Wendy Craig, Partnership Award Winner, Queen’s University



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November 3, 2014


Wendy Craig, leading expert on bullying and professor at Queens's University, accepts the 2014 SSHRC Partnership Award.

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Wendy Craig: I’m receiving this award on behalf of many.

I work with Dr. Debra Pepler as the Co-Scientific Director of PREVNnet, and in our organization, we have 125 researchers across the country in 63 national organizations that work with children and youth.

We know that relationships matter. When working the Public Health Agency, we’ve helped change their framework and their strategic policy when we discovered that for 23 out of 24 health outcomes and social outcomes and academic outcomes, relationships with parents mattered, uniquely; relationships with peers mattered; relationships with adults in the neighbourhood mattered; and relationships with adults at school mattered.

I would like to thank SSHRC for their outstanding support over the years.