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Application Checklist—SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowships

  • Verify you are applying to the correct agency by reviewing the subject matter eligibility guidelines.
  • Start your application as soon as it becomes available. SSHRC strongly encourages applicants to submit applications in advance of the deadline. Typically, there is a very high volume of users in the online system on the last day, which may create delays and put timely submission at risk.
  • If you need help while preparing your application, contact SSHRC’s Research Training Portfolio well in advance of the deadline.
  • Carefully read the SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowships funding opportunity description and application instructions, and respond directly to the evaluation criteria.
  • If applicable, before preparing your program of work, refer to the "Does your proposal involve Indigenous research, as defined by SSHRC?" section of the instructions.
  • Complete the SSHRC online CV and the web-based SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowships application form, along with the mandatory upload components. Know what to include in your application.
  • Select the related initiatives (including joint initiatives and supplements) for which you wish to be considered, as applicable. Include a maximum one-page justification or other required information or form, as applicable for each supplement and/or joint initiative selected.
  • Select your referees (for your letters of appraisal).
  • Share your program of work with colleagues and mentors for feedback.
  • Use plain language accessible to a multidisciplinary selection committee. SSHRC cannot guarantee that an expert in your field will evaluate your application; write your proposal accordingly.
  • Choose the selection committee that best suits your research; remember that, for each committee, the experts are drawn from the list of disciplines identified for that committee.
  • Do not duplicate information from the "Credentials" section of your application in the "Funded Research" section; the latter section will most often be blank for new scholars.
  • Inform your referees of the deadline well in advance; your application will be incomplete without all of the required components, including your letters of appraisal. SSHRC’s online system will not accept an incomplete application.
  • Notify your referees in advance that they will be receiving an invitation with the subject line "Invitation to evaluate an application—Invitation à évaluer une demande," as firewalls and/or spam filters may limit their ability to receive the official system email inviting them to complete a referee form. You may have to follow up to ensure the reference is complete before the deadline date and time.
  • Provide your referees with your program of work and any additional information that could help them with their assessment (e.g., the SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowships evaluation criteria). Your letter writers will be able to see your application once they have accepted the invitation to write a letter on your behalf, regardless of whether the application is complete. Indicate your level of proficiency in all languages needed for your research.
  • Ensure that your research contributions provide complete bibliographic information, including page numbers.
  • Do not include master’s or doctoral theses as publications, unless they have been published as a scholarly publication.
  • Respect page limits.
  • Click "Preview" and "Verify" for each page of your application as you complete it, well in advance of the deadline; SSHRC’s online system will not accept incomplete applications (i.e., that contain unverified sections). If you make changes to a page, click "Verify" again in order to confirm that SSHRC’s online system will accept the new information when you submit your application.
  • Before you click "Submit," ensure that all required electronic documents have been uploaded to your application.
  • Remember to click "Submit."
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