek Poetry Books: Monument-Groups with Multiple Verse-Inscriptions
Funding $33,380
Applicant Hoffmann, Matthew J. University of Toronto
Co-applicant Gore, Christopher D. Ryerson University
Collaborator Betsill, Michele Colorado State University
Hughes, Sara University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Title The 100 Resilient Cities Initiative: A Natural Experiment in the Politics of Creating a Sustainable World
Funding $240,945
Applicant Heath, Joseph M. University of Toronto
Title How to Criticize Society
Funding $90,000
Applicant Pilzer, Joshua D. University of Toronto
Title Sound, Music and the Making of Propriety in Everyday Life
Funding $61,566
Applicant Fournier, Marc A. University of Toronto
Title Personality Coherence, Personality Development, and Directional Personality Change
Funding $88,339
Applicant Charlow, Nathan University of Toronto
Title Non-Truth-Conditional Content
Funding $86,250
Applicant Burnes, David University of Toronto
Co-applicant Ashcroft, Rachelle University of Toronto
Bogo, Marion University of Toronto
Title What Does Engagement Look Like with Victims of Elder Abuse in Community Support Services?
Funding $201,287
Applicant Berrey, Ellen University of Toronto
Collaborator Hanna, Alex Google Inc.
Title Student Protests and University Responses in the United States and Canada, 2012-2018
Funding $268,072
Applicant Sharpe, Tanya L. University of Toronto
Co-applicant Bailey, Annette A. Ryerson University
Begun, Stephanie University of Toronto
Logie, Carmen H. University of Toronto
Collaborator Chandrasekera, Uppala Canadian Mental Health Association Ontario
Haynes, Kevin University of Toronto
Massaquoi, Notisha M. Ryerson University
Shendelman, Alex Distress Centres of Greater Toronto
Title Invisible wounds: Exploring the experiences of African, Caribbean and Black survivors of homicide victims
Funding $178,173
Applicant Holtz, Grégoire University of Toronto
Title Le partage des points de vue : Pour une étude de la « mise en perspective » dans la littérature de la Renaissance
Funding $80,524
Applicant Page-Gould, Elizabeth University of Toronto
Title Social Interactions and Relationships in the Context of a Diverse Society
Funding $230,616
Applicant Keymer, Thomas E. University of Toronto
Title Literature, Politics, and Law in Eighteenth-Century Britain: Henry Fielding and the Trade of Authoring
Funding $68,339
Applicant Plaks, Jason E. University of Toronto
Title Metatheoretical Awareness: A Context-Sensitive Approach to Implicit Theories of Willpower
Funding $79,000
Applicant Saleh, Walid University of Toronto
Co-applicant Goodman, Amanda K. University of Toronto
Miller, Jeanne E. University of Toronto
Stock, Markus University of Toronto
Collaborator Akbari, Suzanne Conklin Institute for Advanced Study
Brilli, Elisa University of Toronto
Clarke, Shayne N. McMaster University
Cohen, Mordechai Yeshiva University
Geissinger, Aisha Carleton University
Hammond, Adam University of Toronto
Hollender, Elisabeth Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main
King, Peter O. University of Toronto
Lechtermann, Christina Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main
Lo, Yuet Keung National University of Singapore
Mak, Bill Needham Research Institute
Obrock, Luther J. University of Toronto
Ott, Christine Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main
Raffaelli, Enrico Giuseppe University of Toronto
Rao, Ajay K. University of Toronto
Yu, Kenneth University of Toronto
Title Practices of Commentary
Funding $173,846
Applicant Wright, Daniel University of Toronto
Title The Grounds of the Novel
Funding $21,293
Applicant Welsh, Timothy N. University of Toronto
Co-applicant Hodges, Nicola J. The University of British Columbia
Karlinsky, April University of Toronto
Tamminen, Katherine A. University of Toronto
Tremblay, Luc University of Toronto
Title Are Two Better than One? Assessing the Learning and Motivational Benefits of Practicing in Pairs
Funding $158,780
Applicant Tuck, Eve University of Toronto
Collaborator Yang, K. Wayne University of California, San Diego
Title Returning Land Project
Funding $287,914
Applicant Penney, Stephanie R. University of Toronto
Co-applicant Gosselin, Anik University of Ottawa
Seto, Michael C. University of Ottawa
Simpson, Alexander I.F. University of Toronto
Title Motivational influences and trajectories to violence in the context of major mental illness
Funding $81,773
Applicant Banning, Edward B. University of Toronto
Co-applicant Stewart, Sarah T. Trent University
Collaborator Abu Jayyab, Khaled University of Toronto
Fulton, Carrie University of Toronto
Gibbs, Kevin University of California, Berkeley
Letham, Bryn Simon Fraser University
Macdonald, Danielle A. University of Tulsa
Maher, Lisa A. University of California, Berkeley
Simmons, Alan H. University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Ullah, Isaac I.T. San Diego State University
Title Large and Small Things Forgotten: Scale and Visibility in Epipaleolithic Cyprus and Neolithic Jordan
Funding $224,875
Applicant Tsoy, Anton University of Toronto
Collaborator Malenko, Andrey Boston College
Title Capital Structure Dynamics
Funding $59,824
Applicant Pelle, Stephen University of Toronto
Co-applicant Getz, Robert R. University of Toronto
Title Dictionary of Old English: Drafting, Revision, and Publication of L Entries
Funding $105,741
Applicant Weisberg, Jonathan J. University of Toronto
Title Centrality & Belief
Funding $98,500
Applicant Bernstein, Steven F. University of Toronto
Co-applicant Hannah, Erin N. King's University College at Western University
Title Coherence and Incoherence in Global Sustainable Development Governance
Funding $147,564
Applicant Rule, Nicholas O. University of Toronto
Title How Social, Emotional, and Motivational Forces Affect Facial Appearance Over Time
Funding $198,895
Applicant Rothman, Natalie University of Toronto
Co-applicant Stapelfeldt, Kirsta University of Toronto
Collaborator Burak, Guy New York University
Ferguson, Heather Claremont McKenna College
Foscarini, Fiorella University of Toronto
Title Trans-Imperial Archives: Diplomacy, Circulation, and Entanglement in the Early Modern Mediterranean
Funding $191,027
Applicant Yu, Sherry University of Toronto
Title Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and the Cultural Literacy and Social Integration of Canadians
Funding $58,991
Applicant Ozkan, Serdar University of Toronto
Collaborator Hedlund, Aaron University of Missouri
Karahan, Fatih Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Mitman, Kurt Stockholm University
Title Monetary policy, household heterogeneity, and the housing channel
Funding $62,622
Applicant Hansen, Randall A. University of Toronto
Title Work, Work, and Want: Global Drivers of Human Trafficking
Funding $66,309
Applicant Niblett, Anthony M. University of Toronto
Title Algorithmic Predictions as Legal Decisions
Funding $95,149
Applicant Ornston, Darius P. University of Toronto
Title Reassessing the Benefits of Embedding Foreign Multinationals
Funding $34,105
Applicant Vyas, Dushyantkumar M. University of Toronto
Title Information Quality and Corporate Restructurings
Funding $81,565
Applicant Wong, Wendy H. University of Toronto
Collaborator Jung, Danielle F. Emory University
Kahler, Miles American University
Lake, David University of California, San Diego
Murdie, Amanda University of Georgia
Weller, Nicholas University of California, Riverside
Title Functional Governance: Non-state Actor Welfare Provision and the Legitimacy of the State
Funding $359,505
Applicant Zhu, Xiaodong University of Toronto
Title Migration, Growth, and Inequality: Micro Data and Macro Evaluations
Funding $77,208
Applicant Dickie, Simon University of Toronto
Title Church, Literature, and Blasphemy in the Eighteenth Century
Funding $92,952
Applicant Mashford-Pringle, Angela R. University of Toronto
Co-applicant Flores, Jerry University of Toronto
Lawford, Karen M. Queen's University
Matheson, Flora I. University of Toronto
Title Kijibashik: Turn It Around―Indigenous Women's Stories on Motherhood and Incarceration
Funding $298,189
Applicant VanderLaan, Doug University of Toronto
Collaborator Wong, Wang Ivy The Chinese University, Hong Kong
Title Gender Development Across Cultures: Understanding and Reducing Children's Gender Stereotyping and Biases
Funding $201,257
Applicant Brown, Elspeth H. University of Toronto
Co-applicant Joynt, Chase R. University of Victoria
Collaborator Devor, Aaron H. University of Victoria
Swanson, Raegan M. Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives
Title The LGBTQ+ Oral History Digital Collaboratory: 2.0
Funding $303,181
Applicant Korteweg, Anna C. University of Toronto
Collaborator Yurdakul, Gökce Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Title Borders, boundaries, and bodies in the production of non-belonging: Regulating the return of European women who joined the Islamic State
Funding $96,441
Applicant Huang, Aiyun University of Toronto
Collaborator Bithell, David Southern Oregon University
Dobrian, John Christopher University of California, Irvine
Lorenzo, Levy The New School
Puckette, Miller S. University of California, San Diego
Schroeder, Sabrina A.B. Simon Fraser University
Title Research-Creation on Best Practices for Live Performance and Media Technology
Funding $280,176
Applicant Deb, Rahul University of Toronto
Collaborator Renou, Ludovic Queen Mary University of London
Title Explaining and Predicting Committee Voting
Funding $57,875
Applicant Neel, Rebecca University of Toronto
Title The stigma of perceived irrelevance: Understanding the target side of social invisibility
Funding $156,286
Applicant Seidman, Naomi S. University of Toronto
Title Performing Orthodox Jewish Girlhood
Funding $202,441
Applicant Kullmann, Dorothea University of Toronto
Collaborator Pierno, Franco University of Toronto
Troberg, Michelle A. University of Toronto
Title Livres d'heures - textes et langue
Funding $181,639
Applicant Robinson, John B. University of Toronto
Co-applicant Touchie, Marianne F. University of Toronto
Collaborator Jakubiec, Alstan J. University of Toronto
Title Practicing Wellbeing in the Built Environment: The Social Practice of Developing Wellbeing in U of T Living Labs
Funding $259,010
Applicant McMillan, Robert University of Toronto
Collaborator Gilraine, John New York University
Macartney, Hugh Duke University
Title Uncovering the Education Production Function
Funding $180,317
Applicant Loewen, Peter J. University of Toronto
Collaborator Sheffer, Lior Tel Aviv University
Title What Do Politicians Know?
Funding $342,870
Applicant Schieman, Scott University of Toronto
Co-applicant Narisada, Atsushi Saint Mary's University
Collaborator Bierman, Alex University of Calgary
Glavin, Paul McMaster University
Hegtvedt, Karen Emory University
Lee, Andrew W. Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada
Reid, Sarah M. Deloitte
Sauer, Carsten Radboud University, Nijmegen
Valet, Peter University of Bamberg
Young, Marisa C. McMaster University
Zheng, Hui Ohio State University
Title Distributive Justice in Canada
Funding $382,940
Applicant Shah, Avni M. University of Toronto
Co-applicant Osborne, Matthew J. University of Toronto
Collaborator Soman, Dilip University of Toronto
Title A Theory of Payment Frictions: Using Financial Technology To Improve Financial Well-Being and Social Welfare
Funding $103,655
Applicant Macklem, Patrick University of Toronto
Title Human Rights and their Critics
Funding $54,992
Applicant Milligan, Ian E. University of Waterloo
Title Averting the Digital Dark Age: The Digital Preservation Movement, 1991-2001
Funding $97,602
Applicant Bruce, Gary S. University of Waterloo
Title Night of the Long Knives: Acquiescence, Masculinity, and the Path to Nazi Mass Murder
Funding $68,388
Applicant Clapp, Jennifer A. University of Waterloo
Title The Rise of Agrifood Mega-Companies: Drivers, Implications and Political Responses
Funding $94,855
Applicant Henderson, Heather A. University of Waterloo
Title Making new friends: The impact of shyness on unfamiliar children's interactions
Funding $74,340
Applicant Welch, David A. University of Waterloo
Collaborator Patman, Robert G. University of Otago
Title Why do leaders fail to learn from history (and how might they succeed)?
Funding $185,047
Applicant Tian, Jie University of Waterloo
Co-applicant Sabac, Florin University of Alberta
Title Corporate Governance with Biased Managers
Funding $98,783
Applicant Doberstein, Brent A. University of Waterloo
Co-applicant Joakim, Erin P. University of Waterloo
Nepal, Sanjay K. University of Waterloo
Title Linking tourism, social/cultural capital, and disaster recovery: Comparative perspectives from Nepal, Indonesia and the Philippines
Funding $220,716
Applicant Cadell, Susan Renison University College, University of Waterloo
Co-applicant Davidson, Deborah A. York University
Freeman, Bonnie M. McMaster University
Klein, Reisa University of Alberta
La Rose, Tara McMaster University
Macdonald, Mary Ellen McGill University
Van Katwyk, Patricia University of Waterloo
Collaborator Reid, Melissa L. Calming Tree Counselling
Title Healing Tattoos
Funding $88,858
Applicant Brown, Douglas J. University of Waterloo
Title The Antecedents of Abusive Supervision: A Self-Regulatory Identity Based Approach
Funding $177,499
Applicant Doucet, Brian University of Waterloo
Collaborator Cooke, Terry Hamilton Community Foundation
Dunn, James R. McMaster University
Filion, Pierre University of Waterloo
Hackworth, Jason University of Toronto
Harris, Richard McMaster University
Metcalfe, Amy S. The University of British Columbia
Thorne, Jason City of Hamilton
Title Overspill gentrification: neighbourhood change in Hamilton, and the impact from Toronto
Funding $98,858
Applicant Singh, Rashmee University of Waterloo
Co-applicant Oliver, Marcia Wilfrid Laurier University
Collaborator Raguparan, Menaka Other/Unknown
Taylor, Lane Other/Unknown
Vermilion, Jelena Other/Unknown
Title The Role of the Penal Voluntary Sector in the Governance of the Sex Trade: A Comparative Study
Funding $89,227
Applicant McLevey, John V.P. University of Waterloo
Co-applicant Quan-Haase, Anabel Western University
Tindall, David B. The University of British Columbia
Collaborator Abul Fottouh, Deena University of Toronto
Durant, Darrin The University of Melbourne
Gallupe, Owen University of Waterloo
Innes, Martin Cardiff University
Title Disinformation, Democracy, and Online Political Deliberation
Funding $219,003
Applicant Plaisance, Kathryn S. University of Waterloo
Collaborator Elliott, Kevin Michigan State University
McLevey, John V.P. University of Waterloo
Mehlenbacher, Ashley R. University of Waterloo
O'Rourke, Michael Michigan State University
Turkheimer, Eric University of Virginia
Title Engaging Science with Philosophy: Best Practices for Fostering Effective Collaboration
Funding $188,179
Applicant Sheppard, Lola E. University of Waterloo
Co-applicant Stern, Pamela R. Simon Fraser University
Tester, Frank J. University of Manitoba
White, Mason C. University of Toronto
Collaborator Anawak, Caroline Other/Unknown
Baker, Simona Arviat Housing Association
Kuksuk, Patsy Nunavut Housing Corporation
McCorriston, Laurel Uquutaq Society
Semple, William A. University of Alberta
Tagalik, Shirley E. Aqqiumavvik Society
Title Housing Nunavut for all Ages
Funding $272,193
Applicant Lynes, Jennifer K. University of Waterloo
Title The practice behind the theory of community-based social marketing
Funding $243,257
Applicant Cordonier-Segger, Marie-Claire University of Waterloo
Collaborator Harrington, Alexandra McGill University
Title Insights on advancing the Sustainable Development Goals through respect for First Nations treaties across Canada
Funding $290,641
Applicant Nepal, Sanjay K. University of Waterloo
Title Managing snow leopard (Uncia uncia) and community conflict in an era of environmental change in Nepal
Funding $87,685
Applicant Harney, Nicholas D. University of Windsor
Title The Ritualization of Hospitality: a comparative ethnography across Italy
Funding $98,660
Applicant Feldman, Gregory University of Windsor
Title Sovereignty as New Beginnings: Action among Congolese Refugees in Canada
Funding $92,303
Applicant Loughead, Todd University of Windsor
Co-applicant Bloom, Gordon A. McGill University
Chandler, Krista J. University of Windsor
Title The Effect of an Athlete Leadership Development Program for Student-Athletes
Funding $225,377
Applicant Bick, Sally M. A. University of Windsor
Collaborator Kobti, Ziad University of Windsor
Title The New York Networks that Made American Music Modern: A 1930s View from the New School for Social Research
Funding $63,706
Applicant Rodney, Lee University of Windsor
Co-applicant Darroch, Michael H. University of Windsor
Collaborator Akrey, Donna Brock University
Nelson, Robert L. University of Windsor
Ng-Chan, Taien York University
Young, Julie E.E. University of Lethbridge
Title Sensing Borders: Mapping, Media and Migration
Funding $59,899
Applicant Newman, Judith H. Victoria University, Toronto
Title The Participatory Past: Time, Presence, and the Promise of Blessing in Early Judaism
Funding $84,315
Applicant Fletcher, Judith Wilfrid Laurier University
Title Women and Religion in Euripides
Funding $82,837
Applicant Absolon, Kathy Wilfrid Laurier University
Co-applicant Dion, Susan D. York University
Janes, Julia E. Memorial University of Newfoundland
Poole, Jennifer M. Ryerson University
Rice, Carla M. University of Guelph
Title Decolonizing Journeys: Learning about decolonizing through Indigneous research and digital story work
Funding $213,080
Applicant Jordan, Christian H. Wilfrid Laurier University
Title How narcissism relates to perceptions of conflict and cooperative behaviour
Funding $99,508
Applicant McCaig, Brian D. Wilfrid Laurier University
Collaborator Pavcnik, Nina Dartmouth College
Wong, Woan Foong University of Oregon
Title Trade policy and long-run industry adjustment: State, private, and foreign firms in Vietnam
Funding $80,527
Applicant Menon, Kalyani Wilfrid Laurier University
Co-applicant Dubé, Laurette McGill University
Collaborator Ma, Zhenfeng Wilfrid Laurier University
Wilson, Anne E. Wilfrid Laurier University
Title Driving adaptive versus materialistic consumption to benefit consumers and marketers
Funding $279,565
Applicant Newton, Nicola J. Wilfrid Laurier University
Title Woman's Search for Meaning: Identity and Purpose in Life among Older Women
Funding $73,181
Applicant Waeger, Daniel Wilfrid Laurier University
Title Boards of Directors and Shareholder Activists: Impression Management, Framing Contests and Competition
Funding $164,776
Applicant Brooke, Stephen J. York University
Title Politics and Emotion in Britain, c. 1970-c. 2000
Funding $96,011
Applicant Ladd-Taylor, Molly York University
Title Damaged children: innocence, inequality, and the politics of poverty in the postwar United States, 1950 to 1990
Funding $86,717
Applicant Cormier, Andrée-Anne York University
Collaborator Brighouse, Harry M. University of Wisconsin-Madison
Title The Ethics and Politics of Interpersonal Relationships
Funding $96,719
Applicant Levine, Gabriel J. York University
Title Living trash: puppetry, ecology, and more-than-human performance
Funding $58,275
Applicant Choi, Tina Y. York University
Title Popular Maps, Cartographic Literacy, and Narrative in Britain, 1820-1870
Funding $79,692
Applicant Buturovic, Amila York University
Title Herbs, Stars, and Amulets: Health and Cross-Confessional Healing in Ottoman Bosnia
Funding $87,480
Applicant Jurdjevic, Mark York University
Title Desperation's Remedies: The Machiavelli-Guicciardini Correspondence and the Transformation of the Humanities
Funding $79,116
Applicant Bamber, Matthew A. York University
Title Accounting Interrogations: Good Questions, Good Answers, and the Roles of Voice and Silence
Funding $125,290
Applicant Ippolito, John York University
Co-applicant Rehner, Katherine A. University of Toronto
Title Adult Language Learning in a Transnational Context: Towards a Migrant-Centric View of Translingual Agency and Social Integration
Funding $95,414
Applicant Pettit, Michael York University
Title Governed by Affect: The Public Lives of American Psychology since the 1960s
Funding $164,010
Applicant Epstein, Iris York University
Co-applicant Baljko, Melanie A. York University
Dadashi, Nastaran George Brown College
Khanlou, Nazilla York University
Mastrilli, Paula L. George Brown College
Morais, Ana Rita George Brown College
Stephens, Lindsay K. University of Toronto
Stevens, Bonnie J. The Hospital for Sick Children Toronto
Collaborator Barker, Donna J. University of Toronto
Ellis, Wendy George Brown College
Gueorguieva, Vera I. The Hospital for Sick Children Toronto
McKee, Eileen J. University of Toronto
Moore, Anne George Brown College
Parzanese, Maria K. Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Swartz, Karen York University
Title Accommodation To Include Students with Disabilities In Practicum Sites (AcTinSite): A co-design intervention
Funding $253,369
Applicant Gazso, Amber York University
Co-applicant Baker Collins, Stephanie McMaster University
Smith, Carrie J. King's University College at Western University
Smith-Carrier, Tracy A. King's University College at Western University
Collaborator Brait, Michelle City of Toronto
Herd, Dean A. City of Toronto
Title The Systems of Our Lives: Navigating Multiple Systems While Living on Low Income
Funding $150,738
Applicant Lightman, Bernard V. York University
Co-applicant Anderson, Katharine York University
Collaborator Baldwin Fulford, Melinda American Institute of Physics
Bellon, Richard Michigan State University
England, Richard K. Eastern Illinois University
Gooday, Graeme J.N. University of Leeds
Hesketh, Ian R. University of Queensland
Hewitt, Martin Anglia Ruskin University
Jackson, Roland University College London
Opitz, Donald DePaul University
O'Sullivan, Tanya M. No Institutional Affiliation
Reidy, Michael Montana State University
Stark, James University of Leeds
Ungureanu, James C. University of Wisconsin-Madison
Wale, Matthew No Institutional Affiliation
Title The collected letters of John Tyndall (1820-1893), influential Victorian scientist; editing and publishing volumes 15 to 21
Funding $362,161
Applicant Williams, Deanne M. York University
Title The Girl Player in Early Theatre
Funding $94,276
Applicant Morrow, Marina H. York University
Co-applicant Ibrahim, Mohamed The University of British Columbia
Collaborator Brophy, Lisa L.M. La Trobe University
Edan, Vrinda Victorian Mental Illness Awareness Council
Hardie, Susan L. Canadian Centre on Disability Studies
Njenga, Michael Users and Survivors of Psychiatry in Kenya
O'Hagan, Mary PeerZone
Title Realizing human rights and equity in community-based mental health services
Funding $348,938
Applicant Parekh, Gillian G. York University
Co-applicant Brown, Robert S. York University
Robson, Karen L. McMaster University
Shah, Vidya York University
Underwood, Kathryn J.M. Ryerson University
Winton, Susan York University
Collaborator Browne, Brendan Toronto District School Board
Cameron, David H. Toronto District School Board
Gaymes SanVicente, Alison M. Toronto District School Board
Kassam, Salima Toronto District School Board
Murray, Karen Toronto District School Board
San Vicente, Ramon R J Lang Elementary and Middle School
To, Jason Westview Centennial Secondary School
Title Critical Transitions: Identifying key factors shaping students' elementary, secondary, and post-secondary pathways
Funding $292,162
Applicant Wiseheart, Melody York University
Co-applicant Sana, Faria Athabasca University
Title Spacing effect and critical thinking in the classroom
Funding $267,000
Applicant Cho, Lily M. York University
Collaborator Deng, Claire Ryerson University
Palriwala, Rajni University of Delhi
Poduval, Satish English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad
Title Asian Values: fictions of finance in postcolonial and diasporic Asia
Funding $61,387
Applicant Kurasawa, Fuyuki York University
Title AI for Global Justice? Examining Evidentiary Politics from Below
Funding $257,348
Applicant Safai, Parissa York University
Co-applicant Nakamura, Yuka York University
Title KIN Games? Examining the Construction of Relevance in Kinesiology in Canada
Funding $208,090
Applicant Turner, Alicia York University
Title Resisting the birth of Buddhist identity: gender, colonial secularism and practices of connection in Burma
Funding $72,429
Applicant Saunders, Richard G. York University
Collaborator Dhliwayo, Mutuso Zimbabwe Environmental Law Association
Kinyondo, Abel A. University of Dar Es Salaam
Lungu, John Copperbelt University
Title Canadian Mining and Resource Nationalism in Africa: Contestation and Developmental Implications
Funding $243,466
Applicant Neu, Dean E. York University
Co-applicant Saxton, Gregory D. York University
Title Accounting inscriptions and social media-based social accountability processes
Funding $194,000
Applicant Weiss, Jonathan York University
Co-applicant Gorter, Jan Willem McMaster University
Collaborator Bishop, Lauren University of Wisconsin-Madison
Title Thriving with developmental disability: A photo elicitation study
Funding $91,682
Applicant Vandergeest, Peter York University
Co-applicant Kelly, Philip F. York University
Marschke, Melissa J. University of Ottawa
Collaborator Havice, Elizabeth University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Title Work at Sea: Explaining Labour Relations in the Global Fishing Industry
Funding $242,309
Applicant Rehaag, Sean York University
Title Refugee Law Laboratory @CRS
Funding $203,162
Applicant Fisher, Caitlin York University
Co-applicant Mann, Steve University of Toronto
Collaborator Pullinger, Kathleen Bath Spa University
Title Artificial Intelligence Storytelling
Funding $261,283
Applicant Man, Guida C. York University
Title Transnational Migration and Social Reproduction: Eldercare Work of Chinese Immigrant Women Professionals in Canada
Funding $99,980
Applicant Fogel, Joshua A. York University
Title Transcending babel in East Asia: the Esperanto movement in China and Japan, 1900-1950
Funding $82,069
Applicant Wang, Jing York University
Title LGBT employees' work experiences in Canada: A comparison with heterosexual counterparts
Funding $53,234
Applicant Schneider, Christopher J. Brandon University
Co-applicant Hannem, Stacey N. Wilfrid Laurier University
Title "Asking for it?": Women's Experiences of Risk and Safety in the Heavy Metal Music Scene
Funding $77,718
Applicant Fehr, Beverley A. The University of Winnipeg
Title A Prototype-Interaction Pattern Model of Love
Funding $90,820
Applicant Buckels, Erin E. The University of Winnipeg
Co-applicant Trapnell, Paul D. The University of Winnipeg
Collaborator Desroches, Amy S. The University of Winnipeg
Paulhus, Delroy L. The University of British Columbia
Williams, Douglas A. The University of Winnipeg
Title Everyday Sadism: Measurement, Incentives, and Emotional Processing
Funding $96,881
Applicant Tze, Virginia M.C. University of Manitoba
Co-applicant Daniels, Lia M. University of Alberta
Li, Johnson Ching Hong C. University of Manitoba
Title Empowering students to fight boredom through an online intervention
Funding $143,034
Applicant Fernandez, Enrique J. University of Manitoba
Co-applicant Abreu-Ferreira, Darlene The University of Winnipeg
Title Post-mortem gender identities in early modern Iberia: relics and anatomies
Funding $88,689
Applicant Bailis, Daniel S. University of Manitoba
Title Self-Compassion at the Point of Sale: Investigating Linkages to High and Low Consumerist Behaviours
Funding $97,914
Applicant Peter, Tracey University of Manitoba
Co-applicant Farenhorst, Annemieke University of Manitoba
Collaborator Salminen-Karlsson, Minna Uppsala University
Wolffram, Andrea Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg
Title A cross-national, cross-sectional study of women's retention and advancement in information technology and engineering careers
Funding $212,170
Applicant Menec, Verena H. University of Manitoba
Co-applicant Milgrom, Richard University of Manitoba
Newall, Nancy E. Brandon University
Collaborator Newman, Connie Manitoba Association of Senior Centres
Title Age-Friendly Community Initiatives: Impact and Sustainability
Funding $220,476
Applicant Wu, Zhenyu University of Manitoba
Title Family Involvement and Longevity of Joint Ventures: International Evidence
Funding $98,280
Applicant Cossar, Roisin A. University of Manitoba
Collaborator Hewlett, Cecilia J. Monash University
Title To Everything there is a Season: Seasonality and the History of Late Medieval Christianity
Funding $90,060
Applicant Fowler, Kent D. University of Manitoba
Co-applicant Fayek, Mostafa University of Manitoba
Collaborator Arnold, Elizabeth R. Grand Valley State University
Greenfield, Haskel J. University of Manitoba
Horsburgh, Katherine A. Southern Methodist University
Kotze, Steven Other/Unknown
van Schalkwyk, Leonard O. eThembeni Cultural Heritage
Title Between kings and commoners: An integrated approach to the political economy of the Zulu Kingdom
Funding $399,511
Applicant Bookman, Sonia K. University of Manitoba
Co-applicant Fridell, Mara University of Manitoba
Hudson, Mark University of Manitoba
Title Cosmopolitan Consumption, Culture, and Markets in Canadian Society
Funding $88,395
Applicant Davidson-Hunt, Iain J. University of Manitoba
Co-applicant Penados, Filiberto University of Manitoba
Title Living autonomously in precarious times: the persistence and emergence of artisanal practice in rural regions
Funding $358,178
Applicant Blake, Raymond B. University of Regina
Co-applicant Bryden, Penny E. University of Victoria
Title The Power of Ideas: National Identity and Pierre Trudeau's Peace Initiative
Funding $98,428
Applicant Belisle, Donica L. University of Regina
Title Canadian Sugar: A Local and Global History
Funding $91,826
Applicant Pennycook, Gordon R. University of Regina
Collaborator Alonso Arechar, Antonio Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Berinsky, Adam Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Fazio, Lisa K. Vanderbilt University
Mosleh, Mohsen Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Rand, David G. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Thompson, Valerie University of Saskatchewan
Title The psychology of online disinformation
Funding $296,160
Applicant Riegel, Christian E. Campion College at the University of Regina
Co-applicant Robinson, Katherine M. University of Regina
Smith, Megan L. University of Regina
Title 'Disrupt/ability': Disability, Ableism, Eye Tracking Technology and Art Creation
Funding $204,304
Applicant Hudson, Robert University of Saskatchewan
Title A Philosophical Assessment of the Reproducibility Crisis
Funding $73,862
Applicant Mykota, David B. University of Saskatchewan
Co-applicant Lin, Pei-Ying University of Saskatchewan
Title The moderating effects of instruction and course design on social presence student outcomes in online environs
Funding $51,294
Applicant Wang, Shan University of Saskatchewan
Title Online social networking and social commerce performance: an ego network perspective
Funding $69,410
Applicant Lovick, Olga Charlotte University of Saskatchewan
Collaborator Jung, Dagmar University of Zurich
Klein, Mark Clearwater River Dene Nation School
Lemaigre, Allison Clearwater River Dene Nation School
Title Talking Dene: documenting language and change in two Northern Saskatchewan communities
Funding $333,124
Applicant Quinlan, Elizabeth University of Saskatchewan
Co-applicant Carr, Tracey L. University of Saskatchewan
Title Intervening in Workplace Harassment with Participatory Theatre: A Critical Realist Evaluation
Funding $299,635
Applicant Westman, Clinton N. University of Saskatchewan
Co-applicant Baker, Janelle M. Athabasca University
Hudson, Mark University of Manitoba
Sinclair, Katherine S. Grant MacEwan University
Stuart, Glenn University of Saskatchewan
Woywitka, Robin Grant MacEwan University
Collaborator Auger, Josephine C. Athabasca University
Ives, John W. University of Alberta
Joly, Tara L. Willow Springs Strategic Solutions
McCormack, Patricia A. University of Saskatchewan
Title Cultural Politics of Energy in Northern Alberta: Refining Insights into Oil Sands Impacts and Processes Concerning Indigenous Peoples
Funding $359,854
Applicant Lin, Pei-Ying University of Saskatchewan
Collaborator Davidson, Anne EdMetric LLC
Yu, Fu-Yun National Cheng Kung University
Title Canadian teachers' expertise in accessibility and accommodations for students with learning disabilities
Funding $271,560
Applicant Delbaere, Marjorie A. University of Saskatchewan
Collaborator Willis, Erin University of Colorado at Boulder
Title Patient Influencers: A Marketplace Approach to Investigating the Influence of Expert Patients
Funding $85,819
Applicant Mescall, Devan University of Saskatchewan
Co-applicant Klassen, Kenneth J. University of Waterloo
Title The determinants and impacts of tax certainty in a global economy
Funding $193,741
Applicant Jaarsma, Ada S. Mount Royal University
Co-applicant Berkhout, Susan G. University of Toronto
Collaborator Daigle, Christine Brock University
Wilcox, Meg Mount Royal University
Title Placebos Talk Back
Funding $74,992
Applicant O'Connor, Kevin B. Mount Royal University
Co-applicant Russell, Thomas L. Queen's University
Sterenberg, Gladys Y. Mount Royal University
Title Hybrid Spaces within a Professional Development School Context
Funding $258,606
Applicant Méthot, Mélanie University of Alberta
Title Much married: bigamy in Australia (1816-1950s)
Funding $276,240
Applicant Maroto, Michelle L. University of Alberta
Co-applicant Bayatrizi, Zohreh University of Alberta
Durou, Guillaume University of Alberta
Collaborator Savage, Michael A. London School of Economics and Political Science
Title The vertical mosaic in the 21st century: The great Canadian class study
Funding $259,979
Applicant Castelo, Noah University of Alberta
Co-applicant Häubl, Gerald University of Alberta
Collaborator Boegershausen, Johanne University of Amsterdam
Crawford, Mark A. University of Alberta
Henkel, Alexander P. Open Universiteit, Netherlands
Hildebrand, Christian University of St. Gallen
Title Understanding Consumer and Employee Reactions to AI Technologies
Funding $121,084
Applicant Häubl, Gerald University of Alberta
Collaborator Blanchard, Simon Georgetown University
Dellaert, Benedictus Erasmus University
Donkers, Bas Erasmus University
Engeler, Isabelle IESE Business School
Johnson, Eric J. Columbia University
Johnson, Heidi Financial Health Network
Larrick, Rick Duke University
Shu, Suzanne University of California, Los Angeles
Tian, Ding Shanghai University of Finance and Economics
Trudel, Remi Boston University
Weber, Elke Princeton University
Wei, Sarah University of Warwick
Title Using Choice Architecture to Promote Long-Term Behaviour Change
Funding $237,200
Applicant Fisher, Robert University of Alberta
Title Development and Validation of a New Measure of Socially Desirable Responding in Organizations: Effects of Unethical Organizational Behavior on False Reporting
Funding $93,015
Applicant Campeau, Holly A. University of Alberta
Co-applicant Levi, Ron University of Toronto
Collaborator Torigian, Matthew A. University of Toronto
Title The dual perspective: unpacking police-citizen arrest encounters
Funding $96,686
Applicant Cutumisu, Maria University of Alberta
Co-applicant Cui, Ying University of Alberta
Gierl, Mark J. University of Alberta
Leighton, Jacqueline P. University of Alberta
Title A model of computational thinking for deeper learning
Funding $399,987
Applicant Salma, Jordana University of Alberta
Co-applicant Kobayashi, Karen M. University of Victoria
Collaborator Kadri, Salwa A. Other/Unknown
Khan, Nuzhat Other/Unknown
Khan, Shahriyar City of Edmonton
Layton, Mahenaz Muslim Association of Canada
Title Muslim Women in Canada: Understanding and Mobilizing for Social Connectedness in Older Age
Funding $99,357
Applicant Gouglas, Sean W. University of Alberta
Co-applicant de Castell, Suzanne Ontario Tech University 
Jenson, Jennifer York University
Weststar, Johanna Western University
Whitson, Jennifer R. University of Waterloo
Title The First Three Years
Funding $347,080
Applicant Wujastyk, Dominik University of Alberta
Collaborator Acharya, Diwakar Nath University of Oxford
Graheli, Alessandro Austrian Academy of Sciences
Harimoto, Kengo Mahidol University
Koythodi Parameswaran, Madhu Kyoto University
Title The textual and cultural history of medicine in South Asia based on newly-discovered manuscript evidence
Funding $239,375
Applicant Ghoul, Sadok University of Alberta
Collaborator Bae, Kee-Hong York University
Guedhami, Omrane University of South Carolina
Title Distracted Institutional Shareholders, Corporate Governance, and Corporate Outcomes: International Evidence
Funding $161,893
Applicant Glaser, Vern L. University of Alberta
Co-applicant Steele, Christopher W.J. University of Alberta
Title The Rise of Business Analytics: Understanding the Hidden Data Dynamics that are Transforming Business Practices
Funding $201,837
Applicant Stovel, Nora F. University of Alberta
Title Crossing borders, breaking rules: Carol Shields, subversive feminist
Funding $40,613
Applicant Moules, Nancy University of Calgary
Co-applicant Laing, Catherine M. University of Calgary
Collaborator McIver, Christine Kids Cancer Care Foundation of Alberta
Neimeyer, Robert University of Memphis
Title The Public Face of Grief: Bereavement and Social Media
Funding $97,394
Applicant Colpitts, George W. University of Calgary
Title Credit, Gift and Barter in the changing environments of Western Canada, 1821‒1870
Funding $67,069
Applicant Cooper, Barry F. University of Calgary
Title Neolithic Political Symbols
Funding $74,232
Applicant MacInnis, Cara C. University of Calgary
Title The more we get together, the more equality there will be? Investigating how intergroup contact can promote social change
Funding $98,705
Applicant Noel, Melanie E. University of Calgary
Co-applicant Graham, Susan A. University of Calgary
Peterson, Carole Memorial University of Newfoundland
Title Co-constructing the Past: The Role of Mother- and Father-Child Reminiscing in Children's Socio-Emotional Development
Funding $156,410
Applicant Agarwal, James University of Calgary
Co-applicant Osiyevskyy, Oleksiy University of Calgary
Vashchilko, Tatiana University of Calgary
Title Dynamic Structure of Country Political Environment and Its Impact on Entrepreneurial Activities
Funding $75,176
Applicant Takeuchi, Miwa University of Calgary
Title Envisioning inclusive mathematics education with digital illustrated stories
Funding $88,986
Applicant Towers, Jo University of Calgary
Co-applicant Davis, Brent A. University of Calgary
Martin, Lyndon C. York University
Title Transforming Mathematical Identities: The Potential for Collective Learning to Create Free Spaces for Mathematics
Funding $286,400
Applicant Liebesman, David University of Calgary
Collaborator Magidor, Ofra University of Oxford
Title Property Versatility: Motivations and Applications
Funding $88,662
Applicant Clarke, Michael T. University of Calgary
Title A Cultural History of the Little Guy in America
Funding $65,010
Applicant Muehlenbachs, Lucija University of Calgary
Collaborator Campa, Pamela Stockholm School of Economics
Title Costs and benefits of in-kind settlements: evidence from environmental enforcement cases
Funding $54,607
Applicant Joseph, Clara A.B. University of Calgary
Title India's non-violent freedom struggle (1599-1799): the voice of Thomas Christians
Funding $69,843
Applicant Bell, Adam Patrick University of Calgary
Title Disability-Led Musical Instrument Design
Funding $99,813
Applicant Kim, Beaumie University of Calgary
Co-applicant Clyde, Jerremie V. University of Calgary
Collaborator Jaques, Shayla Calgary Board of Education
Rasporich, Stefan Calgary Arts Academy
Schutz, Kate Calgary Public Library
Title Playing and redesigning culturally-relevant tabletop games: Sustaining cultural and linguistic pluralism in public learning environments
Funding $96,134
Applicant Venturato, Lorraine University of Calgary
Co-applicant McCaffrey, Graham University of Calgary
Collaborator Brown, John L. University of Calgary
Goopy, Suzanne E. University of Calgary
Krogman, Sarah University of Lethbridge
Ramadan, Alex Other/Unknown
Title STILL LIFE: A Slice of Life
Funding $277,185
Applicant Madigan, Sheri L. University of Calgary
Co-applicant Browne, Dillon T. University of Waterloo
Jenkins, Jennifer M. University of Toronto
McArthur, Brae Anne University of Calgary
Plamondon, André Université Laval
Racine, Nicole M. University of Calgary
Collaborator Graham, Susan A. University of Calgary
Title Technological Era and Child-Family Study (TECh Family Study): An examination of the role of technology in family interactions and children's development
Funding $233,113
Applicant Ogunfowora, Babatunde O. University of Calgary
Collaborator Steel, Piers D.G. University of Calgary
Title Construct Clean Up Time: Moral Character Traits and their Cognitive-Emotional Links to Moral and Immoral Employee Behaviours at Work
Funding $173,634
Applicant Graham, Susan A. University of Calgary
Co-applicant Chambers, Craig G. University of Toronto
Title The development of communicative perspective taking: Sensitivity and flexibility in the use of socially-shared knowledge
Funding $283,845
Applicant Rodrigues, Hillary P. University of Lethbridge
Title J. Krishnamurti and the Nondual Spirituality Movement
Funding $115,672
Applicant Hogue, Michelle University of Lethbridge
Collaborator Forrest, Joanne M. Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education
Ober, Robyn Ethel Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education
Provost, Ira G. University of Lethbridge
Rioux, Joel Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education
Title Two-Eyed Seeing for Both Ways Knowing: Exploring Indigenous‒Ally Relationships to Co-learn, Co-design, Co-create and Co-share Knowledge in the 21st Century
Funding $216,502
Applicant Frid-Jimenez, Amber D. Emily Carr University of Art + Design
Co-applicant Slade, Kathy L. Simon Fraser University
Smith, T'ai L. The University of British Columbia
Title Reading Charisma: Art and Politics in the Age of AI
Funding $303,629
Applicant Hodson, Jaigris Royal Roads University
Co-applicant Veletsianos, George Royal Roads University
Collaborator Romero-Hall, Enilda J. University of Tampa
Title Online Harassment as a Barrier to Research Communication: An Intersectional Approach
Funding $99,196
Applicant Cox, Robin S.P. Royal Roads University
Co-applicant Crichton, Susan E. The University of British Columbia
Collaborator Lugo-Hernández, Eduardo University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez
Title Designing Climate Resilience: A Youth Participatory Action Research Project
Funding $260,589
Applicant Ingram, Darcy Selkirk College
Title The Globalization of the Animal Protection Movement
Funding $82,965
Applicant Pendakur, Krishna M. Simon Fraser University
Collaborator Botosaru, Irene University of Bristol
Lewbel, Arthur Boston College
Muris, Chris University of Bristol
Title Short Panel Analysis of Intertemporal Collective Household Models
Funding $84,674
Applicant Millar, Kathleen M. Simon Fraser University
Title Dealing with Default: The Lived Experience of Consumer Debt in Brazil
Funding $210,219
Applicant Colligan, Colette Simon Fraser University
Title Wilde News Abroad: International Journalism and Oscar Wilde's London Sex Trials
Funding $75,641
Applicant McCuish, Evan C. Simon Fraser University
Co-applicant Bouchard, Martin Simon Fraser University
Corrado, Raymond R. Simon Fraser University
Title The linked lives of offenders: A social network analysis approach
Funding $165,861
Applicant Aknin, Lara B. Simon Fraser University
Title Building a better "thank-you": Investigating effective gratitude content to promote sustained prosociality
Funding $93,644
Applicant Thornton, Wendy J.L. Simon Fraser University
Collaborator Cyr-Villeneuve, Catherine Centre intégré de santé et de services sociaux des Laurentides
Fournier, Louise Réseau Qualaxia
Leblanc, Line Université du Québec en Outaouais
Maybery, Darryl Monash University
Reupert, Andrea Monash University
Richard-Devantoy, Stéphane McGill University
Title L'approche centrée sur la famille au profit des enfants de parents vivant avec un trouble mental : investigation et développement des pratiques en santé mentale adulte au Québec
Funding $163,300
Applicant Alderete, John D. Simon Fraser University
Collaborator Baese-Berk, Melissa University of Oregon
Title Speech production and speech errors: New directions using corpus and experimental methods in English and Cantonese
Funding $199,037
Applicant Pappas, Panayiotis A. Simon Fraser University
Collaborator Papazachariou, Dimitris University of Patras
Ralli, Angela University of Patras
Title Dialect features in the Greek of Greek-Canadians
Funding $88,294
Applicant Colby, Sasha M. Simon Fraser University
Title The Biographical Lens: WW II forced labour and modernist photographic life histories 1920-1946
Funding $95,815
Applicant Burley, David V. Simon Fraser University
Title Chiefly Sport and Political Complexity in the Archaic Tongan State
Funding $98,190
Applicant Collard, Rosemary-Claire M.S. Simon Fraser University
Co-applicant Dempsey, Jessica A. The University of British Columbia
Collaborator Cameron, Emilie S. Carleton University
Curran, Deborah L. University of Victoria
Title The caribou paradox: a political economy of the ten percent world
Funding $256,263
Applicant Lepofsky, Dana Simon Fraser University
Co-applicant Markey, Sean P. Simon Fraser University
Title Protecting and Honouring Archaeological Heritage in the Salish Sea Through Community-Engaged Research
Funding $370,680
Applicant Levy, Michelle N. Simon Fraser University
Collaborator Colligan, Colette Simon Fraser University
Homestead, Melissa J. University of Nebraska at Lincoln
Ozment, Kate E. California State Polytechnic University
Title Women's Books, 1660-1830
Funding $294,290
Applicant Alperin, Juan Pablo Simon Fraser University
Co-applicant Ahmed, Rukhsana State University of New York at Albany
Riedlinger, Michelle E. University of the Fraser Valley
Collaborator Haustein, Stefanie University of Ottawa
Maggio, Lauren A. Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences
Moorhead, Laura San Francisco State University
O'Hara, Kathryn E. Carleton University
Title Sharing health research: The circulation of reliable health science in a changing media landscape
Funding $256,482
Applicant McCall, Sophie S. Simon Fraser University
Co-applicant Fagan, Kristina R. University of Saskatchewan
Title Indigenous-Led Collaboration in the Indigenous Literary Arts
Funding $99,766
Applicant Yeung, Henny Simon Fraser University
Collaborator Munro, Murray J. Simon Fraser University
Title Linguistic analysis of infant- and child-directed speech in one's first and second languages
Funding $161,722
Applicant Craig, John S. Simon Fraser University
Title English Protestantism and Performances: the East Anglian Evidence
Funding $364,918
Applicant Odom, William Simon Fraser University
Title Advancing and Refining a Theory of Slow Interaction for Design
Funding $235,997
Applicant Brophy, Enda O. Simon Fraser University
Co-applicant Delfanti, Alessandro University of Toronto
Collaborator Dolber, Brian California State University, San Marcos
Irani, Lilly University of California, San Diego
Kneese, Tamara University of San Francisco
Woodcock, Jamie Goldsmiths University of London
Title Platform organizing: advancing collective organization by workers in the platform economy
Funding $261,019
Applicant Soleymanian, Miremad Simon Fraser University
Co-applicant Weinberg, Charles B. The University of British Columbia
Collaborator Zhu, Ting Purdue University
Title Monitoring Technology, Sensor Data, and Consumer Behavior: An Empirical Examination in Auto Insurance Industry
Funding $97,025
Applicant Blenkinsop, Sean Simon Fraser University
Co-applicant Fettes, Mark T. Simon Fraser University
Hill, Cher M. Simon Fraser University
Rosehart, Paula A. Simon Fraser University
Title Developing place and nature-based experiential education practices in public schools and teacher education
Funding $230,922
Applicant Hoskyn, Maureen J. Simon Fraser University
Co-applicant Moore, Danièle Simon Fraser University
Collaborator Filiatrault-Veilleux, Pamela Simon Fraser University
Lee, Maureen West Vancouver School District
Title Development of Executive Functions in Multilingual Children: A Follow-up Study
Funding $287,994
Applicant Chun, Wendy H.K. Simon Fraser University
Co-applicant Langlois, Ganaele York University
Collaborator Jucan, Ioana B. Emerson College
Juhasz, Alexandra Brooklyn College
Tworek, Heidi J.S. The University of British Columbia
Vasudevan, Roopa University of Pennsylvania
Weltevrede, Esther J. Y. University of Amsterdam
Title Beyond verification: authenticity and mis/disinformation
Funding $205,223
Applicant Roeder, John B. The University of British Columbia
Co-applicant Tenzer, Michael S. The University of British Columbia
Title Cycles in the World of Music
Funding $232,215
Applicant Lopes, Dominic McIver The University of British Columbia
Title Cosmopolitan Aesthetics
Funding $79,590
Applicant Oum, Tae H. The University of British Columbia
Title Measuring the Effects of Air Connectivity on Service Trade
Funding $184,860
Applicant Bedke, Matthew S. The University of British Columbia
Title Taking a Stand: On the Subjectivity of What Matters
Funding $79,750
Applicant Bedi, Robinder P. The University of British Columbia
Co-applicant Domene, Jose F. University of Calgary
Collaborator Amundson, Norman E. The University of British Columbia
Niles, Spencer G. William and Mary
Yoon, Hyung Joon Pennsylvania State University
Title The Role of Hope in Promoting the Career Development of Individuals with a History of Substance Use Disorder after Treatment
Funding $145,337
Applicant Wright, Matthew The University of British Columbia
Collaborator Levy, Morris University of Southern California
Title Understanding public support for cultural pluralism in immigrant-receiving countries
Funding $216,938
Applicant Bratiotis, Christiana The University of British Columbia
Co-applicant Lauster, Nathanael T. The University of British Columbia
Woody, Sheila R. The University of British Columbia
Title Harm reduction for hoarding: Targets and strategies for community-based intervention
Funding $167,508
Applicant Thrush, Coll The University of British Columbia
Title Wrecked: Ecologies of Failure in the Graveyard of the Pacific
Funding $84,810
Applicant Anderson, Siwan The University of British Columbia
Co-applicant Bidner, Chris A. Simon Fraser University
Title Unbundling Female Empowerment
Funding $251,000
Applicant Devereux, Michael B. The University of British Columbia
Co-applicant Smith, Gregor W. Queen's University
Title Correlated Policy Shocks in Macroeconomics
Funding $92,026
Applicant Biesanz, Jeremy The University of British Columbia
Title Towards understanding the good target
Funding $96,500
Applicant Song, Kyungchul The University of British Columbia
Title Statistical Inference from Data on Large Scale Interactions
Funding $135,000
Applicant Keddie, George A. The University of British Columbia
Title A Labour History of Early Christianity
Funding $53,837
Applicant Parkins, Ilya The University of British Columbia
Collaborator Findlay, Rosie University of the Arts London
Title Re-Dressing Weddings: The Politics of Feminist Wedding Culture and Apparel
Funding $95,772
Applicant Baines, Donna C.O. The University of British Columbia
Co-applicant Quinn, Ashley L. The University of British Columbia
Collaborator Bennett, Bindi University of the Sunshine Coast
Howard, Amanda Jane University of Sydney
Kaaviana, Apuu Other/Unknown
Lin, Chin-ju Kaohsiung Medical University
Morgan, Jenny L. BC Women's Hospital and Health Centre
Rawsthorne, Margot L. University of Sydney
Terare, Mareese R. University of Sydney
Teyra, Ciwang National Taiwan University
Wang, Frank T.Y. National Chengchi University
Title Building Emancipatory Practice and Theory: Indigenous and Anti-Oppressive Perspectives in International, Decolonizing Dialogue
Funding $343,915
Applicant Rochlin, James F. The University of British Columbia
Collaborator Mogrovejo Andrade, Johanna Milena Universidad Francisco de Paula Santander
Panizo Cardona, Cesar Panizo Universidad Francisco de Paula Santander
Title Colombian Security and the Venezuelan Crisis: Migrants, Armed Groups and Transnational Border Security
Funding $105,963
Applicant Slade, Margaret The University of British Columbia
Collaborator Grieco, Paul L.E. Pennsylvania State University
Pinkse, Joris Pennsylvania State University
Zhang, Hongsong University of Hong Kong
Title Empirical Studies in Capacity Utilization
Funding $73,500
Applicant Beatty, John H. The University of British Columbia
Co-applicant Desjardins, Eric Western University
Collaborator Blount, Zachary Michigan State University
Dewulf, Fons University of Ghent
Erwin, Douglas Smithsonian Institution
Kingsland, Sharon E. Johns Hopkins University
Losos, Jonathan Washington University in St. Louis
McConwell, Alison K. Stanford University
Millstein, Roberta University of California, Davis
Roth, Paul University of California, Santa Cruz
Sepkoski, David University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Turner, Derek Connecticut College
Title Replaying Life's Tape: Historical Contingency and the Historical Sciences
Funding $269,791
Applicant Borgen, William A. The University of British Columbia
Co-applicant Buchanan, Marla J. The University of British Columbia
Butterfield, Lee D. The University of British Columbia
Kuhl, David The University of British Columbia
Mathew, Deepak Adler University, Vancouver
Title When you Stop you are Nothing: Older Men and the Transition to Retirement
Funding $98,235
Applicant Kuus, Merje The University of British Columbia
Title Transnational Expertise: Diplomatic Knowledge and the Remaking of States
Funding $127,960
Applicant Hubley, Anita M. The University of British Columbia
Co-applicant Zumbo, Bruno D. The University of British Columbia
Title Examining how people interpret and respond to items in questionnaires: Does it matter whether items are positively versus negatively worded and keyed?
Funding $99,213
Applicant Henry, Annette M. The University of British Columbia
Co-applicant Opini, Bathseba M. The University of British Columbia
Stack, Michelle L. The University of British Columbia
Turner, Hannah The University of British Columbia
Title "This is the riddle I've been trying to solve": A longitudinal oral history of the challenges and experiences of Black people in Vancouver
Funding $181,569
Applicant Douglas, Jennifer L. The University of British Columbia
Title Getting at the Heart of the File: Toward a Person Centred Theory of Archival Care
Funding $98,549
Applicant Gordillo, Gaston R. The University of British Columbia
Title Following the Soy Supply Chains: The Infrastructures of the Argentine Soy Boom
Funding $178,228
Applicant Morton, David S. The University of British Columbia
Title A State at Year Zero: An Oral History of Mozambique's Independence
Funding $98,171
Applicant Zebehazy, Kim T. The University of British Columbia
Co-applicant Weber, Rachel C. The University of British Columbia
Collaborator Young, Richard A. The University of British Columbia
Title Investigating the Executive Functioning Profiles of Students with Visual Impairments
Funding $90,440
Applicant Sundstrom, Lisa McIntosh The University of British Columbia
Collaborator Henry, Laura A. Bowdoin College
Sperling, Valerie Clark University
Title Everyday Activism in Russia: Civil Society Thirty Years After Communism's Collapse
Funding $184,050
Applicant Stites, Jessica L. The University of British Columbia
Collaborator Camacho Padilla, Fernando Universidad Autonoma de Madrid
Title Photographing Revolution: Images of Cuban Solidarity in Transnational Contexts
Funding $99,840
Applicant Elliott, Sinikka The University of British Columbia
Collaborator Black, Jennifer L. The University of British Columbia
Title Explaining the Processes and Mechanisms Underlying Household Food Insecurity among Families with Children Ages 6-13
Funding $177,542
Applicant Echard, Sian E. The University of British Columbia
Title Writing (on) History: Manuscripts of Medieval British Histories over Time
Funding $84,310
Applicant Girling, Cynthia L. The University of British Columbia
Co-applicant Nesbitt, Lorien H.C. The University of British Columbia
Sheppard, Stephen R.J. The University of British Columbia
Collaborator Barron, Sara The University of Melbourne
Kellett, Ronald W. The University of British Columbia
Title Urban Greening vs. Urban Densification: Evaluating future what-if scenarios for effects on heat island, shading and cooling of neighbourhoods
Funding $227,400
Applicant Clough, David R. The University of British Columbia
Co-applicant Seidel, Marc-David L. The University of British Columbia
Title Value creation and value capture in systemic industries: Alliance networks, technology adoption, and firm scope
Funding $91,090
Applicant Park, So Eun The University of British Columbia
Co-applicant Huh, Woonghee T. The University of British Columbia
Weinberg, Charles B. The University of British Columbia
Collaborator Kim, Byung Cho Korea University
Title Buy-One-Give-One: Economic and Charitable Incentives Behind Tying Donation to Product Purchases
Funding $50,856
Applicant Yu, Lingtao The University of British Columbia
Co-applicant Robinson, Sandra L. The University of British Columbia
Title Motivation Matters...Or Not? Revisiting the Consequences of Abusive Supervision
Funding $172,669
Applicant Vijayaraghavan, Rajesh The University of British Columbia
Title How does Climate Risks Affect Banks' Loss Accounting, Liquidity, and Lending Decisions?
Funding $71,237
Applicant Ellis, Jason A. The University of British Columbia
Title From Opportunity to Inequality: A History of Inner-Suburban Schools in Canada, 1945-present
Funding $104,963
Applicant Kong, Hoi L. The University of British Columbia
Title Populism and the Canadian Constitutional Order
Funding $87,165
Applicant Kemple, Thomas M. The University of British Columbia
Title Global Citizens at Home and Abroad: A Durkheimian Analysis
Funding $83,462
Applicant Corbett, Jonathan M. The University of British Columbia
Co-applicant Butterfield, Mary Stewart The University of British Columbia
Cochrane, Logan Carleton University
Collaborator Ricker, Britta Utrecht University
Title Mapping for Change: A Critical Examination of the Social Justice Impact of Participatory Mapping
Funding $169,625
Applicant Garrard, Gregory The University of British Columbia
Co-applicant Dulic, Aleksandra The University of British Columbia
Joy, Annamma The University of British Columbia
Paulson, Tim The University of British Columbia
Collaborator Bourbonnais, Mathieu The University of British Columbia
Broom, Catherine A. The University of British Columbia
Onciul, Bryony A. University of Exeter
Tagnani, David Gonzaga University
Title Kelownafornia: Cultures of Nature in the Okanagan Valley
Funding $276,140
Applicant Schaller, Mark The University of British Columbia
Title Person Perception in Context
Funding $134,603
Applicant Davis, Henry T. The University of British Columbia
Co-applicant Ignace, Marianne Simon Fraser University
Collaborator Anderson, Margaret Seguin University of Northern British Columbia
Burton, Strang C. The University of British Columbia
Jimmie, Mandy N. Nicola Valley Institute of Technology
Littell, Patrick W. National Research Council Canada
Lyon, John M. California State University, Fresno
Matthewson, Lisa C. The University of British Columbia
Urbanczyk, Suzanne C. University of Victoria
Title Developing Accessible Grammars for BC First Nations Languages
Funding $322,703
Applicant Hoffmann, Florian The University of British Columbia
Co-applicant Gottlieb, Joshua D. The University of British Columbia
Title The Effects of Occupational Licensing on Market Prices
Funding $93,500
Applicant Quinn, Ashley L. The University of British Columbia
Co-applicant Charles, Grant P. The University of British Columbia
Marshall, Sheila K. The University of British Columbia
Title Becoming ourselves: Foster parents' engagement in Indigenous children's and youth's cultural identity development and maintenance
Funding $70,950
Applicant Li, Eric P. H. The University of British Columbia
Collaborator Lam, Man Lok Hong Kong Design Institute
Wong, Christina W.Y. Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Title Strategic Corporate Philanthropy: A Cross-Cultural Study
Funding $84,449
Applicant Byrne, Jeffrey J. The University of British Columbia
Title The Morality of War and Peace in the Age of Anticolonial Revolution
Funding $86,642
Applicant Graham, John R. The University of British Columbia
Co-applicant Belanger, Yale D. University of Lethbridge
Donnan, Mary Ellen Bishop's University
Maurer, Katherine McGill University
Title Organisational Changes to Address Homelessness: Lessons Learned from 3 Mid-sized Canadian Cities
Funding $97,806
Applicant Javdani Haji, Mohsen The University of British Columbia
Collaborator Chang, Ha-Joon University of Cambridge
Title Examining views among economists and economics students
Funding $84,375
Applicant Bleck, Alexander The University of British Columbia
Title A Theory of Accounting Standards
Funding $60,700
Applicant Block, Tina M. Thompson Rivers University
Title A social history of unbelief in English Canada, 1950s-1980s
Funding $85,189
Applicant Garrett-Petts, William F. Thompson Rivers University
Co-applicant Karsten, Sharon L. Vancouver Island University
Title Cultural Mapping Lived/Living Experiences of the Opioid Crisis in BC's Small Cities
Funding $91,679
Applicant Ramirez Gomez, Gloria Eduviges Thompson Rivers University
Co-applicant Billy, Janice R. T. Thompson Rivers University
Clark, Natalie G. Thompson Rivers University
Willard, Tania The University of British Columbia
Title Intergenerational Secwepemctsin Learning Model
Funding $319,617
Applicant Holler, Jacqueline S. University of Northern British Columbia
Title Medicines, Marvels, and Mestizaje: Women's Healing in New Spain, 1530-1750
Funding $181,948
Applicant Halseth, Greg R. University of Northern British Columbia
Co-applicant Markey, Sean P. Simon Fraser University
Collaborator Gibson, Ryan F. University of Guelph
Hallstrom, Lars K. University of Alberta
Vodden, Kelly Memorial University of Newfoundland
Title Entrepreneurialism and rural/small-town local government
Funding $149,388
Applicant van Kooten, G. Cornelis University of Victoria
Collaborator Eiswerth, Mark E. University of Northern Colorado
Izett, Jonathan G. Delft University of Technology
Title The Carbon Conundrum: A Challenge for Renewable Energy Policies
Funding $98,532
Applicant Colby, Jason M. University of Victoria
Collaborator Jones, Ryan University of Oregon
Title Devilfish: The History and Future of Gray Whales and People
Funding $221,552
Applicant Bettaglio, Maria University of Victoria
Title Maternal Self-Expression in Spanish Graphic Narratives: Beyond Patriarchy and Neoliberalism?
Funding $55,009
Applicant Cloutier, Denise S. University of Victoria
Co-applicant Halseth, Greg R. University of Northern British Columbia
Kobayashi, Karen M. University of Victoria
Penning, Margaret J. University of Victoria
Sheets, Debra V.M. University of Victoria
Stajduhar, Kelli I. University of Victoria
Collaborator Bennett, Tammy BC Housing
Blanche, Samuel BC Support Unit
Clack, Lynda BC Support Unit
Cook, Heather BC Ministry of Health
Gibson, Diana S. Community Social Planning Council of Greater Victoria
Hainstock, Taylor BC Support Unit
Higginson, Lisa BC Support Unit
O'Shea, Philip BC Ministry of Health
Szczyry, Tracee BC Support Unit
Title Supporting Resilience: 'Wraparound' Solutions to Homelessness for Older Women
Funding $92,306
Applicant De Finney, Sandrina S. University of Victoria
Co-applicant Land, Nicole Ryerson University
Mucina, Mandeep K. University of Victoria
Collaborator Bennett, Kathleen Northwest Inter-Nation Family and Community Services
Etzel, Eugena S. Tsawout First Nation
Mowatt, Morgan L. Other/Unknown
Wright-Simms, Pansy Office of Gitanmaax
Title "We have always known": Centering land-based, youth- and community-driven Indigenous gender and sexual wellbeing knowledges
Funding $348,490
Applicant Walsh, Andrea N. University of Victoria
Title The Art of Storytelling: Indian Residential and Day Schools Graphic Novels
Funding $228,721
Applicant Gifford, Robert University of Victoria
Title Understanding and Accelerating Climate-Positive Behaviour
Funding $212,356
Applicant Thom, Jennifer S. University of Victoria
Co-applicant McGarvey, Lynn M. University of Alberta
Title Spatial Reasoning and Projective Geometry in the Primary Years
Funding $293,083
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