October 2015

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Celebrating great leaders, thinkers and researchers


Five outstanding researchers will take home SSHRC Impact Awards at a ceremony in Ottawa on November 16.


The awards recognize the highest achievements in social sciences and humanities research, research training, knowledge mobilization and scholarship.


See who made the shortlists in the Talent, Insight, Connection and Partnership categories. A Gold Medal---  SSHRC's highest research honour-will also be announced at the ceremony.


Funding deadlines, program updates, application tips and more

Your research could change everything
Apply for a SSHRC Insight Grant and push the boundaries of knowledge. Insight Grants support long-term research initiatives in the social sciences and humanities. Fall 2015 deadline is October 15.

Planning a research-related workshop, conference or other event?
Submit your Connection Grant application-next competition closes November 1. Connection Grants support a range of events and outreach activities geared toward short-term, targeted knowledge mobilization initiatives.

New achievement reporting forms will simplify your end-of-grant paperwork
We're working to make the reporting process simpler and easier for grant holders: this September, SSHRC begins phasing in a set of streamlined reporting forms. Starting with Insight Development Grant and Connection Grant recipients, the forms will eventually replace final research and activity reports for all our funding opportunities.

Competitions closing soon include Insight Grants (October 15), Connection Grants and Partnership Grants Formal Application (November 1), Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships (November 4) and Doctoral Awards (November 5).

Funding tip of the month
What's in an application: Doctoral awards
Just what goes into an application for SSHRC doctoral funding? We break down the details in this issue's Funding Tip of the Month. Don't forget to check out our Video Walkthrough!
Featured stories, events and activities
  woman looking at  phone

How can people break poor habits and make better choices? The University of Toronto's Dilip Soman studies the cognitive mechanism driving our decision-making process. His research has wide-reaching applications in a range of settings, from financial planning to weight loss to corporate productivity.

  people talking together

Despite Canada's growing need for educated, skilled workers, certain demographic groups remain underrepresented. Ann Beaton, Canada Research Chair in Intergroup Relations at Université de Moncton, studies group dynamics, with a focus on these underrepresented populations, to better understand social inclusion in the workplace.

SSHRC's Storytellers share their research, showing us who we are and where we're going

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photo of Tanya Elchuk

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Naveen Devasagayam uses 3D animations to teach molecular biologyvideo icon
Tanya Elchuk integrates cognitive neuroscience and performance theory
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Bryan Gallagher explores urban entrepreneurship and indigenous identity
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