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The journey of a SSHRC application

How applications are processed and adjudicated


Step 4:


Step 3:
Merit review


Step 2:
Verifying eligibility


Step 1:
Submitting your application


Step 1:

Submitting your application

Applications are submitted to SSHRC via online forms, the Research Portal, the Convergence Portal and extranet sites, depending on the funding opportunity.

208 institutions
or organizations are eligible to administer SSHRC funds.

Consult your institution/organization well before the application deadline.



A single competition may receive 70 to nearly 3,000 applications, depending on the funding opportunity.


SSHRC handles as many as 13,800 applications per year.


About 60% of web form applications are submitted on the competition deadline date.

Prepare your application:

  • Give yourself plenty of time to plan and to address your questions.
  • Use any checklists provided, so you don’t miss anything.
  • Once submitted, your application data is transferred to SSHRC’s grants management system, which tracks its progress.

Step 2:

Verifying eligibility

SSHRC staff ensure all applications meet the eligibility requirements listed in the funding opportunity description.

  • Verifying the eligibility of the applicant and participants
  • SSHRC’s policies and regulations
  • Application is complete, subject matter corresponds to SSHRC’s mandate

Applicants are notified if their application is deemed ineligible.


Usually, over 97% of SSHRC applications are deemed eligible.


Step 3:

Merit review

Once an application is deemed eligible, it is ready for merit review.

  • Public funds
  • 100 committees
  • External assessors and experts
  • Observers
  • Results
  • Continuously improving review process


More than 800 committee members every year.


Some 3,500 external assessors and experts from Canada and around the world, plus thousands of reference letters for scholarship and fellowship applications.

SSHRC staff present the committees’ recommendations to SSHRC’s senior management for approval.

Agreement on the Administration of Agency Grants and Awards by Research Institutions

High standards:

  • Legal
  • Ethical
  • Financial

See the Merit Review section of SSHRC’s website for more details.


Step 4:


SSHRC recognizes the efforts of all participants in the merit review process, and congratulates award recipients.







Per the Government of Canada’s Public Communications Policy, institutions are asked not to publicly announce their awards until results have been made public through a federal announcement (and, subsequently, SSHRC’s Award Recipients page) or the government’s Grants and Contributions page.

*Disclaimer: This information pertains to grant, fellowship and scholarship applications received by SSHRC. The process for tri-agency initiatives and Impact Award nominations may differ.