March 2016

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What happens once you press "submit now"

Ever wonder what happens to SSHRC grant applications after they're submitted? Or how processing and adjudication works? And just who evaluates them?
Take a look at our new Life of an Application infographic and follow the journey from submission and review through to announcement of a competition's results.
A look at what we do, by the numbers
Merit review of applications

600 reviewers
6000 applications
More than 600 committee members participate in the adjudication process every year
Some 6,000 external assessors and expert panel members are recruited to help in adjudicating applications for SSHRC's larger grants
The latest from SSHRC and its partners

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Global Affairs Canada invites graduate students and postdoctoral researchers affiliated with Canadian postsecondary institutions to submit their best ideas and solutions for Canada's international policy challenges.

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Minister of Science Kirsty Duncan recently announced the appointment of 305 Canada Research Chairs, representing appointments at 53 postsecondary institutions across the country. The Chairs, both new and renewed, will be pursuing a range of cutting-edge research projects in fields ranging from environmental and climate science to economic development and refugee studies.

logo for Future Challenges

Following its adoption of an Aboriginal Research Statement of Principles last year, SSHRC has now launched an Aboriginal Research web page to share related resources in support of Aboriginal research and talent, and to highlight SSHRC-funded research by and with Aboriginal Peoples.
Funding deadlines, program updates, application tips and more

Competitions closing soon for:

Funding tip of the month: Get a copy of the 2016 competition calendar
Keep forgetting when competitions are open or closed? Print SSHRC's 2016 competition calendar and pin it to your wall so that you can stay up to date. You can also subscribe to the Upcoming Deadlines RSS feed. And remember: don't wait until the last minute to apply!
Featured stories, events and activities
  image of farm land
Maintaining the world's food supply is one of our most pressing challenges. The University of Waterloo's Jennifer Clapp, Canada Research Chair in Global Food Security and Sustainability, analyzes the relationship between environmental considerations and food security policy, offering new insight for policymakers on the underlying political and economic forces at work.
  image of girls playing basketball
Photo: NEC Nighthawks women's basketball team competing in 2013 All Nations Basketball Classic / Sarah Shamash for viaSport and Native Education College / CC BY-NC-ND
Understanding how an athlete's cultural background affects performance can play a major role in their success. But culturally-sensitive approaches have long been lacking among sport psychologists. Now, one Laurentian University researcher is challenging how we think about sport and recreation services, improving the cultural sensitivity of programs in Canada and abroad.
SSHRC-funded research shows us who we are and where we're going
Here's how we're contributing to the future challenge areas facing Canadians:

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Building a successful shared future with Aboriginal Peoples
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Leveraging emerging technologies to benefit Canadiansvideo icon
Dealing with the global pressures surrounding energy and natural resources

What data, practices or technologies can best address present and future challenges in Canada's energy and natural resources sector?

Send us your ideas. Apply to the Human Dimensions Open Data Challenge