February 2017

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Jessica Coon

Canada Research Chair Jessica Coon advises on Oscar-nominated film

When the makers of Arrival were looking for an expert in linguistics to provide authenticity for their film, they turned to McGill's Jessica Coon. As Canada Research Chair in Syntax and Indigenous Languages, she helped the film portray how linguists might realistically make contact with visiting aliens. Working on the film also forced her to think of ways to talk about linguistics in a more accessible way. 

You can also read SSHRC President Ted Hewitt's article: "Arrival, the movie: How linguistics saved the world." 
  Photo: Owen Egan

A look at what we do by the numbers

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The latest from SSHRC and its partners
International policy challence logo
Global Affairs Canada and SSHRC invite graduate students and early career researchers affiliated with Canadian postsecondary institutions to submit their best ideas and solutions for Canada's international policy challenges. Find out how to submit an entry
order of canada medal
Oh Canada! Six SSHRC-funded researchers named to top order
On December 30, 2016, Governor General David Johnston announced the latest appointments to the Order of Canada. This included six SSHRC-funded researchers. See a list of the recipients.

Improving public health and promoting health equality 
Are you doing research into the social, cultural and environmental issues that affect public health? Consider applying for a social sciences for population health planning grant, offered through the Institute of Population and Public Health. Created by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, it supports research that will lead to better public and population health policies and programs.   

Canada 150 logo 
To celebrate Canada's 150th birthday, we asked researchers to tell us how social sciences and humanities research has advanced Canadian society.
Janet  Worker

"Social science has had---- and continues to have---- a tremendous impact on Canada. One striking example of past influences was the introduction of French immersion programs into schools, guided mainly by Wallace Lambert's research, a psychology professor at McGill University. Canadian social scientists are doing cutting-edge work in areas such as music, bilingualism, parenting, indigeneity and many more. Collectively, this work has contributed enormously to our cohesiveness and inclusiveness as a society, and to our children's successes in school and beyond."

----  Janet Werker, 2015 SSHRC Impact Awards Gold Medal winner

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A number of resources are available to help you ensure that your published research is publicly accessible. This includes the open access toolbox and the harmonized Tri-Agency Open Access Policy on Publications. Federally funded researchers must comply with this policy for all grants awarded from May 1, 2015. Learn more on how this might apply to you.
Featured stories, events and activities
  promised land project photo
University of Ottawa professor Boulou Ebanda de B'béri's Promised Land Project engages communities in recovering forgotten aspects of black history in Canada.
  children in sport photo
Many adolescent girls drop out of sports due to body image challenges. How can this be changed so they are encouraged to stay? Researcher Catherine Sabiston intends to find out. 
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