Executive Expense Claims

Chad Gaffield, President

Travel Expenses—September 2, 2009 - December 1, 2009

Date(s) Purpose
Total Cost
21-Sep-09 Jackman Humanities Institute Event $799.85
29-Sep-09 Management, Business and Finance Forum, organized by l'École des Hautes Études Commerciales (HEC) $603.98
04-Oct-09 University Visits - Maritimes (Saint Mary's University, Université de Moncton, Memorial University of Newfoundland) $3,982.36
15-Oct-09 David C. Smith Award $725.05
18-Oct-09 Association of American Universities (AAU) conference $229.98
26-Oct-09 Queen's University - Installation of principal and vice-chancellor $550.00
28-Oct-09 Science Policy Conference $1,059.97
09-Nov-09 Social Innovation Conference $786.10
11-Nov-09 Continuous Access To Cultural Heritage (CATCH) - International Scientific Advisory Board (ISAB) Evaluation Conference $2,125.59
19-Nov-09 Convocation and Chancellor's Procession $1,083.10
23-Nov-09 Health Summit $708.45
Total: $12,654.43


Hospitality Expenses—September 2, 2009 - December 1, 2009

Date(s) Purpose
Total Cost
02-Sep-09 Senior management committee retreat $626.04
14-Sep-09 Discuss with director the upcoming program evaluations $69.10
17-Sep-09 Discuss strategy / tasks with new vice-president $35.14
02-Oct-09 All-staff forum $273.16
06-Oct-09 Meeting to discuss / prepare for the Breakfast on the Hill event $45.96
06-Oct-09 Office of the President staff meeting $66.94
22-Oct-09 Tri-Council Coordination Committee and Canada Foundation for Innovation meeting $57.72
28-Oct-09 University liaison (The University of British Columbia) $61.43
04-Nov-09 Senior Management Committee meeting $140.49
17-Nov-09 SSHRC All Staff Meeting $1,800.00
Total: $3,175.98