Imagining Canada’s Future: Grad students share their perspectives

Graduate students across the country are helping the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council imagine Canada’s future. Following a national series of events organized by the Canadian Association of Graduate Students (CAGS), students have been sharing their stories and perspectives on key challenges facing Canada.

Earlier this year CAGS, in partnership with SSHRC, organized a series of roundtable discussions with 30 postsecondary institutions. In total, more than 300 graduate students participated in 21 roundtables. The events provided an opportunity for graduate students to engage in a national dialogue, exploring how social sciences and humanities researchers might best contribute their expertise to addressing one of SSHRC’s six future challenge areas.

“Several final reports from these sessions have already been submitted to us, with students participating in additional panel discussions at upcoming events, including ACFAS, the 2015 Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences and the annual CAGS conference,” says Ursula Gobel, associate vice-president responsible for SSHRC’s Future Challenges initiative.

“These reports will help us amplify and inform our six future challenge areas tremendously.”

SSHRC’s Imagining Canada’s Future initiative positions the social sciences and humanities as essential to addressing complex societal challenges facing Canadians, to the greater benefit of Canada and the world. The six future challenge areas are:

  • New ways of learning for an evolving society and labour market;
  • Effects of the quest for energy and natural resources;
  • Experiences and aspirations of Aboriginal peoples in Canada;
  • Leveraging emerging technologies;
  • Implications of global peak population; and
  • Knowledge for an interconnected, evolving global landscape.

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