Impact Awards: SSHRC reveals shortlist

SSHRC is pleased to unveil the 2013 Impact Awards finalists. The following shortlist features the names of the top three nominees in each award category—Talent, Insight, Connection and Partnership.

Recipients will be presented with their award at the World Social Science Forum, in Montréal, on Tuesday, October 15, 2013.

Talent Award

The Talent Award recognizes outstanding achievement by a current SSHRC doctoral or postdoctoral fellowship or scholarship award holder.

Insight Award

The Insight Award recognizes outstanding achievement arising from a research project funded partially or completely by SSHRC. It is given to an individual or team whose project has resulted in significant contribution to knowledge and understanding about people, societies and the world.

Connection Award

The Connection Award recognizes an outstanding SSHRC-funded initiative to facilitate the flow and exchange of research knowledge within and/or beyond the academic community. It is given to an individual or team whose project has engaged the campus and/or wider community, and has generated intellectual, cultural, social and/or economic impacts.

Partnership Award

The Partnership Award recognizes a SSHRC‑funded formal partnership for its outstanding achievement in advancing research, research training or knowledge mobilization, or developing a new partnership approach to research and/or related activities. It is awarded to a partnership that, through mutual co‑operation and shared intellectual leadership and resources, has demonstrated impact and influence within and/or beyond the social sciences and humanities research community.

Gold Medal

The Gold Medal for achievement in research is SSHRC’s highest research honour. It is awarded to individuals whose sustained leadership, dedication and originality of thought have inspired students and colleagues alike.

(The Gold Medal recipient will be unveiled on Tuesday, October 15, 2013, at the World Social Science Forum in Montréal.)

The Impact Awards recognize outstanding researchers, students and research partners, and their achievements in research, research training, knowledge mobilization and outreach activities funded partially or completely by SSHRC. Chosen from among all the excellent submissions from eligible postsecondary institutions in Canada, these finalists have brought forward the very best ideas in the social sciences and humanities—research about people, behaviour, human thought and culture—helping us understand and improve the world around us, today and into the future.

Message from SSHRC President Chad Gaffield

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