SSHRC welcomes applications involving research-creation

Recognizing the importance of research-creation in the social sciences and humanities, and the expertise of artist-researchers, SSHRC is integrating research-creation as an eligible activity across its Talent, Insight and Connection programs.

SSHRC defines “research-creation” as a creative process that comprises an essential part of a research activity, and fosters the development and renewal of knowledge through aesthetic, technical, instrumental or other innovations. See Definitions of Terms for more details.

Beginning with the October 2012 Insight Grants competition, applicants will be able to request support for projects involving research-creation. Eventually, research-creation activities will be eligible for support through most of SSHRC’s funding opportunities, with newly launched competitions adding “creative outputs” to their evaluation criteria as an option for evidence of expertise.

Applicants whose proposals involve research-creation will have the opportunity, in the CV portion of their applications, to provide a link to a website showcasing their creative outputs or research-creation achievements.

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