Subventions de développement Savoir : attributions du concours de février 2015


Memorial University of Newfoundland
Adjei, Paul - Memorial University of Newfoundland 74 928 $
Baffoe, Michael - University of Manitoba
Mullings, Delores - Memorial University of Newfoundland
"Effective Parenting” What do People of African Descent or Blacks in Toronto, Winnipeg and St John’s have to say about it?
Boon, Sonja - Memorial University of Newfoundland73 970 $
Saltwater Stories: Migration, Memory and Identity at the Water's Edge
Finnis, Joel - Memorial University of Newfoundland59 010 $
Sarkar, Atanu - Memorial University of Newfoundland
Stoddart, Mark - Memorial University of Newfoundland
Perceiving Climate Variability: A Community-based Study to Identify Frameworks for Understanding and Interpretation
Kennedy, Neil - Memorial University of Newfoundland54 141 $
Bermuda Bound: Patrick Williams and the Limits of the Abolitionist Atlantic
Liboiron, Max - Memorial University of Newfoundland73 347 $
Bavington, Dean - Memorial University of Newfoundland
Mather, Charles - Memorial University of Newfoundland
Action Research Methodologies for the Anthropocene: Knowing Ocean Plastics Through Participatory Citizen Science
Stephenson, Barry - Memorial University of Newfoundland74 935 $
Remembering Hus: Cultural Memory in Contemporary Festivity



University of Prince Edward Island
Murray, Christina - University of Prince Edward Island74 995 $
Cunsolo Willox, Ashlee - Cape Breton University
Lionais, Doug - Cape Breton University
Exploring intergenerational family stories of labor migration to the oil and gas sectors of Northern Alberta: A tale of two Islands



Cape Breton University
Nerbas, Donald - Cape Breton University60 642 $
Korneski, Kurt - Memorial University of Newfoundland
Networks of Power: Energy, Environment, and the Political Economy of Capitalism in Atlantic Canada, 1820-1914
Dalhousie University
Huish, Robert - Dalhousie University69 494 $
Beyond Korean Lines: Understanding the Role of Activism in Addressing Human Rights in North Korea
Saint Mary's University
Crocker, Diane - Saint Mary's University56 580 $
Methods Matter: Integrating Complexity into Research on Rape Culture
Stanivukovic, Goran - Saint Mary's University23 186 $
Earliest Shakespeare
Sun, Xiaoping - Saint Mary's University37 637 $
Feeding the Nation from the Wilderness: Food and Identity in Northeast China, 1949-1979
St. Francis Xavier University
Robinson, Daniel - St. Francis Xavier University38 602 $
Mi'kmaq Ways of Knowing by, through, and about the Body: Coming Together to Understand Culturally Relevant Physical Education
Stanley-Blackwell, Laurie - St. Francis Xavier University60 899 $
Linkletter, Michael - St. Francis Xavier University
Centring Death:  Scottish Immigrant Identity and Nova Scotian Cemeteries


Mount Allison University
Kern, Leslie - Mount Allison University50 468 $
Resisting environmental gentrification: Working towards sustainability and justice in urban neighbourhoods
Pearse, Doreen (Linda) - Mount Allison University67 485 $
Musical Mappings in the Early Modern World: Encounters, Exchanges, and Collisions
Rogers, Janine - Mount Allison University74 500 $
Holmes, John - University of Reading
Building the Book of Nature: the Poetics of the Natural History Museum
Schellenberg, Renata - Mount Allison University24 154 $
The Commemorative War Museum: Models of Remembrance in post-war Croatia
St. Thomas University
Allain, Kristi - St. Thomas University36 278 $
Marshall, Barbara - Trent University
Men with Brooms: Masculinity and Aging Embodiment in Canadian Curling
Torrie, Julia - St. Thomas University49 630 $
Women of the Reich: German women as auxiliaries, administrators and troop entertainers in occupied Europe
University of New Brunswick
Papaioannou, Maria - University of New Brunswick38 616 $
Dare, Peter - University of New Brunswick
New investigations of the basilica of Christ of Jerusalem on the island Kalymnos based upon terrestrial laser scanning data


Bishop's University
Mask, Lisa - Bishop's University60 071 $
Sirois, Fuschia - Bishop's University
Looking out the window or looking in the mirror?: The role of social and temporal comparisons in middle-aged women’s body image evaluations and attitudes toward aging
Université Concordia
Belkhodja, Chedly - Université Concordia56 489 $
La mort musulmane en contexte d'immigration minoritaire : processus et récits de jeunes musulmans devant le décès d'un parent
Collard, Rosemary-Claire - Université Concordia70 708 $
The afterlives of exotic pets and the death of lively commodities
Cucuzzella, Carmela - Université Concordia70 893 $
Environmentalism as Symbolic Form in Canadian Design Competitions for Cultural Public Places (2002-2012)
Dovonon, Prosper - Université Concordia41 580 $
Antoine, Bertille - Simon Fraser University
Robust inference economic models defined by moment restrictions
Gindt, Dirk - Université Concordia40 443 $
'Paris Sex-Appeal Américain': Cultural Translations of Tennessee Williams in Post-War France
Howe, Nina - Université Concordia74 740 $
Bukowski, William - Université Concordia
Perlman, Michal - University of Toronto
Recchia, Holly - Université Concordia
Investigating the Development of Toddler Peer Relationships from a Social Relations Model Perspective
Nason, Robert - Université Concordia65 081 $
Bacq, Sophie - Northeastern University
Gras, David - Texas Christian University
The role of temporal orientation in impoverished entrepreneurship activity
Orr, Leslie - Université Concordia58 631 $
South Indian Inscriptions: Media, Messages, and Mobilizations
Roux, Caroline - Université Concordia37 598 $
How illusion of control helps lower-socioeconomic status consumers cope with resource scarcity
Stowell, Steven - Université Concordia46 179 $
Art, Prayer and Miraculous Growth in Early Renaissance Florence
Vidyarthi, Navneet - Université Concordia49 640 $
Integrated Procurement and Distribution Planning in Emergency Relief Supply Chains
École nationale d'administration publique
Daigneault, Pierre-Marc - École nationale d'administration publique73 828 $
Favoriser la transition de l’aide sociale au marché du travail
HEC Montréal
C. Dantas, Danilo - HEC Montréal51 940 $
Sénécal, Sylvain - HEC Montréal
Brand Intimacy: conceptual development and empirical tests
Cloutier, Charlotte - HEC Montréal67 497 $
Barnett, Michael - Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Assistant Professor
Université McGill
Adamowski, Jan - Université McGill74 552 $
Framing environmental flows as providers of ecosystem services: Implications for policy implementation
Boberg, Charles - Université McGill61 500 $
North American English in Film and Television: Variation and Change
Bradley, Megan - Université McGill59 705 $
Seeking justice after natural disasters
Campbell, Angela - Université McGill73 006 $
Legal Pluralism and Aboriginal Successions and Inheritance
Downey, Allan - Université McGill74 945 $
Roy, Susan - University of Waterloo
Haudenosaunee Ironworkers: Indigenous Economies, Families, and History on the High Steel
Duncan, Lindsay - Université McGill58 372 $
Heath, Nancy - Université McGill
Talwar, Victoria - Université McGill
Selective use of technology-based and face-to-face communication for positive and negative information and affect sharing among adolescents
Hasegawa, Robert - Université McGill59 180 $
Leclair, Jacqueline - Université McGill
Leroux, Philippe - Université McGill
Analyzing twenty-first-century musique mixte
Hurley, Erin - Université McGill60 309 $
English-language Theatre in Montreal: Four case-studies, 1967-2015
Jodoin, Sébastien - Université McGill74 862 $
Rights in a Changing Climate: Understanding the Role of Human Rights Norms in Transnational Climate Advocacy
Lee, Dongyoung - Université McGill31 195 $
Corporate Social Responsibility and Financial Information Disclosure
MacIntosh, Heather - Université McGill70 268 $
Berthelot, Nicolas - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
Collin-Vézina, Delphine - Université McGill
Esposito, Tonino - Université de Montréal
Examination of Mentalizing in a Community Sample of Childhood Sexual Abuse Survivors using the Computerized Text Analysis of Reflective Functioning
Manaugh, Kevin - Université McGill67 118 $
Hess, Paul - University of Toronto
Social equity implications of active transportation: Exploring the experience of daily mobility in socially disadvantaged neighbourhoods in Montreal
Moser, Sarah - Université McGill45 197 $
Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah Economic City: Catalyst for a quiet social revolution?
Quintin, Eve-Marie - Université McGill74 531 $
Can music bridge the gap between emotion and cognition?: A test of the empathizing-systemizing theory in the musical domain
Reyt, Jean-Nicolas - Université McGill67 036 $
Rubineau, Brian - Université McGill
Construal Level at the Hiring Interface: Implications for Candidate Evaluation and Workplace Gender Diversity
Rothwell, David - Université McGill74 868 $
Pfeffer, Fabian - University of Michigan
Robson, Jennifer - Carleton University
Asset poverty in Canada over time and in comparison to the United States
Ruiz-Casares, Monica - Université McGill74 981 $
Lacharité, Carl - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
Li, Patricia - Centre universitaire de santé McGill
Sinha, Vandna - Université McGill
Trocmé, Nico - Université McGill
Geographies of Care: Professionals, Caregivers, and Children’s Views of (In)adequate Supervision Across Cultures
Soehl, Thomas - Université McGill71 363 $
Becoming citizens – together? Decisions to naturalize in immigrant families
Stapenhurst, Frederick - Université McGill74 714 $
Jo, Myung-Soo - Université McGill
Karakas, Fahri - University of East Anglia
Sarigollu, Emine - Université McGill
Developing a Comprehensive Framework for Reducing Corruption Through Both Supply-Side and Demand-Side Interventions
Vang, Zoua - Université McGill75 000 $
Discrimination and Sense of Belonging in Late Life: The Intersection of Race and Age
Weisz, George - Université McGill72 895 $
Rees, Tobias - Université McGill
From International to Global Health, 1973 to the Present: a historical and anthropological study
White, Melissa Autumn - Université McGill74 933 $
Stranger Intimacies: Queer Migration and the Privatization of Refugee Sponsorship in Canada
Université de Montréal
Arel-Bundock, Vincent - Université de Montréal63 187 $
Johnson, Juliet - Université McGill
Reluctant Masters: Central Bank Mandates and Discretionary Power
Bouchard, Carl - Université de Montréal41 468 $
Huberman, Michael - Université de Montréal
L'après-guerre des Canadiens français : mobilité et réintégration des anciens combattants
Couture, Sophie - Université de Montréal74 694 $
Lafortune, Denis - Université de Montréal
Laurier, Catherine - Université de Montréal
Monette, Sébastien - Centre jeunesse de Montréal - Institut universitaire
La fugue institutionnelle : le rôle de la prise de risque
Daignault, Isabelle - Université de Montréal65 939 $
Collin-Vézina, Delphine - Université McGill
Cyr, Mireille - Université de Montréal
Hébert, Martine - Université du Québec à Montréal
Lafortune, Denis - Université de Montréal
The socio-judiciary service trajectory of sexually abused children: identifying circumstances that promote efficient coordination, children’s recovery, and that facilitate legal actions
Décary-Hétu, David - Université de Montréal67 700 $
Innovateurs, sécuritaires et anonymes : les cryptomarchés et leurs impacts sur les marchés de drogues illicites
Durand, Claire - Université de Montréal50 364 $
Pour une analyse historique des données d'enquête
Jarema, Gonia - Université de Montréal53 200 $
Libben, Gary - Brock University
What can pen-tracking reveal about word knowledge in older and younger Canadians?
Laplante, Audrey - Université de Montréal74 028 $
Dufour, Christine - Université de Montréal
Larivière, Vincent - Université de Montréal
Chercheurs 2.0? Étude des usages et des facteurs d’adoption des médias sociaux par les chercheurs canadiens en contexte de collaboration interinstitutionnelle
Laurier, Catherine - Université de Montréal72 607 $
Couture, Sophie - Université de Montréal
Guay, Jean-Pierre - Université de Montréal
Moreau, Nicolas - Université d'Ottawa
Courir pour être mieux. Le sport comme vecteur d'intégration psychosociale
Leclercq, Jean-Baptiste - Université de Montréal42 689 $
État social et impact des pratiques de travail/organisation communautaire sur les inégalités sociales. Étude comparée Québec - Catalogne
Leibing, Annette - Université de Montréal73 966 $
Dementia's third wave: an ethnography of change in Brazil
MacLeod, Andrea - Université de Montréal65 280 $
When “wait and see” is not an option: Development of language assessment tools for children from minority language communities attending school in French
Morrissette, Joëlle - Université de Montréal74 229 $
Demaziere, Didier - Sciences Po
Une approche interactionniste des savoirs professionnels enseignants
Teitelbaum, Sara - Université de Montréal63 020 $
Smith, Margaret - Lakehead University
Corporate Social Responsibility, Aboriginal Rights and the Principle of FPIC (Free, Prior and Informed Consent): Lessons from Canada’s Forest Sector
Tremblay, Mireille - Université de Montréal71 513 $
Variation et diglossie en français québécois : corpus, théories et modélisation
Van Pevenage, Isabelle - Université de Montréal68 996 $
Kempeneers, Marianne - Université de Montréal
Wallach, Isabelle - Université du Québec à Montréal
Pour le meilleur et pour le pire? Les identités d'aidant et de conjoint aux âges avancés
Université de Sherbrooke
Bélisle, Marilou - Université de Sherbrooke74 805 $
Boyer, Louise - Université de Montréal
Goudreau, Johanne - Université de Montréal
Lechasseur, Kathleen - Université Laval
Conceptions de la professionnalisation et trajectoires de développement des étudiants universitaires dans les programmes innovants
Bousadra, Fatima - Université de Sherbrooke56 550 $
Hasni, Abdelkrim - Université de Sherbrooke
Lebrun, Johanne - Université de Sherbrooke
Lenoir, Yves - Université de Sherbrooke
Semmaoui, Hicham - Cégep de Victoriaville
Les pratiques industrielles dans le curriculum des sciences et technologies au secondaire au Québec : Quoi, pourquoi et comment?
Delli Colli, Nathalie - Université de Sherbrooke73 087 $
Couturier, Yves - Centre de santé et de services sociaux de l’Institut universitaire de gériatrie de Sherbrooke
Maubant, Philippe - Université de Sherbrooke
Les compétences professionnelles mobilisées dans l'usage d'outils standardisés par les travailleurs sociaux
Dramé, Patrick - Université de Sherbrooke52 821 $
Violence politique et constructions mémorielles en Afrique subsaharienne : le cas de la Guinée
Dumas, Geneviève - Université de Sherbrooke62 392 $
« Scripturalité », comptabilité et sédimentation documentaire à Montpellier au XVe siècle
Granger, Serge - Université de Sherbrooke32 806 $
L’incident Komagata Maru par les sources indienne et canadienne-française
Lakhal, Sawsen - Université de Sherbrooke53 460 $
Les déterminants technologiques de la persévérance des étudiants dans les cours à distance dans les programmes d’études en enseignement supérieur au collégial
Martin-Storey, Alexa - Université de Sherbrooke54 071 $
Purtell, Kelly - Ohio State University
Temcheff, Caroline - Université de Sherbrooke
Perceived socioeconomic status, educational outcomes and behaviour problems in adolescence: A mixed methods approach
Montani, Francesco - Université de Sherbrooke58 999 $
Courcy, François - Aucune affiliation primaire
L’impact des stresseurs sur le comportement innovant au travail : vers un modèle intégrateur
Nadeau, Marie-France - Université de Sherbrooke74 986 $
Gaudreau, Nancy - Université Laval
Lessard, Anne - Université de Sherbrooke
Massé, Line - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
L'adoption de pratiques efficaces à l'inclusion scolaire : quel est le rôle des croyances et du parcours de formation des futurs enseignants?
Poder, Thomas - Université de Sherbrooke40 000 $
Brazier, John - University of Sheffield
He, Jie - Université de Sherbrooke
Pari ordinaire et méthode des choix expérimentaux : étude comparative sur le SF-6D
Vatz Laaroussi, Michèle - Université de Sherbrooke70 302 $
Doré, Chantal - Université de Sherbrooke
Quéniart, Anne - Université du Québec à Montréal
Rachédi, Lilyane - Université du Québec à Montréal
Femmes immigrantes, femmes autochtones et femmes québécoises : les féminismes en dialogue
Université du Québec à Chicoutimi
Lavoie, Constance - Université du Québec à Chicoutimi74 633 $
Collin, Simon - Université du Québec à Montréal
Pellerin, Martine - University of Alberta
Tremblay, Ophélie - Université du Québec à Montréal
Les cartes de mots pour apprendre le vocabulaire : du papier à la tablette tactile
Université du Québec à Montréal
Amiot, Catherine - Université du Québec à Montréal74 918 $
Investigating a new social identity: Is it possible to identify with animals as a social group?
Charbonneau, Bruno - Université du Québec à Montréal74 574 $
Sears, Jonathan - Canadian Mennonite University
A New Theory of Post-Conflict Governance: Transforming the State at the Security-Development Nexus of Intervention
Côté, Philippe-Benoit - Université du Québec à Montréal74 469 $
Blais, Martin - Université du Québec à Montréal
Parcours amoureux et sexuels des jeunes de minorités sexuelles en situation de rue
Farmer, Yanick - Université du Québec à Montréal53 650 $
Gravel, Sylvie - Université du Québec à Montréal
Les déterminants éthiques et communicationnels du sentiment d'appartenance envers la société d'accueil. Le cas de la communauté indo-pakistanaise du quartier montréalais Parc-Extension
Francoeur, Chantal - Université du Québec à Montréal60 000 $
Convergence et divergence : nouvelle approche de recherche sur l’interdépendance du journalisme et des relations publiques
Houde, Nicolas - Université du Québec à Montréal56 736 $
Nouvelles pratiques traditionnelles: Revitalisation des pratiques coutumières autochtones dans la gouvernance territoriale
Leu, Thomas - Université du Québec à Montréal61 539 $
Newell, Heather - Université du Québec à Montréal
Morpheme uncertainty
Lévesque, Carole - Université du Québec à Montréal67 388 $
Représentation et construction du terrain vague : le dessin d’architecture comme outil d'investigation
Piazzesi, Chiara - Université du Québec à Montréal64 459 $
Blais, Martin - Université du Québec à Montréal
Lavigne, Julie - Université du Québec à Montréal
Amour, sexe et couple en transformation: analyse des scripts intimes en émergence
Stevanovic, Dalibor - Université du Québec à Montréal59 074 $
Dufour, Jean-Marie - Université McGill
Analyse factorielle et modèles dynamiques en macroéconomie
Turgeon, Elaine - Université du Québec à Montréal54 716 $
Capacités interprétatives des élèves de 4 à 6 ans : quelle progression?
Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
Jimenez, Estibaliz - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières67 331 $
Cousineau, Marie-Marthe - Université de Montréal
Les trajectoires de vie et la construction identitaire des filles issues de l'immigration et leurs familles en contexte de violences commises au nom de l'honneur au Québec
Roy, Normand - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières75 000 $
Boyer, Priscilla - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
Lebrun, Monique - Université du Québec à Montréal
Samson, Ghislain - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
Potentiel didactique des manuels numériques : étude exhaustive de 136 manuels dans cinq domaines disciplinaires
Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue
Lévesque, Francis - Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue75 000 $
Les Inuits et leurs chiens : Relations humains-animaux au Nunavik et Nunavut aujourd’hui
Université du Québec en Outaouais
Dupras, Jérôme - Université du Québec en Outaouais71 445 $
L'évaluation économique et la cartographie des services écosystémiques du Québec méridional dans le cadre du Système de comptabilité environnementale et économique
Tardif, Geneviève - Université du Québec en Outaouais73 959 $
April, Johanne - Université du Québec en Outaouais
Coutu, Sylvain - Université du Québec en Outaouais
Lemay, Lise - Université du Québec à Montréal
Robert, Christelle - Université du Québec en Outaouais
Étude de la contribution des variables affectives et relationnelles des enseignants sur le développement socioémotionnel des enfants de maternelle
Verdon, Chantal - Université du Québec en Outaouais73 102 $
Côté, Isabel - Université du Québec en Outaouais
deMontigny, Francine - Université du Québec en Outaouais
Gervais, Christine - Université du Québec en Outaouais
Immigration et deuil périnatal : Expérience des femmes et soutien social
Université Laval
Cloutier, Geneviève - Université Laval63 498 $
Une approche simultanée et comparée des dispositifs institutionnels et des mécanismes informels de participation du public à l'aménagement et à l'urbanisme
Coulombe, Maxime - Université Laval71 235 $
La peur de la ressemblance en histoire de l'art : rhétorique et ambition de l'historiographie contemporaine
Edwards, Geoffrey - Université Laval74 425 $
Kiss, Jocelyne - Université Laval
Lacasse, Serge - Université Laval
Manning, Erin - Université Concordia
McLaren, Coralee - Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital
Morales, Ernesto - Institut de réadaptation en déficience physique de Québec
Stévance, Sophie - Université Laval
The First Book of Eng - Participatory Opera, Vast Narrative and Massively Collective Creation
Latzko-Toth, Guillaume - Université Laval57 222 $
Millerand, Florence - Université du Québec à Montréal
Pastinelli, Madeleine - Université Laval
Les formes de matérialité dans les cultures numériques : une étude des pratiques de dématérialisation/rematérialisation au sein de communautés en ligne
Létourneau, Lyne - Université Laval46 423 $
Sirard, Marc - Université Laval
Programmation épigénétique et obésité : les enjeux éthiques du respect de l'autonomie et de la justice intergénérationnelle
Reinke, Kristin - Université Laval67 907 $
La langue du doublage québécois : usages et perceptions
Turmel, Patrick - Université Laval48 421 $
Robichaud, David - Université d'Ottawa
Les raisons de la taxation
Wilson, Maximiliano - Université Laval74 580 $
Deacon, Hélène - Dalhousie University
Tools for understanding language and reading: Psycholinguistic databases for morphological variables in French and English


Brock University
Coulter, Kendra - Brock University41 857 $
Fostering Humane Jobs: Conceptual and Policy Insights
Fletcher, Tim - Brock University58 653 $
Ní Chróinín, Déirdre - Mary Immaculate College
O'Sullivan, Mary - University of Limerick
Learning to teach and coach for meaning
Helms, Wesley - Brock University64 167 $
Grimes, Matthew - University of Alberta
How do social enterprises respond to competitive pressures while maintaining the integrity of their social purpose?
Mongeon, Kevin - Brock University50 750 $
Boyle, James - University of Utah
Mittelhammer, Ron - Washington State University
Building Bayesian Updating Models and Testing for Biases: The Case of Sports Betting Markets
Ruebottom, Trish - Brock University67 332 $
Toubiana, Madeline - University of Alberta
Understanding the Contested Field of Sex Work
Carleton University
Anonby, Erik - Carleton University74 960 $
Taylor, D. R. Fraser - Carleton University
A Pilot Atlas of the Languages of Iran
Clarke, Amanda - Carleton University61 040 $
Civic Technologies in North American Municipalities: Reviving New Public Management or Realizing Network Governance?
Deaville, James - Carleton University65 191 $
Pitching the Pitch: Music, Affect and Advertising in the Production Music Industry
Geiger, Martin - Carleton University67 309 $
The International Organization for Migration (IOM): Legitimacy, Influence and Capacity through the Successful Management of External Relations
Ridgley, Jennifer - Carleton University65 249 $
The localization of immigration law enforcement and its impact on migrant communities, service provision, and public safety in the City of Ottawa
Spencer, Dale - Carleton University74 355 $
Ricciardelli, Rosemary - Memorial University of Newfoundland
Policing Child and Youth Sexual Victimization in Canada
King's University College at Western University
Kwok, Siu Ming - King's University College at Western University74 940 $
Tam, Dora - King's University College at Western University
Identifying promising practices for Chinese youth in conflict with law in Canada
Lawlor, Andrea - King's University College at Western University60 087 $
Crandall, Erin - Queen's University
Third Party Campaign Spending: Weak Policy, Weakened Engagement?
Lakehead University
Beaulieu, Michel - Lakehead University74 000 $
Harpelle, Ronald - Lakehead University
What’s Bred in the Bone: Developing a Historical Understanding of Past Resource and Sustainable Community Development
Université Laurentienne
Gaber, Tammy - Université Laurentienne63 935 $
Beyond the Divide: A Century of Canadian Mosque Design and Gender allocations
Glover, Susan - Université Laurentienne66 748 $
Corbiere, Alan - Université Laurentienne
Peace, Thomas - Huron University College
Indigenous Writing and Literacy Networks in Eighteenth- and Early Nineteenth-Century Canada
Nieguth, Tim - Université Laurentienne74 044 $
Raney, Tracey - Ryerson University
The True (Blue) North: The Prime Minister and Canadian Nation-Building since 2006
McMaster University
Gilbert, Andrew - McMaster University28 018 $
When Disaster Strikes, When Work Disappears: The Struggle for Social Inclusion in Postsocialist Bosnia-Herzegovina
Grigolon, Laura - McMaster University64 996 $
Verboven, Frank - KU Leuven
Product Variety in the Automobile Market and the Effect of Governmental Support
Ivanov, Maxim - McMaster University65 134 $
Statistical Approach to Bayesian Persuasion Games and Mechanisms
Ogborn, David - McMaster University71 867 $
Carette, Jacques - McMaster University
Projectional interfaces for musical live coding
Savelli, Mat - McMaster University42 155 $
Selling Abnormality: A Global History of Psychopharmaceutical Advertising (1953-2001)
Worth, Nancy - McMaster University63 471 $
Gen Y at Home: Well-Being, Autonomy and Co-residence with Parents
Yiannakoulias, Nikolaos - McMaster University60 404 $
Comparability and accessibility of city-level open government data
Nipissing University
Black, Glenda - Nipissing University57 697 $
Bernardes, Rogerio - Nipissing University
Exploring the Effects of a Canadian International Teaching Practicum at Home and Abroad
Carré, Justin - Nipissing University65 842 $
Arnocky, Steven - Nipissing University
Hodson, Gordon - Brock University
Situational, psychological, and hormonal processes underlying sexual aggression
Dokis, Carly - Nipissing University70 219 $
Kelly, Benjamin - Nipissing University
Contested Waters :Exploring the Lived Experience of Water Quality Risks in an Anishinaabe Community in Northern Ontario
Queen's University
Agarwal, Ajay - Queen's University64 744 $
Collins, Patricia - Queen's University
Moos, Markus - University of Waterloo
Will Millennials be the Sustainable Generation? Policy Implications of Millennials’ Travel Patterns in Metropolitan Canada
Chan, Yolande - Queen's University59 875 $
Exploring IT-enabled Frugal Innovation
Hird, Myra - Queen's University73 592 $
van Wyck, Peter - Université Concordia
Waste in Canada's North: A Pilot Project in Three Communities
Morehead, Allison - Queen's University34 836 $
Gambling and the Modern Imaginary
Ovchinnikov, Anton - Queen's University72 621 $
Revenue Management and the Design of Loyalty Programs
Salterio, Steven - Queen's University74 400 $
Barriers to transferring academic audit research to standard setters and regulators: An exploratory study
Wallace, Molly - Queen's University36 106 $
Permacultural Studies
Ryerson University
Hodson, Jaigris - Ryerson University54 260 $
Lindgren, April - Ryerson University
Election News, Local Information and Community Discourse: Is Twitter the New Public Sphere?
Horner, Daniel - Ryerson University21 799 $
Port Cities in Crisis: Public Order, Local Governance and Political Culture in Nineteenth-Century Montreal and Liverpool
Kim, Min Seong - Ryerson University24 480 $
Improved Testing Procedure for Kernel Methods with Time series data: Theory and Application
Pelkey, Jamin - Ryerson University59 193 $
Steps to a Grammar of Embodied Symmetry
Preston, Susan - Ryerson University74 958 $
Baskin, Cyndy - Ryerson University
Understanding Social Work Practice in Northern Canada
Pupato, German - Ryerson University48 362 $
Performance Pay, International Trade and Wage Inequality: Theory and Evidence from Canadian manufacturing firms
Western University
Bendle, Neil - Western University53 180 $
Wang, Xin
Marketing Accounts
Dyer-Witheford, Nick - Western University71 840 $
Cyber-war and the Facebook Revolutions: The Ukraine Dossier
Hand, Carri - Western University68 732 $
Gilliland, Jason - Western University
Huot, Suzanne - Western University
Laliberte Rudman, Deborah - Western University
Exploring the Person-Place Transactions Underpinning Social Connectedness and Inclusion among Older Adults: Creating an Innovative and Interdisciplinary Method
Minda, John - Western University56 800 $
Assessing the Benefits of Mindfulness in the Workplace
Ribbink, Dina - Western University59 650 $
Substitution and competition in a retail supply chain: An experimental research agenda
Vergne, Jean-Philippe - Western University58 208 $
Bitcoin and the future of the digital economy
University of Guelph
Adekunle, Bamidele - University of Guelph64 144 $
Filson, Glen - University of Guelph
Food Sovereignty and Refugee Path Immigrants
University of Ontario Institute of Technology
Arbuckle, Nathan - University of Ontario Institute of Technology71 959 $
Shane, Matthew - University of Ontario Institute of Technology
Using fMRI to investigate intentional control of empathic concern
Shane, Matthew - University of Ontario Institute of Technology70 915 $
The contribution of perspective taking and empathy to the accurate identification of another's feeling state.
Université d'Ottawa
Ingram, Darcy - Université d'Ottawa50 438 $
Animal Welfare, Animal Rights, and Direct Action in the Anglosphere: A History of Social Movements Strategies, Networks, and Values
Landreth, Sara - Université d'Ottawa74 874 $
Science at the Margins, 1660-1820
Mirza, Vincent - Université d'Ottawa58 774 $
Les transformations du travail et la participation sociale des jeunes travailleurs temporaires au Japon
Namian, Dahlia - Université d'Ottawa53 541 $
La politique du Logement d'abord et la construction du problème public de l'itinérance au Canada : de la reconnaissance à la réception
Nitani, Miwako - Université d'Ottawa33 101 $
Financial Crises, Credit Guarantees, and Financing for Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises
Paquin, Julie - Université d'Ottawa69 210 $
Servir le public ou survivre dans le marché? Étude exploratoire de l'effet des mutations des conditions de pratique de la profession d'avocat d'affaires sur les idéaux et pratiques professionnels
Wallner, Jennifer - Université d'Ottawa37 770 $
Cooperation without the Leviathan: Case Study of the American Common Core States Standards Initiative
Young, Bradley - Université d'Ottawa74 810 $
Baker, Joe - Université York
Do self-regulated learning processes moderate deliberate practice and performance in elite adolescent athletes?
Zyla, Benjamin - Université d'Ottawa49 126 $
The Comprehensive Approach to post-conflict reconstruction: Canada and the United States in Afghanistan
University of Toronto
Burnes, David - University of Toronto57 550 $
McDonald, Lynn - University of Toronto
Stolee, Paul - University of Waterloo
Introducing Individualized Measurement to Elder Abuse Interventions
Chen, Xi - University of Toronto74 935 $
Geva, Esther - University of Toronto
Gottardo, Alexandra - Wilfrid Laurier University
Segers, Eliane - Radboud University Nimègue
Verhoeven, Ludo - Radboud University Nimègue
Dynamic Assessment of Early Immersion Literacy Learning Competences:  A Cross-linguistic and Cross-national Perspective
Cowan, Mairi - University of Toronto60 239 $
Demons in New France and the Spiritual Anxieties of Early Canada
Cowen, Deborah - University of Toronto52 330 $
From the Battlefield to the Boardroom and Back Again: Supply Chain Management in the Military
Farnia, Fataneh - University of Toronto63 725 $
Biemiller, Andrew - University of Toronto
Cohen, Nancy - University of Toronto
Geva, Esther - University of Toronto
Im-Bolter, Nancie - Trent University
Development of Test of Higher Order Language: Tryout Testing and Final Item Selection
Goodman, Amanda - University of Toronto71 516 $
Buddhism from the Margins: Marginalia, Colophons, and other Codicological Considerations in the Dating and Assessment of Chinese and Tibetan Ritual Manuscripts from Dunhuang
Hall, Jonathan - University of Toronto72 934 $
The Effectiveness of Generic Risk Disclosures: Evidence from Traffic Fatality Disclosures
Hutchison, Michael - University of Toronto72 611 $
Faulkner, Guy - University of Toronto
Sabiston, Catherine - University of Toronto
Tamminen, Katherine - University of Toronto
The Athlete Aging Project: a comprehensive investigation of psychosocial well-being, life satisfaction, and cognitive functioning
Impett, Emily - University of Toronto71 725 $
An Interpersonal Goals Perspective on the Boons and Banes of Parenting
Lee, Spike - University of Toronto65 062 $
How Does A Cleaning Product Change People’s Thinking, Judgment, and Behavior? Testing Two Mechanisms
Liu, Christopher - University of Toronto56 848 $
Towards a Large-Scale Reconstruction of Scientific Careers and Laboratories
Malti, Tina - University of Toronto69 680 $
A New Approach to Studying Children’s Real-Life Experiences of Peer Exclusion
Mollett, Sharlene - University of Toronto55 010 $
Gender and the Making of Residential Tourism Space in Panama
Monahan, Philip - University of Toronto66 856 $
Exploring Speech Sound Representations: Features and Categories in Monolingual and Bilingual Speakers
Ozkan, Serdar - University of Toronto49 440 $
Implications of Higher-Order Moments in Income Dynamics on Portfolio Choice over the Life Cycle
Piccardo, Enrica - University of Toronto60 044 $
QualiCEFR: Quality in the implementation of the Common European Framework of Reference
Raman, Srilata - University of Toronto72 244 $
Colonial Calamities: Hunger, Fasting and Feeding in Tamil South India
Retallack, James - University of Toronto60 768 $
"The Workers' Emperor." August Bebel's Struggle for Social Justice and Democratic Reform in Germany and the World (1840-1913)
Tilcsik, Andras - University of Toronto60 225 $
Employment Discrimination on the Basis of Social Class Origin in Canada and the United States
University of Waterloo
Curry, Philip - University of Waterloo44 850 $
A Structural Estimation of the Effect of Police on Crime
Forand, Jean Guillaume - University of Waterloo23 600 $
Dynamic Political Economy
Gallupe, Owen - University of Waterloo54 203 $
Nguyen, Holly - University of Maryland at College Park
Schulenberg, Jennifer - University of Waterloo
Peer influence and theft: An experimental test
Risko, Evan - University of Waterloo70 939 $
Examining Evidenced Based Principles for the Design of Recorded Lectures in Postsecondary Education
Thistlethwaite, Jason - University of Waterloo72 435 $
Scott, Daniel - University of Waterloo
Sustaining Insurance in the Era of Climate Change
University of Windsor
Habibov, Nazim - University of Windsor67 355 $
Fan, Lida - Lakehead University
Institutional trust and welfare state support
Richez, Emmanuelle - University of Windsor62 646 $
Raynauld, Vincent - Emerson College
The #Idlenomore Factor: Characterizing Twitter’s Effects on Political Mobilization, Policy Development and Identity Building for Aboriginal Peoples in Canada
Wilfrid Laurier University
Akesson, Bree - Wilfrid Laurier University72 322 $
Socio-spatial experiences of Syrian children and families living in refugee camps: A mixed-methods study of mobility and well-being
Kotsopoulos, Donna - Wilfrid Laurier University52 932 $
Cruikshank, Ruth - Wilfrid Laurier University
Keeping, Lisa - Wilfrid Laurier University
Kelly, Mary - Wilfrid Laurier University
McKee, Joanne - Wilfrid Laurier University
An analysis of Canadian universities undertaking prioritization
Lavoie, Jennifer - Wilfrid Laurier University56 253 $
Huey, Laura - Western University
Sanders, Carrie - Wilfrid Laurier University
Schulenberg, Jennifer - University of Waterloo
Exploring Police Responses to Citizens in Mental Crisis
Milne-Smith, Amy - Wilfrid Laurier University67 442 $
Ripper’s Whitechapel: The Digital Humanities and Perceptions of Space in late-Victorian England
Oliver, Vanessa - Wilfrid Laurier University73 609 $
Anderson, Kim - Wilfrid Laurier University
Brozowski, Kari - Wilfrid Laurier University
Whitlow, Bonnie - Wilfrid Laurier University
Indigenous Exchange: Indigenous Education Through Community Arts and Cultural Exchange
Russell, Ellen - Wilfrid Laurier University72 536 $
Perron-Dufour, Mathieu - City University of NY - John Jay College
What Do Workers Deserve?: Framing Wage Entitlements in Canadian French- and English-Language Editorials and Op-Eds
Shizha, Edward - Wilfrid Laurier University56 395 $
Flagler-George, Jenny - Wilfrid Laurier University
Masakure, Oliver - Wilfrid Laurier University
Mfoafo-M'Carthy, Magnus - Wilfrid Laurier University
Wilson-Forsberg, Stacey - Wilfrid Laurier University
Enhancing Access to Postsecondary Education for Male African Immigrant Youth in Southern Ontario
Université York
Bassett-Gunter, Rebecca - Université York74 366 $
Fraser-Thomas, Jessica - Université York
Latimer, Amy - Queen's University
A systematic approach to the development and evaluation of targeted messages to promote parent support behaviour to facilitate sport participation among children with disabilities
Bohn, Simone - Université York44 183 $
Levy, Charmain - Université du Québec en Outaouais
Evaluating strategic political partnerships: The case of the women’s movement and the state in contemporary Brazil
Fisher-Stitt, Norma Sue - Université York44 539 $
Anderson, Carol - Université York
Collective Historical Acts of Social Memory (CHASM): Exploring Canada's National Choreographic Seminars
Hoicka, Christina - Université York72 999 $
Gliedt, Travis - University of Oklahoma
Sustainable Energy Transitions: Linking Pro-environmental Behaviour to System Innovation
Leibovici, Fernando - Université York70 545 $
Szkup, Michal - The University of British Columbia
Financial Frictions and Export Dynamics in Large Devaluations
Longfellow, Brenda - Université York70 103 $
Mawani, Amin - Université York26 850 $
Does executive compensation change in response to changes in personal tax rates?
Tchoukaleyska, Roza - Université York73 173 $
Enright, Theresa - University of Toronto
Lehrer, Ute - Université York
The impact of high-rise revitalization on suburban public spaces in Canada and France




The University of Winnipeg
Colorado, Carlos - The University of Winnipeg42 695 $
Public Religion in Secular Canada: Liberal Multiculturalism and Religious Freedom in the Public Sphere
Eyford, Ryan - The University of Winnipeg34 270 $
Reserve Lands and the Resettlement of Manitoba, 1870-1930
Wills, Jenny - The University of Winnipeg20 000 $
Rethinking Anti-Essentialism: Race, Origins, Asian Adoption
University of Manitoba
Byrne, Alyson - University of Manitoba50 351 $
Chadwick, Ingrid - Université Concordia
Women's ambiguous leadership trajectories - identity, motivation, and effectiveness
Janzen, Melanie - University of Manitoba64 220 $
Phelan, Anne - The University of British Columbia
The Emotional Toll of Obligation and Teachers’ Disengagement with the Profession
Linovski, Orly - University of Manitoba47 092 $
Manaugh, Kevin - Université McGill
Selecting the Route: Balancing Development and Equity in Transit Decision-Making
Roulin, Nicolas - University of Manitoba40 400 $
Training for impression management detection
Sampson, Christopher - University of Manitoba70 713 $
Byzantine-Era Papyri in the University of Michigan Collection


University of Regina
Carter, Claire - University of Regina54 755 $
Exercise and the Queer Body: Implications of Exercise on Gender Identity, Body Image, and Community for Queer and Trans* Women
Mishra, Sandeep - University of Regina33 111 $
Neville, Lukas - University of Manitoba
Social mobility and preference for income inequality
University of Saskatchewan
Cummings, Jorden - University of Saskatchewan74 890 $
A Grounded Theory Examination of Changes in Parenting Following Child Trauma
Ferguson, Leah - University of Saskatchewan70 841 $
Kowalski, Kent - University of Saskatchewan
Mack, Diane - Brock University
Mosewich, Amber - University of South Australia
Self-Compassion in Sport: Its Stability and Longitudinal Relationships with Young Women Athletes’ Performance and Eudaimonic Well-Being
Morrison, Dirk - University of Saskatchewan50 131 $
McLean, Scott - University of Calgary
How Older Adults Use Personal Learning Environments (PLEs) to Support Informal, Self-Directed E-Learning
Tharani, Karim - University of Saskatchewan54 167 $
Evaluating an Alternate Model for Searching the Web Using Linked Data



Athabasca University
Peuramaki-Brown, Meaghan - Athabasca University74 975 $
Maya Boomtown Archaeology: Rapid Resource-Based Urbanism at Alabama, Belize
Mount Royal University
El Hazzouri, Mohammed - Mount Royal University57 186 $
Main, Kelley - University of Manitoba
Can Attributional Retraining Reduce the Pain of Paying Back Debt thus Improving Consumer Debt Management?
The King's University College (Edmonton)
Patrick, Margaretta - The King's University College (Edmonton)36 464 $
Peck, Carla - University of Alberta
Religion and social studies in Alberta public schools
University of Alberta
Adams, Kimberley - University of Alberta69 697 $
McGarvey, Lynn - University of Alberta
Active engagement in mathematics for children with disabilities: a comparison of assistive technology strategies for hands-on learning
Caine, Ken - University of Alberta74 609 $
Lessard, Sean - University of Regina
Hybridized knowledge in practice: Engaging educated Northern Aboriginal youth in environmental governance
Cherniwchan, Jevan - University of Alberta34 099 $
The Effects of Environmental Regulations on Firm Competitiveness
Fox, Karen - University of Alberta74 081 $
McDermott, Lisa - University of Alberta
Native Hawaiian Responses to 18th and 19th Century Leisure Discourses and their Haunting Consequences
Hasmath, Reza - University of Alberta67 687 $
Lewis, Orion - Middlebury College
Teets, Jessica - Middlebury College
Policy Innovation and Institutional Change in China
McFeetors, P Janelle - University of Alberta72 848 $
McGarvey, Lynn - University of Alberta
Parents' Perceptions of the (Not) New Mathematics
University of Calgary
Adorjan, Michael - University of Calgary67 428 $
Ricciardelli, Rosemary - Memorial University of Newfoundland
Cyber-risk, Youth and Community: Digital Citizenship in Canada
Beaty, Bart - University of Calgary65 272 $
Køhlert, Frederik - Université de Montréal
Understanding Charlie Hebdo in its Cultural Contexts
Curran, Dean - University of Calgary74 308 $
Who are the "Risk-Takers"?
Giesbrecht, Gerald - University of Calgary70 870 $
Letourneau, Nicole - University of Calgary
Tomfohr, Lianne - University of Calgary
Parenting in the dark: Does the ‘cry-it-out’ sleep training method harm attachment or promote self-regulation?
Keyhani, Mohammad - University of Calgary49 410 $
Deutsch, Yuval - Université York
Levesque, Moren - Université York
The Performance and Exit Trade-offs of Start-ups
Konnert, Candace - University of Calgary34 039 $
Pesut, Barbara - The University of British Columbia
Planning for Future Dependency: A Mixed Methods Study
Lowan-Trudeau, Gregory - University of Calgary48 337 $
From Reticence to Resistance: Exploring Educators’ Engagement with Indigenous Environmental Activism
Madigan, Sheri - University of Calgary73 600 $
Fearon, Pasco - University College London
Schuengel, Carlo - Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
van IJzendoorn, Marinus - Universiteit Leiden
Verhage, Marije - Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
An individual participant data (IPD) review on the intergenerational transmission of attachment
Redden, Joanna - University of Calgary71 500 $
Big Data and Social Governance: Investigating the United States and the United Kingdom
Staubli, Stefan - University of Calgary30 215 $
How Does Raising Women's Full Retirement Age Affect Labor Supply, Income, and Mortality?
Takeuchi, Miwa - University of Calgary41 204 $
Interaction and Collaboration for Mathematics Learning in Diverse Canadian Classrooms
Tepperman, Charles - University of Calgary34 098 $
Film Production Culture in Canada: Case Study of a Creative Producer
Tsuyuhara, Kunio - University of Calgary51 180 $
Rodrigue, Joel - Vanderbilt University
A new approach to international trade and labour market research
University of Lethbridge
Mair, Kimberly - University of Lethbridge25 194 $
Verminous House Guests, Lazy Dogs, and the Good Citizen: The Biopolitics of Care in WWII Britain
Sanden, Paul - University of Lethbridge19 184 $
Creating Virtuosity in an Electronic Age: Glenn Gould and Electronic Technologies
Shao, Pei - University of Lethbridge57 900 $
Li, Yutao - University of Lethbridge
Do Loan Resales Affect Firms' Initial Public Offering, Mergers and Acquisitions, and Financial Reporting Practice?



Emily Carr University of Art + Design
Conbere, Nicholas - Emily Carr University of Art + Design71 040 $
Wong, Rita - Emily Carr University of Art + Design
River Relations: A Beholder's Share of the Columbia River Dams
Royal Roads University
Schissel, Bernard - Royal Roads University60 516 $
Zong, Li - University of Saskatchewan
An international comparative study of education and civic participation of students in Canada and China
Simon Fraser University
Aknin, Lara - Simon Fraser University62 896 $
Do motives matter?: Examining whether motives underlying prosocial behaviour influence emotional consequences
Kozikhode, Rajiv - Simon Fraser University61 427 $
Lu, Shih En - Simon Fraser University17 748 $
Monotonic Cheap Talk
Lyons, Brent - Simon Fraser University31 216 $
Bushe, Gervase - Simon Fraser University
Disruptive Disabilities: Individual Strategies for Gaining Support at Work
Muris, Chris - Simon Fraser University30 824 $
Antoine, Bertille - Simon Fraser University
Botosaru, Irene - Simon Fraser University
Big panel data
Myers, Nicole - Simon Fraser University62 262 $
Surveillance and control pre-trial: Supervision and conditions of release on bail
Petersen, Luba - Simon Fraser University66 950 $
Can Better Financial and Monetary Policy Literacy Improve Understanding and Usage of Central Bank Forward Guidance?
Zazkis, Rina - Simon Fraser University68 000 $
Practice and professional development of STEM education researchers
The University of British Columbia
Chen, Frances - The University of British Columbia74 060 $
Social Misperceptions and Friendship Formation
Cooper, Elisabeth - The University of British Columbia74 010 $
Archaeological Reflections of Identity in Neo-Assyrian Period Remains at Bestansur, Iraqi Kurdistan
Doberstein, Carey - The University of British Columbia74 919 $
Metagovernance across Canada: Patterns in the design and management of governance networks
Gardner, Gregg - The University of British Columbia29 789 $
Charity for the Rich: Individual Almsgiving in Early Rabbinic Judaism
Gillespie, Judy - The University of British Columbia75 000 $
Davies, Jonathon - Douglas College
Building Capacity to Investigate Interprofessional Child Welfare Expertise
Lee, Ruthann - The University of British Columbia48 884 $
Multicultural Missions: Korean Diasporas, Evangelism, and Aboriginal-Settler Relations in Canada
Miller, Bradley - The University of British Columbia29 721 $
Power and Theory: The Making of Sovereignty in British North America/Canada, 1783-1893
Milligan, Kevin - The University of British Columbia68 568 $
Schirle, Tammy - Wilfrid Laurier University
Mortality, Socioeconomic Status, and the Role of Public Pensions
Milstein, Sara - The University of British Columbia21 469 $
Nothing but the Truth? Near Eastern Scribes and the Production of Legal “Opinions”
Odic, Darko - The University of British Columbia64 073 $
Measuring individual and developmental differences in confidence
Paltin, Judith - The University of British Columbia40 255 $
Modernism's Agile Crowds
Perla, Jesse - The University of British Columbia42 803 $
When (and Why) Doesn't Technology Diffuse Towards Cheap Labor?
Shechter, Steven - The University of British Columbia51 900 $
Utility and effort in contests
Tamez, Margo - The University of British Columbia74 957 $
Exploring and Documenting Indigenous Women's Refusals to Leave Indigenous Homelands
Walker, Judith - The University of British Columbia70 364 $
How do academic researchers influence adult literacy and skills policy in Canada? The role of commissioned research
Wu, Chunhua - The University of British Columbia47 200 $
The Effect of Online Secondary Markets on Season Ticket Sales
Yi, Christina - The University of British Columbia44 861 $
Japanese-Language Literary Exchanges During and After the Japanese Empire, 1920s–1950s
Young, Richard - The University of British Columbia68 698 $
Transitioning to Elite Early Specialization Sport: Parent and Child-Athlete Goal-Directed Processes
Thompson Rivers University
Bell, Wilson - Thompson Rivers University40 668 $
44 Lenin Avenue: Siberia's 20th century history as told through its most remarkable building
University of Victoria
Boudreault-Fournier, Alexandrine - University of Victoria74 995 $
Wires, Waves and Webs: Media Infrastructures and Sonic Aesthetics in Contemporary Cuba
Ellerbeck, Erin - University of Victoria31 932 $
Language and Heritability in Shakespeare's Late Plays
Gutberlet, Jutta - University of Victoria75 000 $
Informal Recyclers in a Long Winter Cold Country with Fast Growing Economy: A Perspective from Mongolian Solid Waste Management System
Rosborough, Patricia - University of Victoria72 990 $
Beautiful Words: Enriching and Indigenizing Language Revitalization through Understandings of Linguistic Structure


Cui, Dan 73 245 $
Arthur, Nancy - University of Calgary
International Students’ Pathways to Immigration: The Role of Employment Experiences
Daigle, Michelle 71 438 $
Wittman, Hannah - The University of British Columbia
Rethinking Food Sovereignty Through Geographies of Indigenous Food Networks
Ghosh, Shami 59 944 $
Rural commercialisation in thirteenth- and fourteenth-century Bavaria: an essay in comparative economic and social history