Report on Annual Expenditures for Travel, Hospitality and Conferences for 2015-16

As required by the Treasury Board Directive on Travel, Hospitality, Conference and Event Expenditures, this report provides information on the total annual expenditures for travel, hospitality and conferences by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2016. It also provides the variance explanations for the previous fiscal year in each of these areas.

This information is updated annually and does not contain information withheld under the Access to Information Act or the Privacy Act.

SSHRC’s purpose is to promote and assist research and scholarship in the social sciences and humanities. Social sciences and humanities research builds knowledge about people in the past and present, with a view toward creating a better future.

By focusing on developing Talent, generating Insights and forging Connections across campuses and communities, SSHRC strategically supports world-leading initiatives that enhance our understanding of modern social, cultural, technological, environmental, economic and wellness issues. Further information on SSHRC’s mandate and program activities can be found in SSHRC’s 2015-16 Report on Plans and Priorities.

SSHRC’s program delivery is centred on a merit review model. External experts from across the country and around the world contribute their time and expertise to adjudicate grant proposals and scholarship and fellowship applications, with the aim of funding excellence for the benefit of Canada. The vast majority of SSHRC’s travel and hospitality expenses are to support this merit review process.

SSHRC’s total annual expenditures for travel, hospitality and conferences are summarized below:

Expenditure category Expenditures for the year ending
March 31, 2016
Expenditures for the year ending
March 31, 2015

  (in thousands of dollars)
Travel—Public servants 273 207 66
Travel—Non-public servants 596 476 120
Total travel 869 683 186
Hospitality 98 78 20
Conference fees 79 55 24
TOTAL 1,046 816 230

Compared with fiscal year 2014-15, SSHRC’s travel and hospitality expenditures have increased, mainly as a result of:

  • travel associated with administrating the Canada First Research Excellence Fund, a new program introduced in fiscal year 2015-16;
  • higher travel related to outreach activities to respond to SSHRC’s community engagement priority; and
  • travel associated with new funding opportunities, including outreach and committee member adjudication processes for the Community and College Social Innovation Fund, the Healthy and Productive Work tri-agency initiative, and the Canadian Research Data Centre Network.

SSHRC’s conference expenditures have increased compared with fiscal year 2014-15, mainly due to participation in additional events in fiscal year 2015-16.