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Policy Horizons Canada

The federal policy research community welcomes partnership proposals geared towards combining original research in areas that are likely to be relevant to medium- to longer-term federal policy development with innovative approaches to the co-production and ongoing exchange of knowledge between academic researchers and policy researchers and policy advisors within the Government of Canada. Such proposals could include, among others, elements such as:

  • creating and performing ongoing moderation of online communities accessible to both academic researchers and government policy researchers and policy advisors;
  • organizing face-to-face knowledge events involving members of such communities, such as conferences, roundtables, workshops and other activities;
  • publishing and disseminating research in academic and/or policy research journals; and/or
  • establishing “scholars in residence” arrangements in which senior researchers, graduate students or postdoctoral fellows affiliated with partner institutions or research consortia could be placed in federal departments or agencies.

SSHRC applicants interested in joining with the Government of Canada’s Policy Horizons Canada to develop a partnership proposal to serve as the basis for an application to a SSHRC funding opportunity competition should provide Policy Horizons Canada with a detailed outline of their proposal at least two months prior to the SSHRC application deadline, in order to ensure sufficient time to develop a detailed partnership agreement for inclusion with their full application.

Pursuant to an agreement between SSHRC and Policy Horizons Canada, future SSHRC calls for proposals will also provide additional guidance regarding areas of research likely to be of particular interest to the federal policy research community over the medium to longer term. SSHRC will also collaborate with Policy Horizons Canada and other organizations in the research, public, private and not-for-profit sectors, to renew its own priority areas in the next few years.

For further information, contact:

Alain Denhez
Senior Director
Policy Horizons Canada
Tel.: 613-943-5860
Fax: 613-947-3809