COVID-19 Update

COVID-19: Impact on SSHRC programs, experts database and perspectives from our community.

Council Mandate

Council advises the president of SSHRC on strategy, risk management, performance management and stakeholder relations with the goal of ensuring that SSHRC’s priorities and programs support high-quality research, training and knowledge mobilization, and enable a strong, vibrant research community in the social sciences and humanities.

Council’s role strengthens the president’s ability to lead the organization with the conviction that comes from independent advice, and, with the support of council, to account with confidence for the decisions made, the resources expended and the results achieved to the minister and to Parliament.

Guiding Principles

  • Council focuses on strategic direction, priorities, stewardship of resources, performance oversight, stakeholder relations, and the pursuit of excellence;
  • Council’s committee structure reflects SSHRC’s strategic direction and business model;
  • Council optimizes the effectiveness of its governance practices through disclosure, transparency and quality management;
  • Building upon their diverse backgrounds and competencies, council members perform their duties in pursuit of the long-term interests and aspirations of Canadians; and
  • Council considers SSHRC’s broad risk context and applies risk management principles in making decisions and providing advice.


  • Ensures that a strategic planning process is in place;
  • Participates in the development of, and endorses, the strategic direction, annual priorities and the broad-based allocation of resources;
  • Provides input into the annual performance objectives of the organization, monitoring achievement against those objectives, and endorsing the substance of performance reports;
  • Advises on and assists with stakeholder engagement; and
  • Develops and maintains principles and processes for effective governance.