Departmental Performance Report 2011-12

Green Procurement Reporting For Departments and Agencies Not Bound by the Federal Sustainable Development Act

SSHRC supports the objectives of the Policy on Green Procurement, including incorporating environmental performance considerations and value for money into the procurement decision-making process. 

Strategies and/or Comments
During the past year, SSHRC made the following steps towards greening government operations:

  1. promoted the use of established standing offers for goods and furniture (established by Public Works and Government Services Canada or internal to SSHRC) that support the Policy on Green Procurement;
  2. met with internal clients to review and plan their yearly needs and challenged them to reduce consumption and to confirm that the volumes requested were actually required;
  3. encouraged internal client groups to consider targeting greener products, and to share and disseminate documents via electronic transmission in order to reduce consumption of paper, postage and courier services;
  4. reinforced the purchase or the rental of recycled/reused material before acquiring goods;
  5. advised clients to take into account the environmental considerations when organizing meetings such as avoiding the use of disposable dishes and single-serving containers (e.g., bottled water);
  6. encouraged staff and external committee members to use public transit and fuel-efficient vehicles; and
  7. made used of newly acquired teleconference technology to reduce travel expenditures.
SSHRC continues to research further opportunities for green procurement.