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COVID-19: Impact on SSHRC programs, experts database and perspectives from our community.

Newly funded Knowledge Synthesis Grants close the gap between environmental impact research and public policy

In May 2019, SSHRC and the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada, formerly known as the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency, launched a competition for Knowledge Synthesis Grants on Informing Best Practices in Environmental and Impact Assessments. The aim is to stimulate research that will inform best practices related to environmental and impact assessments that seek to minimize or avoid the potentially harmful environmental effects of a project while also aiming to maximize positive impacts.

Following the merit review process, 13 grants are awarded to researchers at institutions across the country. Projects will explore a variety of themes, including implications for human rights, gender and stakeholder engagement; the influence of international practices in Gender-based Analysis Plus; and best practices in environmental decision-making, among others.

Knowledge Synthesis Grants support the synthesis of existing research knowledge and the identification of knowledge strengths and gaps to inform the development of tools, policies and practices required for a sustainable future and to identify roles that different sectors and stakeholders can play. The results of the knowledge synthesis will be made available through short evidence briefs.

This Knowledge Synthesis Grants competition is part of SSHRC’s Imagining Canada’s Future initiative. Grants are valued at up to $30,000 for one year, and 13 grants are awarded.

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