January 2020

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Don't delay! Apply to the Storytellers competition by January 28

Are you a postsecondary student with a story to tell about a great SSHRC-funded project? Enter SSHRC's Storytellers competition for a chance to win $3,000 and a spot in a special communications workshop at the 2020 Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences at Western University.

This is your chance to show Canadians, in three minutes or 300 words, how social sciences and humanities research is having an impact on our lives, our world and our future for the better.

Find out how to submit your story today 
The latest from SSHRC and its partners
SSHRC-funded projects assessing the knowledge gap between environmental and impact research and public policy

SSHRC and the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada awarded 13 Knowledge Synthesis Grants to researchers across the country. Researchers are assessing the state of knowledge on environmental and impact assessments to help inform best practices.

Learn more about the grants 

Canadian researchers take to the stage at the Digging into Data Challenge Conference

Come to this conference from January 29 to 31, 2020, in Alexandria, Virginia, which will bring together principal investigators from round four of the Trans-Atlantic Platform's Digging into Data Challenge. They will share the outcomes of 14 international research projects focused on big data.

Modernizing the tri-agency grants management system

The federal research funding agencies are modernizing their grants management system to better support applicants, administrators and reviewers. The goal is to provide the research community and agency staff with a more efficient and user-friendly experience.

Find out how you can get involved 

Application deadlines, program updates, application tips and more
Upcoming deadlines ----- get your applications in now

Connection Grants (February 1, 2020)

Insight Development Grants (February 2, 2020)

Partnership Grants - Stage 1 (February 15, 2020)

New Frontiers in Research Fund  -----   2020 Transformation (notice of intent to apply)
(February 18, 2020)

Funding tip of the month: Reporting on the impacts of your research

All recipients of SSHRC funding must complete an achievement report on how they have used grant funds. This report offers researchers the opportunity to share the results and impacts of their research, and explain how it is contributing to a better future for Canada and the world. See the Achievement Reports page for details.
Featured stories and articles
Pep talks to oneself secret to better sporting performance
Kinesiology PhD student Margo Adam found that female athletes saw self-compassion, not self-criticism, as the go-to strategy for enhancing their performance. Her research has shown that women who reported being self-compassionate could reframe sporting failures as learning experiences rather than defeats, and be more confident facing difficult situations.
Helping immigrant and minority students succeed
As Canada Research Chair in Transnational/Global Perspectives on Language and Literacy Education of Children and Youth, Guofang Li hopes to improve the academic success of immigrant and minority students. Her research identifies the literacy resources and practices that exist in immigrant families that are critical for helping students successfully transition between home and school.


2020 SSHRC Impact Awards 

The SSHRC Impact Awards honour Canada's top researchers in the social sciences and humanities. Who will win this year's Gold Medal, and Talent, Insight, Connection and Partnership awards?

Send us your nominations by April 1, 2020!
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