Description of Strategic Outcomes and Program Activity Architecture for 2011-12

This figure describes four strategic outcomes and nine program activities for the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC). The program activities are also broken down into subactivities.

Strategic Outcome 1.0 is People, A first-class research capacity in the social sciences and humanities. Under Strategic Outcome 1.0 are program activity 1.1, which is Fellowships, Scholarships and Prizes, and program activity 1.2, which is Research Chairs.

Program activity 1.1 has six subactivities: (1) Canada Graduate Scholarships; (2) Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships; (3) Doctoral Fellowships; (4) Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships; (5) Postdoctoral Fellowships; and (6) Prizes and Special Fellowships.

Program activity 1.2 has two subactivities: (1) Canada Research Chairs, and (2) Canada Excellence Research Chairs.

Strategic Outcome 2.0 is Research, New knowledge based on excellent research in the social sciences and humanities. Under Strategic Outcome 2. 0 are program activity 2.1, which is Investigator-Framed Research; program activity 2.2, which is Targeted Research and Training Initiatives; and program activity 2.3, which is Strategic Research Development.

Program activity 2.1 has two subactivities: (1) Standard Research Grants and (2) Major Collaborative Research Initiatives.

Program activity 2.2 has two subactivities: (1) Strategic Research Grants and (2) Strategic Joint Initiatives.

Program activity 2.3 has six subactivities: (1) Research Development Initiatives; (2) Community-University Research Alliances; (3) SSHRC Institutional Grants; (4) Aid to Small Universities; (5) Other Strategic Research Development; and (6) International Opportunities Fund.

Strategic Outcome 3.0 is Knowledge Mobilization, Facilitating the use of social sciences and humanities knowledge within and beyond academia. Under Strategic Outcome 3.0 are program activity 3.1,which is: Research Dissemination and Knowledge Translation, and program activity 3.2, which is Research Networking.

Program activity 3.1 has two subactivities Research Publishing, and (2) Knowledge Translation.

Program activity 3.2 three subactivities: (1) Research Events; (2) Networks of Centres of Excellence; and (3) Strategic Knowledge Clusters.

Strategic Outcome 4.0 is Institutional Environment, A strong Canadian science and research environment. Under Strategic Outcome 4.0 is program activity 4.1, which is Indirect Costs of Research. This program activity does not have any subactivities.

There is a program activity that does not fall under a strategic outcome, program activity 5.1, which is Internal Services.

Program activity 5.1 has three subactivities: (1) Governance and Management Support; (2) Resource Management Services; and (3) Asset Management Services.