January 2019

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La Conversation Canada transforming French-language journalism content nationwide

The Conversation Canada, a media website bringing research and journalism together, now offers bilingual content. SSHRC is supporting a pilot of La Conversation Canada to enhance the capacity of Canada's francophone and bilingual universities and higher education sector to create high-quality journalism content.

The English version of The Conversation Canada launched in 2017 with the help of a SSHRC grant. Since then it has published more than 1,200 articles that have been viewed almost 20 million times by readers across Canada and around the world.

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The latest from SSHRC and its partners
Promoting a healthy, productive and inclusive workforce

Through the Healthy and Productive Work Initiative, SSHRC and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research have invested $11.9 million over five years to support partnerships led by nine researchers across the country. Their research is finding ways to help Canadians with disabilities and chronic health conditions participate in the labour force. 

Storytellers deadline approaching fast on January 31!

Are you a postsecondary student with a story to tell about a great SSHRC-funded project at your institution? Enter the SSHRC Storytellers contest for a chance to win $3,000 and a spot in an exclusive research communications master class at the 2019 Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences in Vancouver

Instructions for Canadian researchers applying to Horizon 2020 Migration Call

Application instructions are now available for Canadian researchers interested in applying for the Horizon 2020 Migration Call. SSHRC, in conjunction with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada and the European Union, launched this funding opportunity to support Canadian engagement with European research partners. 

Application deadlines, program updates, application tips and more
Upcoming deadlines

Connection Grants (February 1, 2019)
Funding tip of the month: Get a copy of the 2019 competition calendar

Keep forgetting when competitions open or close? Download SSHRC's 2019 competition calendar, or print a copy and pin it to your wall, so that you can stay up to date. You can also subscribe to the Upcoming Deadlines RSS feed. And remember: don't wait until the last minute to apply!
Featured stories, research profiles and events
Weeding out misconceptions about the harms and benefits of cannabis use
Zach Walsh from The University of British Columbia is following 400 university undergraduate students in his study examining who is using cannabis, why, and what that means for individuals and society. He is using a variety of methods to collect data, from traditional interviews and laboratory tasks to more innovative methods, such as text messaging. He intends for his research to help inform science-based cannabis policies. 
Helping Canadian schools support Indigenous language learning
Frank Deer, Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Education, at the University of Manitoba, is looking at how language education programming can support the transmission of languages where there are few speakers, thereby helping to affirm a critical piece of Indigenous identity. For Deer, language is integral to moving forward in the journey toward reconciliation.

Photo: Jason Warich / CBC


2019 SSHRC Impact Awards 

The SSHRC Impact Awards celebrate Canada's best leaders, thinkers and researchers in the social sciences and humanities. Who will win this year's Gold Medal, and Talent, Insight, Connection and Partnership awards?

Send us your nominations by April 1, 2019!
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